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Link: The Barneys are comming to Hyrule castle! Hurry close the gate!

Hylian soldier: Close the gate now!

Five hylians trying to close the gate. Suddenly a group of Barney clones started to attack.

*Barney theme song*

Barney clone: I love you... you love me... were a happy family-

An arrow hit the barney clone on the head and blood fell out from its face.

Hyrulian kid: Shut the fuck up!!

The Barney clones are getting closer and closer.

Link: Steady!

The Barney clones started to attack the castle with force.

Link: Fire!!!!!

A volley of arrows fired from the tower.

Barney: Give them a hug...

The gate was opend by force.

Link drew his sword out.

Link: Lets get these fuckers!! Charge!!!

Hundreds of hylians attacked the clones.

Link: Hahhha these are no match for us.

Link slashed the Barney in half with his sword. Swords and spears were giveing the Barney a bad time. All of a sudden a Barney came out from the back. It grabbed a hylian and was hanging on to her.

Hylian solder: Get it off of me!!! I got cooties all over me!!!!

Link: Get off fucker!

Link took out a magaton hammer and smashed the Barney across the face.

Link: You okay?

Then the Hylian started moaning.

Hylian soldier: Ughhh...... ughhh.......

Link: What the fuck?

The Hylian solder was turning into one of the Barney.

Link: Oh shit!!

Link slashed the Barney in half.

Link: These bastards won't quit. Don't let them touch you!! You'll become one of them!

Hylian soldier: Fired the catapult!!!

A huge ball of flame was fired and it hit a huge group of Barneys.

Link: Volley arrows!!!

A group of arrows were fired in groups. The arrows hit the Barneys and they lost most of them. Barneys were getting on the Hylian soldiers. The hylian sodlers were turning into Barneys.

Link: Send these bitches back to hell! Charge!!!

Link and the rest of his mens charged after the group.

Link: Die fuckers!!!!!!!

He slashed the Barneys with fatal blows. Link charged up his sword. The sword was charged enough and Link swinged it around. Blood and gores were flying everywhere. Link threw some bombs and they exploded. Link threw another one and more of them died.

Link Were winning!!!

Link and his men won the battle from the invasion of Barneys.

Link: Hahaha nobody messes with Hyrule! Those fuckers deserved what they get!!

SomeKid614: lol sorry I'm hyper today ehehehehe.

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