A godess`s decendant by godess of love
Summary: Kiley had a series of strange dreams and after the murder of her step mother,she finds herself in a mysterious land.She finds she has a destiney in this land along side a hero.
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Chapter 2:Thoughts of past life by godess of love
"Kiley has used inapropriate language in class Ms.Guildin."The princible stated to my strict step mother."It was totally approperiate. She is a bitch.I don`t care what the fuckin punishment is.""Kiley!I thought your father and I raised you better than that.I whant you to appolagize to her and to Msr. Eblhair.""I`m not appolagizeing to Ashley!She wanted me to say it!She got what she fuckin wanted!"I stormed out of the room and to the car."I`m sorry.I dont know what happened to her.When she was young she always laughed and always did what she was told without questioning.But ever since her father died...I`m sorry.Can you give me a moment."She said with a few tears in her deep, grassy green eyes."I`m sorry for your loss, Ms.Guildin.Walter was an extrordinary man.At least he did not die in vain and we know that he is somwere peaceful and calm.""I know.
It just happened so sudden.Kiley sure thinks so.She crys sometimes when someone brings him up.Well, I`d better take her home before she decides to drive herself home without me.Bye.""Bye"She walked to the car and started up the engine.On the ride home,I thought about my parents.I looked exacly like my mother my father always told me.She had disapeared when I was four.But it wasnt like she left, though dad thought so.He thinks she was tired of him and left unknowing that she had left part of her life here.To me it was more like she vanished.She loved us more than anything, so how could she just leave.She was very honest and trustworthy, like I am.My dad told me stories of how they`d sneak out and met at a meadow were they would ly onder the stars for senturies.Dad seemed to have missed har as much as I did.But I still dont understand why he remarried.Maby he whanted somone he could trust to watch me wile he whent to war in Veitnom.He lost his left leg and right hand.Somone put him out of his misery and shot him in the head one dreadful day.I snapped back to reallity when I heard the car door slam.We were 'home'.
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