House Hylia by Emilee o
Summary: Deri and Fraya aka the king and Queen are killed their daughter Zelda spared.Zelda Hylia is the future queen living with her servant Ike.She must get through 7th grade with her fiance and a boy named Link.
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1. A sad day for Hyrule by Emilee o

2. Chapter 2 Unake Origin by Emilee o

3. Chapter 3 Theo by Emilee o

4. Chapter 4 Links pov by Emilee o

5. Chapter 5 Marth Blood by Emilee o

6. Chapter 6 The history of Ike by Emilee o

7. Chapter 7 Zelda by Emilee o

A sad day for Hyrule by Emilee o
Hyrule 12 years ago.
This day King Deri was in his office was in his office he was attacked by bandits then Queen Fraya came in with 1 year old Zelda.She was gunned down They asked their killers to spare Zelda which they did.But this is not what happend.
"Don't hurt my family." screamed Deri. Suddenly the attacker pinned down Fraya Zelda in her room sleeping.Are you going to let Zelda marry Marth or not."Never."hissed Deri spitting in Noble man Kane 's face leader of house blood.Kane took out a knife cutting a bit of Frayas throat."Ahhhh."screamed Fraya."Come on".siad Kane in a annoyed voice.Getting tired Kane pulled out a gun and shot Fraya.Deri screamed Kane shot Deri and walked out he climbed it the window and got in his car and left.

House blood 12 years ago
Kane enterd the manor quietly he enterd his room his wife Hia was sleeping.He went to go check on his son Marth.He enterd the nursery.Baby Marth was wide awake staring at his father like he had known what he had done.Kane did not sleep that night he was just staring at the celling.
Chapter 2 Unake Origin by Emilee o
Hi my name is Zelda Hylia I'm the princess of a place called Hyrule.My Parents Deri and Fraya were murdered when I was one so I don't remember them.I am finaly allowed to go to Hyrule academy.

Link Forester
"Link get up." screamed Links mom Ami Forester.Link has 5 siblings Gray 16 Link 13 Day 11 jenni 9 Kai 6 and the 2 year old torture Skyler.Link is the only one adopted he has Brown hair and blue eyes.Gray has black hair and green eyes and the rest has blond hair Brown eyes.My Dad or adoptive dad has black hair and green eyes and my adoptive mom has blond hair Brown eyes.

13 years ago
Rei Unake and Link Unake had just given birth to Link.They were part of the Unake house.The Unake house opposed The idea to collide the blood and Hylia houses so they were killed.The forester house was close friends to the Unake house.The Foresters not noble anymore took on link Jr after his parents were murders.
Chapter 3 Theo by Emilee o
"Zelda do you have your backpack." Ike screamed.Ike was Zeldas servant He had beautiful blue hair and Brown eyes.He was only 2 years older than Zelda but still very grown up for his age.Ike had always loved Zelda but was to afraid to tell her but anyway she was engaged to Marth Blood a noble man's son and Ike was just a servant.Today the royal couincal had allowed Zelda to go to Hyrule Academy.She was very excited.Once Ike told her she nearly kissed him in joy.Which Ike would not mine.Zelda is one cute 7th grader she has beautiful blond hair and the most prettiest purple eyes you had ever seen her father having brown and mother blond. Hair her older brother Theo has dark Brown.Theo is out of high school and is in collage he gave up the thrown so he could study to be a doctor that's what he really wants to do.So now Zelda is heiress of the thrown in a couple short years.Zelda wants to become queen so she can make the world a better place that's what her parents always wanted.
Chapter 4 Links pov by Emilee o
"Hey link?"asked Minda Links friend yes. "Did you here that The Princess of Hyrule is coming to This school."No way." siad Shadow in back."She's to good for this school she's pretty sm,"Shadow got interrupted by Saria hitting him in the head with a book."owwww."siad Shadow in pain."That's what you get."siad Saria in her cute squeaky voice."Well no ones taking my Linky poo away that's for sure." Illia stated holding Links arm which Link did not like at all."You don't have to worry about that she's engaged to Marth Blood." Mido siad very quietly."ahhh man I wanted to talk to her bahh." Poor shadow." Saria muttered which everybody laughed even shadow.They Finnaly made it to home room when the bell rang."Welcome class." the teacher Mr. Fido stated.Good morning the class siad back in harmony."Well first off we have a very important person coming today her name is Zelda Hylia."The class started whispering."Most of you know her as Princess Zelda."Ohh here she is." The teacher stated with clear joy on his face.The door was slung open by a tall man in a suit another man was behind him and in the middle was a little girl probably this the class bowed to the Princess of Hyrule.
Chapter 5 Marth Blood by Emilee o
Marth Blood grew up without a mother Hia had died 1 year after the killing of Deri and Fraya Hylia.Rumors say that Kane Blood killed her but most know that's not true.They had 7 kids together.Kane Jr 28,Leah 28,Marco 25,Grady 22,Nate 21,Fiona 18,Hinabi 15, Marth 13.and Juliet 4 who is Kanes new wife's daugter.Marths step mother is named lady Oden of the Life house.

Blood manor 2 years before Zeldas first day.

"Marth come in here please." screamed Kane."yes father."Marth came in trying to be as polite as possible."Well do you know Princess Zelda of Hyrule."Yes father but I have never seen her before." Marth siad."Well here's a picture."Kane held up the most beautiful picture ever in Marths opion."Marth she is your fiance." Kane stated.
Chapter 6 The history of Ike by Emilee o
"Daddy what's going on"Young Ike Lu siad.His Father Hawk Lu had rushed out of his room very quickly."Not now son go play with Zelda a bit ok."ok."Ike siad disappointed.All servants and knights had been called to search the area for a masked man and this masked man was Kane."come on Hawk your better than this." screamed Kane with a sword in his hand he had attacked Hawk with all his might still masked.Hawk went in for the kill with a passion in his eyes he struck.The masked man was down but the man throw a smoke bomb.He disappeared with no never be seen again.
Chapter 7 Zelda by Emilee o
2 hours before first day
"Ahh perfect." Zelda siad trying on her uniform it had a black skirt with a grey sweater,on the right breast it had the Hyrule academy symbol.Zelda was ready she went down stairs to get breakfast.The servants were energetic as always.Zelda Sat in her seat next to Theo who graduate early."hey little sister."Theo siad in his always happy tune."Hi Theo." Zelda siad tierdly she was not used to waking up early even for meetings she always woke up late.Theo on the other hand was always up early and It was irritating."So your going to an academy I,have never been to one of those you know th...."Theo got interupted by the sound of a car honk."Must be the limo."Impa siad her number 2 servant after Ike."love you Zellie."Theo siad as he kisses her on the forehead."Bye everyone," Zelda yelled back. As she excited the castlebshe saw the driver.Asuma has been Zeldas And Theos driver since they were born.When Zelda enterd she saw Ike sitting there in his uniform although he was in High school he still looked like an adult."Hello Princess and don't you look absolutely ravishing."Ike covers his face as he siad it to hide his blush."Thank you Ike."Zelda said Ike blushed more.And so they were off to the Middle school what adventers hold when I find the time to write House Hylia Chapter 8 in like 2 days if your lucky.
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