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King Harkian stood outside his bedroom on his balcony, peering over the sleeping Hyrule.He was worried for his kingdom.He feared trouble might strike.His wife, Queen Silvia, Had been having nightmares about an attack happining, a war starting.Harkian just told her it was a nightmare and not to worry, but he was starting to worry himself.They did not need a war, not now while Silvia was pregnaught to their first child.He sighed as his wife came up behind him."It`ll be alright darling."
"I hope your right, honey."The king boomed.

A few months later, Silvia was in the garden, when a cloaked man came.All you could see was his yellow eyes underneath his hood.She noticed gards tumbling to the ground behind him.She stumbled to her feet when she felt her water break.She just ignored that and ran to the infirmary when an arrow shot her arm.She screamed in pain when Harkian came running to her with more gards.The gards botherd with the man as Harkian carried Silvia to the infirmary.He placed her on the bed and she whent into labor.The doctor successfully got the baby out and handed it to Harkian."It`s a girl."The doctor announced.
"Honey we`re going to have a...honey?"Silvia was laying there, barely breathing.Her arm, where the arrow hit, was turning purple."It was poisoned."
"Darling, I don`t think I`ll make it."
"No, Silvia, you can`t die."
"Everyone dies."
"Let`s call her Zelda.And please, take care of her.Don`t just rot in the corner, don`t pity my death."
"Zelda, that`s a brilliant name."Silvia smiled before she fell limp.Tears streamed down Harkian`s face as he called her name.

Harkian stood on the same balcony as before and watched as the moon shone down on him.Zelda stumbled up to him and pulled on his cape."Dadda dadda,."She could only say a few words.Harkian smiled ,slightly, down at her, but his head shot up as soon as he heard yelling.Kakiriko was being invaded by gerudos!"Uh, ooh."Zelda mumbled as Harkian ran down the hall.

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