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By: Red Sparrow

rauru1000: ...stp saying that!!!111

rauru1000: ^stop

saria720: hahahaha Rauru ur fat!

sheik234 has signed on

rauru1000: ...

saria720: wtf?

sheik234 has signed off

Zelda234 has signed on

Zelda234: better?

rauru1000: ur sheik?!?!?! 0.0

saria720: *fwaps rauru*

Zelda234: Link is coming on pretty soon. be nice to him rauru hes new.

rauru1000: k

Linkypoo has signed on

Linkypoo has signed off

Linkypoo has signed on

Linkypoo has signed off

saria720: wtf is wrong with him?

rauru1000: l33t!!!!

saria720: would you just stfu?

Linkypoo has signed on

Zelda234: are u ok link?

Linkypoo: I can't log in

Rauru1000: then how r u talking to us?

Linkypoo: ...

Zelda234: stfu rauru

Linkypoo: Ok, now what do we do?

saria720: we mess with rauru

rauru1000: u guys suck

saria720: and ur fat

rauru1000: ur a midget

Mario455 has signed on

saria720: oh hell...

Linkypoo: Hi!

Mario455: You are all going to die.

rauru1000: ...

saria720: ...

Zelda234: ...

Linkypoo: Hi!

Mario455: Wtf is wrong with you?

Linkypoo has signed off

Linkypoo has signed on

Linkypoo: ...oops.

Mario455: wat the hell r u talking about?! i booted your ass!

Linkpoo has signed off

ruaru1000: lolololololololololololol!!!!!!1111 XD

ruaru1000 has signed off

Linkypoo has signed on

rauru1000 has signed on

saria720: get out mario u n00b

saria720 has signed off

saria720 has signed on

saria720: stop that!

Mario455: hahahahahahahahaha!!!

Mario455 has signed off

Mario455 has signed on

Mario455: the hell?

Zelda234: bitch.

Zelda234: u aint the only one dumbass

Mario455: u guys suck. im gonna go eat peach's crusty pie

Mario455 has signed off

saria720: that sounded so wrong

Linkypoo: ...uhm how do you send messages?

rauru1000: ur doing it right now retard

Linkypoo: ...o

Linkypoo: how do you make the words appear?

rauru1000: ...use the keyboard. e_e

Linkypoo: do u use the keyboard?

rauru1000: ...u press the buttons.

Linkypoo: how do you press the buttons?

rauru1000: OMFG!!!

saria720: plz tell me he's joking.

zelda234: relax. he's new remember?

Linkypoo: how do you make the question mark appear?

rauru1000: ...u dumbass

saria720: stop flaming him fatass

rauru1000: u gonna go defend ur little boyfriend saria?

saria720: u gonna go defend ur twinkie fatboy?

Zelda234: chill out u two

Linkypoo: yes. Chill out. I know we can all work together and find a nice answer
to all our problems through friendship and good will.

rauru1000: r u high?

saria720: stfu u fucking ass

Linkypoo: ...

saria720: not u -_-;; im talking to the whale, rauru.

Linkypoo: oh...the whale.

rauru1000: shut it midget!

saria720: y dont u?

rauru1000: cause im bigger than u

saria720: ur bigger than everyone

Zelda234: why don't you both shut the hell up? ur being a bad influence
on Link.

Linkypoo has signed off

Linkypoo has signed on

Linkypoo: ...sorry.

Zelda234: are u ok Link?

Linkypoo: Navi keeps wanting to type something.

Zelda234: let her

Linkpoo: k

Linkypoo: Rauru u ass, why don't you go home and eat the fridge? And you, Saria, why don't go to your little secret spot
and hump a monkey or two?

Zelda234: ...damn.

Linkypoo: that wasn't me! It was Navi!

Linkypoo: Damn straight bitches

saria720: go away Navi, no one likes you

rauru1000: im sick of u ppl talking about my stomach

saria720: did you know that when rauru runs his stomach rolls up and smacks him in the face?

rauru1000: out. u guys are asses.

saria720: but we all know we don't have bigger asses than u.

Zelda234: lol

Linkypoo: ...lol09

Linkypoo: 3984573290857

Linkypoo: @#$%@%!@#$!%12%!@#%!

Linkypoo: thwer31423098142098714231092436240@#$%@ lololololforoflauw ...sdfksdgw5evy

rauru1000: what is wrong with him?

Linkypoo: sorry, it was a typo.

rauru1000: how the hell do you typo that much?!

Linkypoo: very carefully

saria720: Link, ppl typo by accident, not on purpose.

Linkypoo: oh.

Zelda234: lol

Mario455 has signed on

Mario455: Ph34r M3 B1tch3s!!!

Zelda234 has signed off

saria720 has signed off

rauru1000 has signed off

Linkypoo has signed off

Mario455: hahahahahaha!!! I am teh king!!!

Linkypoo has signed on

Mario455: how the hell?

Linkypoo: take this bitch.

linksbootmaster5000 enabled

Mario455 has signed off

Linkypoo: pwned. XD

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