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One very sunny and beautiful day, 16-year-old Link was walking back from Lake Hylia after a cool swim. With him, were Malon, Zelda, Saria, Mimi and Links horse Epona.

Saria was a Kokori, so she was smaller than everyone else was, as Kokori don't grow up. After a day of playing in the water with everyone, she had fallen asleep and was in a piggyback position on Links back. Link wore nothing but green cargo shorts and his golden hair was still wet and it dangled in his face. Mimi, being raised as Kokori but actually Hylian like Link, was 14 and was reclining on Epona in her green bikini. 16 year old Zelda, who just happened to be the Princess of Hyrule (but always found time for her friends), was talking to Malon, a 16 year old red haired farm girl with a talent for singing and a love for horses.

"Have you ever thought of getting a horse like Epona?"

Zelda brushed her blond hair off her face and turned to answer Malon.

"I'd love to get one, but with me being around the castle so much, it would get neglected."

As Malon was a fierce animal cruelty hater, she agreed with her friends resolve.

"Hey Link." Said Mimi while yawning.

"Yeah?" replied Link.

"What happened to your Master Sword? I haven't seen it in ages."

"Don't you remember? I put it back in the stone and went back to being a kid so I could grow up normally."

"But that sword was, like, your best weapon."

"Let me explain, when I first picked up the sword, I was 10. But I was too young to be the hero of time, so my spirit was sealed in the Chamber of Sages for seven years, when I was old enough to use the sword and stop Ganondorf. When it was over, I put the sword back in the stone and returned to being a kid. Now I'm getting older normally, when I hit seventeen in August, ill be able to use the sword without being catapulted through time."

"So what have you been using to fight?" asked Malon.

"I haven't needed to fight anything since Ganondorf was sealed in The Dark Realm." replied Link. "But if anything comes up, I can just use magic to buy time so I can get a weapon."

The group walked steadily on and was heading to the entrance to Kokori village. Saria had woken up and finding herself on the back of Link, with whom she had had a love interest when they were kids, quickly climbed down, blushing. Link smiled at her girlishness. Although she doesn't look it, with her child body and girly behavior, she is the Forest Sage, so I must remember to treat her like one He thought. For although she was small in size, she was older than any of them, being roughly 20 years of age. But since she's Kokori and can't grow up, she never got any more mature either.

Link smiled at how ironic it was to be someone so small, and be older and wiser than him and his friends.

As they walked through the small tree filled area, Link looked up at the blue sky and thought it was such a perfect day. But then he saw several black shapes leaping over the ledge down towards them. Zelda, who had been watching Links handsome face, saw it turn to shock and a second later she found out why. The people landed in a circle around their group. Malon and Mimi cried out, as they had seen nothing. Epona reared up and dumped Mimi on the ground. Malon rushed to help her.

"Calm your horse or we'll kill it!" said one of them. From her voice and attire, Link knew they were Gerudo Raiders. The Gerudo were a warrior women tribe that despised men, especially sexist ones. Every hundred years, a male would be born, and he was destined to rule them. But there were a few rebels who think that no man should rule over them, so they leave and raid the men who roam Hyrule Field. But these groups are few and recent peace treaties between Hylians and Gerudo have lessened the raid chances to almost non-existent. This must be one of the diehard groups thought Link as he tried to calm Epona down.

"Well, if it isn't that wonder boy Link, the so-called hero of time! How are you going to get out of this one without your sword - or any other weapon for that matter!" the woman laughed.

Link grinned at her.

"Watch me"

With a mighty yell, Link slammed his fist into the earth and a massive fiery blast shot outwards, knocking down all the Raiders, yet leaving his friends unscathed. With a cheer, they continued walking to the opening that led to the village. But just before they entered, a voice yelled out behind them.

"Hey! Wonder boy!"

Everyone turned around to see the woman sitting on the ground holding a bow. As her hand was reaching back to grab an arrow. Link quickly began a spell. He had both hands in the peace sign, but with the fingers closed together. He imagined his hands were magnetic, his right hand positive, his left negative. He quickly pointed his left hand upward, towards the sky, and his right hand at the raider woman. This had all taken a second, but the woman had grabbed an arrow and was pulling the string back.

The others watched in amazement as the few white clouds zoomed across the sky and swirled in a spiral where Link was pointing. Once again, this had all only taken a second, but the woman had pulled the string back all the way and was about to release the string...


Lightning shot forth from the clouds and hit Links upward pointing hand. Lightning surged through his body before blasting out his other hand towards the woman. The lightning had vaporized the arrow as it flew!

The woman was electrocuted then she slumped forward, unconscious or dead.

The group moved through the passage so no-one else could attack them.

"Link, that was incredible! I've never seen magic like that!" said Zelda.

"Yeah Link, thanks for saving us!" said Malon.

Then both girls leaned forward and planted a kiss on him. Link blushed.

"It, uh, it it was n-nothing..." he stammered.

"I never thought I would see the day Link blushed!" said Malon.

"I know! He looks great when he blushes!" agreed Zelda.

"He looks great all the time, actually." whispered Malon to Zelda and they both giggled.

Link, sensing the conversation was heading towards him choosing between them, quickly changed the subject.

"So, do you three want to stay here tonight? It's getting late and the castle is far away." He made sure to include Mimi, even though she lived in Kokori village too, he thought that with Mimi around he might not be alone with Zelda or Malon very much. Unfortunately, Mimi knew that. Even more unfortunately, they fight a lot.

"No, I have things to do at home, like feed my fish and clean my room." Said Mimi.

Mimi served Link an evil grin before skipping off to her house.

"We can stay though." Said Malon happily.

"Yeah, it should be fun" Zelda chimed in.

Link sighed.

This was going to be a long night.



* * *

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