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We three from the heavens
descend to the earth
to create something lovely
and full of good worth.

I, Din, created the landscape
with my firey hands
With all my power
I, Din, created the lands

I, Nayru, created a balance
with my loving heart
With all my wisdom
I, Nayru, created a world apart

I, Farore, created Life
with many races to behold
I put my courage into their hearts
I, Farore, made them bold.

We three from the sky
Leave something here to remember us by
When times are hard and coarse
we leave behind the Triforce

Use it well, do not go astray
for we will return some year, some day
Those who wish do destroy all life
we shall send a champion, for your strife

Our champion’s identity will not be revealed
But we have you know, their fate is sealed
They shall have our blessings
They won’t be alone when evil is threatening.

Now we ascend back to the sky
We hope that we did not make a mistake
Leaving the Triforce in the Temple of Light
for all of life is at stake.

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