The Legned of Zelda: The Stones of Time. by Supreme Ruler
Summary: Link tried to defeat Ganondorf, but was almost killed. The goddesses banished him to another realm. Ganondorf was sent to the Evil realm. They were both there for centuries, but only aged 7 years. Link is sent back to Hyrule because ganondorf escapes. Ganondorf has the Triforce of Power, Zelda has the Triforce of Wisdom, Link has the Triforce of Courage. Link has to go on a quest to find the three stones of time. The three stones of time lockes the tiforce together and helps it function proporly. Link has to use the power of the triforce and the Master Sword to defeat Ganondorf. Will he succeed? Or will his romantic feelings for zelda, and his lack of knowlage for his life before he was brought back to hyrule get in the way? read and review to find out!!
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1. Link Awakens by Supreme Ruler

2. The Creature by Supreme Ruler

3. The Others by Supreme Ruler

4. The Forest Temple by Supreme Ruler

5. Links Kidnapping by Supreme Ruler

6. Princess Zeldas Wedding by Supreme Ruler

7. the zoras by Supreme Ruler

8. Links Dream of the Future by Supreme Ruler

9. Princess Zietahs Proposal by Supreme Ruler

Link Awakens by Supreme Ruler
Link awoke into a dark place that was unknown to him. All he could see was darkness upon darkness. Not knowing where he was, he panicked. He screamed for help, but obviously no one could hear him. Suddenly a green light flashed followed by a red and a blue flash. Then link heard a voice inside his mind. *Obviously I’m going crazy if I’m hearing odd voices inside my head that I can't even understand,* he thought. So just for the hell of it he said, "Uh, what? I can't understand you, and who are you?"

"Who I am doesn't matter. As I was saying, a great and evil man, hardly even worth calling a man, killed you. But it is your destiny to ward off evil and to banish this man to the Evil Realm for good, never to come again. As you tried this, Link, he had killed you with a powerful spell, The Unspeakable spell. But you mere mortal, and couldn't handle this spell. Link, it has been centuries since this evil monster, Ganondorf, killed you. When he killed you he was banished also, to a dark place similar to where you are now. But, he has escaped and is invading the land of Hyrule..."

"Uh, I am the hero that is to kill of this... this Ganondorf? But, I don't remember anything."

"Yes, Link, you are the destined hero of Hyrule. Even though, you are from a small forest village, Kokiri, you are the hero to banish Ganondorf for good.

A young princess, Princess Zelda of Hyrule owns what is called the Triforce. The Triforce is three prisms, one blue, one green, and one red."

"The flash of light, green, blue, and red, does that have to do with the Triforce?"

"Well, no. On with what I was saying, the three prisms that make up the Triforce were made by three goddesses, they also created Earth. Din, Goddess of Power which is the red Triforce, Nayru, Goddess of Wisdom which is the blue Triforce, and, Farore Goddess of Courage which is the green Triforce. Each prism has its rightful owner. Zelda is Wisdom, Ganondorf is Power, and you Link, you are Courage. When each person has their Triforce they can form a circle their arms interlocked holding their Triforce, may chant and ancient Hyrulian spell to lock the three Triforces together to create one golden Triforce, The Triforce of Time. But young Link, little did Ganondorf now this. He shattered each Triforce. But as you were here in this dark realm Ganondorf figured out that the Triforce of Power belonged to him. He restored it, as did Zelda with her Triforce of Wisdom. I have recovered the Triforce of Courage, and I am here to give it to you," the disembodied voice told Link as he sat in silence concentrating on every word the voice was telling him.

"Okay, so do I have to find Zelda and Ganondorf to restore the Triforce of Time, or something?"

"No, not exactly. For each Triforce there is a stone to go along with it to make it functional to interlock with the other triforces and to be made into the Triforce of Time. But when Ganondorf destroyed each Triforce the stones were lost and haven't been found. These stones are called The Stones of Time. The Triforce of Power's stone is: Din's Ruby. The Triforce of Wisdom's stone is: Nayru's Sapphire. And the Triforce of Courage's stone is: Farore's Emerald. All stones together make them called The Stones of time, thus making the last piece to the Triforce of Time. Each Triforce is a triangular prism, when made into the Triforce of Time it is a larger triangular prism, but in the middle of the Triforce of Time is a missing triangle, where the Stones of Time fit. They don't make up a triangle to fit into the missing one; each stone is floating in the middle of the open space between each prism. You need to search to find those stones so the Triforce of Time can be restored."

"Okay, so need to find each stone so the Triforce of time can be restored, got that. But you said that in order for it to be restored each Triforce holder must chant a spell for each Triforce to be made into one. But that means Ganondorf will be present so there for he will take it, and won't that mean the whole of the world will be under his control?" Link said, unsure what the voice would tell him.

"You listen well young Link. That problem will be sorted out when it comes to it. You and Zelda will figure out a plan to get Ganondorf to help restore the Triforce of Time but not taking it for his own use. I cannot tell anymore to you young Link," the voice told him.


"Yes young Link, you have a question?"

"At least tell me how old I am, and how long have I been here? I have been pondering that since I awoke."

"Young Link, you are the age of 17. You have been here 7 years," The voice said to him, slightly amused at the unimportant question that Link asked it.

"Alright, but you said that it's been centuries since I tried to defeat Ganondorf and was sent to here. It is impossible for centuries to be 7 years..." said a very confused Link.

"Yes you are right young Link. It has been centuries for the outside realm but a mere 7 years for you. You were a strong lad when you took on the all-powerful Ganondorf, you were 10 then. You were just a boy. Perhaps that's why you couldn't defeat him, or maybe not. But Link, you are 17, the age to go into a real battle. As you were here you gained power, while Ganondorf lost power."

"Now I’m starting to understand."

"Yes young Link, you are now ready to enter this realm that Ganondorf is destroying. I now give you the Triforce of Courage, take good care of it, and never let Ganondorf take

As the disembodied voice stopped it's talking a bright green prism appeared in front of Link. *That must be the Triforce,* Link thought. Link looked around, darkness everywhere except for the Triforce. *The Triforce is the only source of light in this... this place. It must be producing its own light, how strange...,* Link thought staring at the Triforces beauty.

"Okay, now how and I suppose to get of here?" Link thought out loud.

"Good question, young Link. The place you shall go is the land of Hyrule. Take the Triforce and think nothing but the land of Hyrule and it shall take you there. Good luck finding the stones and restoring the Triforce of Time. Oh and you will need to learn this song: Zelda’s Lullaby…" said the disembodied voice as it played the song, and Link learned it then it faded away into nothingness.

Link took the Triforce and held it in his hands, and thought of Hyrule, nothing but Hyrule. A tingling sensation flowed throughout Links body and the Triforce brought him to Hyrule. Link opened his eyes. Light flooded a high ceiling room, he squinted, *where am I?* Link thought. He looked around the room as his eyes adjusted to the sudden light and saw a large stone door. Above the stone door it said in Hylian: The Temple of Time. On the stone door was a large picture, carved into the stone, of the Triforce of Time. Link looked down towards the bottom of the stone door and saw a large beautifully crafted sword, stuck into a stone block. Link walked toward the sword and read the markings on the stone, which the sword was jammed in. The markings said in Hylian: Thou who wishes to use this Master Sword for good, and to banish the Great Evil One, will be thou only one who has great strength to pull this Master Sword out of this stone. Link stared puzzled at what the stone said. *Well, I am supposed to banish Ganondorf and his evil... Oh what the hell, I’ll just try and pull this Master Sword out of this stone.* Thought Link. He walked over and grabbed the handle of the sword and pulled. Link thought he used great strength at first, but then realized that it came easy to him, that he just pulled the Master Sword out of this extremely hard stone without breaking a sweat. He was the 'Chosen One' the only one who could pull out the sword from the stone because he was only put back on earth to banish Ganondorf. As Link thought of this it dawned on him, that once, if, he banished Ganondorf he was to disappear from this earth as he did before. *Well, I’m here now and I must save Hyrule... No, the world from Ganondorfs evil plan to rule...everything...*
The Creature by Supreme Ruler
Link exited the Temple of Time and walked down its stone steps to the town square. He looked around as he was making his way to the drawbridge to leave the town below the Hyrule Castle; he was carrying his sword. A town folk glanced in his direction and noticed links sword.

"Look! That man has a sword! Run!" The town folk yelled to the town people, pointing viciously at Link. Everyone ran for cover, and Link looked around just then he noticed he was carrying his sword in his right hand for everyone to see.

"Drop the sword young man, and walk away slowly. Then put your hands where we can see them," yelled a guard somewhere behind him. He did what he was told.
Link sat in a dark cold prison cell under the castle. *Boy do I hate dark places...* link thought as he heard many pairs of footsteps coming towards his cell. As two guards approached Links cell, he jumped up and ran to the cell bars. As he did this he noticed a third man, not any man, The King of Hyrule.

“Young man, The King is here to speak with you,” a guard said to Link as he opened the cell door, “please come this way.” Link followed the guard out of his cell and into a small room with a few chairs and a wooden couch. The guards closed the door behind The King, *so it’s just me and The King, here all alone, in this room, I wonder if he will believe my story or not,* Link thought.

“Well, young… man, what is your name?” The King asked him.

“My name is Link, and I am here to find the three Stones of Time and to restore the Triforce of Time and banish Ganondorf.” Link replied proudly.

“Well, Link, what makes you make up far-fetched lies?” As The King said this there was a knock on the door and the guard came in carrying the sword the Link had.

“Your Majesty, this was the sword that, that young man was carrying. I think you better have a good look at it…” said the guard. The King took the Sword and gasped at what he saw. And what he saw was the Master Sword.

“I demand you tell me how you got this sword!”

“I pulled it out of the stone at the Temple of Time.”

“But… how... it can’t be! Surly he’s not… impossible… well he said his name was Link… not ‘the’ Link?” The King said more to himself than anyone else.

“Uh… Your Majesty, I hope you don’t mind me asking, but what do you mean ‘The Link?’” Link said, confused.

“I have never seen you here before, Link. How did you get here?” Asked The King.

“Well…I remember waking up in this dark place. This voice was talking to me…” Link had recited what had happened in the other realm, “then he gave me this Triforce thingy, and I like warped here and I needed a weapon so I tried to pull that sword out of the stone and it just… came out.” Link finished up his story very lamely.

“It is he!” The King said with excitement.

“But how? Link was banished by Ganondorf centuries ago, it can’t be,” said a guard with a worried look on his face.

“But it is! As you said, he was banished; he was killed but since he hadn’t for filled his duties on Earth he went to another realm, a dark realm. He is sent to Earth again to do what he had set out to do! Give the sword to him. Link, you must go, find the Stones of Time. Go southeast of here to the Kokiri Forest; there you must defeat the evil monster inside that… forest temple thing. He might have the Emerald that you are looking for, if not look far and wide, all through Hyrule to find them. You must find them. Go, NOW Link. Good luck on your journey…” Said The King as the guard gave him back his Sword.

* * *

Link was currently searching through the Kokiri Forest like The King had told him to. But, he was hearing strange noises coming from somewhere close by. He took out his sword and began walking towards the source of the cry. He hacked away tall weeds and saw the strangest scene. Some large monster was attacking this, beautiful creature. This creature looked somewhat like a horse, yet far from it. It was pearl white with a black diamond on the nose, at the top of the diamond was a large horn proceeding out from the forehead; it had a black mane and tail that shimmered gold in the sunlight. But the strangest thing about this creature was that it had wings. It wasn’t a winged horse because of the horn, and because it was known that none were left. But it wasn’t a unicorn because of the wings therefore it was something like a winged unicorn. A large cry escaped the winged unicorn’s mouth. Link stopped staring at the beautiful creature in the strange scene and took his sword and charged at the beast attacking that poor winged unicorn. He stabbed the beast in the back, his sword sinking deep into the beasts flesh; right to the bone. As Link pulled his sword out of its back, blood was gushing everywhere, the winged unicorn escaped. The monster turned towards him and slashed at him, just then link realized he had no shield. Link jumped from the beast’s claws just before they would have sunk deep into his chest. Then as he was battling this beast, he heard a beautiful call and took the chance and looked up to see the winged unicorn soaring right to him. It flew close enough to the ground for Link to jump onto its back. As him and the winged unicorn flew off into the direction of the next town, Link could see the sunset: the sky was swirling with bright colors as the sun sank letting Hyrule flood with the inky black night.

Link and his winged unicorn landed in a town to find it completely dark. They went to a near by Tavern, and he tied up the winged unicorn in the stables behind the tavern. Just then he realized that the winged unicorn had no name.

“Okay, boy, what should your name be?” He asked the winged unicorn, at that time he just had a feeling at what the winged unicorns name was.

“Is your name Sheik?” He asked him even though he couldn’t talk. The horse looked at him and noticed he had golden eyes, which were twinkling. He took that as a yes. *I wonder where Sheik came from. Maybe tomorrow we can go back into the woods and I can look around for more, he’s such a beautiful creature.* Link entered the tavern to find it noticeably crowded. He walked up to the front desk where an old man was sitting behind reading an old book.

“Excuse me? Sir, I want a room for the night here…” Link asked the man.

“Okay, thas’ 45 rubies a night, an’ food, depends on what ya’ get. Ya’ can find the food down here. Here’s ya’s key. G’night,” said the man, in an odd voice.

“Thank you,” Link said as he walked to the bar to get something quick to eat. He ordered his food and ate quickly, then went upstairs to his room. He changed out of his cloths and put his sword on the desk and got into bed, and then blew out the lit candle.
The Others by Supreme Ruler
Link couldn’t sleep that night, so he woke up early and took Sheik into town square with him. The early towns’ people stared at Sheik because of his odd looks. Link noticed this, but kept on walking to a small shop in the corner of the town square. Link took Sheik and tied him up to a post outside the shop, and entered. He looked around and found a nice looking shield and picked it up from the shelf and walked up to the front desk to pay. The man asked for 80 rubies, and then Link paid the man, and went to leave.

“Excuse me young sir, I noticed your sword, do you mind if I take a look at it?” The man behind the counter asked...

“Not at all,” Link replied and brought the sword to the man. He examined it with great interest.

“Where did you get this? It looks oddly familiar…” the man asked with a slightly puzzled look on his face.

“Well, I pulled it from the stone that was in the Temple of Time. Maybe that’s why it is familiar to you,” Link told the man.

“Take this back, and please leave my shop… now,” the man said, with somewhat of a worried look on his face. Link took the sword, confused by how demanding the man was. As he went back outside he noticed many people crowding around Sheik.

“Excuse me; move out of the way… please!” Link yelled pushing through the crowd to get to Sheik.

“Look at it! That… that horse, or whatever it is, is evil! Run away!” yelled some people in the crowd.

“No! No, he’s not evil he’s good! And he’s not a horse, he is a winged unicorn,” Link yelled to the crowd as he reached Sheik.

“Ahah! Look, he said it was a winged unicorn! Those are known to be gone, never to return!” someone yelled at Link.

“If they were supposed to be gone, then why would this one be here? Tell me that if you’re so smart,” Link yelled angrily to the crowd.

“Obviously he used black magic to bring this… this ‘winged unicorn’ back. Leave now and never to return!!” Yelled a town person. Link, got the hint, and mounted onto Sheik and flew off towards the forest that he was at last night. Sheik flew down to the path in the woods, but didn’t land. He just flew some feet above the path. After a few minutes of flying above the path, Sheik was forced to land because the trees had become so dense he could no longer see the path. As they were trotting through forest, Link suddenly heard hooves, many hooves. Link looked around and saw flashes of white all around him. Sheik began to gallop and suddenly they entered a small clearing. Link looked around, amazed at what he saw. At least 50 winged unicorns. Link dismounted Sheik and backed up to a nearby tree. Sheik walked up to the largest winged unicorn, it was a pale while with a red mane and tail and a red diamond on its nose. It also had a red streak from the tip of its nose to the start of its tail. Sheik continued to walk up to the chief-looking winged unicorn until they were face to face with each other. Both of the winged unicorns and all of the ones surrounding them started neighing fiercely. The Chief winged unicorn backed up and then ran towards Sheik and kicked him in the chest with his front hooves. The force of the blow knocked Sheik over and he fell. At that time Link took out his Master Sword and ran towards Sheik. As Link reached Sheik he ran in front of him and pointed his sword at the chief winged unicorn.

“Stay back! If you come any closer to Sheik then I’ll cut you to pieces,” Link yelled at the winged unicorn.

“We will be back to kill this traitor! You can count on that!” The Chief winged unicorn said as him and the rest flew off into the night. Link was amazed at the chief talking to him; he certainly didn’t expect that to happen. Sheik got up, slightly bruised but okay. Link mounted Sheik and they flew off into the direction of the Forest Temple. They arrived after sometime, Link noticing that it was well into the night. Link dismounted and walked up to the door to notice that there was a chain and a pad lock on it. He was looking around trying to find a good stick to try and pick the lock with when he noticed a patch of grass missing with a painted yellow Triforce on it. Link figured he needed to play a song, so he took out his ocarina and played Zelda’s Lullaby, but nothing happened. So Link went and sat on a log; as Sheik started to fall asleep waiting for Link to hurry up, he sat thinking of how to get into the Forest Temple when it hit him. *I might not need to play a song, so I should go and talk to Princess Zelda and maybe she will give me some kind of key to open the door,* he thought. Link ran over to Sheik and woke him up, and mounted him. Link looked around as they were flying towards the castle and noticed it was deep into the night, he wasn’t sure if they would get to the castle by morning. Judging by how late it was they might get there around day break, he didn’t want to get there to early.

After a while of flying, Link and Sheik saw the Hyrule Castle on the horizon. Link was excited to see the Princess so he could get his key and then he could go into the Forest Temple and find what awaits him. They didn’t have much more to go until they reached the castle grounds. Link and Sheik reached the market, which was right outside the Hyrule Castle grounds, they landed. Link dismounted Sheik and walked to the entrance to the Hyrule Castle grounds. There was a guard right in front of the entrance, so Link casually walked up to him and asked him to open the gate.

“Why do you need to go to the castle?” The guard asked.

“Well, I need to speak with Princess Zelda.” Link replied looking annoyed because he was on a tight schedule.

“Well, you look safe… What is your name Sir?”

“My name is Link, now can I please see the Princess?” Link asked, now very annoyed.

“Yes, please go to the gate and they should let you in. But I must tell you, I’m not sure that the Princess will have time for you today or even this week. Maybe you should just come back some other time… Link...” Said the guard, eyeing him slightly.

“No thank you, I will try to see her now. I can’t give up; what I
need to tell her is important. Good bye.”

Link passed the guard and walked up the grounds to the castle. He reached another gate which was followed by a mote. Link walked up to the guard and told him that he needed to see the Princess.

“Yes, very well, please enter the castle and there will be another guard to call the Princess down for you to talk with her. You are very lucky that she has an empty schedule today.” The guard said.

“Wait, she has an empty schedule? But the other guard that I was talking to said that she was very busy today. Well that tells you whose lying and who’s not,” Link told the guard. Link walked up to the mote and waited as the draw bridge lowered. Then he entered the castle and approached the guard.

“The Princess will be down shortly to speak with you. Please come this way to the waiting room,” the guard told him motioning for him to follow. Link followed the guard into the waiting room and sat down on a comfortable chair. After a short while the Princess finally came down into the waiting room to speak with him.

“Yes Link, you wanted to speak with me about something very important?” Asked Princess Zelda.

“Yes Princess, I wanted to ask you if you had some kind of key so I can enter the Forest Temple. So, do you?”

“Well, come with me into the library it’ll be quiet there and, Link, I want to show you this ancient book I have, it might help you on your journey.”

“Alright, Princess, but you didn’t answer my question. Do you have the key to the Forest Temple?”

“Link, please come this way. Like I said, this book might help you. If it doesn’t then I will help you with your problem if you help me with mine,” Princess Zelda told Link, slightly annoyed that he wouldn’t come into the library. After a few moments of hesitation, Link followed the Princess into the library to look at the ancient book. The Princess sat down at a nicely polished table at the back of the library, so Link went over there and sat down across from her.

“So… Where’s this book that you were talking about, Princess?” Link asked looking around at the highly expensive looking library. As Link said this, Princess Zelda pulled out a large, old and very dusty book.

“This is the book I was talking about. Here turn to page 666, and read the second paragraph. It’s about you, when the last time you were here on Earth, it tells the person who reads it about what you did. You were the “Legendary Link’ you were a great hero and many were devastated when you were killed or banished or whatever. It might tell you what you need to know, if not then I will help you out only if you help me out.”

“Well alright…” Link said, then he skimmed the page and it gave him some info but not what he needed, “well this didn’t help at all. Can you give me the key or something…?”

“Alright, here I want you to learn this song, listen closely it might help you out with your problem,” Princess Zelda Said as she played the song, and Link quickly learned it.

“Thank you Princess, now what do you need me to help you out with?”

“Well it’s rather embracing… See my father wants me to marry this man, his name is Prince Volvagia. Everyone thinks he’s just this great man, but to me he acts very suspicious, I think that he’s just putting on an act to get everyone to like him.”

“Well, what do you want me to do? Break up your wedding or something? I’m sorry about your problem but it seems like there’s nothing that I can do for you,” Link replied.

“Well, not exactly, but I was hoping that you would talk to my father about this whole situation and try to get him to realize that I don’t want to marry him.”

“Okay, I guess that I could do that,” Link said to Princess Zelda.

“If you can’t put any sense into him, then on my wedding day will you come and destroy it, or break it up or something?”

“Well, since it’s you Princess Zelda, then I guess I can. When is the wedding day?”

“The wedding day is in about two months. Be there… Please?” Princess Zelda pleaded.

“Yes, I will be there. Now what was the name of the song you taught me?” Link asked her.

“It is called The Forest of Evil song. Now you better hurry up and find that stone! Good luck Link,” Princess Zelda said, slightly grinning. Link got up from the highly polished table and left the library. He passed through the waiting room and left the castle. Then he climbed down the many steps to the mote to leave the grounds of the castle. After he passed through the bridge and through the castle grounds and went into the market, he met up with Sheik. He mounted Sheik and they flew off into the direction of the Forest Temple.
The Forest Temple by Supreme Ruler
After sometime of flying they touched down in front of the Forest Temple. Link dismounted Sheik and walked up to the chained door. He pulled out his ocarina, stood on the small patch of dirt and played The Forest of Evil song. After a few minutes of waiting the chain and lock had disappeared into thin air. Link looked over at Sheik and motioned for him to follow into the Temple. As Sheik obeyed Link and walked into the Forest Temple after him, he had a look of terror on his face, but he still followed Link any way. Link looked around the Temple, it was very dark, and he could hardly see anything. So Link walked over to a solitary torch and pulled out one of his sticks and made some kind of torch. Link and Sheik walked around the circular room looking for a door, only Link found a small crawl space that Sheik could very not fit it. Link walked over to the crawl space and crawled through to the room beyond. He looked around and found some kind of flower that produced bombs, *maybe it’s called a bomb follower or something, Link thought. He walked over to the ‘Bomb Flower’ and tried to pick it up but he couldn’t. So Link just walked into the middle of the room when it suddenly brightened, Link looked around for a torch but didn’t find one. The light was mysteriously there but had no source of it being there. Then out of no where some kind of monster just fell out of the sky.
“You left your horse back there, if you ever want to see him again then fight me. If you beat me, which I highly doubt that, and then I will give you a prize. The prize works when you wear it, it gives you a little more strength so you can pick up that bomb flower over there in the corner of the room. Now let’s fight.”
“Fine with me,” Link said to the strange monster. Link drew his sword, just then the monster shot some kind of magic at him so Link blocked it with his shield. But the shot of magic just vanished into thin air. After a few minutes of blocking the monsters magic Link realized he needed to reflect the magic back at the monster. Once again the monster shot magic at Link, but Link didn’t block it, he used his sword to reflect the bolt of magic back at the monster. After Link hit the monster a few times with its own magic, the monster just demolished into thin air. Then a golden bracelet appeared in front of Link, so he took the bracelet and put it on. He walked over to the bomb flower and picked it up, but he didn’t know what to do with it. There was no place he could blow up, or is there? Link stood there pondering what to do with the bomb when he noticed that the bomb was steadily getting hotter by the second. Then he looked down at the bomb and also noticed that it was starting to rapidly blink red. Link didn’t know what to do so he dropped it and ran to the other side of the circular room. Once the bomb blew up Link looked over and saw a large hole in the middle of the wall, he looked closely and he could see to the other room which Sheik was in. A few minutes later after Sheik got over the shock of the wall blowing up; he walked through and met up with Link. Link and Sheik looked around the circular room looking for an entrance to another room. They looked around for what seemed like hours, and then Link realized the he needed to use the bomb flower to blow up a wall. Link looked around the room for a cracked wall or one that didn’t look like it should be there, but he didn’t find one. Link drew his sword once again and walked up to a wall and started tapping it looking for a hollow sound, he soon found one. Marking the spot where he should blow up, he walked back to the bomb flower and picked it up and ran over to the wall, dropped it walked away from the bomb and waited for the bomb to explode. After the bomb exploded Link motioned to Sheik to follow him.
They entered a small rectangular room which was strangely lit from blue fire. Link looked around and found a chest in the middle of the room, not thinking well, Link ran joyfully over to the chest to open it. But just then another monster appeared out from nothing; Link was unprepared for the unexpected battle and didn’t have enough time to draw his sword, so the strange monster hit him with a bolt of magic. Link was blown into the wall, then he looked up at the monster, he too was blue just like the room. The monster was half man half horse, he was a centaur. Wow, this freak actually hit me, but I know for a fact that he can’t do it again, Link thought.
“Ohh you got me once you… you… whatever you are! I will make sure that you will never ever touch anything again you fowl creature!” Link screamed at the centaur.
“No, I am here to help you figure out this temple… I am not an evil creature, hear me out, and believe me!!” The strange centaur said.
“But if you are here to help me then why did you attack me? Tell me that if your just so smart.” Link said with a note of sarcasm in his voice.
“I did it to make you think I was an evil creature. If you would have killed me then there would have been no way for you to get through the Temple… Link.” The centaur said to Link, looking like it was most obvious.
“Right, now what am I suppose to do in this room?”
“Look up at the ceiling; do you see a cat painted on the ceiling?” The centaur asked.
“Yes, but what does a painted cat on a ceiling have to do with anything?”
“Open the chest then I shall tell you what you have to do with the painted cat.” After the centaur said this Link walked over to the chest and opened it. He pulled out a bow; it was called The Fairies Bow. He looked back into the chest and found a small stock of arrows.
“Okay, now what about the cat on the ceiling?” Link asked looking bored.
“What you need to do is use the Fairies Bow, and use the arrow with a small picture of a cat on it and shoot the cat with that one arrow.”
“Uh, okay. But what will shooting pictures of a cat with an arrow do?” Link asked looking puzzled.
“Just take my advice alright?” Just after the centaur said this he vanished. A few moments of hesitation, link looked through the arrows and found one with a cat carved into it. He loaded the Bow with the arrow and looked up and shot the picture of the cat. Nothing happened. Link just stood there for what felt like hours, but only minutes went by. Then a small section of a stone door started moving upwards and then disappearing into the ceiling. Link looked through the opening and saw another room, not only larger but bathed in what looked like red sunlight. Link called for Sheik, and the two of them walked into the strange room. Link gasped at what he saw, a large monster that he had never seen before standing there staring at Link, and on the floor in front of the monster was a young girl tied up. Her golden hair covered her face so Link couldn’t tell who she was.
“Sheik, stay here I’ll try and handle this guy, come if I need help. Once I free the girl I want you to sneak over to her and take her out of the Temple only when the monster is not looking. Alright?” Link whispered to Sheik, and he nodded in reply. Link ran over to the monster drawing his sword.
“What do you want with her? Let her go and deal with me!”
“Well, well, well. Looky here, its mighty Link and he comes to rescue his girlfriend!”
“What! What are you talking about? She is not my girlfriend; I don’t even know who she is!” Link screamed at the monster.
“Oh yes, I think you do know who she is. Look at him you silly girl! I said NOW,” his scream echoed through out the room. The girl sitting in front of the monster looked up at Link, it was Princess Zelda.
“What! Why?” Link stammered, “That’s it! I am not letting you hurt her. Let fight over it, if I win you let me Sheik and Princess Zelda go. If I lose you can take me but you have to let the Princess go. Deal?”
“Well… Oh alright. I guess it is a deal. Now let’s fight!” The monster released Princess Zelda and she ran over to Link and then the monster jumped at Link shooting an arrow at him. Link backed up and shot an arrow at the monster, it hit him in his stomach. The monster fell over clutching his stomach in agony. Link shot another arrow and it went straight into the monsters head, right between the eyes. Link grabbed his sword and ran over to the mobster and started stabbing him repeatedly until he was sure that the monster was dead. He walked back over to Sheik and Princess Zelda.
“Are you alright Princess?” Link asked.
“Yes. What am I suppose to do now? I can’t go home; do you want me to help you through this Temple?”
“Well Princess, if you want to. Get on Sheik he can help take you through the Temple so you don’t have to walk.” Link, Princess Zelda, and Sheik continued on to the next room…

* * * * * * * * * *

Link, Princess Zelda and Sheik defeated every monster in the Temple, and they reached the Boss’ lair.
“Well, are you ready?” Link asked the others. Link took the boss key that he had gotten when he defeated an extremely hard enemy, and opened the large door. All three of them walked through the door; after they passed the door it slammed shut. A large Wolf appeared in front of Link, and he drew his sword. They fought but Link didn’t get any closer to defeating the Wolf, when the centaur he saw a while back appeared. The centaur shot magic at the Wolf and then Link shot one of his arrows at it. Once the Wolf was on the ground in agony, Link rushed over to it and shoved his sword through the Wolfs throat; it spit out blood and then stopped moving.
“We beat the Temple! So, where do we find Farore’s Emerald?” Princess Zelda asked link, slightly confused.
“I am sorry Link. It is a good thing that you killed this evil Wolf and let the forest be at peace once again but the Emerald is not in this Temple. If you want that Emerald then on the other side of Lake Hylia there will be a castle. Your Emerald is there, but right now you cannot get into the Temple, you must go next spring, and you do not have the right tools so go get the tools and next spring, go and get that Emerald!” The centaur explained to Link. Link looked disappointed but he still kept a positive attitude.
“Come on Link, lets go back to the castle I’m sure my father will let you stay there since you saved my life,” Princess Zelda said, slightly blushing. She and Link mounted Sheik and they flew out of the Temple and towards the castle.
* * *

Princess Zelda awoke suddenly in a pool of sweat. She had had a dream about the wedding, only she didn’t merry Prince Volvagia, she married Link. She had been having dreams about Link, like they were in some kind of relationship or something. Today was the day that her life would officially end, she had to marry the Prince even though Link had tried so hard to keep her out of it, and he failed. I wonder if Link has been having dreams about me. He always acts nervous around me, I think he likes me, really likes me. I do like him, but no one can know, not even him! If someone found out I’d die! Princess Zelda thought.

Link woke up and stepped out onto the balcony and looked over at Princess Zelda’s balcony and was surprised to see her looking right at him. Link waved and then walked back inside his room and grabbed his Bow and a piece of paper. He scribbled her a note, it said:

Dear Princess Zelda,
I see you are awake, I am sorry about you having to get married but there was nothing I could do to stop it. I am as disappointed as you are to get married to that horrible man, I have never even met him but with what you said to me about him, he sounds terrible. If you need any comfort just wave and I’ll be over at your room in a blink of an eye. By the way, you know I like you, but I like you more than what you think….

Much love, Link.

Link finished his note to Princess Zelda and stuck it on the arrow and went back out side. The Princess was looking out into the court yard and didn’t notice Link, but she noticed him when he shot an arrow at her tower, and it sunk right into the wood of the Torch by the door. Princess Zelda looked over at him and then read the note. She waved for him to come over for his company. Link jumped off the balcony startling Zelda. He landed on Sheik and they flew over to Princess Zelda’s balcony. Link jumped off Sheik and landed in front of Zelda.
“Good Morning Princess. Did you have a good night?” Link greeted her, bowing.
“Link it is not a good morning when you have to marry a fowl man! And I couldn’t sleep at all last night; I had this crazy dream… Link, I don’t want to marry Prince Volvagia!” Princess Zelda cried, tears swelling in her eyes.
“Oh Princess, it’ll be alright. Don’t worry,” Link murmured softly as Princess Zelda ran over to him as wrapped her arms around his neck and cried silently.
“Oh Princess, Princess don’t cry. It’ll be alright,” Link whispered as Zelda pulled away form Link and looked at him.

Wow, he has sky blue eyes. He is just to hansom for me, I wish I could tell him my feelings, but I just can’t, Princess Zelda thought. She stared into Link’s blue eyes as he wiped away her tears.
“Princess don’t worry. I’m here for you,” Link said softly, “I must go and help decorate the Chapel, you need to go and take a shower and go down and get ready for your wedding.” After Link spoke he leaned and lightly kissed Princess Zelda on the cheek. He turned away from her, the both of them blushing like mad, and then Link jumped off the balcony and landed on Sheik and the flew off to the Chapel by the lake. Oh my gosh he kissed me! I hope he can figure out a way to break up this wedding, and then maybe he will kiss me again, Zelda thought.
Links Kidnapping by Supreme Ruler
Chapter 5: Link’s kidnapping…

As Link flew the short distance towards the small chapel by the lake he saw a man down below struggling with a heavy package. He flew down to help the old man.

“Sir, do you need any help with that?” Link questioned.

“Oh, yes! Sir, thank you, I appreciate it very much!” the man delightedly replied. Link smiled in response, and went to retrieve the heavy package the man was struggling with. ‘Something isn’t right about this man, I sense, evil? But, he’s just an old man! Harmless! Oh, well it must be that Volvagia guy I’m sensing’, Link questioned himself. As Link lifted the mans package up, an arm wrapped around his neck, choking him. He struggled to get away, but the old man was just too strong.

Once Link passed out from lack of oxygen, the man took him away. Sheik wasn’t sure of what to do; he just saw his master choke, go unconscious, and kidnapped. He turned to go to the chapel, and try and get some help, if anyone understood him. But, before Sheik could take off, the old man came back, and wrapped a rope around his neck. Sheik was just too stubborn; the old man had to drag him to his hide out. The old man was just too strong for his age, something wasn’t right about him.

* * *

A few hours later, Link awoke to find him self, in a dark stone room. His hands were chained to the wall behind him, and his feet were chained together. All of his weapons were gone, including the hidden ones. He wondered if anyone would notice he was gone or even care. ‘Why hadn’t Sheik done something about the man? He just stood there…where am I?’ Link whispered to himself as he looked around the room.
It was a dark, and damp looking jail cell. There was only one torch burning, and it was by a large wooden door. If he could just get out of those shackles, then maybe he could burn down the door. There were no windows, so he couldn’t tell if it was daytime or not. There was nothing inside the room except him, and the torch.

After Link sat there for a few minutes, thinking of ways to get out, there were jingling noises coming from the other side of the door. The old man must have the keys, and he’s probably coming in to talk to Link. After a few seconds of anticipation, and a click of the lock, the old man entered the room.

“What do you want? And why am I here? Let me go!” Link spat, when the man showed his face. He looked completely different, he wasn’t the old man Link saw earlier, he was young, and evil.

“No, I will not let you go, at least not yet. You’re here because you and I need to have a little chat. And, what do I want you ask? I want the Triforce. So when I let you go, I’ll be sending a little message along with you, to that wench of a princess,” the man replied, almost too calmly.

“Who are you?” Link screamed, his anger clearly rising by the

“Who am I? I am Eragon, Eragon Grapheeti. I am one of Lord Ganondorf’s followers, and I am his most trusted companion. I do everything he says, when he says it. And he wants the Triforce, so he will get the Triforce. He wants the princess dead, and I shall kill her! That is why I have disguised myself as Prince Volvagia. And, today, I will kill her!” He laughed.
Link was silent as Eragon pulled out a long, hard stick, which was used for beatings. He calmly walked over to Link and raised stick over his head. Eragon swung it down and his Link hard over the head, knocking him unconscious. He continued the beatings, when he was satisfied with all of the bruises he left on Link; he pulled out a sharp dagger. Muttering to himself, he lifted up links tunic, and started to carve what resembled a crude picture of the Triforce right into his skin, drawing blood.

Once he was finished he left Link close to the Chapel so he could stumble in on the wedding, break it up, for now, and worry Princess Zelda.

* * *

Link awoke close to sunset, right when the wedding was beginning. The pain was unbearable, but Link stood up, and grabbed his sword. Luckily, Eragon Grapheeti gave him his weapons back. Link used his sword to pull himself up, and he went off to the chapel.
Princess Zeldas Wedding by Supreme Ruler
Later on Zelda walked down to the Chapel prepared to get married. She asked around for Link but no one had seen him, she went into a small room with her gorges wedding gown to get dressed. She sat down on a chair in front of a mirror, the young girl to do her makeup and hair entered the room. She put golden eye shadow, light rosy red lipstick, black eyeliner, and glitter on. She did her hair in a fancy up do, and then put the vale on her head. She stepped in her wedding dress, and the young woman buttoned up her wedding dress and they waited until they heard the music. Well, here goes, Zelda thought. Zelda pulled the vale over her face and walked to the double doors. The doors opened and she started to walk down the aisle. They said some things.

“Those who do not wish these two to get married speak now or forever hold your peace,” the minister asked. Come on Link, where are you, Princess Zelda thought.

“Wait! Zelda, don’t marry him, you can’t I found out he’s… He’s…,” but before Link could finish his sentence he collapsed on the floor.

“Link!” Zelda screamed running over and kneeling by him, “no, please Link wake up. Link, wake up!” Link looked terrible he had many bad wounds, cuts and bruises. Zelda was examining him and checking out all his cuts when she lifted up his shirt and she gasped at what she saw. A picture of the Triforce carved deeply into his stomach, blood was seeping out of the wound.

“Stand back everyone I must use my healing powers to save him, if I don’t he’ll surly die.” Zelda put both hands over the wound and began chanting a spell in ancient Hylian. The wound began to heal, and only left a fait scar of the carved Triforce. Zelda healed all of the wounds but Link still wouldn’t awaken.

“Come on Link wake up, please,” said Zelda, and then leaned over Link and kissed him on the lips. After a few seconds of Zelda kissing Link, she felt his arms on her waist slightly pushing her off of him.

“Princess?” Link whispered confusedly.

“Link, I… I have to go,” Princess Zelda said, very embraced. Zelda go up off the ground and ran out of the chapel and to the far side of the lake and sat down on a log. She looked at herself, he beautiful wedding gown was covered in Links blood as well as her hands. What have I done? I just kissed Link and he awoke and saw me, which was so embracing. I must never talk to him again, she thought. After awhile of sitting there thinking she began to cry at that thought of losing Link. Then she remembered a potion she had hidden under this log. It was a potion that let you change into any animal you wanted to, but it would wear off after awhile. She had gotten the potion when she wanted to do something crazy. She decided she was going to drink it so then she could go and find Link and see if he was alright with out him knowing it was really her. She took out the small glass bottle and read the directions. For one person was to drink only a quarter of the bottle, and it was marked with for lines, one quarter, one half, three quarters, the whole bottle. She took and extra large gulp, then looked back at the bottle to see how much she drank. She had drunk too much, half the bottle. Oh
well, good enough, she thought. She heard the sound of a twig breaking.

“Zelda, are you there? It’d me Link, I need to talk to you…” Link called from somewhere in the woods behind her. Oh no, it’s Link. I wish I was an… Eagle so I could just fly away, Zelda thought. Then Zelda felt a tingling sensation through out her body then she looked down at her self, she was not in a blood stained wedding gown, she was an eagle.

* * *

“Zelda? Are you over here,” Link called entering the small clearing. He saw a golden eagle sitting on a log, so he walked over to it and it didn’t fly away it just stared at him. He looked into the golden eagles eyes, and they reminded him of Zelda’s.

“Oh Zelda, I wish you didn’t run away,” Link thought out loud. He looked at the eagle and it gave him a guilty look before flying off into the woods.

“I wish you were here with me, Zelda,” Link said, once again, out loud.

“I am here Link,” Zelda said coming out of the woods.
“Zelda!” Link gasped as he looked at her blood stained wedding gown, “what happened?”

“Link, I thought you were going to die! I couldn’t bear to lose you Link. You really scared me,” Princess Zelda cried and ran over to Link.

“Zelda I’m okay now, thanks to you. Here I want you to have this,” Link said giving her a necklace.
She took the locket Link gave her and examined it, “wow, this is real gold! Link, why are you giving this to me?”

“So you will never forget me, open the locket,” Link murmured. Zelda opened the locket to find a picture of Link on one side, and on the other, carved into the gold: Think of me Always, Link.

“What do you mean? Link I don’t get it,” Zelda said, her voice trembling.

“You know why I am here, to finally get rid of Ganondorf. But didn’t you realize that’s the only purpose that I am some what alive? What will happen to me once I kill Ganondorf? Won’t I be put to rest or something? I just wanted you to have that so when I do disappear or die or whatever then you’ll have something to remember me by.”

“Link, I will never forget you. I have to go,” Zelda whispered and then she disappeared into the woods. Link looked down at his feet and noticed a small half empty bottle of some kind of liquid. A potion for changing into any animal when ever you wanted. Link took the bottle and drained it. He thought of Sheik, and then he felt a tingling sensation through out his body. He looked at himself and he was a copper red winged unicorn. Link flew up to his balcony and changed back into himself and walked into him room and fell asleep on his bed.
Link awoke deep in the night to a wolfs howling. He got up and stepped out onto his balcony and just glanced over at Zelda’s balcony, but he had to do a double take because he saw the source of the noise. A golden wolf on Zelda’s balcony howling at the moon.

“Zelda!” Link screamed frightening the wolf. It looked over at Link and the jumped off the balcony. Link gasped at what he saw, the wolf changed from a golden wolf into the golden eagle he saw earlier. Link jumped off his balcony and changed into a copper red hawk, and flew after the eagle. He only hoped that the strange animal like creature hadn’t already gotten Zelda…
the zoras by Supreme Ruler
It was almost dawn and Link was still flying after the golden eagle, it kept looking back at him to see if he was still chasing it self. Link steadily grew more exhausted by the minute; he was only hoping that the strange animal like creature was too. Link then noticed the golden eagle started to slow down, like it was also getting tired. Then the eagle started flying downward towards the woods, and Link followed. Link and the eagle were now flying right above the path, no more than 4 feet under them, I wish that stupid bird would land, I’m getting very tired, Link thought. Link closed his eyes for a few seconds, then opened them not to see a golden eagle flying in front of him, he saw the animal change from the golden eagle to the golden wolf he saw on Zelda’s balcony. Link quickly changed from his hawk into a copper red wolf, and he continued to chase the creature. It looked back at Link in the shape of the wolf, it was the first time it saw him as a wolf and had a very surprised look on its face and it continued to stare at him. It wasn’t paying any attention to where it was going and it ran head on into a tree, knocking it self out. Link slowed down and approached the unconscious wolf, and started growling fiercely. The golden wolf gained consciousness and looked Link straight in the eye. Once again, Link had a strange feeling that the eyes of the wolf looked exactly like Zelda’s. They were freakishly similar that they actually could be hers. For a split second Link just thought of the chance that this could actually be Zelda. Link backed off of the golden wolf, and then it got up and walked towards Link. The wolf began to come closer to Link, but not in a threatening way more of an affectionate way. Link stared very closely at the animal, I swear that there is a person behind that wolf, Link thought. Right then a large bear came out of the trees, charging at Link and the wolf. Link and the wolf reared up and also charged at the bear, they split apart and attacked the bear on both sides. Seconds later, the bear lay dead in a pool of blood on the dirt. The golden wolf turned around and began walking down the path that led to the Hyrulian Castle. Link caught up with the wolf and blocked the path; he changed back from his form of wolf back to his original state; human. The eyes of the wolf grew wide, and it sat down on the dirt in shock. The wolf also changed from its form, into a human. Not any human, Princess Zelda.

“Zelda. You took the potion too? I don’t believe it, I can’t believe it. Explain this to me,” Link ordered, shocked, surprised, and angry.

“Yes I took the potion. Believe it Link, your not in your fairy tale land any more, I can do what I want when I want with out you or any one else telling me what to do. I’m sick of you trying to protect me Link, I can defend myself as good as you only not by a weapon, but by pure common sense,” Zelda cried angrily.

“Common sense? You use magic, and if you didn’t have that ability then you would be worse than a sitting duck! I have skills; I train every day to make sure I can do what I do. You don’t have to do that, all you do is sit around telling people what to do; you need to get common sense, because
obviously you have none! Go back to all of your little servants and boss then around and leave me to do what I have to do, I’m glad that when I get this over with I won’t have you to deal with. Good bye Princess Zelda,” Link screeched at Zelda, changing back into a copper red hawk and flying off in the direction of his room in the East tower at the Hyrulian Castle, leaving Princess Zelda sitting on dirt. After Link was surly out of sight, a tear leaked out of eyes, streaming down her face. Even though she hadn’t known Link that long, she still has very strong feelings for him. She got up and without changing into any animal; she walked off toward Hyrule Castle.

* * *

Link landed on his balcony and quickly changed back into a human, and stormed through the door and began to back some light weight cloths and weapons. He walked back out the door, and called for Sheik, who came flying to Links aid. He jumped on his back and they headed to Zora’s Domain. They traveled for hours on end still not finding Zora’s Domain, so Link suggested flying down lower.

“Sheik, come on let’s get closer, we might not be able to see it from way up here,” he had spoke loudly over the rush of wind in his ears. So Sheik flew closer at his master’s command. They landed by a large mountain, named Death Mountain which had a few trees surrounding it. It also had stone steps which led to a village called Kakariko Village, and it had a small river which ran off to the right. Link motioned for Sheik to follow him, and he and Sheik wadded through the stream and found and entrance to somewhere. They walked through the entrance to something amazing. They saw a beautiful stream and some hills leading to a waterfall. Link mounted Sheik and they flew to the hill right in front of the water fall. Link saw a small Triforce made of paint on a small block of stone in front of the waterfall.

“Oh great, now I have to play Zelda’s Lullaby, which has to do with Princess Zelda. I don’t need anything to do with her….ugh,” he mumbled to himself, and took out his ocarina, and played the song. A few seconds after he finished the song he looked up at the waterfall, which then there was a lot less water flowing over the cliff, and showed a secret passage way. Link beaconed Sheik to follow him as he jumped across and pulled himself on the ledge. Sheik just easily flew over to the ledge and together the walked down a narrow corridor, and at the end they saw large oak doors. Link pulled the latch and they were amazed. They were in Zora’s Domain. Zora’s were slashing around in the small lake; even little baby Zoras who much looked like a cross between a baby human and a baby dolphin. Some of them looked up at him and smiled and went on with what they were doing. Then a man approached him, not a Zora but an elf, much like himself only some older and with long dark brown hair with a blue tunic on and trousers with light honey brown eyes, which were sparkling.

“Well, look who it is! Link my man! How you been these last few centuries?” The man said.

“Uh, do I know you? And what do you mean these last few centuries?” Link asked.

“Dude, you don’t remember me? Well come over here,” the man motioned for Link to follow him to a small bench, “Let me tell you, as you might already know, you did fight with Ganondorf. Only it wasn’t just you, you were like… the leader of the army. Everyone was trying to defeat him. Only you didn’t have the Master Sword and he put a dark spell on you which pretty much killed you. But since you were the one to beat Ganondorf, you were sent to a dark realm for centuries, and when Ganondorf escaped from the Evil Realm, you were also let go to find him and defeat him. But that comes to me. Back, centuries ago, when you were young, you and I were best friends. Yes, I know how could I be here, but I too was banished by Ganondorf. And something said to me I had to make sure that you reached your destiny and I had to help you with it… or something. And that is what I am determined to do. Just to let you know my name is Dieagoh Delieanyah, just in case you forgot it, which I’m sure that you did,” he finished telling Link.

“Oh. Sorry about that, I don’t remember anything from my past except what Princess Zelda…” he said, stopping when he mentioned Princess Zelda’s name, “what someone told me that they read in some book.”

“Oh that must suck! I remember something’s from my past, but not all. Now who’s this Princess Zelda? I know I heard of her some where but I just can’t pin-point it,” Dieagoh asked looking slightly confused.

“She’s the Princess of Hyrule. We were friends, but that’s why I’m here now. I just need to stay here for a little but, and I heard that the Zora’s have Nayru’s Sapphire. And you may already know, but I need to get the three Stones of Time. I haven’t got one yet. Do you know if they have it?”

“Yeah, I think that they do, because some of their domain, the outside section of it is crawling with evil. Maybe if you beat the monster inside their Temple of Sea they’ll give it you,” Dieagoh answered.

“Yeah, wait a second. Why are you here, you aren’t a Zora. They don’t normally keep people here do they?”

“I was just staying here ‘till I found you.”

“Oh that’s cool I… Who’s that?” Link asked staring at a beautiful Zora. He didn’t normally think of the Zora’s like that, but this one was just gorges.

“That there my friend, is Princess Zietah. She is the daughter of King Zora. And, if you want to know, she’s single…” he hinted grinning.

“Ha ha ha, very funny Dieagoh. A Princess wouldn’t be interested in me,” he said looking slightly disappointed.

“Dude, don’t act like that. How would you know if a Princess didn’t like you? C’mon, ill introduce you to her… Hey Princess Zietah, over here! I have someone that I want to introduce you too!” He called over to the Princess, and got up dragging Link to the pretty Zora girl, “Princess Zietah, nice to see you again! This is my best friend, Link. Link this is Princess Zietah of the Zora’s,” he introduced.

“Hello Princess Zietah. I am honored to meet you,” Link said shyly.

“Nice to meet you too Link,” she said, slightly blushing.

“Princess, will you lead Link to your Father, I think he needs to discuss the where a bouts of Nayru’s Sapphire… When you do lead him there, please, come and find me. I need to discuss something with you,” Dieagoh said slightly nodding in the direction of the Kings thrown room.

“Yes, Link, please come this way. I’ll show you to my father,” as she said this, looking deep into Links eyes, what he had thought, maybe he was hallucinating, but for a mere few seconds her eyes glowed a neon blue. It also seemed she said something under her breath, okay I’m just making this up… wow I never realized that she is just so beautiful. I wish she would like me like I like her, Link thought stupidly.

“Whatever you say Princess,” Link said dreamily. She led him through corridors, and long passageways filled with stone stairs. After sometime of walking through the Zora's Domain, the entered a beautiful high ceiling room. The room was covered in colorful pottery, and paintings. There was a small, somewhat shallow pond in the middle of the room. There was an expensive looking thrown in the middle of the pond which was occupied with an extremely large Zora. This Zora looked like it was the King.

“Father, this is my good friend Link. He
wants to ask you something about Nayru’s Sapphire. I’ll leave you two be,” The Princess said to her father, The King.

“Sir, King Zora. I want to ask you if there is any possible way that I could get the Sapphire from you. I am sort of on this ‘quest’ and I need to get the three Stones of Time. I haven’t one. And I need that Sapphire,” Link pleaded.

“Well, Link, I do not fancy just giving my prized possessions up to someone I had just met. Especially the Zora’s Sapphire. But if you truly need it for this ‘quest’ of yours then I shall give you this stone. Only if you beat the Evil Monster that lives in the Zora’s Lake. There will be some kind of temple there that you need to beat all of the monsters and the boss. If you do this one thing for me I’ll give you this great stone. Please leave when you fell like, but do not hesitate too long, or I will take my offer back…” The King said to Link very dully.

“Thank you sir I cannot tell you how grateful I am of your kindness,” Link said, and they continued to talk about the Kings offer.

While the King and Link talked about the Sapphire, Dieagoh talk to Princess Zietah about Link…

“Princess, Princess, Princess. Link likes you obviously! You do like him don’t you?” Dieagoh asked expectantly.

“Yes Dieagoh, I do like Link very much, but I am afraid to tell him my true feelings. Will you?” Princess Zietah asked politely.

“Of course your highness, I would do much of anything to please you,” Dieagoh said smiling.

* * *

A few hours later, Link and Dieagoh walked to the room they were now sharing. Link sat down on his bunk, daydreaming about Princess Zietah. He must have had a dreamy look on his face because Dieagoh noticed.

“Well, Link. I need to tell you something. Guess what I found out? She likes you Link, you were… Link… are you listening to me? Link, hello! I’m trying to tell you something important! LINK STOP DAYDREAMING….LINK!!!” reluctantly link looked up like he had just noticed that Dieagoh was talking to him.

“Hmm, what were you saying D? I couldn’t here you,” he said looking quite puzzled.

“Dude, Link? Okay now that I got your attention, finally, I just wanted to say, well, Princess Zietah wanted me to tell you that she does indeed like you… a lot! How do you like that!” he said looking surprised.

“Dude, you don’t have to lie to make me feel better. I’m okay, I can understand if she doesn’t like me,” Link said looking surprised that Dieagoh would lie to him.

“Whatever, I’m telling you the truth, ask her yourself if you don’t believe me… go on, ask her.” Dieagoh said looking at him as if he was stupid.

“Okay then, I’ll go and ask her, I’ll be back in a bit,” Link said, getting up and leaving their room. He walked down a long corridor to the main part of the Zora’s Domain, the small lake in the middle of the large stone room. When he arrived there he wasn’t sure what he was doing there because he had no clue where he was going. He didn’t know where the Princess slept. So he walked over to the edge of the lake and took of his boots and put his feet in the water and sat there thinking. Not much time passed when he heard foot steps behind him. He hesitated, and then looked around to see Princess Zietah standing behind him grinning.

“Normally people are sleeping at this time of night, Link. How long have you been out here?” Princess Zietah said, warmly.

“Not very long… actually I was looking for you, Princess. See, Dieagoh made up this stupid joke; he told me that you liked me. You know like, a lot. I’m guessing he meant more than a friend, a lot more. So tell me, is this true? I highly doubt it…” Link said, slightly blushing.

“Well, what do you want me to say,” Princess Zietah walked next to Link and pulled her dress up some, and put her feet in the water, “do you want me to lie and say no? Or do you want me to tell you the truth, and say yes, I do like you.”

“Uh, this isn’t funny. Yeah it sort of was surprising when Dieagoh said it, but now you? Is this some kind of cruel joke or something?” Link said, not looking the least bit happy at what the Princess just said to him.

“Link, I am not lying to you, I swear.”

“Yeah, whatever. I’m going to bed, good night Princess. See you in the morning, if I happen to catch you,” As he said this Link got up and pulled his feet out of the water. He picked up his boots and began to walk back to the corridor to his room. He walked through the dark corridor, planning on what to say to Dieagoh. He opened the large oak door, ready to yell, when he noticed Dieagoh was sound asleep on his bed. Link dressed into his night clothes, and climbed into bed, falling asleep almost instantly.

* * *

The next morning Link awoke to someone violently poking him in his side.

“Ouch, stop poking me! I’m trying to sleep here, gosh.”

“Get up… Link, I said get up! Hello…” Dieagoh said, poking him, “dude, get up… get UP!”

“I’m awake, alright. Why do I have to get up anyway?”

“Someone is here to see you. I think you want to get up!” Link got up and looked around the room to find Princess Zietah staring at him, slightly smiling.

“Link, good morning. Someone is here to speak with you. They sound important. Please come this way,” She said pointing toward the door. Link got up, and waited for Princess Zietah to leave the room, but she didn’t. She was waiting for him to follow.

“Princess, if this person is important, I think I might want to change out of my night clothes.”

“Alright Link, go ahead start changing,” she said, still not leaving the room.

“Uh, can you leave? I’d like some privacy… please?”

“Sure. I’ll be waiting outside the door,” she said, leaving Dieagoh and Link in the room alone. Dieagoh grinned at Link, and then followed The Princess out of the room. Link changed into his everyday clothes. He grabbed his sword and put it in his belt, and then he left the room. The Princess was waiting outside the door for him, and then she led him to the throne room. They reached the large oak doors, and they quietly went inside. There, waiting for him, was the King of Hyrule, and the Princess of Hyrule, Zelda. They turned at the sound of the door, and stared at him. Link gave Princess Zelda a dirty look. She returned Links dirty look. The King looked at Link with curiosity when he gave Zelda the dirty look.

“Ah, Link. These people are here to see you. They must have something important because they say they are from the land of Hyrule. Please, go into our guest den, right over there, to your right. You may talk about whatever you need to talk about without any interruption,” the King Zora said to Link, The King of Hyrule, and Princess Zelda. They all walked into the chamber, Link bringing up the rear and closed the door.

“So, what do you need to talk to me about? I didn’t do anything wrong in Hyrule did I? Am I going to jail? I swear! I didn’t do it!

“No, Link. You didn’t do anything wrong. One of our adventures said that they found a green stone. Known to be Farore’s Emerald. Since I know you are looking for the three Stones of Time, I thought maybe I should bring it here to you. It would help you on your quest, will it not?” the King said to Link, looking lightly displease that him and his daughter are fighting.

“Yes Sir, it will help me. Now I don’t have to go to the woods on the other side of Hylia lake in spring.” Link said, looking slightly guilty of the Kings mood, “All I have now is to get Nayru’s Sapphire, and Dins Ruby. The King took out a gold necklace with Farore’s Emerald on it and handed it to Link. Princess Zelda was looking at the floor, and Link could just make out the locket the he gave her awhile ago, hanging on her neck. She looked up at saw Link looking at her, she gave a smile even though it looked like it was painful for her to smile at him. Link nodded, and thanked the King and left the room, and the throne room. Then he walked down the large corridor meeting up with Dieagoh.

“Hey, Dieagoh, what’s up?” Link asked, walking up to his friend.

“Nothing really, you up for a swim?” Dieagoh asked his good friend.

“Sure, let me go back and get my Zora tunic out of our room. You got one too?”

“Yeah, come on lets go before all the Zora’s hog up the good spots in the lake,” he asked, walking down the large corridor to the main room in Zora’s Domain, Link reluctantly followed. After they got their tunics and changed, they made their way to the lake in the main room. As they took of their boots and weapons off, Princess Zelda came out of the large corridor that ended in the throne room; her father came out shortly after. Zelda glared at Link while she waited for her father, he was talking to the King Zora.

“Hey, D, look in the water. Do you see something at the bottom?” Link asked, and Dieagoh nodded, “Come on, lets see what it is!” Link and his friend dived into the water, they didn’t have to come up for air because they had the Zora tunics on which let them breathe under water. They swam for a long time until they finally reached the bottom of the lake. Link picked up the object and looked it over; it seemed to be Nayru’s Sapphire. The object floated away from Links hand, he grabbed it and pocketed it. Link and Dieagoh swan back to the top, Princess Zelda was still there. She looked astonished that Link and Dieagoh could survive that long under water. They both swan to the stone edge and climbed out. They sat there with their feet the water looking over the Sapphire. Soon after that, King Zora noticed Link holding the Sapphire and quickly rushed over to the scene.

“You stole my Sapphire! How dare you! Give that to me right now… I said now! I must ask you to leave at once!” King Zora screeched at Link pointing at the exit with one hand, and holding the sapphire in the other.

“Sir, we didn’t steal it, Link just saw it in the water, so we went down in there to see what it was. I swear to the goddesses,” Dieagoh said, holding both hands up as if he were surrendering.

“King Zora, they are telling the truth, I was standing right here, I watched them.” Zelda stepped into the conversation, and admitted to what she saw.

“Alright, just give the sapphire to me…now, thank you. Be gone!” The king spat, waving his hand towards the guest quarters. All three of them, not speaking, headed off to there room for a good nights rest.
Links Dream of the Future by Supreme Ruler
Pounding could be heard on the smooth oak doors at dawn. Dieagoh awoke, muttering something from the previous dream.

“Sir Link! Princess Zietah wishes to speak with you!” The muffled voice of a guard could barley be heard over the noises of guests slamming their room doors.

“Ehh, com-on-pleas-lemme-sleep-five-minutes-uhh,” Link mumbled. Dieagoh realized what was going on, and jumped out of bed.

“Link, get up. Hello? GET UP!!” Dieagoh shook Link until he opened his eyes”

“Wah? Am I dead, whas goin’ on? Oh, it’s just you D,” Link panicked, and only calmed down when he realized that I was just Dieagoh.

“Hey, one of the guards came here and said that Princess Zietah wants to speak with you. If I were you I’d hurry up and get dressed so you won’t upset her. I’ve noticed that she has come quite fond of you. Come on, get dressed!” Dieagoh mentioned as he stripped and searched around the room, looking for some clean clothes.

“Alright…” Link got up and grabbed a deep red tunic, with gold lining, his hat, and changed from his night cloths, to the tunic. He put on his brown boots, and grabbed his weapons, “okay, I’ll see you later D!”

Link headed off towards the Princess’ Quarters. He thought to himself about the dream he had had last night. Did it have to do with future? Maybe his dream was warning him about the future, and to stay away from some untruthful friends?

*Links Dream*

*Where am I? This doesn’t look like Hyrule, but I have this strange feeling that this is Hyrule, but it certainly doesn’t look like it,* Link thought, as he looked around the now destroyed country.

The dirt was blood soaked, and a deep red mist hung over the land. Nothing was left living. Nothing. There were dead trees, here and there. Bodies of Hylians, Zora’s, Kokiries were littered everywhere. Every few steps you encountered a body. They were blood covered, just like everything else. Link had a feeling that the only reason why Hyrule was left in ruins, and that no one was left alive, was because of Ganondorf. One he had thought those ugly words *that no one was left alive,* he immediately thought of Princess Zelda. Was she okay? Was she slaughtered just like the rest? Link had no idea. But, all his concern was for Zelda, not one thought went towards Princess Zietah.

Link stepped over the bodies of the dead, searching for something. He wasn’t sure what he was looking for, but he knew he had to find it. It was somewhere close by; he could feel it in his blood. He could feel it right down to the core of his bones. But where was it? Something could be seen through the thick fog, silhouettes of people fighting. He could hear them talking, but he wasn’t sure of who it was.

“Ganondorf! Come here and fight me like a man! No magic. Fight me with out using the easy way out you pathetic coward!!” The voice of the man yelling sounded much like him, was he going to be the one to try and kill off Ganondorf? *I have to warn him, he has to know that it is me, Link, who is able to kill Ganondorf, not him,* Link thought, rushing towards the two.

Link gasped as he saw them fighting, It was the Evil Ganondorf. And, the one who was fighting for his life to save Hyrule was Link. But, how could Link be there and here at the same time? He ran up to them with a surprised and confused look on his face. They took no notice that another Link came up to them. They fought like true enemies. Link noticed that the other Link was much stronger, and quicker. Could this possibly be him from the future? Could he see into the future, was he a Seer? *This must be a dream! But, now that I realize it, how come I am not waking up?* Link thought as he dived into the battle. Ganondorf was charging at him with a look of pure hatred. Link unsheathed his sword and got into a battle position. As the Evil Ganondorf neared Link, they both raised their swords. But, The Evil One was too fast for him, and right before Link was about to strike, Ganondorf went through him. As if Link was a ghost. Link twisted around just in time to watch them clang their swords together. The Future Link pushed Ganondorf’s sword away with an un-natural burst of energy.

“Link, meet Zor’roc! My sword was forged in the endless pits of Hell! He was created with the fangs of the strongest demon. He cannot be defeated!” Ganondorf screamed as he threw his sword against Links. The blow was too powerful for him and it sent him crashing down to the blood soaked dirt. Ganondorf glided over and hovered above Link. He lifted up his sword and held it above Link’s stomach.

“Meet your doom!” He screamed and plunged Zor’roc into Links gut. Blood squirted from the wound, and Link gasped in pain. He struggled to contain consciousness. “You know, I would just kill you off now, make it easy. But this is better! To watch you in pain as you die slowly!” He glided away laughing, but he still was in range of Link.

“Link! Link!” Screamed a girl as she raced through the mist and fell to her knees at Links side. “Link, please be okay! Link…”

“Z-Zelda. Go… please… he… he… is still…h-here. Save… yourself. GO!” Link gasped as he clutched his wound.

“Link, I will not leave you! Link! Please, hang in there, don’t die on me!” Zelda cried and carefully removed his hands to look at the wound. Once she saw it she sobbed even harder. “Oh my gosh, Link.”

“Zelda, t-take… care… of your… self. I-I… love…” Link couldn’t finish his sentence as he gave his last raspy breath, and died. The fate of Hyrule has been turned over to Ganondorf. Hyrule has no chance, now that its hero has died.

“Link! NO!! LINK! Link, I love you! I love you Link!!” Zelda screamed and collapsed on his lifeless body. Ganondorf was watching with an amusing look on his face. He lifted up Zor’roc and quietly glided over to the sobbing princess. He stopped behind her and lifted Zor’roc up.

“DIE!” he yelled and lifted Zor’roc completely over his head. Zelda turned around and screamed as the sword crashed down towards her.

“Princess! NOOOOO!” Link screamed as he watched what would happen to him in the future. He watched Zelda’s lifeless body fall on the future, dead, Link. He silently cried for her, as his dream faded out.

*End of Links dream.*

Link shuddered as he remembered his dream. He has basically said that he loved Princess Zelda. She had said that she had loved him. He had failed Hyrule, he had died by the hands of Ganondorf, and so had Princess Zelda. *Is this really going to happen to Hyrule? Am I going to fail? Wow, I really need to talk to someone about this,* Link thought as he closed in on Princess Zietahs door. He knocked softly and wasn’t sure is she heard him, but he didn’t care. Link was about to leave when the door opened.

“Link, its you! Please, come on in!” The Princess said cheerfully. He obeyed, and entered her room.
Princess Zietahs Proposal by Supreme Ruler
“Link how are you doing this morning?” Princess Zietah asked, patting a spot on her bed. Link walked over to her and sat down.

“I guess I’m okay. How about you?”

“I’m great!” She stared into his deep blue eyes.

“That’s good…” He answered moving his eyes away from hers, and stared at his feet. She was still looking at him.

“Link, I need to tell you something…” Princess Zietah said, sliding her hand on Links. Her eyes sparkled in the morning sun.

Link avoided her gazed, and examined the room. The bed the was draped in velvet and was covered in the finest silk in Hyrule. There were many small objects on shelves all around the room, many, Link wasn’t sure of. Rich paintings covered the stone walls. There were two windows in the room; they were on either side of the canopy bed. Everything was so rich and beautiful.

“Link?” The princess asked as she followed his avoiding gaze.

“Yes princess?”

“Link. I need to tell you this before my heart bursts. I have fallen deeply in love with you!”

“W-what?” Link asked, confused. He finally turned his eyes from a beautiful painting and stared at her.

“Link, I want to be with you. Please except this proposal, I wish to marry you.” Link stared open mouthed at her.

“Uh, Princess, I barely know you. I might need sometime to think about this. Please excuse me.” Link made a move to get up, but Princess Zietah grabbed his hand, and pulled him close to her. Her bright green eyes bore into him. Her face neared his, and she closed her eyes and planted a soft kiss upon his lips. He pulled away, looking at her, slightly shocked, “Princess, I really have to go.”

“Farewell Link!” She called a little to over dramatically as he dashed to the door and left her. She looked please with herself as she lay back down on her bed, ginning.

* * *

“Hey, have any of you seen Master Dieagoh?” Link asked as her came upon some Zoras swimming in the Water Room.

“Of course, he’s in the sparing room; he’s practicing with his weapons if you want to join him.”

“Thanks!” Link went on the sparing room looking for Dieagoh. He walked in on his friend and a Zora fighting. The Zoras aren’t great fighters, but in this case, it wasn’t true. The was no other way to say it, Dieagoh was getting his ass kicked. It didn’t look like harmless practice; it looked like a duel to the death! Link pulled out his bow and arrow and shot at the exact time the Zora swung his sword for a fatal blow. The arrow wised through the air and smashed into the sword with so much force it knocked out of the Zoras hands.
“What the hell?” The Zora yelled, his anger rising. He looked over at Link, “couldn’t you tell we were in battle? You freak! You’ll pay for this, consider that a threat!” At that, he walked off, fuming.
* * *

“Link! Man, I am so glad you are here! Dude, this guy is fucking crazy! I was just practicing around, and he comes walking up to me like he’s all big and bad and freaking challenges me to a duel to the death! If you wouldn’t have come then I woulda died!”

“That’s messed up! Who was that guy anyway?” Link asked as he hooked his bow onto his back.

“I dunno, but ima tell you this, I will find out who that dude was. And when I do, I ain’t holding back.”

“Yeah… hey, I gotta tell you what Princess Zietah just confessed to me. We gotta go some where privet, I don’t feel right talking about it in front of all these people,” he said as he glanced over the fighters.

“Sure, whatever you want! You saved my life!” They walked out of the practice area, and searched for some place privet, but didn’t find one.

“Think maybe we should just go back to our room? That’s the most privet place that I know of at this moment,” Dieagoh asked, looking over at Link. He agreed and the set off for the guest quarters. “So what exactly do you wanna tell me? Is it bad, good?”

“Um, it depends on your definition of ‘bad’ and ‘good’ just wait, you’ll find out. I’m still trying to think up a way to tell you this.” Link answered, nervously. They entered their room, and closed the door. Link sat down and took a deep breath. “Okay, see, I was called to the royal chambers this morning-”

“I know I was there at the time!”

“Okay! As I was saying, I was called down to the royal chambers. Princess Zietah asked me into her room. And, well… she… uhh. She confessed to me-”

“On with it Link!”

“I am! She confessed that she loved me, okay!” Link screamed at Dieagoh, his anger rising at his repeated interrupting.

“Whoa buddy! Do you know what that means? If you get married to her, then you can become the King of the Zoras!”

“No way!” Link said his voice considerably calmer.

“You needa use your head more-”

“What was that?” Both of them looked towards the door. “Let’s go check it out.”

They walked out of their room and headed toward the rumbling noises. When they arrived they saw an entire fleet of soldiers holding flags. The flag had a large nine pointed star with a circle around it, the star was yellow. The back round was plain black, that was the flag of the most powerful country. The country was named Deablo-Eineesh.

*There must be a member of the royal family here,* Link and Dieagoh thought at the same time. They headed after the solders, hoping to get a glimpse of who it was, or catch a few words. They followed the fleet all the way to the hallway which ended in the Kings chamber. The doors opened, someone entered but the both of them couldn’t see who it was over the fleet of soldiers. Many Zoras, and some hylians who were guests waited like Link and Dieagoh did. They probably wanted the same think the both of them wanted, to know what was going on.

They waited for what felt like hours, then, the doors opened and someone came out. Link, Dieagoh, and everyone held their breath. Who was the mysterious person from Deablo-Eineesh?
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