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In the world of Hyrule, three heroes find themselves on another planet greeted by Link.

(Enter Sonic, Yoshi, & Kirby.)

Sonic: Where am I?

Yoshi: Yoshi. Yoshi. (What am I doing here?)

Kirby: Hoya. Hoya. (Who are you guys?)

Link: One question. Who are you three?

(Enter Din, Farore, and Nayru.)

Din: The blue creature is known as Sonic, the world's fastest hedgehog.

Farore: The green creature is known as Yoshi, the egg-laying dinosaur.

Nayru: And the pink creature is known as Kirby, the Pop Star Black Hole.

Link: Why are they here? I can't understand Yoshi and Kirby and neither can Sonic.

Din: We will bestowe upon both of you...

Farore: The ability to understand them both...

Nayru: Because they already understand both of you.

Din: You will need their help for this journey, Link.

Farore: In this journey an ancient demon was released about three days ago and has now taken control of Zelda's body.

Nayru: The only way of beating it is bring forth items of ultimate power, a bunch of egg shells, and a creature that can absorb anything and use that power.

Link: What is the creature's name?

Din: The creature is known as Babi.

Farore: Babi was sealed away long ago by the powers of the sages by bringing forth what we just brought forth.

Nayru: When you four beat the demon each of you will go back to where you came from.

Sonic: Okay.

Yoshi: Yoshi. (Let's fight.)

Kirby: Hoya. (Alright give me an ability so we beat this demon and go home.)

Link: How do we find this demon?

Goddesses: You have the Master Sword?

Link: Yes.

Goddesses: The Master Sword was made from Babi and can be used to track it down no matter who it is in.

Link: Okay. I will use it to track down Babi.

Link uses the sword and finds that Babi is in the temple known as Spade Wind Temple. In this world there is Spade Wind, Diamond Earth, Heart Woods, and Club Mountain Temples. The sword pointed to the north toward Spade Wind Temple. All four decide to travel to Spade Wind Temple. Its takes them about three days to get there because they also have to go through the Spade Gale Archeipelogo, an island chain in which all of the islands are in the shape of Spades.

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