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Special friend
By: Mini Wisdom
Hi there. Do you want to here a story about a little girl? This little girl was special in her own way. She never acted like anyone else. And because of that she never had true friends. Her life was horrible but she tired to savory every minute of it. Her parents were evil to her. Her mom, taunted her while her dad beat her. The girl never told anyone about her life though. She could have new parents and a new life, but she didn’t want to. She didn’t care what her parents did to her. It wouldn’t stop letting her enjoy life. She never had any brothers or sisters. And she never had any pets. She didn’t know much about things and she couldn’t read either. But she knew how to live on her own. Her parents were very poor. So they had a hard time getting food. The little girl always stole food and sometimes money. She did this for her parents. But they did not like what she did. She got in trouble a lot, but it didn’t stop her for doing things like that. She always wished for everyone’s life to be easy and happy but her wish probably would never come true. She was never selfish and she always tired to help people. Now that I told you about this girl, I want to tell you a little story about a friendship she finally had and the same thing for this friend…

The morning came as quick as a fox. Clashes of glass falling to the ground were herd in an old torn apart house. ‘’Get up now!’’ A lady hissed.
A little kid fell off a window self and landed hard on the cold dusted ground. “Get up little brat!’’ The lady hissed again.
The little kid stood up right away with emerald eyes wide open. “Do you want your father to come in here young lady?’’ The lady threatens.
‘’No mother! Please don’t!’’ The girl cried.
‘’Then, go get some bread! We are starving and you have money so go get some!’’ Her mother yelled.
The girl nodded and quickly ran out of the house. Young cuccos were yelling and running around waiting for people to get up. The girl saw a little puppy chasing a bird. She laughed happily. She looked around hopping that a store was open but there wasn’t one open. She grabbed a small brown bag and looked in it.’’ Barley enough.’’ She said.’’ Six rubies won’t get me anything.’’
She didn’t want to steal but it looked like she had no choice again. An hour past and finally all the stores were open. People were outside bragging, gambling, buying, talking, gossiping, chasing dogs and cuccos, and fighting over stupid stuff. The girl looked for a food store that was full of people. She finally spotted one. It was small but it was filled with millions of people! She ran towards the shop and quickly went under a table. She focused and ran into the store and grabbed some bread. The shop keeper saw her running with bread.’’ Get back here thief!’’ The shop keeper yelled.
But she kept running. She got in a dark corner and hid. After sixteen minutes she got up and walked back home. When she got there she saw a guard talking to her dad. ‘’Please no…’’ She whispered.
Her dad nodded and the guard walked away. The girl was afraid to go home but she didn’t run off. She walked home trying to hide her face. Her dad saw her and ran towards her. He grabbed her arm and pulled her into the house. “Why did you do that?’’ He yelled.
But she didn’t answer. She looked at him and turned away.’’ Answer me now!’’ He yelled again.
After a few minutes of silence, her dad slapped her across her face. She tired to ignore the pain but it felt like fire rushing through her body.
He pushed her outside and through glass at her. ‘’Get out of here right now! And you better come back when it gets dark.’’ He hissed.
She ran a quick as she could to get out of sight.’’ Maybe some one will kill me.’’ She thought.
The girl went all around Hyrule Market and asked everyone if they would want to kill her. But they kept on saying no. She ran out of Hyrule Market and into Hyrule field. She saw some one on a dark, evil looking horse.’’ Hey! I need help!’’ She screamed.
The horse began to run up to the girl. After two minutes the horse was right in front of her. On the horse was an evil looking man. ‘’What do you want little girl?’’ He said.
‘’Mister, could you do me a favor?’’ She asked.
‘’Depends, what is it?’’ He responded.
‘’Mister, please kill me. I need to die.’’ She exclaimed.
The man looked at her with confusion.’’ Why?’’ He asked.
‘’Just do it please!’’ She begged.
He shook his head. ‘’ Go home.’’
‘’Where do you live?’’
‘’I’m not telling you!’’
he sighed. He jumped off his horse and bent down.’’ Do you want to come with me?’’ He asked.
She nodded.
He picked her up and put her on the horse. The man jumped on his horse and ordered it to run. After a few minutes he noticed the girl’s head on his hand sleeping. ‘’She’s cute when she’s sleeping.’’ He thought.
After twenty minutes, they arrived at a small, wooden hut. ‘’Wake up.’’ He said.
She woke up and looked at him. ‘’Where are we?’’ She asked.
‘’This is where I live.’’ He said.
He jumped off the horse and picked her up. He took her inside and laid her on a small bed. ‘’Here is where you can sleep.’’ He said.
‘’What’s your name?’’ She asked.
‘’My name is Ganondorf to tell you the truth.’’ Ganondorf said.
‘’Ganondorf, your kindness warms my heart…’’ She said.
Ganondorf laughed. She didn’t care. She thought he was nice. When night came Ganondorf brought her some food. “Here, this is your dinner.” Ganondorf said while handing the girl some food.
She looked up at him and smiled. “Thank you Ganondorf.”
He sighed and walked outside. “Who the hell is that girl?” Ganondorf wondered.
After four hours Ganondorf walked inside and got ready to sleep. He noticed the girl sleeping on the floor. He walked towards her sleeping body and lifted her body. He placed her on the bed and looked at her. He walked away with a confused face. He lay on some hay and kept on thinking about the little girl. He finally fell asleep after an hour of thinking. When morning came he saw the girl running around the hut. “What are you doing?” He asked.
“Cleaning! I’ve got to do some cleaning so you won’t hit me.” She replied.
Ganondorf stared at her. “Why would I hit you for not cleaning?” He asked while standing up.
She kept on cleaning. “Nice day today isn’t it?” She said.
Ganondorf grabbed her arm to make her stop cleaning. “Answer me, why would I hit you for not cleaning?” Ganondorf asked again.
She looked down, not wanting to answer. “Do your parents hit you?” He asked.
She looked up and pulled her arm out of his hand. “What is it with all of these questions?” She yelled.
Ganondorf sighed. “Can you answer me please?”
She glared at him and ran outside. Ganondorf started to get some answers. He walked outside and looked around. There was no sign of her. All there was was fresh wet green grass. He looked under the porch and saw her curled up in a ball. “Hey, I need you to answer my question that I asked you.” He said.
She ignored him. Ganondorf sighed, “Fine, don’t answer it. Just come inside okay?”
She crawled out of the porch and looked at him. “Sorry mister. I just don’t feel comfortable answering your questions.” She said.
“It’s okay. Let’s go inside okay?” Ganondorf said calmly.
They went inside and started to cook. “Can you go feed my horse?” Ganondorf asked while cooking.
The girl nodded and grabbed some hay. She walked outside and walked towards the back of the hut. There she saw an evil black looking horse. “Here you go.” She said.
The horse stared at her. He ate some of the food and then turned away. The little girl placed the golden hay on the ground. “There you go just in case you want some more.” She said.
She walked away. When she got inside she saw Ganondorf putting some food on a plate. Ganondorf handed her the plate. “Here you go.”
“Thank you.” She said.
Ganondorf stared at her. “Um, I know you don’t like to answer questions but, I need to know where you live.” Ganondorf said.
She stopped eating. “Why?”
“So I can take you home tonight. I think your parents might be worried about you.”
The girl shook her head. “They aren’t worried about me and besides don’t you like having me here?”
“Yea I love you being here but you’re not my child and I need to take you back to your parents.”
She took a deep breath and looked at him.” Ganondorf, I can’t go back.”
She took another deep breath. “Because my parents hit me and if I go back then they will hit me till I fall to the ground dead.”
Ganondorf froze. “What?! That’s it, you need to go back to Hyrule Market and tell somebody.” Ganondorf commanded.
She shook her head. “No, I don’t need new parents. I got you as a brother I never had.”
Ganondorf didn’t know what to say. He was happy to hear some one say that to him for once but he wasn’t happy about her being abused. “Maybe your parents will be happy to see you again if you go back to them and they won’t abuse you any more if you go back.” Ganondorf suggested.
She shrugged. “I guess you are right, do you want to take me home in a few hours?”
He nodded. A few hours have passed. And Ganondorf had to take the girl back home. He didn’t want to. He wanted the little kid to stay with him. Before he knew it, he and the kid were at Hyrule gate. “Thank you Ganondorf for everything. You will always be my big brother ok? Am I your little sister?” She said.
Ganondorf felt that he was going to cry but he held back the tears. “Yea, you’re my little sister.” He smiled uneasy.
The girl walked into Hyrule Market. Before she entered she looked at Ganondorf and tears fell on her soft pinkish cheeks. She turned away and walked to the evil house. When she got there she saw her mom sitting in an old wooden dusted chair. Her mom stood up and looked behind her. “Where have you been young lady?” Her mom said.
The girl looked down and turned around. When she was about to run, hard rough hands grabbed her shoulders and pushed her to the ground. “You little selfless brat!” Her father yelled.
She had the feeling that death was coming to her. Ganondorf was reading a book about spells. “Damn it! I am too worried about her!” Ganondorf yelled.
Ganondorf slammed the book on the floor and kicked the book around. After ten minutes he saw something running towards the hut. He sighed. “Must be turning crazy.”
He went inside and lay on the hay stack. Before he knew it, the girl he called his sister ran straight in his hut and hid underneath the table. “What are you doing here?!” Ganondorf ordered.
‘My par-nets are t-rying to kill me.” She tired to say.
Ganondorf understood her and ran outside. He saw man walking up to the hut. “Excuse me mister, but my daughter ran inside your place and I came to get her.” The man said.
Ganondorf glared at him “Stay away from here! I don’t care if she is your daughter or not she is going to live with me.” Ganondorf yelled.
The man glared back at him. “She’s not your daughter! You can’t steal her.”
Ganondorf pulled out his sword. “Stay the hell away from here now! Or you will have a very, very short life!” Ganondorf threat.
The man stepped back and ran off. Ganondorf didn’t know when the last time he acted like that. He put away his sword and walked inside. He saw her lying on the bed panting heavily. “Are you okay?” Ganondorf asked.
She couldn’t say anything. It was too hard for her. “Hello, can you hear me?” He said.
She looked at him. Her emerald eyes were dark green, her straight blond hair was messed up, she was sweating like crazy, and there was blood all over her arms and legs. “Ganondorf…. I-I thi-nk I’m go-ing to… die.” She tired to say.
He froze. He didn’t want her to die. She was too young to die. “Don’t think that! Your just seriously injured that’s all so it feels like your going to die.” Ganondorf said trying to encourage her.
She tried to breath but it was too hard for her. Ganondorf tired everything, he tired to feed her, keep her warm and tired to give her some water but she kept on refusing it. Midnight came slow. Ganondorf wanted to sleep but he couldn’t, he wanted and had to take care of the girl. Ganondorf was trying to give her water but she pushed it away. “Ganon-dorf please… stop o-kay? I k-now I’m… go-ing to di-e ri-ght no-w.” She said.
“DON’T SAY THAT! You’re not going to die! Accept what I’m giving you okay?!” Ganondorf yelled.
“Wh-en I di-e I wi-ll be yo. Your gaur-den angel. I pro-mis” She cheered.
“YOU’RE NOT GOING TO DIE! I will make sure of that!” Ganondorf yelled again.
“Good by-e br-o-ther.” She said.
“Don’t say good bye! I know your going to live!” Ganondorf shouted.
But she said nothing. She wasn’t moving, she was stiff, and she stop shivering. Ganondorf checked to see if she was breathing but she wasn’t. She was dead. Ganondorf scream a curse word and began to cry. He never felt so depressed well not for a long time. He picked up her body and buried her outside… that night Ganondorf had a dream about her….
My name is Misha, I’ am but eight, my eyes are swollen, I can no see, I must be stupid, I must have been bad, what else could have made my daddy so mad? I wish I were better, I wish I weren’t ugly, then my mommy would still want to hug me, I cant speak at all, I cant do a wrong, or else I’m locked up, all day long, when I awake I’m all alone, the house is dark, my folks aren’t home, when my mommy does come, I’ll try to be nice, so maybe I’ll get just, one whipping tonight. Don’t make a sound, I just herd the door open, my daddy is back, from drinking, I hear him curse, my name he calls, I press myself, against the wall, he finds me weeping, he shouts ugly words, he says it’s my fault, that he suffers life, he slaps me and hits me, and yells at me more, I finally get free and run for the door, he’s already locked it, and I start to bawl, he takes me and throws me, against the hard wall, I fall to the floor, with my bones nearly broken, and my daddy continues, with more bad words spoken, “I’m sorry!” I scream, but its now too late, his face has been twisted, into unimaginable hate, the hurt and the pain, again and again, oh please god have mercy! Oh please let it end, and he finally stops, and heads for the door, while I lay there motionless, sprawled on the floor, my name is Misha, I’ am but eight, tonight my daddy… murdered me.

Ganondorf woke up frightened to death. “I should have never taken her home…”

Ganondorf believed it was his fault that the girl died but it wasn’t, it was the parents fault. They beat her to death. Some how she found the strength to get up and go to Ganondorf. Who am I you ask? My name is Mini Wisdom and I was four years old when she died… I never knew her but I know the story, how do I? I saw her in a dream and she told me… she is Ganondorf’s angel and she promise’s to stay with him forever no matter how evil or good he gets…. Isn’t this a sad story? I think it is… Misha was only eight when she died and now I’m thirteen. I am lucky to have parents who care about me and would never hurt me. I even asked them if they ever would and they told me no. who is my parents. They are Link and Zelda… I must go now my sister wants me to play with her. If you ever see Misha in your dreams don’t be afraid. For she is one of the gentle hearts in this world we live in today…

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