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A-Note: The 'evil' that Link talks about in this part is not Dark Link.

Autumn helped Link lay on his bed. There was an awkward silence between them while she checked all his vitals. He seemed fine, just worn out, for his nosebleeds had stopped and there was no longer any pain in his chest.

"What do you think that thing that came after me was?" Link asked her, to try and clear the silence. Autumn just shook her head.

"Hopefully it's nothing serious and it disappeared for good. I didn't like the feeling I got from it," he continued on. Autumn just sighed and sat quietly next to him on the bed.

"Still not going to talk to me?" Link asked. Autumn didn't respond. Feeling slightly disappointed Link turned on his side, back facing her and looked solemnly out his window. It had grown dark and rainy. The city's lights grew dim from the recent power outages. Everywhere, all around, people were trying to conserve their power cells. It left for a gloomy evening. Even the thunder and lightning, which used to sooth him, seemed depressing.

"I really am sorry for worrying you Autumn, but I just want to defeat this evil," Link replied. However, his comment may have gone unnoticed. Autumn had already stood up and walked out of his room. He looked towards his door as he saw her slender body exit his room. He felt his eyes well up with tears but he held them back. All he seemed to be doing lately was disappoint people and worry them. Where was this great hero that was supposed to be in him? He couldn't do anything right and at this very moment he knew that the evil was seeking more hosts and would soon lead another attack upon the city. It was sheer luck he was able to stop it the first time. Link decided to try and rest for the days events had worn him out.

* * *

Where am I? What am I? Who am I? What's my name? Do I have a name? It's raining... and it's dark.

"Ugh...," I can stand? How was I moving before? It was like I was flying. I felt it... what is it? I wonder... I felt it in my grasp. What is it?! I don't know, but I know I need it. I need to hold it and taste it... I crave it... Where can I find it?

I can hear my footsteps.. I can walk? I can hear my footsteps echo, but where I walk I do not know. What are these? What am I in between? Wait... I know what this is. This is an.. alley way? Yes, it's an alley way. These tall figures... with glowing gold eyes.. they are buildings. Oh, how far do they reach? I would like to see the top of them. This sensation.. I want to go up.. Now!

I am flying again... I can fly? How else can I move? Am I really moving? The view is so nice from up here. The rain soothes my mind... Do I have a mind?

I crave it...him. I crave him. I need him... He's nearby. Or is he far? I'm flying again. I am in front of the gold glowing eyes.. no.. not eyes. Windows? Yes... windows.

"ahh," there he is... He's so... beautiful.

"He's so beautiful," I hear myself say aloud. I gasp! I can talk...? I can breath too! I AM real... but he's more.. More real then I... I want him! NOW!

* * *

Link woke with a start. A large clash of noisy thunder had woken him up. His body still felt weak and he decided just to turn over on his back. He felt so drained. Where did all of that energy go off too? Did he get it back?

"Ahh.. Farore.. Nayru... Din... Please.. Guide me," he said quietly to himself. Just as he had said this he felt an odd,yet soothing sensation go up his feet and legs. It made his eyes droop a little, making him feel relaxed.However, he also began to feel something touch his sides, like slithering hands. This startled him and he looked down at his body.

"What the hell!" he shouted, but was immediately quieted. Some dark slithering figure had laid on top of him and now had his head pinned down and his mouth covered. It was a straining effort to breath. The darkness began to take form, and received more defined shape. It was human figure, bent over on him with it's knees pinning down his upper arms and hands covering his forehead and mouth. Then colors began to assume it. Link's eyes grew wide. It was like looking into a hellish mirror. The man looked like him, body shape and all. The only exception to this was the black hair and crimson eyes. The man was without a shirt and had black pants on.

"Should I let him go? Will he cry for help? Is there help for him?" said the figure in a curious but strikingly similar voice, "Yes.. there will be help... There would always be help for him, not for I." Link tried to struggle but he was too weak and in too much shock to get the person off of him.

"I feel so right when I'm so close to him. Why is this, I wonder. It must be fate, you are to be mine," the man said. Link looked up at him with fear, staring into the demon like eyes. What was he going to do to him? The figure's pupils pulsed as he stared into the crimson glow, and Link felt paralyzed. Link felt an extreme amount of fear build up in his heart and he tried with all his might to break from this odd spell. It was pointless though, as it seemed. The man removed his knees from Link's arms and removed his hand from his mouth and head. Link was unable to move or speak, with the exception of breathing and moving his eyes. The man laid on top of him, using Link's chest as a pillow. There was a long pause while the red-eyed look-alike twiddled with Link's blond hair.

"Now what am I to do? I am here now, with it... with him. I feel right, but not complete," the man said. Having the man have his exact voice only added to the over all creepiness and fear that Link could feel shivering up his own spine.

"Do you know how I can be complete?" the man said leaning up to look Link in the face. Link however could not respond, but if he could he wouldn't know the answer and wouldn't want to answer.

"No you don't know do you?" the man replied. There was a pause as the man just stared at him and grew a gentle smile.

"You're so.. beautiful. It's not really fair, but it's okay. Life's not supposed be fair for me is it?' said the man. Then all of a sudden the man seemed to hit some sort of epiphany. He moved his arms so that his elbows sat on either side of Link's head and his face was inches away from his. Link's eyes grew wide again and he could feel the mans breath on his face. An uneasy feeling hit his stomach, but nothing could have prepared him for what happened next. The man closed his eyes and placed his lips on his. Link tried with all his might to get up, but it was futile. The look-alike seemed to enjoy what he was doing to him, it seemed, due to the fact he ran his hand through Link's blond hair in a gentle manner. It was a few moments before the man let off and Link felt even more drained then before, like the kiss had acted as the transfer machine.

"I feel a bit more real now...," the man said with a vacant expression on his eyes. Link wanted nothing more then to get up and run out of the room and away from this crazy look a like, but the man's spell held him fast down. Then Link's bedroom door swung open. It was Seth.

"Whoah! Okay.. awkward! Ahem... What is going on here!" said his little brother.

"How the hell am I supposed to know!?" Link suddenly blurted out and with that he felt the spell lift off abruptly. He punched the man in the side of the head and shoved him to the side, off the bed. The man rolled over onto the floor like a flimsy rag doll. Link jumped off the bed and readied himself to fight. The look-alike lifted up like a limp puppet doll, controlled by devilish strings. His eyes glowed and he smiled menacingly and resembled a demon, even if it did look like Link. The man's head bobbled and leaned to one side to face Seth and his teeth grew pointy and sharp.

"Life isn't fair! You will pay. You can't have him, he's mine!" said the man in a hoarse voice, without moving his mouth. He just kept the same impish look on his face. Seth looked like he'd seen a ghost and couldn't move. Clearly another paralyzing spell.

"Seth!" shouted Link. The man hovered with an immense speed over to his brother and shot a pulse of black energy at him. Seth shouted in pain and fell back out of the room. The door slammed shut and by using some kind of power, the look-alike locked the door. The man fell to the floor and crawled towards Link on his feet and hands and tackled him down. Link didn't look into his eyes but tried to wrestle him off. The look-alike had grown long black nails and was thrashing about at him, slicing and scratching Link's arms terribly. There were several loud thuds at the bedroom door while Link tried fighting off the man. He was successful at getting him off and with this Link took the initiative to lunge at him and pin the man down. He grabbed the look-alike's raven black hair and tugged upwards mercilessly hard and was about to hit him, but there was something in the man's face that made him stop. He saw a familiar fear, sadness, and even loneliness in the man's eyes. It was like looking into a dark mirror, looking at his self and how he really felt by the time's recent events. That pause was enough for the man to catch Link off guard. He thrashed against the grip of his hair and slammed his head into Link's stomach, leaving his blond counter-part winded. Link toppled over onto the floor, clenching his stomach in pain. The man leaned over him and grabbed Link's now very messy blond hair.

"There will be a next time," the man replied and with that licked the side of Link's face lightly. Link could feel the man shiver with a sort of craving delight. The bedroom door was blasted open and fell on the floor broken, with the cool silver metal bent in various ways by laser fire. The man hissed and formed into a dark mass of misty substance and whizzed out the bedroom window, like a ghost through the glass.

Autumn and Seth rushed in. Seth ran over to the window and opened it, pointing his laser gun outside searching for the intruder. Autumn knelt beside Link and dragged him into her lap. There was a silence, broken only by the sound of the rain from outside before anyone spoke.

"Who was that?" Autumn asked after Link could sit himself. Link shook his head, not able to speak, still too shocked from everything that happened. Seth walked next to Link and Autumn, a heavy guilt tearing at his heart. He should have known what was going to happen and prevented Link from danger.

"It was Link's other half," Seth replied," Dark Link."

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