A godess`s decendant by godess of love
Summary: Kiley had a series of strange dreams and after the murder of her step mother,she finds herself in a mysterious land.She finds she has a destiney in this land along side a hero.
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1. Chapter 1:A dream by godess of love

2. Chapter 2:Thoughts of past life by godess of love

3. Chapter 3:A brief argue by godess of love

4. Chapter 4:A murder by godess of love

5. Chapter 5:Waking in Hirule by godess of love

6. Chapter 6:Tales of an adventure by godess of love

7. Chapter 7:The return of evil by godess of love

8. Chapter 8:Sneaking around by godess of love

9. Chapter 9:Feeling powers by godess of love

10. Chapter 10:Threatening a kokiri by godess of love

11. Chapter 11:Meeting the godesses by godess of love

12. Chapter 12:A fear of ghosts by godess of love

13. Chapter 13:The forest temple by godess of love

14. Chapter 14:Phantom Ganon by godess of love

15. Chapter 15:Waking a fairy by godess of love

16. Chapter 16:Hights by godess of love

17. Chapter 17:Death mountain crater by godess of love

18. Chapter 18:Volvagia by godess of love

19. Chapter 19:Looking for a zora by godess of love

20. Chapter 20:Confessing true feelings by godess of love

21. Chapter 21:A deaf fairy by godess of love

22. Chapter 22:The water temple by godess of love

23. Chapter 23:Evacuating the mission by godess of love

24. Chapter 24:Capturing by godess of love

25. Chapter 25:KILE Y TO THE RESCUE! by godess of love

26. Chapter 26:An inposible fight by godess of love

27. Chapter 27:The perfect moment by godess of love

Chapter 1:A dream by godess of love
I was standing on a balcony in a castle, pering apon the people.My long, brown hair piled over my head sorrounded by a braid.I was wearing a beutiful long violet dress trailing behind me.The sleves swoped down to the floor and my dimond necklice shimerd in the ball room`s light.My crimson blue eyes followed a man.He seemed to be seventeen, my age.He had a white tunic on with a long sleved under shirt and white leggings.He wore a floppy, white, matching hat.He had on a brown leather belt and boots.He brushed flocks of blonde hair from his face and I had a clear view of his bright, shinning, baby blue eyes.He walked to a door and exited the room.Curious, I walked down the staircase and hid behind the curtains to evesdropp on him.He was sitting on a bench in the garden outside and he sighed as he buried his face in his hands.He seemed upset so I decided to let him have some privocey.

"Kiley!Kiley!Wake up this instant young lady!"An older lady said slaming her ruler against the desk.She had grey hair and dark brown eyes.She wore a blue sweater over a pink shirt and also a long jean skirt with old, brown, shoes.My eye shot open and found my teacher standing there."Sorry Mrs. Eblhair."I could hear faint whispers from my class mates.Especically from Ashley Robberts.She was a selfish, stupid, biitch.I hated her guts."What a bitch."I accedently said out loud. That was a mystake though, because
Mrs. Eblhair heard loud and clear. "Kiley!We do not use that language in my class.I whant you down at the princible`s office now."I glanced at Ashley, who was smiling wickedly,as I stood up and headed out the door.I
made my way down the lifeless, white
halls of high school.At the princible`s office, I sat in a chair as my step mother talked to him."What did she do now?"
Chapter 2:Thoughts of past life by godess of love
"Kiley has used inapropriate language in class Ms.Guildin."The princible stated to my strict step mother."It was totally approperiate. She is a bitch.I don`t care what the fuckin punishment is.""Kiley!I thought your father and I raised you better than that.I whant you to appolagize to her and to Msr. Eblhair.""I`m not appolagizeing to Ashley!She wanted me to say it!She got what she fuckin wanted!"I stormed out of the room and to the car."I`m sorry.I dont know what happened to her.When she was young she always laughed and always did what she was told without questioning.But ever since her father died...I`m sorry.Can you give me a moment."She said with a few tears in her deep, grassy green eyes."I`m sorry for your loss, Ms.Guildin.Walter was an extrordinary man.At least he did not die in vain and we know that he is somwere peaceful and calm.""I know.
It just happened so sudden.Kiley sure thinks so.She crys sometimes when someone brings him up.Well, I`d better take her home before she decides to drive herself home without me.Bye.""Bye"She walked to the car and started up the engine.On the ride home,I thought about my parents.I looked exacly like my mother my father always told me.She had disapeared when I was four.But it wasnt like she left, though dad thought so.He thinks she was tired of him and left unknowing that she had left part of her life here.To me it was more like she vanished.She loved us more than anything, so how could she just leave.She was very honest and trustworthy, like I am.My dad told me stories of how they`d sneak out and met at a meadow were they would ly onder the stars for senturies.Dad seemed to have missed har as much as I did.But I still dont understand why he remarried.Maby he whanted somone he could trust to watch me wile he whent to war in Veitnom.He lost his left leg and right hand.Somone put him out of his misery and shot him in the head one dreadful day.I snapped back to reallity when I heard the car door slam.We were 'home'.
Chapter 3:A brief argue by godess of love
I stomped off to my room, but half way up the stairs, my step mother calls"Kiley.What happened to you?What happened to the cheerful girl your father and I loved?"I turned around.My brown braid swung around to my back.I was wearing a blue tee and jeans with black boots."Why do you care"
"Because, Kiley, I`m your mother."
"No your not!You didnt go through pain to give birth to me."I scowled
"Kiley!I love you like my own blood child"
"That doesnt matter."I turned and contenued up the stairs.I turned the knobb and entered my room were I sat on my bed.I put my hands to my face to rubb it.When my hands pulled away from my eyes I spotted a picture of my father, mother and I when I was two.I didnt know of the terrible tragedys that apeared in my diffacult life then.I was young and innocent.Now I`m just foolish and left with nothing more than a life full of people who dont listen.I jumped when I heard a knock at the door"Kiley,can I come?""I dont care."The door opened and sure enough stood the woman who never listened the most."Kiley, I`m sorry you dont think of me as your mother.I tried my best to be a great one but apperently failed.""Why try when you know you`ll fail?Whats the point""It`s always worth a try.You never know what could happen, like driving on an open highway, you never know what you will see.I just hope that somday you`ll look back at moments like this and say'she helped me through this'."She sighed"But, your right.Why try when you keep failing."She stood up and started for the door
"Wait.Do you know what it feels like being ignored?"
"Because that`s how I feel."
"Honey I listen to you"
"No, you dont."She looked at me and responded"Well, I`ll try"She then left the room.I layed on the bed, thinking deep thoughts.
Chapter 4:A murder by godess of love
I opened my gentle eyes to find my self in a dark field.The only thing I could see was a silloutete of a tree.I picked my acking body off the ground and looked around."Hello"I called out.Then an exploision sent me flying into the tree.When I looked up, a dark man stood there.An evil man.His yellow eyes pierced my skin, and his blood red hair was terrifying.He wore black armor that covered his tan skin.His laugh sent chills down my spine.He raised his hand twords me and it turned a dark purple.A beam shot out of his hand striking me.I yelped in pain and passed out.Before I shut my eyes I could still hear his evil laugh.

"Kiley.You must come to Hirule.You must asist the Hero of time and save our beutiful land.Kiley, you are our only hope.Please help us."

My eyes shot open and I fell out of my bed."Ow."I stood up.I looked over at the clock,wich said 7:36.Dinner must be ready,I thought as I sniffed the air.Oddly, there was no smell.Most of the time there is."Hmm.Maby she fell asleep too."I walked out of the room and down the stairs.What I found terrified me.My step mother was there, on the floor, dead.She had been shot in the head.I fell to my week knees as tears rolled down my cheek.I buried my face in my hands."Who would do this?""I would my dear."I looked at a dark corner were the voice came from.I cloaked man walked out of the shadows."Y-you basterd.Why would you kill her."
"Because, she had somthing I wanted."
"What would that be"
"You"I gasped and jumped up.He walked tword me so I ran out the door.I kept running and enterd the woods.I became tired so I rested on a rock.I looked around, checking to make sure he didnt follow.Wile looking, I found a hole on the ground and got a closer look.It was perfficly round and black.I leaned in
to see if I could see how far down it was.My foot slipped and I fell down in the hole.I scremed at the top of my lungs but knew that wouldnt help.
Chapter 5:Waking in Hirule by godess of love
I opened my eyes to find a boy looking at me."AHHH!!"I scremed.
He had blonde hair and baby blue eyes.He had pale skin with a hint of tan and a green tunic."Who are you"
"I`m Link."
"That`s a strange name."
"Yours is strange too."
"No it`s not..what are you wearing?" "My tunic."
"What?No body wears that."
"No body wears what your wearing."
"This is a very common look."
"Not really."He brushed some flocks of hair behind his ears"Dude what did you do to your ears?"
"Umm hello there pointy."
"Uhh yeah every hilean`s are."
"What are you talking a bout 'hilean`s'.What`s that?"Link stared at me."What?"
"Your not hilean?"I shook my head"Your obviously not a kokiri, a zora, or a goron.And you dont have red hair so your not a gerudo.Are you a shielkah."
"A shielk-what?"
"I guess not then.What are you?"
"A human.What are you an alien or somthing?"
"Never mind.Were am I?"
"The kokiri forest."
"The kokiri forest.In Hirule..."
"HIRULE.I had an odd dream and there was a lady saying somthing about Hirule.Saying I was their only hope.The hole must have broughten me here."Link looked strangly at me but was innterupted by a knock at the door."Link, Link.Are you awake?"
"Come in Saria."The door opened and a little green haired girl walked in.She wore a head band in her short green hair and a green long sleve shirt.She wore green shorts and green boots.She had so much green I was surprised her eyes were blue."Oh, Link, who`s this?"
"Kiley.I found her in the lost woods."
"Well, I`m Saria.The sage of forest."
"Hi."She shook my hand and she said in her cheerful voice"are you hungry Kiley?We have more than enough food."
"I am hungry now that you mintion it."
"Why dont you guys wash up and I`ll go cook breakfeast."
"Thanks."Saria left and I asked Link
"What`s a sage?"Link sighed and explained the six sages to me.
Chapter 6:Tales of an adventure by godess of love
Link and I walked out of his tree house and he whent a shed."Did you build this"
"Yeah"It was a nice little shed and inside was a brown horse with a tint of red and her mane was white."Wow.She`s beutiful.She`s yours?"
"Yup.Has been for about seven years.Her name`s Epona."
"Tthe name suits her."Link nodded and took a brush.He brushed her brown coat and I just stood there watching.Once he was finished he handed me an apple.I held it oout for her to eat and as she did, I petted her snout.She munched the apple like popcorn.Link carried a heavy looking saddle and placed it on Epona.He handed me her riens and I slid them on."Your very gentle with her.Have you taken care of horses before?"
"Sort of.My parents used to take me horse back ridding.Until my father died."I felt tears coming so tried to hold them back.I didnt want Link to see me cry."I`m sorry.I didnt mean to ""Its ok.That was the past."After we took care of Epona we started heading for Saria`s house.On the short way there, all these little kids stared at me."Link, these kids are scaring me."
"Dont worry.Their kokiri.They dont see older people often."
"What`s the difference between us and them?"
"That`s easy.The kokiri never grow up.They always stay ten.I used to think I was a kokiri."
"When I was born, my home was attacked.My father died protecting my mother and I.My mother became deadlybill but manged to escape and headed to the forest.She begged the great deku tree to raise me as a kokiri.Soon after she died.Ever since then I`ve been living with Saria.But I was different than all the other kokiri.But not becuase I wasnt."
"All kokiri`s have fairies.I didnt, untill one day.Navi the fairy, who`s still asleep, woke me up when I was ten.She told me that the deku tree had summond me.I whent to see him and he told me about an evil man by the name of Ganondorf Dragmire.That was the beginning of my adventure."
Chapter 7:The return of evil by godess of love
Link told me all about his adventure on the way to Saria`s.Before we knew it, we were already at our destenation.We entered the tree like house and Saria was making plates."What took you two so long."
"Sorry Saria.I was telling her about my adventure as the hero of time."
"Oh.You just love to share that story dont you."we began eating. Saria fixed toast, canalope, grapes, grits, and rasberries."Mmm.This is awsome Saria...ummm Link."I said looking at the boy eating like a pig.He looked at me with grits hanging out of his mouth."What?"
"Link I told you to not do that."
"Sorry."After breakfeast Link decided to give me a tour of Hirule.We were walking to the shed to Epona when a boy with blonde hair and green clothes came up to us tapping his foot."What Mido?"
"Were are you going?"
"None of your buisness.So lieve us alone and I wont tell sheily you like her."The boy started to blush and ran away."If you ever run into him just embaress the moron."
"Link, he`s just a kid."
"He`s older than I am.Kinda.He was ten when I was born but I`m still older."
"Ok."He jumped on Epona and I hopped on behind him."YAAH"We darted off tword a hollow long.We entered the log and exited.We were in a wonderful field that felt familiar.We rde tword a wall surronding something."Were is that?"
"Lon Lon ranch.It`s were I got Epona."
We reached inside the wall and Link dismounted.A red headed girl ran from a stable."Link, how`ve you and Epona been."
"Awsome.Oh so this is Kiley."
"Hi.I`m Malon."
"Hey."Then the ground started to shake and the sky became dark."What`s happening?"Malon asked "I dont know."Link anwserd.Then the wind started blowing that almost swept you off your feet.A big flash hit right in front of us and sent us flying."Malon, Kiley get inside.I have a terrible feeling about this."Malon ran inside but I stayed"Link whats happening?"But he didnt anwser because before us stood the man who haunted my dream. "Ganondorf!"
Chapter 8:Sneaking around by godess of love
The evil man smiled, and just as his laugh did, it sent chills down my spine."You seem to remember me hero of time.You will not stop me from recieving the other two triforces this time.I will make sure of it."He looked over to me."You stay out of my way, or I`ll have you dead.I will rule Hirule now."Ganon disapeared and Malon came out."Kiley, I need you to stay here I`ll be back."
"Wait Link.Let me come with you"
"No, it`s way to dangerous."
"Link please"
"No Kiley.You`ll be safe here."Link left on Epona twords the castle."Malon, do you have any horses I can use?"
"But Link said "
"Malon pease.He needs me."
"Ohhhh fine."we walked to the pastrer were horses were roaming every were."What about...that hourse"
"Thats star light but we call her star."She had a white coat with her mane tied in a ponytail holder about midway down her pink mane.She had sparkeling hoves and her blue eyes sparkeled like twinkling stars.I guess thats why her name is Star light.Malon put a saddle and riens on her and I hopped on."I`ll be back."And with that, I rode off."I sure hope you do" Malon stated once I left.

I followed Link to a giant old building.He went inside so I did too.He walked up to an altar with three stones.That must be the spiritral stones Link told me about, I thought to myself.He pulled out a blue,round, object and pressed it to his lips.A magical melody was played and the ground shook.The wall started to open and Link went inside.I followed.He walked up to a sword inside a pedistal.He gripped the hilt and pulled it up.A blue glowing wall surrounded us.

I opened my eyes to find myself standing in a blue room with six people surrounding Link and I."Kiley, I told you to stay at the ranch!"
"Sorry I just couldnt let you go by your self."
"Kiley I`ve defeated Ganondorf and you dont want me to come here by myself."
"Link, it is acually a good thing you came Kiley."Link and I stared at the old sage of light.
Chapter 9:Feeling powers by godess of love
"As you know Ganondorf has returned.Unfortunatly, Link, your power alone wont work on him this time."Rauru, the sage of light, said
"I`ll just get Zelda to help."
"She`s in hiding again"
"Will she do that whole Shielk thing again"
"Somone else will be helping you."Everyone looked at me, including Link."Oh boy."I said."No offense Kiley but how is she supposed to help.Remember this Ganondorf we`re talking about.He was more than close to killing me last time."
"Link, Kiley has more power than you`ll ever imagine."
"WHAT!!!!!"I scremed."I have powers."
"Isn`t that a good thing"
"Well, if I kew befoore then I could have gotten revenge on Ashly.I never appoligize for what I called you Ashly.You bitch."
"Wow.I'm scared to be your enemy now."
"Any ways.Kiley, your a descendent if an old godess."
"Really.I`m related to a godess."
"Yes.Your great great great great great great great great great great great great..."
"great great grandmother was the godess of feelings."
"Is that why she kinda has anger management problems."Link asked
"I DO NOT!!!"
Link fell to the ground.Then, oddly, I started crying.Impa put a gentle hand on my sholder."Whats wrong, Kiley"
"I dont know."Then I bursted out laughing."I cant stop."Then Link started laughing."You cant control your powers.But you can control more then emotions.You can controle eliments."
"Cool.Hey I stopped laughing."
"Your starting to control your self.Try freezing somthing.Ruto." Ruto put her hand facing me.A wave of water came tword me.I put my hands in front of me and closed my eyes.Nothing happened so I opened my eyes.Right in front of me was a piece of ice just sitting in the air untill it fell to the ground."Now melt it."I spread my legs apart and pointed my hands at the block of ice.My hands turned red and the ice melted to water again."Good.Now you and Link must go to the temples and recieve a part of the feeling necklice."Link nodded and I did as well.
Chapter 10:Threatening a kokiri by godess of love
Link and I ran through castle town.It was like a ghost town, every body took shelter.We made it our horses and I asked Link"Were do we go first?""The forest."We headed south to kokiri forest.

When we arrived back, Mido stopped us again"Listen twirp, we`re out to save Hirule from an asshole much like you so I`d stay out of our fuckin way."I yelled at the little kokiri"Or else what you`ll tell somone I like them.Its to lat for she already knows.""Or esle this"I put my hands to my side palm facing in front of me and my hair started floating.My eyes turned completely yellow and He flew into the air.High in the air."G-get me down.Now.I`m afraid of hights.Ok you win, I wont bother you."I smiled and turned back to normal forgetting to set Mido down first.He fell on top of Link."Owwww"The kid called out.I helped Link up and we headed for the sacred forest meadow.When we finished in the lost woods we came to a maze.I walked up to the maze but a gate suddenly shot up out of the ground."Kiley, you dont have any weapons do you."
"No.Why?"A wolfos came out of the ground as I said this"Thats why."I thought for a minuete.Then, wile I was thinking and wasnt paying attention, a wolfos came up to me, but before it could strike I disapeared.

After a flashing yellow light, I opened my eyes to find mtself in a sancuary.Seats were lined up on both sides of me and a red carpet went to a stage.I walked up to it and a blue, green, and red light apeared, forming into women.One had blue hair that was down to her back and eyes.She wore a light blue dress going to her knees.Another one had green hair that was to her neck and eyes.She wore a green tangtop and a green skirt going to her knees.The other one had long red hair that went to her knees that was tied in a ponytail and red eyes.She wore a red shirt only covering her chest and short shorts.All of them were barefooted.
Chapter 11:Meeting the godesses by godess of love
"Kiley, do not fear us.We are the three godesses of Hirule.I am Farore, the godess of courage.These are Din, godess of power, and Nayru, godess of wisdom.We were great friends of your grandmother`s."Said the one in green."Your the godesses?"
"Yes, Kiley, we are.We are granting you with a gift that was your grandmother`s.She sacrificed her life for us."Din said
"I thought godesses couldnt die"
"With enough dark magic, the magic Ganondorf now posses, you can easily detroy a godess.Your grandmother gave her life protecting us."
"Then who`s the godess to replace her?"
"You will but curently your mother is"I gasped.My mother hadnt left us, she was a godess in Hirule."Were is she?"I asked eager to see my mother."I`m afraid she wont live long.Thats why we need you to hurry and find the necklice peices."
"What happened to her?"
"Ganondorf found her coming to this sancuary, and cursed her.She is trying to heal but we all know that she wont live long."I fell to my knees.I wont ever be able to see my mother again."No."
"Kiley, you must be strong.You must help Link.And this will help with that."The three godesses put their hands on eachother ,Farore`s on top and Nayru`s on the bottom.They started glowing and soon a sword apeared.It floated over to me and I grabbed it`s hilt.It had a yellow handdle and a silver blade.A case apeared on my back and I disapeared.

I apeared back in the battle with Link."Were did you go?"
"Getting a weapon."I unshielthed the sword Link asked"Who gave you that?"
"The godesses."The wolfos darted for me and I held the hilt tighter.He raised his dirty paw and the sword started to glow yellow.I slashed at the enemy and it split in half, guts and all."Let`s go."I told the shocked Link as the gate opened.We went through the maze and up a set of stairs."The forest temple is up there."Link said pointing to a balcony that looked like it had stairs but broke."How do we get up there"
"I dont have one"
"Then hold on"
Chapter 12:A fear of ghosts by godess of love
I blushed at the thought of holding on to Link"Y-you mean holding on to your waist."
"What else."
"Ok"I rapped my arms around his waist and he pulled out his hookshot.He shot it at a tree and we went flying up to it.I closed my eyes and before I knew it we were at the entrence to the forest temple."I wonder if the poes are back."Link wondered wile we walked in"Whats that."
"A poe?"
"A ghost"I froze and my eyes shot open."G-g-g-GHOST!!"
"Your afraid of ghosts?"
"Yeah.I have since a kid on halloween when we went in a huanted house.I took one look at the ghosts and scremed.Ever since then I`ve been so scared of ghosts."
"Dont worry I wont let them hurt you."
"But how?I mean, wont your sword go right through them?"
"Not technecly."I just looked at him strange."You`ll see."We were in a hallway when a giant spidder fell from the cieling hanging on his web.I jumped because it scared the shit out of me."Are you afraid of spiders too?"
"Hell no!I kill them all the time, just not this big.Usually their like this small"I said showing how small with my fingers"And besides, it popped out of no were.""Right"He said sarcastically."I`m serious.I`v never seen a spider this big.It`s HUGE." "Well, their quit easy to kill dispise their size." "Link, I got this" "Wait, Kiley, you have to..."It was to late though.I had already tried to hit it`s shell and it started to spin fast sending me to the door."wait untill it`s back is faceing you."He finished.He drew his sword and the spider turned around.Link stabbed it`s back and it fell to the ground.He walked over to me and held out his hand to help me up.I grabbed his hand and pulled myself up."See.You gotta be careful.These temples are creepy." "Oh shit." "Yeah.Link the shadow temple, and the water temple is kinda confusing..." "Link, I get it.I gotta listen and watch my back."We walked down the hall and I opened the door.We were in the forest temple.
Chapter 13:The forest temple by godess of love
We entered a large room with four tourches.The fires were orange, blue, green, and purple.Suddenly they started moving and a poe apeared each maching one of the colors holding a lantern in wich they put the fire in.I started screming "AHHHHHHHH!!!"Link tried to quiet me down"Shhhhh.Their gonna hear you."I raced around Link and hid behind him."Dont let them eat me."
"Ok, Kiley, your not afraid of a wolfo but your scared of somthing that can only hurt you with a lantern.Wolfos eat you, poes dont."
"I gues your right, but still, it`s a natural instinct to screme."The poes disapeared all except the purple one."Hm.Thats odd"
"What`s odd"
"Last time I fought that poe last."I shrugged and Link walked down the stairs tword the poe.I started trembling as I slowly walked behind Link.The poe spotted us and it floated tword Link."Dont worry Kiley."Link said as he pulled out an arrow and the hero`s bow.He aimed at the ghost and let the arrow fly.It hit the poe but it disapeared, kinda.You could still see the lantern."When its like this your attacks go right through it."
Link walked farther away from the poe and it reapeared.As soon as it did Link shot an arrow.It hit her stamach( if they have stomachs) and it raised its arms like it surrenderd.She droped the lantern and it disapeared in flames."Thats all it is."Link walked up some stairs and then ,oddly at a time like this, remembered Navi."Were`s Navi?"I just shrugged.

Navi was in kokiri forest."Link!Link!Hello.Anyone."Then Mido came up"Mido!Were`s Link?"
"He`s with that girl.They said they were saving Hirule from an asshole.They headed tword the sacred forest meadow."Navi flew to the sacred forest meadow and through the hallway were we fought the spider."Link!I was looking for you everywere"
"Oh sorry Navi."We contenued on up some stairs.Link opened the door and two stalfos reading to attack.I drew my sword as Link did the same.
Chapter 14:Phantom Ganon by godess of love
Aafter defeating the other poes and recieving a big golden key with a red jewel that Link called the 'boss key', we whent to a room under the original room and were we found a huge door.Link pulled out his bow and I grabbed a bow I found in a chest after fighting the second poe, the red one."Are you ready"Link asked"For what?"I said causiously
"Phantom Ganon"
"Oh.This is going to be one hell of a fight."
"Yeah"He said as he opened the door with the boss key.We walked up a small set of steps and walked in a circular room with portriets all around.Then a phantom came that looked simular to Ganon."Now, you shoot one and I`ll shoot the other"
"What?There`s only one"
"You`ll see"The phantom climbed on a horse and flew in to a picture.I prepared my bow and saw the phantom in a different picture."Dont shoot it untill it turns white."I nodded and I pinted the arrow at him.When he came closer, instead of turning white, he turned around."Link he didnt turn..."When I turned around looking at Link, I saw the phantom with an arrow in his andomen."There`s two?"
"He made a dupplicate to trick us."
"Oh."We repeated this method two more times and on the last one he stayed out."Now when he kneels down use as much force you can with your sword and slash him."I nodded and he got his sword ready.I grabbed my sword`s hilt and I focussed on putting magic in the sword.It started glowing and then the phantom threw a ball of energy at Link and Link used his sword to reflec it.The ball whent back and forth, then it hit the phantom.I jumped and stabbed it inside his head.He scremed in pain and I pulled out my sword waching him go up in flames.In his remains stood a green dimond necklice piece inside a blue portal thing.I stepped into the blue thing, only to find Link and I ,along with Navi who had fallen asleep in Link`s hat, were being raised in the air.Before we knew it we arrived in the chamber of sages again.Except, only Saria was there.She smiled a huge ear to ear grin.
Chapter 15:Waking a fairy by godess of love
"Hee-hee.You did it!You have recieved the first piece of the necklice.Only five more pieces left."Saria said, again, in her cheerful voice."But I dont have the necklice piece."I told the sage.
"You do.It`s been placed on your neck.See."I felt my neck to find a silver necklice.Saria gave me a mirror to see.It had five other spots for dimonds besides the green one."Great.Five more.Thats so close."I said sarcastically"Why cant we just go and fight this Ganondork dude."
"It`s Ganondorf, and because you dont have all your powers yet."Saria anwserd."I dont care what that basterd is called.He`s a dork to me." Link shook his head and a green flash sent us to the great deku tree`s meadow."Hey Deku sprout."Link said to a roundish sprout thing."Hi Link.Are you heading to death mountain?"
"D-DEATH mountain?"I asked hopeing he said somthing else.
"Yeah.D-E-A-T-H M-O-U-T-A-I-N. Death mountain."
"I`m to young to die though."
"I`'ve been there thousands of times and look at me."
"Yeah and look what it`s done to you."I said looking Link up and down.Just then, Navi woke up."I DIDNT EAT THE LAST DEKU NUT, I SWEAR."She scremed like somone was accusing her from inside Link`s hat."What?Link, I think we woke Navi up."
"Oh sorry.I had a dream cuccos were chasing me saying'why`d you eat the last deku nut fairy.We`ll eat you now."
"Wow.I never would have guessed ANYONE to have that dream."I said sarcasticaly wile Navi flew out of Link`s hat."Any way, whats on death mountain anyway?"I asked Link. "The gorons.Death mountain crater.Dodongo`s cavern.Other things."Link listed."Gorons?Ok so if they live on a mountain..." "It`s acually a volcanio." "Ok, volcanio, then are they like lava or somthing." "Who would be made out of lava?" "Shut up." "Their made out of rocks." "Like that one fat dude in the chamber of sages." "Yeah thats Darunia.He`s the chief goron." "What about the others." "I`ll tell you later."
Chapter 16:Hights by godess of love
We walked to our horses and we headed to death mountain.When we arrived at death mountain trail I asked Link"So were do we go now?"
"To goron city,"
"For what?Is that the temple?"
"No.We need a goron tunic for you."My sholders dropped."I have to were a tunic?!?!"
"If you want to burn to death then go ahead."
"Fine."We walked up the mountain and in an odd entrance.Inside were the rock things.Link ran to the ledge and practically jumped off"LINK!"I ran over to see what happend.I found Link standing there smiling"Are coming?We dont have all day."I held on to the ledge and carfully put my legs down.As I was hanging over a four story ledge Link was tapping his foot."Ok Kiley, if Link can do it then I can.Come on."Then I thought for a second."HE`S THE FUCKIN HERO, HOW COULD I THINK I CAN DO THE SAME AS HIM."I said but then froze when I felt a sneeze coming."Whats the hold up"
"I need to sneeze"
"Then sneeze and get your ass down here."
"Its an instinct for me to cover my nose.Oh no.AH AH AH AH CHOOOOOO!!!!!"And just as I thought, I covered my nose with both hands.As soon as I came to my senses, I found myself falling."AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!"I didnt relise that Link had cought me like a minuete ago."Umm Kiley."
"Not now Link.I`m freaking out now."
"Seriously.Kiley your not falling."I stopped yelling and looked at Link and blushed because Link was holding me."Right."He sat me down and said "Hey, is Darunia home?"He asked a goron looking at me strange."Yes,I think"He answered.Link walked up to a door and knocked"Hello, Darunia?You there?"Link asked.
"Brother?"A deep voice boomed."Brother?"I asked
"Thats what they call me ever since I saved the dodongo`s cavern."
"Darunia can we come in?"
"Of corse brother."It was silent for a moment"Umm, Darunia."
"Yes brother"
"Are you going to open the door?"
"Oh right."The door opened and we walked inside to the room filled with torches.
Chapter 17:Death mountain crater by godess of love
"Sorry, brother somtimes I forget in my old age."The large goron appolagized."Oh, Darunia, your not old."
"How can you tell?"I whisperd to Link."Ah, miss Kiley, the godesses decendant.I see you`ve recieved the dimond of forest, are you ready for the dimond of fire?"
"Bring it on.I`m so pumped."
"I wouldnt go just yet though.Darunia..."
"Yes yes, I know.Kiley needs a goron tunic.I`m sure you still have yours Link."
"Of corse."
"Well, lucky for you there`s still one girl goron tunic."
"How many girls go to death mountain crater?"Link asked
"Well, we`ve only made a hundred girl tunics and at first people were excited to go, untill they found out about the volcanio spitting the rocks out."
"Well, here`s your new tunic Kiley."
"Thanks.Umm, were can I change"
"I guess outside."Link answered.
"I`ve never gotten dressed outside."
"Well, if you want to change here then"
"In your dreams dude."Link looked at me strange as I left to change."You like her, dont you brother."Darunia asked.Link blushed
"What... no...I mean she`s beutiful...but I dont like her...I mean I like her just..."Darunia sighed."Young love"
"What?"I said as Link froze and Darunia chuckled.Link blushed"Nothing"Link quickly answered"Ok, how do I look?"I said posing."You look beutiful...I mean you look great."Darunia shook his head and pushed a statue that was behind us."You go in I`ll be right there."Link said as I walked in the path.The crater was HOT and full of lava.I walked on a path and Link came up wearing a red tunic."Wow that was fast"
"Yeah when your trying to save the world you learn you got to change fast."I nodded as Link followed a path to a well thing.He slid down the lader and I slowly climbed down."Will you hurry up."
"Hey dont rush me.I`m naturally careful."When I steped on the ground we walked in a room with a large statue and four doors."Wich one do we go in?"I asked Link."Well this way."He said heading up some stairs and going right.
Chapter 18:Volvagia by godess of love
After recieving the boss key and I got a megaton hammer, we when into a room at the main entrance and hopped across ledges."So whats this bitch?"
"Volvagia.A fire dragon."
"We can fight that asshole."
"When it comes out of a hole hit it with the hammer then your sword.But if it goes out of the ground, doge his attacks."I nodded and he opened the door.We entered the lava filled rolm and the door locked behind us.A dragon came out of a hole in the ground and Link ran up to it and smashed its head with his hammer.I took this as my que to use my sword.I quickly powered it up and jumped at it.It screched and flew out of the hole.Volvagia started blowing fire at us.When he finished he whent back in the ground.When he came out in a different hole, Link used his hammer again and I used my sword.I covered my self to try to keep myself but instead of blowing fire, it threw bolders at us.I didnt notice one was right about to land on me when Link pushed me and I grabbed his arm causing us to roll and Link fell on top of me.I blushed as did Link.Our blushing was innterupted by Volvagia going into the ground.Link hopped up and grabbed his hammer wich he had dropped.When the dragon came out again Link attacked him eith his hammer once more and I jumped at him and attacked.He scrached in much more pain than last time and he burned as his bones fell to the ground.His skull exploded in a red dimond on top of the blue prtal thing.I grabbed the dimond and we apeared in the chamber of sages.Darunia stood there clapping his hands."Congrats, you two.I bet this is like de sha vu for you brother.Right."Link nodded and I said"Now were do we go?"
"To zora`s domain to get a zora tunic."
"Another tunic."
"Yup.But it`s the last one."
"Thank god.Any way, whats a zora?"
"A zora is a fish creature.They live in the water,As you would susect and princess Ruto, who haha Link is ha engaged to."Darunia said laghing
"Your engaged to a zora?"
"I`M NOT ENGAGED TO RUTO!!!!"Link snapped
Chapter 19:Looking for a zora by godess of love
We were in zora`s river as Link explained he wasn`t engaged."Oh so you had the zora`s engagement ring, thing, but your not engaged?"
"Yup.Ruto hates me now."We were in front of a water fall when I asked"The path ends here"Link pulled out his orcarania"No, not really."He played a different melody than the one from the temple of time and the water fall slowed down.Link hopped through and I step back.I ran and jumped but my hands slipped and Link grabbed my arms."Thanks.Thats the second time you`ve saved me from falling."Link smiled and pulled me up."Come on, zora`s domain is this way."Link said as we whent through the cave.Inside was beutiful.Waterfalls were everywere.Lnk started up a slope and I followed.Soon we were in like a zora throne room.Link stood on a platform in front of this HUGE and FAT zora."King zora, how have you been?"
"Fine, you hero?"
"awsome.Umm is Ruto around."
"Why, are you going to decide to marry her."
"Ok, she`s in lake hilia."
"Thanks."We walked down and I asked"Were`s lake hilia?"
"Kinda a wile from here."
"I know a shortcut though."
"There."Link said pointing at a hole under the water."Ok."Link dove in the water and I followed.When we came up I was gasping for air.It took me a few minuetes before I could breath again.Link looked at the orange sunset sky and sugested"Maby we should camp out here until morning." "Thats a great idea, but were are we going to get blankets and stuff?"Link pulled out his orcarania and played a new song.Epona came running tword us.I put two fingers to my lips and wisiled loudly.Link covered his ear and Star came running tword us like Epona did.Link grabbed some food and two pillows out of some saddle bags on Epona.I looked in Star`s saddle bag for anything but only found a rope.
Chapter 20:Confessing true feelings by godess of love
Link looked some more in his baggs but only found one blanket."I only have one blanket.You have it Kiley."
"No, I think you should"
"No, no, I`d rather sleep without one"
"Are you sure"
"Fine.Thanks Link."Link quickly got a fire going after we put our beds for the night were we wanted them and I looked through the food.The sun was already down and the only light we had was the fire."Hirule has some od foods."
"What did you have?"
"Hamburgers, hotdogs, tacos, french fries, etc."
"Who eats dog?"
"No its made out of pig, somtimes, not dog.They just call it dog."
"Why dont we have fried cucco and deku nuts.And some fruit along with it."
"Sure.I`ll eat anything right now."I sajd as my stumach growled.Link got started an soon was fixing plates.
As we Link sat down and we started eating, Link asked me"so tell me about yourself."
"Ok.My favorite color is green and I like to text my few freinds."
"Wait so you dont have any freinds."
"No I do or did.My step mom was my only freind since my dad died.Everyone at school was so mean to me that I never could make freinds." "Well, I`m sure Saria and Malon are your freinds." "I`m your freind Kiley"Navi said "And I`m your freind too.I always will be.No matter what you do.Just remember that if you ever need anything."I looked in Link`s eyes as he looked in mine.Navi knew what was going on and flew to the water to give us some privocey."You look beutiful tonight Kiley." "Thanks" We leaned forword tword eachother until our lips touched.He rapped his arms around my waist and I placed my hand on the back of his head and his neck.We shared a long kiss"I`m sorry I-I..."Link appolajized "No, thank you.Link, I like you, alot.And I hope you feel the same way" "I-I do"We kssed again and then Link said"It`s late we sould problibly go to sleep now." "Yeah"I almost instantly fell asleep.
Chapter 21:A deaf fairy by godess of love
The light shined through my eyelids and I could smell somthing cooking.I opened my eyes to find Link puting pancakes and eggs on plates."Good morning sleeping beuty."
"that smells awsome Link.I didnt know you could cook.Though last night`s dinner prooved that you can."I sat up and Link sat down across from me, handing me my plate."Mmmm I love pancakes, though my step mother sucks at cooking, or at least she did."
"What happened"
"Someone killed her.I woke up one afternoon and when I whent down stairs, she was dead.A man was in the corner.He said that she had somthing he wanted"
"What was that?"
"Me."Link scooted next to me as my eyes welled up with tears.Just the thought of seeing her body, cold and lifless, made me nauseous.Link rapped his arms around me."I`ll make sure no one gets a hold of you, or else."
"Link, she was my only friend and I never told her."
"I`m sure she already knows."
"You think so"
"Yeah.Wait, you wake up in the afternoon?"
"No, I came home from school early and fell asleep."
"Ohhh ok."We giggled.
"Wait, we came here to look for Ruto.Dont you think she`d laft to go home."Link`s sholders drop"I never thought of that."Then out of no were, out of the water, a zora comes up and yells"BOO!!"Link and I jump back"AHHHHHHHH!!!!!"Then Navi quickly wakes up"AHHHHHH!!!!"The zora bursts out laughing"RUTO!!!!" Link furiously yells."Your Ruto."I asked the zora gasping for air from laughing."WHY IS EVERYONE YELLING?"Navi yells"WE`RE NOT NAVI."
"Well you are now."Link said
"NOTHING"I scremed at the now half deaf fairy."Any ways, your princess Ruto."
"The one and only"She says cheerfuly then turnes to Link and says angerly"Link"
"Ruto"Link said in the same voice.
"Why do you hate eachother?"
"Because, he proposed to me and ran off."
"I didnt fuckin propose to you Ruto!I needed the saphire to save Hirule!"
Chapter 22:The water temple by godess of love
"So ,Ruto, I believe we came here for a zora tunic."I asked princess Ruto"Ahh yes, right here"She pulled a blue tunic."Great.Ummm Link."
"Yeah"I waved my hand, sooing him."Oh,I get.I`ll be over there."He walked over tword a scarcrow.I quickly dresssed"You can come back."Link walked tword us in his zora tunic."Now should we go to the water temple?"Linnk said running into the water."Bye Ruto"
"Wait, Kiley, these will be big help getting to the temple."She handded me some boots.When I grabbed them I fell to the ground."These...are... HEAVY!!"
"Oh, sorry, I forgot to tell you.Their iron boots."I slipped them on and VERY slowly walked to the water.I sank the bottom and found a gate with Link waiting for me.I slowly caught up and we enterd.We swam through an under water tunel and found our selves in a huge room.Link surfaced and climbed out.I followed and we were on a balcony over a pool of water."follow me"Link jumped off and landed in the water.

After several fights, Link and I whent in a room.Link said that this room had dark Link and my longshot.Link opened the door and we stepped inside.All that was there was a tree and door.I ran over to the dor but Link grabbed my arm."He`s in here."
"No ones here Link.Maby you really did kill him."Link shok his head and creped tword the tree.Suddenly a dark figuer jumped up.But what surprised Link was, there was another one.It looked like me!I drew my sword as Link took out his.My shadow came tword me and did the same thing as me."How can I fight her if she does everything I do?"
"Use your head."Then I got an idea.I slashed my sword at the shadow but she shielded herself with her sword.I got closer to her and head butted her.Her head whent back as she fell to the ground.I took this oppertunity and stabbed her.When I killed her Link was waiting by the door."That took you long enough."
"Give me credit I`m new."We opened the door and inside I obtained the longshot.Ater we recieved the boss key we headed strait to the boss.
Chapter 23:Evacuating the mission by godess of love
We finished the water temple and were at the shadow temple.We had just gotton the boss key.Link and I were getting ready for the boss."You ready?"
"As ready as I`ll ever be."Link unlocked the door and we walked in."Get your eye of truth out."I did as I was told and found a massive red eye and hands.I pulled out my bow and Link shot a hand so I did the same with the other.Both hands were stund so I made light arrows and shot his eye.We repeated again and again about five times and Bongo bongo fell dead.The dimond this time was purple.Suddenly, Link fell to the ground, uncoinsious.

"I want you to tell Kiley to evacuate your mission."Said Ganondorf`s booming voice in Link`s head"No, we will stop you."
"If you dont I will put a curse on your beloved."Link gasped"Oh and if you mintion this to anyone, I`ll curse you and her."

Link`s eyes flutterd open"Link!Link!Your ok."He grabbed my arm and pulled him self up.We were in kakiriko village."Kiley?"
"Link what happened?"Link thought for a moment"Kiley, I need you to syop looking for the dimonds, I need you to"Link gulped"I need you to go away."I was silent.I couldnt believe what I was hearing."What?You want me to quit.Why, Link?"
"I cant tell you."
"Why not.Link whats going on.Your telling me to leave, why?"
"Because"Link thought for a brief moment"Because you dont belong here."I felt a wave of anger come across me."What are you talking about Link?"
"Just...Just go...Now."
"Maby I will.I`m outta here"I grabbed Star`s riens and started tword Hirule field, but stopped."You know, if you whantted me gone so bad you could have just told me."Once Ii left Link replyed"But I didnt want you to leave."
"Then why`d you do that!?!"Navi asked from his hat"I cant tell you."Link mounted Epona and whent home.

I galloped to lon lon ranch with tears in my eyes.When I entered, Malon was doing her daily chores.When she saw my face she dropped her buckets and ran over to me as I hopped off."What`s wrong, Kiley?"
Chapter 24:Capturing by godess of love
Link was laying in his smal cott, staring in space.What have I done,he thought, but if I didnt do it then,he gulped,she`d be dead.Then he heard a knock at the door.He stummbled to the door with tears stanes on his cheeks.To his surprise, no one was there."Maby it`s a prankster"Navi suggested.He looked around and a large, purple hand grabbed Link out of no were."Ahh!"Link tryed to struggle free but it was no use.The hand electrified him nd his head fell uncounsious.Navi got hit and flew back hitting the wall.She quickly got up and headed tword lon lon ranch"Dont worry Link, I`ll get help."With that she flew out the window.

I was crying on Malon`s sholder in her bedroom as she tried to cheer me up."It`s all right.There are plenty of other guys out there."
"But not like Link.He was stronge and brave and kind, or at least I thought.Why is it that everyone I love gets torn away from me."Then Talon, Malon`s dad, came in."Listen, Kiley, I know he ment alot to you, but I`m sure you`ll find someone else."Just then they heard a faint knock at the door"I`ll get it"Malon said in a sad voice,"If it`s Link tell him to get his ass away from me."Malon stood up and left the back bedroom.As she walked down stairs, she heard aan unpaitient knocker."I`m coming!"When she reached the door she said"What?Navi?"The little pink fairy was floating there, panting and gasping for air."Were`s...Kiley...Malon?"She asked between gasps."She`s upstairs, why?" "long...story...gotta help...Link" "Well when you see him tell that I said..."Navi had already raced upstairs."Of corse.No one listens to the pale red head."She said rolling her eyes.Navi flew through the door way"KILEY!"I snifled and asked"Navi?W-what are you doing here?And how did you know I was here?" "No time for explaining that, but you have to help Link..." "Why should I?!He`s a dumbass.I never want to see him again." "No, Kiley, listen.He didnt want you to leave"
Chapter 25:KILE Y TO THE RESCUE! by godess of love
"HE WAS TRYING TO PERTECT ME!!NAVI, I`M THE DUMBASS.WE HAVE TO GO SAVE HIM."Navi had told me what Link told her.We raced outside and I quickly jumpped on Star."YAHH"I scremed and we were off heading tword the castle, wich was Ganon`s castle now."Link does like me."I said dreamly"Acually, he loves you."Then Navi`s eyes shot wide open"Shit, I wasn`t supposed to say that."
"What about me?I`m coming to."
"Alright,NAVI AND ME ARE COMING"We galloped through the dark Hirule field.When we crossed the broken draw bridge and enterd the market, I statec"It still looks like a ghost town."But then remembered what we came here for.We raced into the castle yard and up a hill over a lava thing."How do we get across?"I asked.Then got an idea.I jumpped off Star and ran tword the ledge"KILEY!!!"Navi yelled as I fell tword the lava.I fell to my death but instead, I flew up.I was hovering over the pit.Navi flew tword me.When I came to the other side, I stepped on the ground.We walked inside. After going through several rooms, I came to aroom with a very tan girl with red hair"Kiley, if your this determined to save Link, then you need the last dimond." "I dont have time though" "That is why I have dugg it out of the temple and you must prove your self worthy of this."I sighed "What do I have to do?"The gerudo put her hands together and the room turned into a dessert."You must find your way through this dessert.If you succeed, then shall I grant you the final dimond.Good luck."She disapeared as a sand storm came."I have to walk trough this sand storm?!?!This sucks." I walked and walked and walked untill I found somthing odd.I could see something small and green on the ground.I got closer to it and relised it was a plant.A path grew in sand as I touched the thriving plant.I curiously followed the path and soon found my self in a room like before with the girl standing there.
Chapter 26:An inposible fight by godess of love
After recieving the last dimond I whent into the tower.I walked up the long stairs covered with a blood red carpet.Once reached the top I could tell Ganondorf was in the next room."This is it Navi."
"Are you ready?"
"Like I told Link,I`m as ready as I`ll ever be."I opened the big door.I slowly stepped inside, facing a fear anyone would run away from, but not me.I walked, with my head held high, fearless about what was to come of me.I had no idea if I`d step out of this place or if I wouldn`t at all.The attmosphere was humid and sticky, but also at the same time, smokey.I could hear an organ plying.I walked in the dark room finding out who was playing the organ.Ganondorf.He was sitting playing his organ in front of me"You shouldnt have come."
"I`m not leaving without Link"
"Who said your leaving at all."He said as he stood and turned to face me."I`m not scared of you.I will fight you."
"Yes, I know you will.But it is wiether or not you`ll servive or not that should scare you.Not me."
"Ganon, were is Link"
"Do you really think I`ll tell you that easily"I got pissed off then.I litteraly started turning red and started breathing hard.My hands glowed red and hot."Look, she`s mad."
"I WILL KILL YOU BASTERD!!!"I drew my sword and it turned red with fire.I charged him and he pulled two swords from his back.He jumped up and landed behind me.As he landed, he hit my back with the hilt of one of his swords.I scrieched in enbereible pain.But I quickly recovered.I slashed my sword at him but only hit his sword."Give up yet"He said as I kept hitting his swords, getting no were."Never"I said with pur anger in my voice that would send chills down anyone`s spine.I rolled behind him and slashed his back like Link taught me."You think I`ll give up that easily"Ganon said as he swung his sword at me.I flew back and hit the wall.My nouse was bleeding and my arms and face had scraches the poured out blood.I had a few gashes on my legs and stomach."Weak without your precious Link?"
Chapter 27:The perfect moment by godess of love
I had been fighting Ganondorf for five hours and about to give in and give up, when Ganon hit me sending me to the blood covered wall were it wasn`t the first time my back was aganst it.My eyes closed and I fainted.

"Kiley, my daughter, do not give up.You can defeat him.I believe in you."Said my mother`s voice
"Mom?But how?"
"With my power.I shall grant you the rest of my energy"
"But that means"
"Yes, I will die, but I was going to die anyway.I`d rather die knowing your safe."Suddenly, I felt my self becoming stronger.I opened my eyes and jumpped up as a pink light surrounded me.Ganon could only see my sillouete.When the light disapeared, all my injurys had healed and I wore, instead of the zora tunic I was wearing, black leggings, a black tangtop, black boots, and a black robe.My hair was tied in a bun and my eyes glowed pink along with my hands."How is this possible"Ganon asked."The power of grief may be strong but love is more powerful and strong."I pucked up my glowing pin sword from the corner were it flew out of my hands."Like I said before,I WILL KILL YOU."With that I used all the energy I could to hold him down.I held my sword with both hands and jumped up.When I came down, my sword landed in the top of his head.I let go and back flipped off him.He turned to stone and blew to pieces.All that was left of him was his blood on my sword.Link apeared were Ganon once stood."Link"
"Kiley"We ran and I embraced his hug."I`m sorry I couldn`t tell you."
"It`s ok,Link.I still love you"Link blushed a little,v"I-I love you too Kiley."That moment was the perfect moment for a godess`s decendant.
b34;THE ENDb34;
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