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Chris: We need more people.

Clay guy 11: I know this guy name Henry. He can help us.

Chris: Henry?

Clay guy 11: Yeah he has a bunch of guns and stuff.

Moments later.

Clay guy 11: Hey Henry.

Henry: Hey. Okay you guys take everything you need I don't think this stuff is mine. Heheheeh

Pokey was holding a bottle containing alcholhol.

Henry: Put put that away Pokey thats thats not yours.

Pokey just walked away.

Henry: Okay anyone have a question? Anyone?

Clay guy 12: I have a que-


Boom!!! Boom! Boom! (gunshot)

The clay guy is dead full of bullet holes.

Pokey drank too much that he is drunk.

He got a magnum gun and started to shoot blindedly.

Clay guy 12: Hey Pokey Ow!

Pokey shot him on the stomach.

Boom!! Boom!

He shot the robot on the face.

Robot: Ohh..

Dr. Bob: Well good as new

Jacob: Are you sure? This stuff is kinda wierd.

Jacob and Phil are attached to each other.

Dr. Bob: Well that's gonna be ten thousand dollars.

Phil&Jacob: What! we dont have that!

Dr. Bob: Hm

He walked away.

Phil and Jacob looked at each other and decided to attack Dr. Bob.

Phil&Jacob: ah!!!

They both tackled Dr. Bob.

Back at the armoury

The newspaper monster was hogging all the guns

Chris: You know you have to share those?

The newspaper monster looked at him.

Chris: Can I have one?

Newspapermonster: Hm Um. (He nodded no)

Chris: Please?

Newspapermonster: Hm Um.

Back at Jacob and Phil

Phil: Now cut us apart!

Dr. Bob: I'll cut you up alright!


Dr. Bob slashed both Jacob and Phil across thier stomach

The intestent fell out of both of them.

Dr. Bob tooked the intestent and pulled it at the back of his head like a slingshot

Dr. Bob: Ten thousand dollars! Now!

Phil&Jacob: We don't have that kind of money!

Dr. Bob: Then die!

Dr. Bob launched himself toward them knocking them down.

But Dr. Bob was choking on there intestent

Jacob and Phil both pulled and they both stand up.

Dr. Bob: All I want is-

Jacob&Phil: NO!

Jacob and Phil pulled the intestent and Dr. Bob fell down

Henry: What's going on guys?

Phil: Well Dr. Bob...trying telling me...

Dr. Bob sneaked behind him and covered his mouth with a sleeping gas

Phil looks tired and dizzy and confused.

Phil: Ha you look like a funny mushroom...

Henry: Mushroom?

Phil: Yeah... Mushroooom....

As he pictured Henry as a mushroom

Robot: Hey Phil are you alright?

Phil: Hey shut up coke bottle head...Hahahha....

Robot: What?

Phil: And big bird...

As he looked at the Newspaper monster.


Chris: No No he didn't mean it!

Phil: Hahaha...

The newspaper monster went straight toward him and tackle him down hard and he was cut apart from Jacob.

Dr. Bob: Don't worry its the stuff I gave him...He can't feel a thing.

Phil: Ahaha.... Hey I believe the intestent goes inside....

The newspapermonster pulled out all of his intestent out from his stomach.

Phil: Hey I need that... Aw you can have it.

Jacob: Guess you don't need this anymore.

He teared off his arm and transfer into his.

Phil: Hey no probl-

The newspapermonster pulled out his head.

The other clay men looked really confused

Then the newspapermonster borke the head in half

Henry: Well I guess your done now.

The newspapermonster smiled happily.

Henry: Yeah I know your happy now. Okay lets go.

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