Law of Combat by Beat15
Summary: The town of Kakariko is holding a tournament hosted by the King. Will have guest appearance of Finn, Madskillz own character. Two races unknown to common folk join the fray: Vakans and TerraSliders. Who will win the contest? Who will be the Fire Sage Warrior! And what is the mysterious Edmund's intentions?
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Series: The Beat Grimsley Saga
Chapters: 9 Completed: Yes Word count: 45253 Read: 137171 Published: Jul 22, 2011 Updated: Sep 20, 2011
Story Notes:
Holy crap, fourth installment of the Beat Grimsley Saga. Guest appearance too. I hope to use Finn more. He's fun to add to the story.

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Welcome to Kakariko by Beat15
Author's Notes:
So many people, so many things going on. I jump from person to person a lot.
"Link, you're weak!" shouted Beat, punching Link to the ground.
"Just because you've knocked me down a couple times doesn't mean you've beaten me!" he growled as he stood up.
"Guys! Come on, lunch is ready!" pleaded Navi.
At the mention of food the two quit fighting and rushed to the cart. Beat got to the cart first, and received a large apple, a bottle of milk, and a slice of bread. Link came to find Beat eating the apple, and ignoring his milk and bread. A smile crept across Link's face as he reached for his friends milk.
"Touch that lid and I will snap your arm in half." grinned Beat.
Link was amazed at that. Beat's eyes had remained closed the entire time. Link then got his own food and began to eat.
"So why the fighting so often?" asked Archer between bites of his apple.
"Training." answered Beat.
"For what?" asked Richard.
"The Blazing Fist Fighting Cup." Link replied.
"Why?" Navi inquired.
"It's gonna be fun!" laughed Beat. "Besides, Darunia told us the Fire Sage Warrior would be there. Apparently his protector isn't a Goron. So Zelda was wrong."
"Well she couldn't know that all. I mean she was just coming up with that off the top of her mind." Link stated.
"Cool!" Archer shouted. "Maybe Richard and I should enter!"
"I'll pass. If we enter we may end up fighting one of these two. And I doubt they'll fight full force against us." Richard sighed, ruffling Archer's hair.
"You're right." sighed Archer.
"You're allowed to use any equipment you have. So Archer would be able to fight from a distance." reassured Beat. "But I wouldn't be able to fight you buddy. You're practically my brother."
"Oh, alright." replied Archer sadly.
"But you could help us warm up. Some guys may fight long range, and we'll need help preparing. Or at least I will."
"Yeah Beat will need your help. There's no way he can beat me!" laughed Link.
"Is that a challenge?" growled Beat with a smile.

"Peter, I'm worried." sighed Penelope leaning her head on his shoulder.
"I'm worried too. But maybe he doesn't know where we went." comforted Gwen patting her young friend's head.
"I think we'll run into them. You remember how Beat loved those fighting tournaments back at our village? He always entered and won without injuring them. I believe he'll enter this one here in this town."  laughed  Peter.
"Beat enjoys fighting?" gasped Gwen in surprise.
"He enjoys going into those competitions because he gets to witness other people's fighting style. He learns their style and perfects it. He then tells them how to improve, but he'll use the style later on in a different tournament." explained Penny.
"I think I'll enter." stated Peter. "I watched Beat training before. I think I can use one of his styles."
"Don't fight anyone too tough." advised Penny.
"You let him fight?" 
"Yeah, I usually have to stop her from joining." laughed Peter.
"Oh Nayru! You two are crazy." sighed Gwen.
"You haven't seen Beat and Penny working together. They usually play pranks a lot. They make my life hell." 
"Oh remember what we did when we first met?" Penny laughed.
"Don't tell Gwen! I'm still trying to hide the fact that you did that to me from Mom and Dad!" 
"What happened?" Gwen said smiling evilly.
"Beat had just saved our town, so I ran up to thank him. I was only ten, so I had no idea what it was like to kiss someone outside my family. I kissed him and he fell into the water. He was a little surprised, but then he laughed. I consider it our first prank because we had made Peter swear not to tell." laughed Penelope.
"Wow." laughed Gwen. "You kissed him?"
"Well, yeah. He saved us, but it was mainly because of me being so young." replied Penny. 
"Alright we're here." announced Peter stopping the cart.

"Heads up!" shouted Archer as he shot arrows at Link and Beat. Link simply used his shield. Beat dodged and grabbed arrows.
"Here's ten more arrows!" shouted Beat as he tossed arrows to Richard.
"No more please! I'm exhausted!" Archer gasped.
"Fine. How you feeling kid?" Beat asked turning to Link.
"I'm fine. I've been getting shot at for eight years. You can't outdodge me!"
"You blocked the arrows, not dodge. I bet you can't even fight without using one of your toys!" Beat challenged.
"I..I...I ah who am I kidding. I use my weapons too much. Can you train me to fight unarmed?" 
"I'd be glad to help. I'll even teach you to vanish like a Sheikah." 
"Ooh, Ooh train me too!" pleaded Archer.
"Fine. I'll train you. But only when we rest. We need to find the twins and Gwen." Beat replied.
"Navi, any idea how far from Kakariko are we?" asked Richard.
"Well, with all three horses pulling, at top speed we reach Kakariko by nightfall." answered Navi.
With Navi's answer, the guys picked up the arrows used by Archer. They all gathered in the cart. Link took the reigns and started the horses off at a trot. As they picked up speed the cart started bumping around.
"Sorry! The path gets rough up ahead. We're gonna have to slow down." apologized Link.
"Just go as fast as you can without making one of us fall out!" shouted Beat.
"Alright." shouted Link in response.
"I've got a bad feeling." sighed Richard. "Something's following us."
"Hmm? You noticed it also?" asked Beat.
"You knew we were being followed?" shouted Link. "Thanks for warning us!"
"Relax. It's not a major threat. It's just an imp. With two... Fairies?" stated Beat confusedly looking behind the cart.
"An imp, with two fairies? What colors are they?" hollered Link.
"Yellow and purple." called Archer.
"Skull Kid, Tatl, and Tael!" whooped Link. He abandoned the reigns and jumped out of the cart.
"Holy crap!" screamed Richard as he jumped to grab the reigns.
"Link get your ass over here!" screamed Navi.
"You damn fool! Get over here jackass!" shouted Archer. Everyone stopped and looked at Archer, mouths open. "What? I can't swear?"

Peter signed up at the booth in Kakariko. The tournament was being held in front of the town's well. Gwen had taken Penny to find a place to rest. They had decided to bring their cart into town with them. They had left it next to a newly finished shop. It was apparently a potion shop, for putrid scents came from it. 
"Let's get an inn on the other side of town. I can't stand those smells!" muttered Gwen.
"Yeah, it stinks really badly." laughed Penelope. She then found a wandering Cuccoo, and picked it up. "You shouldn't wander the streets little fella." 
"Penny put that down!" snapped Gwen.
"No!" squealed Penny as she ran off with the bird held above her head. She jumped off a flight of stairs and flew to the tree in the center of town.
"Penny!" screamed Gwen, "Stop playing around and," she was interrupted by a firm hand grabbing her.

Link was talking with Skull Kid, until he was dog-piled on by his traveling friends.
"You idiot!" shouted Beat.
"What were you thinking?" lectured Richard.
"Let me go!!!" cried Link.
Meanwhile Navi talked with the two fairies following the Skull Kid.
"So you traveled with Link?" she asked.
"No, just Tatl." replied Tael.
"It wasn't very easy. We had to relive the same three days again and again!" moaned Tatl.
"Try spending seven years sleeping with the guy without being able to move." laughed Navi.
Archer was talking with the Skull Kid.
"So you left the woods too, huh?"
"Yeah I did." sighed Archer.
"It's good to see you again Archie. I appreciated the blowdart lesson." laughed Skull Kid.
"Maybe you should join us, that way we can talk and travel together." suggested Archer.
"I like that idea!" agreed Navi. "Everyone! Why don't we all travel together?" 
Everyone nodded agreement and gathered in the cart. Link and Beat in the drivers bench, Skull Kid sitting on the trunk with Archer, and Richard relaxing against the back of the bench. They explained the whole journey so far, and how they were entering a contest.
"Wow! A fighting tournament, that sounds fun. I don't think I could beat any of you guys." sighed Skull Kid.
"Don't worry, I'm not allowed to enter." reassured Archer.
"I don't feel like fighting. I'm going to visit a friend." Richard added.
"Who?" asked Navi landing on his shoulder.
"Why, Maribelle's sister of course. Or at least her half-sister. She raises Cuccoos despite her allergies."
"The Cuccoo chick?" asked Link.
"Yeah, her. Now hurry up, I wanna get there before sundown." ordered Richard before falling asleep.

"Hmm, you may be able to help me." muttered a pale looking boy. He had Gwen by the head, her mouth covered. "I need someones help."
He released Gwen's mouth and let her speak. "With what?"
"My father. He's the head carpenter here. I wanna join this competition, but I can't afford the entry fee. He won't  give me any rupees, so I need you,"
"To loan you some?" suggested Gwen.
"You'd loan them to me? I was gonna ask you tell my dad I was helping you with some chores. He thinks I'm lazy, but I just don't want him knowing I'm training to become a fighter."
"Well, I'll loan the rupees to you, and then you can guide me through town." replied Gwen. 
"Thank you, I'm Caesar."
"I'm Gwen."

Peter had found a kind lady with the heart to let him and the girls stay at her house. Her only cost: find her chickens. Penny showed up with one after he had collected three. They only had three more to go. Peter and Penny split up to search for the last of them. Then they each caught another one. Only one left, and it was brought by Gwen. She had accidentally kicked it and now it was chasing her. She ran into the twins, and the pile they made was high enough for the bird to jump over on its own.
"Oh you sweet children!" cheered the owner. "I'm allergic to the Cuccoos but I still raise them. I couldn't get them by myself. Thank you so much."
"It's no problem," replied Gwen. "Psst! Peter, what'd we do?"
"Why are you raising these things if you're allergic to them?" asked Penelope.
"I think I'd rather tell you inside, it's getting dark. Come inside." invited the kindly young woman.

When the cart pulled in the sun was just rising. Richard had slept the entire trip. Link had fallen asleep in the bench so Beat was driving now. Skull Kid and Archer were huddled close together.
"Cute, isn't it?" sighed Beat as he stopped the cart. "Huh. The prize for winning is a wish that will be granted by the king himself. I wonder if he means anything reasonable." 
Beat ceased talking to himself. He sensed something creeping in on them. He slipped out of the cart, and crawled under it. He looked up to see a shady looking youth. He had strange blades on his feet, could he be a TerraSlider? Beat had heard of a race of fighters who could glide across the ground on blades attached to their feet. Beat snuck behind the curious teen and tapped his shoulder.
"What's up?" asked Beat.
The teen jumped revealing that the teen was a girl. She fell onto her behind and looked at him, clearly surprised. 
"Sorry. Habit of mine."
"You make it a habit to scare teenage girls?" she asked.
"No, sneaking up on people. But I must say, I've never met a TerraSlider before. I had heard they were very attractive. You exceed expectations."
"Um, thank you, I think." said the girl blushing. "Is this your cart?"
"Yes it is my fair lady." replied Beat helping her to her feet.
"I thought it was strange, someone showing up at sunrise."
"We traveled over night to get here. Could you believe we were fated to meet?" laughed Beat. 
"Maybe. I'm Ivy. You are?"
"Grimsley, Beat Grimsley. Pleasure of making your acquaintance."
The girl blushed and laughed at his politeness. "You act like nobility, the way you talk."
"Not nobility. Just good manners." laughed Beat shrugging.
"Would you like to accompany me on a walk through town?" she said offering her arm.
"I'd be delighted to." he said taking her arm. "You're not going to drag me are you?"
"No, why?" she asked turning to face him.
"No reason." said Beat turning away.
The two walked through town. Admiring the sites. Beat found himself staring at Ivy. She wore a blue headband in her Snow-white hair, along with a blue shirt, and a long white skirt. They walked by the table for tournament entries. They both glanced at it. Not noticing they both stared at it. They continued on until they passed a building with a small fence containing several Cuccoos. They were too absorbed in their conversation to notice someone creep out of the house and follow them.

"Who is that with Beat?" muttered Gwen. She stayed behind them, following from a distance. She followed them to the outskirts of town where a cart waited.
"Thank you for your company, Mr. Grimsley." laughed the girl.
"It was my pleasure, milady." replied Beat with a laugh.
Gwen remained calm. She didn't see Beat as she did in Castle Town. She saw him as another person. "What has happened to me?" she thought to herself. She watched the girl hug Beat, and run off towards town. She decided to surprise Beat then.

Beat watched as Ivy walked off. "She will probably enter, the tournament." he sighed. He then took a step to the right and watched Gwen fall onto her face.
"Oww." she moaned. She looked up to see Beat smiling at her.
"Yo. Sorry about that." chuckled Beat.
"Beat, who was that?" she asked rubbing her head.
"Oh, her? She's a new friend." stated Beat shrugging. "What's up?"
"I saw you so I thought I'd follow you."
"Sound Gwen logic." muttered Beat.
"Haha, real funny. So where's Richard?"
"Sleeping. Along with my other friends. Come and help me wake them." 
The two climbed into the cart to find everyone there, except for Link.
"That's strange. You wake Richard and I'll go look for someone." ordered Beat before taking off.
"Jerk." she muttered. 

Link had woken up the moment Beat left with Ivy. He explored town to see the new buildings. "So this is one year of work? Wow."
"My dad's workers didn't do much." sighed a boy behind Link.
"You." growled Link. "Still hating the world?"
"I deserve that. Sorry for what I said to you last time." laughed the pale skinned boy.
Link recalled finding this boy sitting under a tree in the town, he said everyone was disgusting, especially Link. Link gritted his teeth.
"I've changed. Honestly. I was in that mood because my dad didn't mind my sisters' choices in life. One became a maid, and the other raised Cuccoos. He thought becoming a fighter was a waist of time. I was always resting my body when you showed up."
"A family feud? Huh, Caesar, you never cease to find trouble with your father."
"You know those two?" asked Caesar pointing to Beat and Ivy.
"Just the guy. I've got no clue who the girl is. Hey he's being followed!"
"Hmm? Oh that's Gwen! She's staying with Tiffany, I'd leave her. Let's visit my sister." suggested Caesar. He led Link to the Cuccoo Lady's home. He knocked until she answered.
"What is it?" she snapped. When she saw her brother she relaxed.
"Oh Caesar, it's you. And you're the kind boy who gathered my Cuccoos. How did the bottle help?"
"Very well, thank you." nodded Link.
"You still have those kids here Sis'?" asked Caesar.
"The twins? They're both asleep. Let's go get them."

Beat knew he was being watched. The follower was stealthy, but Beat could escape. He went down a back alley and put on the Stone Mask. The person following him revealed himself. He was a taller TerraSlider and wore his blades on his arms.
"Damn, I lost him." he muttered pushing back his silver hair. He passed Beat, unaware that his prey was right next to him.
"Looking for someone?" asked Beat tapping on his hunter's shoulder.
"Yeah a... What the?" he exclaimed looking at Beat. "You! Stay away from Ivy! She's mine!"
"Okay, someone is a little possessive. Ivy asked me to walk with her. What are you her brother?" asked Beat politely.
"I'm her fiancé. She will be married to me after I win this competition!"
"She seemed to avoid talking about that."
"I doubt it. She didn't want to toy with your feelings."
"Are you assuming I have feelings for her? Well I do feel sorry for her having to marry you." shouted Beat.
"I should kill you now!" screamed the TerraSlider, he raised his arm to slash Beat across his face.
"Hey, Gerudo! Need some help?" hollered a deep voice.

Richard awoke to soft hands shaking him, and found Gwen staring at him.
"Ah! For Din's sake don't don't do that!" he screamed.
This woke everyone else up.
"What's going on?" yawned Archer.
"Aww, your so cute!" swooned Gwen.
"Gwen, restrain yourself." ordered Richard. 
Gwen obeyed, but did so reluctantly. She then saw the sun rising.
"Hey, do you wanna go find Peter and Penny?" suggested Gwen.
"Sure why not?" shrugged Navi. "Lead the way."

Link and the twins headed for the outskirts of town. They left the two siblings to talk. The group talked about the whole trip they had before Link joined up.
"Oh, you're entering the contest also?" laughed Link.
"Yeah. He wanted to join so he could see how well he fights. We should get our cart. It's by the potion shop." replied Penny.
"Alright you two get it. I'm gonna go back to my cart. I wanna tell Beat I found you two." suggested Link.
The group then separated. The twins headed towards their cart, Link towards his own. 

Beat jumped back to avoid the slash. He didn't even get a cut on his tunic. He put on his mask and vanished. He ducked under his attackers blades and rolled to his new ally. He unmasked himself and stood next to his savior.
"I don't want anyone being in a fight before the tournament. And I also have an ongoing hatred for TerraSliders." laughed the new arrival.
"Vakan filth!" spat the attacker. He dropped his blades and stepped onto them. He then glided away.
"Thanks for the help. You're a Vakan?"
"Yeah, I'm Vakanos." introduced the Vakan. 
"I'm Beat. You here for the fighting?"
"Yeah. A number of races here. Zora, Goron, Hylian, Human, TerraSlider, you are the first Gerudo. I'm the only Vakan here. I think I saw a child enter too. He was wearing a green tunic and was followed by a fairy."
"A Kokiri?" gasped Beat.
"Yeah, that was the race he said he was. His name was Medo, or something like that."
"Mido!" screamed Beat. "Where is he staying?"
"Where every other entrant is staying. They rented out the windmill for the combatants to sleep in."
"I think I prefer my cart."
This made Vakanos laugh. "I'll help you find him. But first go sign up for the contest."
"I promised I would sign in the same time my friend did." sighed Beat. "But thanks for the help. I hope I get to fight against you. You look like a fun opponent."
"Hmm? You may not want to fight me. The Vakan are trained fighters."
Beat shrugged it off and waved as he left. But after saying goodbye he had to say hello, to Ivy again.
"Oh, hello Ivy." laughed the Gerudo.
"Beat I apologize for what happened." she sobbed hugging him close to her. "Ace just doesn't let me be alone. He demands I marry him. And he's going to use the prize to marry me."
"Relax Ivy. I can handle him. Just stay calm. You can stay with a friend of mine's friend's sister's place."
"That's confusing." she laughed.
"Yeah, it is. What'd I say?"
This made her laugh more. They walked up a hidden staircase along the cliffside surrounding the east half of town. There they found a calm spring.
"Huh. Didn't expect to find that." 
"Oh Beat. It's a perfect place to talk." reassured Ivy.
"Heh, alright. I should warn you though. I end up kissing a girl when I'm alone with her. Or she kisses me."
"Oh really? Maybe I should get it out of the way." teased Ivy. She leaned in to kiss him, but pulled back quickly.
"Oh don't do that! You raised my hopes." whined Beat playfully.
"Hmm? Tell me about the other girls first." she ordered teasingly.

Link found his friends awake with a black haired girl with them.
"You're Gwen? You seemed scarier in the stories about you." taunted Link.
"She's not gonna respond. She is too busy stalking Archer." Richard replied.
Sure enough Archer was running around trying to hide from her. He then remembered his hookshot and pulled himself onto a roof. If this was it's basic mode, what was the true mode like? He thought.
"Beat didn't find you. And the twins weren't at the Cuccoo Chick's house. Now Beat's missing." moaned Tatl.
"No, he's up here! Or at least on the flat part of the cliff. With a pretty girl with white hair. Ooh! They're kissing!" he laughed.
"He certainly found a welcome party." laughed Link.
"Hmm, he seems pretty popular." muttered Tael.
"Relax, he won't kiss me or Navi!" giggled Tatl.
"This is a pretty nice welcome." stated Richard with a smirk.

Beat's head was spinning. He couldn't believe the passion in this kiss. Sure his kiss with Malon was passionate, yet it was also held back. The one with Gwen lacked romance and focused on desire. But this one with Ivy was much different. Her's was full of passion and desire, a perfect kiss. He held her close and kissed her with as much passion as she gave him. When they released each other they were flustered. They gasped at the passionate moment they just had.
"Uh, that was nice." mumbled Beat with a face redder than the rising sun.
"Uh yeah. Good job." replied Ivy, a little embarrassed.
"See you later?" Beat said questionably.
"Maybe. Just pray that Ace didn't see that." 

Ace didn't see it, but Archer did. He smiled, "Beat certainly has a knack for kissing girls. I'm glad he didn't kiss any Kokiri."

Beat joined his friends to find Peter and Penny with them. Their cart next to the one he arrived in.
"Ready to sign in guys?" he asked.
"But you said just you and Link." replied Archer.
"If Mido's entering you can enter. Somehow he beat us here but I bet you can beat him little buddy."
"Cool!" cheered Archer. He ran to Beat and hugged him.
Beat kneeled and whispered "I know you saw, and I assume you probably told the people here. Am I right?"
"Only the twins don't know." whispered Archer. "Sorry, I'm just not used to that. The best I've seen is a quick peck on the cheeks. And the Kokiri Twins don't kiss as long as you did."
"Don't worry. I'll find you someone, as long as she's not Gwen."
"Thank you. Not for the girls, but the no Gwen. She scares me."
"Don't worry, she scares me and Richard too."
And the two shared a private laugh.
End Notes:
Haha, Gwen scares men. She scares me, and I made her.
Festival of Misfortune by Beat15
Author's Notes:
The tournament opening ceremony has begun. A festival is thrown to welcome the fighters, and I weasel my way into the story. Finn and Lukas meet Richard and the twins, and Beat enters rough waters. Has Beat entered a dangerous game called Love?
"I, Archer of the Kokiri, would wish for my friend to gain an army of fighters to save his people."
"I, Beat Grimsley, would wish for assistance in saving my people."
"I, Peter Baker, would wish for a way to save the Gerudo from civil war."
"I, Ace Gold, would wish for my dear friend Ivy's hand in marriage."
"I, Edmund Vanders, would wish for the hand of Princess Zelda in marriage."
"I, Vakanos, would wish for peace between Vakans and TerraSliders."
"I, Ivy Elson, would wish for freedom from Ace Gold."
"I, Mido of the Kokiri, would wish for a meeting with the King."
"I, Link, would wish for assistance in freeing the Gerudo."

"This wish ceremony is taking forever!" muttered Navi.
"Yeah, but did you see Link's face when that Edmund guy said his wish?" giggled Tatl.
"Or Beat's when Ace made his?" laughed Tael.
"Shhhh!" shushed Penny. 
"Hey, that Edmund guy was who helped me find you guys." whispered Gwen.
"Oh, he was the one who knew about us." muttered Richard.
"Sixty-four entrants, sixty-four wishes." moaned Skull Kid.
"Shhh! The knights are speaking!" ordered Penny.

"I, Sir Leonardo, would wish for my brother Richard to become a knight."
"I, Sir Percival, would wish for a wedding of royal proportion for my sweet Emily."
"Alright. That's the final wish. Now our King and Princess, will make their speeches." announced the judge.
"Thank you Ricky." stated the King. "Ladies and gentlemen, Zoras and Gorons, TerraSliders and Vakan, Hylians and Humans, Kokiri and Gerudo. You are all here to fight for a wish. Many of you have wishes for wealth, but some have wishes for peace. I noticed a large group all saying they wanted to help the Gerudo, they all want to save a race they have little relation with. Some want a marriage, to my daughter or not. But the one that caught my eye was the Vakan's wish for peace. He denies his races rivalry with the TerraSliders, and wishes for peace. Tell me is there a better wish?" announced the king.
"I must say I'm surprised Father. You failed to notice the Kokiri joining us for the first time. They have left the forest, and entered our competition. Let us welcome the Kokiri to the outside world." after Zelda's speech, the crowd applauded.
"Good point your majesty. Now, tomorrow the Blazing Fist Fighting Cup, begins. We shall hold a grand festival to kick off the cup. You are all welcome to partake, your friends too. If you have any questions feel free to ask me. I wish you all the best of luck. If you just joined the crowd, I'm Ricky Hudson, royal master of ceremonies. So have a blast at the festival."
The crowd then cheered and went to explore different parts of the town festival.

"Leeooo!" roared Richard running towards his brother.
"Richard?" gasped Leo as he was tackled by his brother.
"Don't ever embarrass me like that!" ordered his brother pounding on his chest.
"Ah, Richard, long time no see." laughed Sir Percival.
"Yeah hey Percy. Now don't do that again Leo!" shouted Richard.
"Hey Leo." greeted Beat. "Richard, get off, or I'll shout to everyone about Maribelle."
"What about Maribelle?" growled a voice behind them.
"Oh, you're her brother. You're exactly how she described you." stated Richard noticing the pale boy behind him. 
"Caesar, lay off, nothing bad is going to be said. Beat doesn't have the heart to do it." laughed Link.
"Link you need a new shield!" gasped Beat.
"Why?" he asked pulling it out.
Beat punched it and it cracked. "It's broken." he laughed. The shield fell apart, and Beat gave an evil stare.
"Right I think I'll go get one." stammered Link running off.
"Wow, strong and handsome." laughed a kind voice behind them. Everyone turned to find Zelda standing behind them.
"Your majesty! I apologize." gasped Beat kneeling in front of her. Everyone followed his example.
"Relax. I thought it was rather amazing you can do that. How did it not hurt?" she asked.
"Practiced it. I punch things a lot. It hurts but doesn't kill. My main fighting style, open hand combat." he laughed standing up.
Richard left with Caesar to ask about something. Link returned to join Beat and Zelda. The knights had wandered off together to find something to eat.
"Hello, Princess." greeted Link.
"Link, Sheik told me you came back. And you have already got your first Sage Warrior." replied Zelda.
"Speaking of which where did Archer go?" asked Beat.
"I saw him head towards the windmill." answered Link. 
"Would you like to meet him Princess?"
"Sure, lead the way, Link." agreed Zelda.
"You two go ahead. I've got some warming up to do. I'll meet you two at lunch." Beat said as he walked off. "That spring will help me, my own meditation." he muttered.

Gwen was following Archer, where to, she didn't know. All she knew was he was adorable, and needed see how cute he could be. Unfortunately he knew she was following him. He ducked off into a back-alley and vanished. She didn't know he used his hookshot to climb onto a roof.
"Hmm. Now I just need to find Mido. Oh there he is!" he thought to himself running along the rooftop.
He dropped next to Mido and scared him.
"Agh, what's wrong with you?" he gasped.
"Why meet the King?" Archer asked.
"To make a law to make it so Kokiri are free from small charges of crime. We aren't sure of laws outside of the forest, so I thought if I talked to the king he'd understand what we were doing." explained Mido.
"I see. Oh look here comes Link. You brought the Gilded Sword, didn't you?"
"Yes I did, and let me leave before he shows up."
Mido ran off before Link arrived with the princess.
"Your majesty, it's a pleasure to meet you. I'm aware you know of what's going on. I'm Archer, Forest Sage Warrior." introduced Archer.
"Relax Archer. I was already told about you. You are quite a loyal friend to Beat." laughed Zelda.
"He's like a brother, he protected me when he didn't even know me." stated Archer staring off. 
"Would you like to join us as we wander the festival?" invited Link.

Richard was around the Willow family home. He saw Tiffany and smiled. Caesar still didn't like him though. Good thing their father wasn't there.
"So how are things at the castle?" asked Caesar staring at the ceiling.
"I've been traveling. Helping a guy named Beat."
"The Gerudo?"asked Tiffany.
"Yeah, I met him at a bar. Took him to see the king because he caught a wanted man. Ended up on a journey to save the Gerudo. I decided to leave the fighting to Beat and Link." explained Richard.
"Oh, so you know those two." sighed Caesar. "Any ideas about Maribelle?"
"Caesar!" moaned Tiffany. "Can't you let him be? He loves our sister."
"Ugh!" he muttered blushing. "I kinda wanted to ask you something about her."
"What is it?" asked the two siblings.
"I want to marry her." he stated still blushing.

Navi was with Skull Kid and his fairies. They roamed the town looking for games. They did find a small stand that caught their attention.
"Oh dear. The imp." hissed the man behind the counter. "I must apologize for this but please leave."
"I already apologized for doing it! I was possessed!" pleaded the Skull Kid. "Besides I've got money to buy a mask."
"Oh really? I'm sorry for my rudeness, please forgive me. Which mask interests you?" asked the Mask Salesmen.
"That one!" laughed the Skull Kid pointing to Keaton mask.
"Ahh, one of my favorites. Here you go, ten rupees please." he said handing his customer the mask. He looked at the rupee he was given. "This is more than it costs."
"It's to show how sorry I am." replied the Skull Kid putting on the mask. He walked off followed by the three fairies.
"Huh. The curse was broken swiftly. Majora's Mask has no more control, and he still begs for forgiveness. My employers will be interested by this." muttered the mask salesmen. For the first time he opened his eyes, and revealed them. They were not bloodshot, like when he's angry, they showed their true color. A pale grey-green, looked upon his wares. "The Goddesses will be surprised by this." he said turning. Then his stand emptied of all wares inside it.
"Did you see that?" asked a Zora to his human friend.
"No, I didn't see that man vanish." denied his friend closing his eyes tight.

Beat stood waist-deep in the spring. It's warm waters preventing his muscles from cramping. He was in his swimming shorts he had Emilia make for him. They repelled the water only letting his body exposed to the water get wet. His movements didn't disturb the calm spring, not even a ripple showed as he moved. He assumed many stances that poised his body to attack. He was so absorbed he didn't notice someone watching him.
"That looks fun. Can I join you?" asked a familiar voice.
"Sure. After all, you probably need to warm up for the fighting." Beat invited. He turned to find Ivy, standing there in a blue swimsuit. 
"I suppose you're right. Do you think this is fitting enough?" she asked with smile.
"Two-piece is your thing. I think it's perfect." reassured Beat walking up to her.
"You certainly know how to flatter a girl." she said teasingly.
"I was cursed with a silver-tongue. My only flaw, besides my fiery temper." laughed Beat. "Feel the water it's warm, so you can do whatever warmups you do without cramping. I always do Sheikah meditation. I could teach it to you."
"Sure, I need relaxation anyway." she replied entering the warm water.
Beat taught Ivy the motions, and soon she was moving without disturbing the water. She calmed quickly, worries leaving her body. She was amazed by Grimsley. She had shared a passionate kiss with him, even thought they hardly knew each other. He had spent the time before sunrise with her, talking about things going on. Neither had mentioned a love-life, but they both felt a bond. They were going to have to find the explanation for these feelings. But it wasn't anytime soon, because they had a visitor.

"I think it's fine." repeated Tiffany.
"And like I said before, I don't!" shouted her brother.
Richard was stuck in a family argument and only one man could stop it. And lucky for Richard, he entered the room.
"Tiff, I'm home... And you've got a visitor." he gasped in surprise. "And Caesar here too?"
"Daddy, you should remember Richard. He was Mary's friend back when we lived in town. He works as a guard now. He asked a question, and I need you to settle this." explained Tiffany.
"Fire away Richard. It's been years since I'd seen you. Mary writes to us about you."
Richard blushed, and then asked, "Can I have your blessing to ask Maribelle to marry me?" 
The man stood there dumbfounded. He looked to his daughter who nodded vigorously, and his son who shook his head. The man wiped his forehead and sat down. "I need a while to digest the question. Can you come back tomorrow?"
"Of course. Take your time." nodded Richard. He rose from his seat and left.
When he exited the home he wiped his brow. He was worried they would say no. Caesar did, will their father say no too? Richard needed a drink. He looked around and saw Skull Kid playing with the fairies. He walked up to his young friend and talked to Navi.
"I'm headed towards a tavern, wanna join me? I'll buy." 
"Richard, our one shared quality. You can count on me to go with you." she laughed turning pink with anticipation.
"Good, let's go. I am way too stressed." he sighed wiping sweat from his brow again. 
At the bar they found the two knights talking to a young guy. He was dressed like a Kokiri but wasn't recognized by Navi. He was cracking jokes that made everyone in the bar laugh.
"And I told the guy, 'I am not going to judge your life style, but you try to sacrifice me to Vaati and I will break you.'" ended the boy. Everyone laughed and several drunks fell out of their chairs.
"Ah, Richard come here!" invited Percy. "This is Finn, he entered the contest. His wish is to find his father. Isn't that a great wish?"
"It's not that important." shrugged Finn. "Leo told me about this Beat guy. He seems well trained. Can you introduce me to him?"
"I would if I knew where he was." sighed Richard. "I had gone to talk to a friend of mine's family. He wanders off a lot. You have to watch for him."
"Please, probably left to find that girl he was with." hiccuped Navi who had stolen a drink of Leo's glass.
"A girl? The sly devil. Who is it?" asked Leo with a laugh.
"I dunno." shrugged Richard. He took a drink of a glass handed to him and wrinkled his face. "What is this crap?"
"Nayru's Brew. It has a different taste for everyone. Mine is pretty sweet." laughed Navi.
"You shouldn't let a fairy drink, they have problems handling it." advised Finn.
"She started on her own. I can't stop her." replied Richard drinking the foul liquid again.

"Hey, Beat?" sighed Ivy.
"What's wrong?" he said turning to her. She then splashed him with a big wave.
"Nothing." she smirked.
Beat pushed his hair away from his eyes and smiled. "It's on!" he laughed before diving under the surface.
They splashed each other for a while. They had been doing the stretches for two hours. They needed to have some fun. Beat dove under Ivy again and slowly resurfaced behind her. She quickly warned him.
"Stay low. Try to get behind one of the rocks over at the other end. Ace is coming I feel it."
He nodded and slowly sunk to the bottom before swimming off to the rocks. He watched Ace walk to the edge of the spring closest to Ivy. He couldn't stand what he was doing to her.
"Hello my sweet. Why are you here all alone?" he asked.
"I was relieving stress through meditation. A friend taught me this." she replied sadly.
"You know, I think we should go enjoy the festival. You and I could go have lunch. I want to talk about your little joke."
"I meant what I said about the wish." she stated.
"Very funny. Now let's go and talk. You are going to marry me!"
"No I won't!" she refused.
"You will obey me!" he shouted. He mounted one blade on his arm and pointed it at her. He advanced blade pointed at her. "Maybe a little humiliation is in order. How about I cut the strings covering your breasts?" 
"Ace don't, please!" she begged.
"Begging will get you nowhere." he cackled.
Beat couldn't stand any more. He jumped onto the rock, and jumped up. He landed beside Ace and landed a firm fist to his stomach.
"I advise you stop there if you wish to keep that blade whole. I can easily snap it in two. Much like I what I can do to the arm attached to it. Leave her. Wait till you win before you start selecting flower arrangements." growled Beat.
Ace saw the hatred in Beat's eyes. He spat on the ground and left. 
"Thank you so much Beat!" sighed Ivy. She ran up to him and hugged him.
"No problem. I can't stand watching people act that way. Especially when it endangers a woman's safety." shrugged Beat.
"Well, you certainly saved me and my dignity. Would you accompany me for lunch?" she invited.
"Certainly. I would love to join you. I believe you haven't heard my violin, or met my friends. But first, we should get you a safe place to stay." rambled Beat.
"I need to change into dry clothes, so look away." ordered Ivy.
"Yes ma'am." saluted Beat before he spun on his heel. He followed a dragonfly's path with his eyes as he waited. "Ivy, keep me waiting and I'll have to peek." he teased.
"Try it, I dare you!" she laughed. He turned to find her blade pointed at him. She was dressed differently. She was wearing a silver-blue dress going down to her knees. She wore her blades on gloves she wore.
"Wow! You look stunning!" gasped Beat. "Were you waiting for me to turn?"
"Yeah. I was. Thanks for the compliment. Now let's get my stuff from the windmill." she said pulling him along.
Beat had been dragged several times, but he enjoyed Ivy's the best. He could get used to her hands. He felt something for her. "But you said the same to Malon," he thought to himself. "Why am I always getting feelings for the girls I meet?"
"Oh dear. Ace is in there, I can't get my things." she whined.
"On the contrary, you are in the presence of a Gerudo. I'm bred to steal. Plus a Stone Mask helps. You wear it, I'll distract him." he then ran inside.
"Why did I fall for an idiot?" she muttered as she put on the mask. She walked in and saw Beat sneaking behind Ace. She laughed when he yanked her bag from under him.
"You ass!" screamed Ace.
"That's rude." teased Beat.
"I'll crush you!"
"I don't think that will be fun." replied Beat sadly.
Ace equipped the blades to his boots and dashed at Beat. He let out a roar and charged.
"Oh shit!" gasped Beat. He jumped out of a open window and ran screaming "Shit, shit, shit, shit!" 

Richard walked outside accompanied by Finn. As he walked out he saw a body laying on the ground, blood oozing out of it's body. 
"He's a human." gasped Finn.
"Get the knights. I'm gonna try and help him." 
"Right." nodded Finn.
Richard pulled a pack out and started stitching the gashes.
"Leave me," gasped the man. "I don't have much time. Beware the man with fiery hair." after that final warning.
"I'm not letting you die!" shouted Richard.
His shout attracted the attention of the local guards. They saw Richard covered in blood and arrested him. As he was dragged off he saw the knights and waved. His brother was outraged but the guards held him back.
"Hey, do you think I can make bail?" asked Richard sarcastically.
"Quiet murderer!" shouted a guard.
When they finally dropped him in a cell, he sighed. He sat on the cold hard floor. 
"Damn it!" he roared. "Jacob, he did this. He has to be the one."
"SHUTTUP!" shouted the guard.
"Screw you!" howled Richard.

"Your majesty, this is an outrage!" roared Leo bursting into the king's chamber.
"Leo, Percy, what's wrong?" gasped the king.
"Richard's been arrested for murder. He was covered in the blood of a man he was trying to save. The guards wouldn't listen to me. They tossed him into a cell, I know it! Oh I'm gonna kill someone!" howled Leo.
"Leo, you are my friend, and I know you only mean the best. But you will be no better than the man who got your brother arrested. So snap out of it!" shouted Percy seizing his friend by the scruff of his shirt.
"This is an outrage! Granville, go pay Richard's bail. I will go find those guards."
"Two things your majesty. One stop calling me Granville," started Ricky, the royal master of ceremonies, "and two, another body was found. This one was a Zora. Same slash marks as the human. Both were registered in the competition."
"Dear Farore!" gasped Percy.
"Two murders and it's not even night. How were they killed in broad daylight?" shouted Leo. "Ricky, forget my brother for now. Get Zelda, bring her here."
"Zelda first, then Richard." nodded Ricky as he ran out he door.
"I pray for her safety." sighed Percy.

Link, Zelda, and Archer were visiting several food booths getting junk food.
"Man, this candy stuff is great." laughed Archer.
"Haha, Archer you haven't seen anything yet. Wait till you try meat. It let's you grow muscle." laughed Link.
"Where does meat come from?" asked Archer.
"I think we should tell you later, after you've tried it." suggested Zelda. 
They laughed and talked until they heard shouting. Coming from two directions. One was Beat, with shouts of fear. The other Richard, shouts of anger. Beat's seemed to be closing in on them, and it was.
"Look out, I've got a crazy fan!" warned Beat as he passed his friends.
"That's that Ace guy! Archer stay with Zelda, I'm gonna go help Grimsley!" ordered Link rushing towards his friend.
"What the hell just happened?" asked Zelda.
"I don't know. But is that the master of ceremonies?" replied Archer.
"Princess, you need to return to your residence, now! It's not safe." warned Ricky. "Young Archer, please tell her to do as I advise."
"I think you should, he looks worried." advised Archer.
Suddenly an ear-piercing scream filled the air. They then saw a man with a black cloak circling him. Only a blazing red eye was visible.
"Where's Grimsley?" he roared.
"Run!" shouted Archer grabbing his hookshot. 
He ran forwards and aimed it at the monsters head. But before he could release the claw, the beast turned and faced him. A dark fear ran through Archer's body as he looked into the eyes.
"You!" hissed the beast.
"Oh Dear Nayru, I'm screwed!" he screamed.

Beat heard the scream of his friend and stopped running. He turned and ran back towards Archer. He jumped over Ace, and ran. He grabbed Link and followed Archer's voice. When he found Archer he was pinned to the ground, a monster in a black cloak sat on him with a jagged sword pointed at his neck.
"Let him go!" ordered Beat.
"Grimsley, I finally get my revenge." cackled the hooded monster. It rose and stood tall. Clenching it's fist around the blades handle. "This is for what you did to me in Baygreen!" it howled lunging towards him. But it was cut down by a flying kick by Ace.
"If anyone's killing Grimsley, it's me. But I know you kill for pleasure, not vengeance." 
"Hmmmm? You think that can stop me?" roared the beast. It rose and revealed it's face.
"Oh my goddesses!" gasped Link.
"Wavecrasher, I thought I killed you." sighed Beat. "You caused quite a stir."
"I assume you know who brought me back right?" cackled the former pirate.
"Judging by the lack of a face I'd say Skull King. But you were enhanced by Jacob. And I assume he let you stay in control so you would fight the same too."
"Not bad kid. But now you will pay for killing me, Onua Wavecrasher!" he howled.
"Link, get everyone away from here. The guy is dangerous, and won't hesitate to hold a hostage."
"No Beat, I'm staying. This guy is strong." denied Link.
"I'm staying too." nodded Ace.
"Count me in." added Archer, forming his symbol on his eye. He drew his hookshot and something happened.
It glowed green and enveloped Archer's right arm. When the glowing ceased he had a metal hand. It was the same green as the medallion shining in the palm. The metal climbed up Archer's arm, forming a protective shield around his arm. He noticed a small bulge near his hand. He looked and saw a fiercely polished spearhead inside. He then recalled Saria's explanation of what it could do. 

"Come on, let me out! People are in danger, let me help them!" screamed Richard as he pounded on his cells bars. "Let me out, please." he sobbed.
"Well only because you said please." laughed a familiar voice.
"Gwen, I never thought I'd be glad to see you." laughed Richard as he ran out and hugged her. "Where're the twins?"
"Safe. They stayed with Ms. Willows. Now come on, you're needed by Beat." 
"Right." nodded Richard. He ran to an armory and found a rapier, and a staff. "Use this." he ordered handing it to her.
"I'm not helping!" she exclaimed.
"It's so you can protect yourself, now go to the twins." he ordered. 

Ivy could feel the danger. She dropped her stuff off at Beat's cart and then flew across town using her bladed shoes. She saw the small group facing a skeletal figure. She decided to try a sneak attack. With a leap in the air she shouted to get it's attention.

"Ivy!" gasped Beat. He saw her plan and waited till everyone was ready. When she shouted he unleashed a narrow flame column that enveloped the monsters head. Link lunged forward and used his special spin-attack. Archer shot the spear through it's head. And Ace jumped up to bring a bladed boot crashing into the skull. The monster fell apart after the skull was destroyed. All that remained was the sword, and a red spirit.
"Damn you all!" it roared. "Now I'll never regain my body! I was a Bone General. I had power, why am I being defeated by children? My lords forgive me!" he roared as he dispersed in embers.
"I'm considering keeping the sword. Anyone else want it?" asked Beat.
Nobody answered so he brought it along with him. He found Richard running towards them, as they left the battleground.
"Are you guys alright?" asked Richard.
"Fine. Now take us to the king." replied Beat gruffly.
"I think I should, instead." answered a new voice. Suddenly Leo appeared next to them. "I'm here to inform you that the king would like to speak to all combatants participating in the contest. Richard, you come too."

When all members of the tournament gathered they were greeted by the king.
"Attention all contestants! We will be canceling the tournament." 
This was greeted by several shouts.
"This is ridiculous! We traveled for days to get here!"
"Just because a spirit attacks?"
"All of you silence!" roared the master of ceremonies. "Two entrants were killed by that spirit! A Zora by the name of Cobal, and a human named Luke. We are short two fighters, that's why we are canceling."
"Well, maybe we could get two more entrants." shouted a male voice. The owner of it stepped forward onto the stage. "I'll enter. Jackson Fright, wishing to gain access to the royal library."

"Link, your Triforce is glowing." whispered Beat.
"Your Antriforce is too." replied Link.
"He seems familiar, I don't like him." muttered Archer.

"Alright one new entrant. Now we need one more." announced Ricky. "I believe I know who else can enter. Richard Mellow, please step forward."
"Oh crap." murmured Richard as he walked up.
"Your wish?" laughed Ricky.
"I wish to marry Maribelle Willow, a royal maid." he replied boldly.
"Alright new contestants. I wish you all stay safe. We may not be under the attack of just one person. Please enjoy your lunch." shouted King Hyrule before leaving.

"Din, why did you make me enter?" sighed Richard.
"Relax, you dont have to join the Gerudo Corps." joked Beat. "Besides, I may be changing my wish."
"What do you mean?" asked Link, following his friends gaze. "Who's she?" he asked looking at the white haired girl in a blue dress.
"Ivy. She helped us, I should help her. She is being forced to marry someone she hates." explained Beat.
"Hey Beat we've got a visitor at our carts!" hollered Penny.
"Come on let's go." shouted Beat as he and his friends ran towards their carts. Beat's heart sank when he saw who it was.
"Malon?" gasped Link.
"Fairy-Boy!" she laughed running up to him. "I knew you were nearby if Epona was here."
Beat tried to sneak off but was seized by Richard.
"Beat!" exclaimed Malon. She ran up to him and hugged him.
"Hey, Malon." sighed Beat half-heartily.
"What's wrong?" she asked.
"Well, you see I... I'm... I, oh dammit! I.. I am too confused!" screamed Beat running off.
"What happened?" yawned Gwen, awaking from a nap she had in one of the carts. "Oh, it's you."
"Gwen. No! Bad girl." shouted Penny throwing a pouch at her. It hit Gwen, and knocked her out cold. 
"What did I do?" sobbed Malon.
"It's not you Malon. He's just a little conflicted right now." explained Richard. "I think we should tell you what we're really doing."

"Dammit, shit!" screamed Beat as he entered the Graveyard. He ran to back and saw a fenced off area. Perfect for someone trying to get away from people. He jumped up and entered the cave. He found a platform similar to the one he saw in the Forest Temple. "A temple?" he gasped.
"The Shadow Temple." stated an unfamiliar voice.
"Are you the Shadow Sage?" asked Beat turning to face a large female Sheikah.
"Yes, I am Impa, one of the last Sheikah."
"No, you're not the last Sheikah." denied Beat.
"And why do you say that?" she asked lowering her head to look him in the eyes.
"I was raised by a whole tribe of Sheikah. We're by a town called Lanru, full of Sheikah. You should visit."
"I'm not alone?" she gasped.
"No." replied Beat shaking his head. "Now if you'll excuse me I need to go wallow in self-torment and hatred. I'm having troubles." he sighed.
Impa watched as he crawled into a corner and hung his head. "His appearance is similar to the boy of the legend," she thought.

"Wait, that's why he's like that?" asked Malon.
"Yeah, he's probably torn trying to find who it is he cares for more." comforted Penny hugging Malon.
"I just wish we could help." sighed Archer.
"I feel his pain." stated Link leaning against the cart. "Surrounded by girls who care for you, and you are really close. I am in the same situation. Just not with two girls."
"Hey I'm a perfect candidate too!" hissed Gwen grabbing Link.
"I still have more than three. There are even girls in Termina, I have feelings for. Romani, Cremia, those two had me torn. Plus I have three here in Hyrule. I'm not even counting Ruto, she scares the piss out of me." explained Link. "It's hard to make a choice when people love you, but its harder when you love more than one of them. I kinda feel relieved though. I now know one of them doesn't like me that way. Wait I just remembered, Cremia thought of me as a friend! Dammit, I had my ego tricking me. Now I'm tied with him."
"Who just left your list?" asked Gwen.
"Never mind that. We are talking about Beat."
"Hey Link, weren't we having lunch with Her?" nudged Archer.
"Right, sorry we gotta go." waved Link running off with Archer.
"Great, left with an imp, three fairies, a man-eater, and the twins. Malon I can handle, everyone else, hell no." muttered Richard getting up. "I'm gonna look for Grimsley.
As he walked away he ran into Ivy.
"Umm, excuse me?" she asked.
"Yeah?" replied Richard.
"Is that Beat's cart?" she asked pointing to the cart Skull Kid sat in.
"Yeah, why? You need to talk to Beat?"
"He said I could come by after the announcement. I left my stuff here before I went to help him with the demon thing."
"You're Ivy, he told me about you. I must say, you picked a horrible time to come here. A girl named Malon is..."
"Oh? Malon? Beat told me about his kiss with her. Is he there?"
"No, he ran off screaming he was confused. He's torn between you and Malon. I was about to go look for him. Wanna join me?"
"Yeah, I wanted to talk to Beat about something over lunch." she sighed.
"Don't worry, if we don't find him I'll treat you to lunch." smiled Richard.

"Ok, I think I'm calm." sighed Beat. He had begun doing Sheikah Meditation to relieve his stress. 
"May I ask what's troubling you?" replied Impa.
"It's girls. I'm torn between two of them. A Hylian named Malon, and a TerraSlider named Ivy. I have feelings for both of them, but I can't tell who they're stronger for." explained Beat.
"I must say, you are quite entertaining. I've heard of you from Nabooru, and Saria. You are hiding from the problems you have again. With this one you need to realize someone is going to be hurt. Nabooru warned you, now someone will get hurt. I will train you with my family's secret style. Then I will give you some clothes that you can fight in."
"Alright. I think I know who I feel stronger for anyway. But alright let's start training."

Link and Archer joined Zelda for a nice salad lunch. They ate near the gate to Death Mountain. They were just finishing up when a boulder came rolling down towards them. Link jumped up and stood in front of his friends, shielding them. But the boulder popped open revealing Darunia.
"Hello my friends!" he laughed heartily. "I thought I'd come see the tournament. Several Gorons entered you know."
"My brother!" cheered Link running to his Sworn Brother. He quickly regretted it for he was trapped by a death hug.
"Darunia you're crushing him!" gasped Zelda.
"Oops! Sorry Brother."
"Ki..kill me, end my suffering!" wheezed Link.
"Ok." shrugged Archer pointing his hookshot at Links head.
"Don't do it!" screamed Link cowering on the ground.
"Gotcha." laughed Archer.

Ivy and Richard had no luck. They searched the entire town.
"Did we check the graveyard?" asked Richard.
"Yes, three times!" sighed Ivy. "Where is he?"

Beat collapsed onto the cold hard floor. He was exhausted. She showed him a technique he knew he saw before, but never mastered.
"That was my brothers style. I had just learned it when we were separated. Oh Timber, wherever you are, be glad to know your teachings will live on."
"Wait," wheezed Beat. "Timber? His name's Timber? I knew the style was familiar! It's Chief Timber's style." he laughed sitting up.
"My brother is your chief?" gasped Impa.
"Yeah, I tried his teachings for a day, but my adopted mother Emilia made me stop."
"Emilia's alive?"
"Oh yeah, since you're related to Chief, you're related to Emilia because she's his sister. Wait that makes you my aunt. So..."
"You call me Auntie Impa and I will snap your neck."
"Threat acknowledged. Shutting up now." replied Beat in panic.
"You finished the training so I'm giving you a change of clothes. I know how Emilia will react. I'll step outside while you change."
Beat observed the shirt he was given. It was tough, and light. 
"Huh, tough to prevent tears, and a nice feature no sleeves. Black, Ooh with the Crying Eye symbol on the chest, perfect!" he laughed.
He pulled off his tunic, dropping his sword onto the ground with his hookshot. He pulled the new shirt on, and approved of the fit. He then put on the gloves Talon had given Richard. "They match." he thought. He looped the cord holding his spell next to his bombchu bag on his belt. He decided to place the rapiers scabbard across his back, and tucked the hookshot into his bombchu bag. He tossed his empty knife sheath aside, and found some bandages. He wrapped around his elbows down to his gloved hands.
"Hey Impa, have any war paint?" shouted Beat.
"Yes, do you want some?"

Richard had convinced Ivy to look one more time before quitting. Good thing he did. When she entered the graveyard she saw a Dark-skinned boy, with Hylian ears standing on the large headstone in the back. He noticed her and smiled. He then vanished only to reappear next to her.
"Hi Ivy." he greeted.
She screamed, and then slapped him. "Stop doing that! And where've you been? And what happened to you? And..."
"I am going to stop you there. Let's get that lunch I promised you." he laughed.

Richard sat on a crate a short walk from the graveyard. What he saw surprised him. He saw Ivy, return with a completely different Beat.
He had strange symbols painted on his arms. A Sheikah crest on his chest. Plus he now had a gold ring in his left ear. 
"Hey Richard." greeted the new Beat.
"What the hel..." started Richard.
"Don't you start that too!" growled Beat.
"Where were you?" asked Richard.
"Spending time with some distant family. I met my aunt, and told her where to find her siblings." shrugged Beat. "She pieced my ear too!"
"Enough! I am starving, now one of you two men feed me!" ordered Ivy pushing them.
"No blades?" yawned Beat, "where'd you leave 'em?"
"Your campground." she replied. "Now let's go before I eat Richard!" 
"I'm gonna pass. I think I'll head back to camp." sighed Richard. He waved goodbye as Beat and Ivy headed off towards a stand.
Richard strolled back into camp to find Malon more relaxed.
"Hey there young Ms. Lon." laughed Richard. "Feeling better?"
"Much, after Gwen left I was much more relaxed. Peter ran off with Skull Kid. Now Penny is entertaining the fairies." explained Malon.
"Ah, I see. Well, I came to relax." he sighed climbing into the cart. But he was greeted by a scream from Penny and fell onto his behind.
"What happened?" asked Malon looking at Richard's glowing red face.
"He peeked at me changing!" shouted Penny.
"Penelope, you should of told me so I could have kept him from entering. Your fault, not his." explained Malon.
"Alright, sorry Richard." apologized the embarrassed girl.
"Hey Malon, why'd you come to town?" asked Tael landing on her shoulder.
"Oh? I was coming to watch the tournament." replied Malon.
"No other reason?" asked Tatl, hinting at something.
"Nope." answered Malon.

Beat and Ivy had decided to get a picnic lunch and take it to their small spring. Beat pulled out two glasses, and handed her a glass.
"Watch this." he advised taking an orange they had in the basket. He pinched the juice from the fruit, emptying it into her glass. "Freshly-squeezed." he laughed. He then took a piece of the orange rind and put in his mouth, making him look like a fool.
Ivy burst out laughing at her friends antics. "Beat, you are hilarious. I love that about you."
"And here I thought it was my devilish looks." he laughed.
"Oh shut up!" she laughed giving him a push.

Peter was getting to know some of the entrants. He met with a boy named Lukas, who was here to cheer for his friend Finn. Finn was off looking for somebody.
"Do you know where he is?" asked Peter.
"Huh, I doubt it. He was look for someone named Rimbey, or something like that. I have no clue where he went." sighed Lukas.
"I know where Finn is." laughed Peter.
"Where?" asked Lukas.
"Behind you." replied a voice.
They turned and found Finn with a new shield. He had a large bow that he wore across his back. And at his side was a beautiful sword that gave off an air of purity.
"Nice to meet you Finn. I'm Peter, and the girl running towards us is my sister Penelope." introduced Peter.
"Hey there. I'm just stopping off. I can't find Beat, and Richard isn't in prison anymore."
"Wait Richard was in prison? I'm gonna go kill him now. Feel free to stay." stated Penny running off.
"I think I've doomed Richard." laughed Finn.
The sun began to set and everyone gathered in front of the well. They were holding practice matches there to warm-up the fighters. Only eight were going to fight, but it was exciting. The eight entrants were Ace, Beat, Vakanos, Finn, a boy named Allen Shade, Sir Percival, Link, and Peter. The fights were decided by King Hyrule himself. He paired Link and Percival, Vakanos and Finn, Ace and Beat, and Allen and Peter. "Good luck." wished Richard and his friends. "Heh, Link needs the luck, I've got skill on my side." laughed Beat. "Don't get yourself beaten before the competition." pleaded Malon. "You're doubting him? Beat will win for sure." stated Archer.  "All right, all right, nobody thinks I'll win. Let's go Grimsley." sighed Link dragging Beat. "Wait! Your taking me away from my adoring fans!" shouted Beat. Beat found himself on a special bench for those participating in the fight. He sat next to his Vakan friend and Finn. "Oh, you're Beat?" asked Finn. "Yeah. I am. You are?" "Finn. I lived with the Kokiri for awhile. But I left when I was told I was Hylian. I heard stories about my father, so now I'm searching for him. But enough about me. I want to know about you. Leo told me about how you fight. I wanna face you in the finals of this." "Alright, I'll see you there. Ooh, nice block Percival." muttered Beat. Link battled well, he blocked most attacks with his shield, and rolled under Percy to trip him. Link hopped onto the knight's back and pinned him to the ground. Link held his sword against his neck until the knight conceded the fight. "Next fight, Finn versus Vakanos." announced Ricky. "Good luck you two." sighed Beat leaning back. "How'd I do?" asked Link sitting next to his friend. "Pretty good, until you pinned him. You left your left side unguarded when you dropped your shield." "Aww who cares?" yawned Link. "Your opponent. If he can find an opening to attack you he will use it. Percival probably didn't do anything to preserve his energy for tomorrow." explained Beat. Link lowered his head, realizing he was allowed to win. Finn and Vakanos fought really well. Vakanos used a giant halberd against his Hylian opponent. But Finn was unaffected by the size of the weapon. He used a sword to ferociously attack the weapon causing it to vibrate fiercely. When the vibrations were too much the Vakan dropped his weapon, allowing Finn to attack. Finn jumped at the Vakan but was grabbed by the arms and thrown aside. "Haha, I'm a blacksmith, I'm used to vibrations like that!" laughed the Vakan warrior. Finn rolled to his feet and slammed his shield onto his opponent's back, causing him to fall to his knees. Finn sheathed his sword and drew a bow and notched a shaft. "One move and I'll shoot!" he shouted. The Vakan raised his hands, sighing "I surrender." "Wow, what an upset! Now it's time for Ace versus Beat." announced the referee. "I'm up!" laughed Beat. Ivy watched from the sidelines as Beat began to fight Ace. Beat seemed so relaxed. He made his foe look like a fool as he dodged effortlessly. He tripped to avoid a flying tackle, and rubbed his head comically asking how Ace ended up on the ground. "That boy is a fool." laughed a voice behind her. "Relax, I'm just here to enjoy Grimsley's show. It still amazes me he had to let Archer fight Jacob to win." "You're Edmund, that guy who wanted to marry Princess Zelda." she replied. "Yes, and I think my friend was a fool to lose to him." Beat laid on the ground looking at stars as he waited for Ace's next attack. "Look! Nayru's Gown, that constellation always looked beautiful." he shouted rising to point out the formation. As he did that Ace planted his blade into the ground. "Dammit, quit playing around!" roared Ace. "But I'm having so much fun!" he whined. "Fine, but you'll need some new blades when I'm done." Beat then rose to his feet. He cracked his knuckles, and shivered with anticipation. "I'll give you one last attack before I start getting serious." His taunt made Ace turn red as he lunged for the Gerudo. But this time, instead of dodging the blades, he caught them. "Hmm, not steel, easy." Beat smiled and snapped the edges off of the blades, making them useless. "My turn." Beat then punched Ace right in the stomach and sent him flying toward a wall. Before He smashed into it Beat caught him, and threw him towards the stars. Beat then jumped against a wall, kicked himself off launching towards Ace. He grabbed Ace by the collar of his shirt and slammed him into the well. There was a great splash, that soaked Ricky on his stage. Beat climbed out and shook himself dry. Ace crawled out and laid there shivering. "Sorry, I warned you." laughed Beat as he walked off. "I'm not done!" shouted Ace. He tried to rise but fell. "I'm not done." "Save it for tomorrow. Besides you need to fix your little blades." Beat replied sternly. Richard was amazed at what he saw. So was the rest of the crowd. They all stood silent as Beat walked to the bench where the other fighters waited.  Malon was amazed that Beat had been hiding his strength. But she then recalled the day she saw him show his dark-side. He seemed to have been protective, but was that even a fraction of his power? Archer laughed. He was told by Saria and Will how Beat had fought Jacob when he had passed put. Exactly as he pictured it. The well was a good extra added in, he got to see people get soaked. Ivy's reaction was different than the others. She cheered when the crowd was silent. She was truly happy to see Ace beaten. Her cheers motivated Beat's friends to cheer. First Link, then Archer, Richard, Gwen, Malon, Penny, Peter, even Finn and Vakanos. The entire audience cheered at the amazing fight. "After that fight, we have a stunning victory by Beat Grimsley. Next up, Peter versus Allen. Can someone get me a towel?" shouted Ricky, master of ceremonies. "I'm drenched." sighed Beat. He wiped the smeared war patterns off his arms and removed the soggy bandages. "I need to dry these." "Hey, nice fight!" congrafulated Finn. "Thanks. You know you two are fighting next, right?" "Yeah. But we know each other, even though it's been awhile since we've seen each other, right Finn?" asked Link. "Yeah, we finally get to have a fight against each other." laughed Finn. "Huh, friends facing each other in combat. Who will win?" sighed Beat. "I dunno, but I know Peter's having a tough time." replied Link pointing to the fight. Peter was not doing well. He was being pushed around by this kid and his staff. Every attack was blocked and countered. Peter was getting mad. He was also getting sloppier. He swiped at his foe with the rapier he borrowed from Richard, but had it knocked out of his hands. Then Allen began hitting Peter all over. He knocked him to the ground and twirled his staff pointing an end at Peter's forehead. "I'd surrender now." stated Allen straddling Peter's downed body. "Well I'd do this!" shouted Peter kicking his opponent in between his legs.  The whole male audience gasped in pain. Allen eyes watered and a tear rolled down his cheek as he fell onto his side. Peter ran to retrieve his weapon, but before he reached it Allen threw the staff at Peter. It hit him in the back of the head knocking him out cold. "Allen Shade wins. Next up, semifinal match one Link versus Finn." announced the host. He still had a towel draped across his shoulders. "Good luck." laughed Beat. Princess Zelda sat bored in her seat. She wanted to be closer to the fight and watch. She watched Link's fight closely like everyone else. Beat sat in silence watching the two boys fight. He watched as the attacker would be pushed into a defensive stance quickly. Finn was often on the offensive, but Link dodged the sword swipes and blocked once. He put his shield up and rolled aside to avoid a downward slash. He jumped up and tried to pounce on his foe. "Tsk, idiot." muttered Beat. Link jumped right into Finn's shield making his nose bleed. Link wiped the blood and dodged a horizontal slash. He backflipped to avoid a stab and landed in the well. Link climbed up and was quickly ceased by Finn and pinned to the ground by his friend. Finn stood on Link's arm, and had his sword pointed at Link's right eye. "I give." muttered Link. "Wow, that lasted longer than I thought." laughed Beat walking out to help him up. "Link is defeated. He will get to face the loser of the next fight to see who places third in this fight. Beat and Allen are fighting next." "Hey Allen, I think you're gonna die!" shouted a girl slightly older than him. "Shut up Alice, I can handle this." he shouted back. Beat stood in the center of the ring, waiting for his opponent with a grin. "I hope you don't mind me saying I'm gonna win without moving from this spot." yawned Beat. "Big words." muttered Allen. "Fight!" shouted Ricky. Beat stayed his ground dodging every attack. "Miss, miss, miss." laughed Beat moving his head to avoid swipes. "Miss!" "Shut up!" howled Allen swinging at Beat's feet. "Another miss." sighed Beat as he jumped and landed on the staff. "I'd let go if you don't want this getting broken like Ace's toys." advised Beat. Allen refused to let go and tried to lift Beat with the staff. "Huh, they never learn." muttered Beat. He lifted one leg and brought it down snapping the staff like a toothpick. "If you wanna try again I'll understand." Allen roared and swung with the portion of his staff he still had. "Oh my, looks like I'm gonna stay true to my word." laughed Beat. He kicked the part of the staff he had under his feet up and caught it. It was small but would serve it's purpose. Beat threw the hunk of wood he had at his opponent and hit him in the head. Allen fell to the ground clutching his head. "Oww! Ow, ow ow ow!" screamed Allen. "Beat wins." laughed Ricky clutching his sides. "Next we'll have Link versus Allen for third." "Screw that! I'm going to fix my staff!" shouted Allen stalking off. "Link wins by default." shrugged Ricky. "Finn versus Beat. Now prepare for your fight." Finn walked into the ring and shook hands with Beat. "Good luck Beat." "You too."  nodded Beat. "Ready? Begin!"  Beat jumped back to avoid the first swipe of Finn's sword. Finn sheathed his sword and drew his Mad Bow. He notched a shaft and fired at Beat. "Oh please." yawned Beat. He grabbed the arrow out of the air and snapped it in half. Beat then vanished from everyone's sight. He reappeared next to Finn. "He's not there anymore." he whispered in Finn's ear. Finn jumped back and drew his sword and shield. "I don't know how you did that, but you're not gonna sneak up on me again." "I just did." whispered Beat in his ear again. Finn swing his sword at thin air. Beat stood next to the well and waved. He then dashed towards Finn. Finn raised his shield to defend himself. "Thats not gonna work." muttered Link. Beat punched the shield and it broke in two. Finn gasped in shock but that made matters worse. Beat seized Finn by his collar and pulled him close. "You're gonna get wet." he laughed. Beat threw Finn into the well, and laughed as Finn made a big splash.  "I give, just get me out!" laughed Finn. Beat helped him out and shook hands. Finn them pushed Beat into the well. "Not cool Finn!" he shouted climbing out. Richard pulled Beat out, and punched Beat on the shoulder. "Not bad." "Just shut up." growled Beat. "Congrats Beat." laughed Link. "Great job!" cheered Archer. "Huh? What happened?" yawned Peter. "Beat won moron." sighed Penny. "Guys please stop. I'm exhausted." wheezed Beat. "Beat Grimsley, please come to the podium." shouted Ricky. "You're required to claim your prize." "There was a prize?" gasped Richard. Beat claimed the reward of a kiss from Princess Zelda. Beat blushed after the kiss. He rubbed his cheek where she kissed him. He wandered away and was confronted by Malon. "So, you enjoy the kiss?" she asked. "A little. I mean how often do you get kissed by royalty?" he shrugged nervously. "I've kissed royalty." she laughed moving closer to him. "Oh? Who told you?" "Richard. Now, could I kiss the king again?" she asked getting close enough to reach him. "I don't know, there's kind of another girl. She..." "Do you love her?" she asked. "Yes, but I..." "Love me too?" "You read me like a book." "Just so you know, I won't give you up without a fight." she stated poking him in the stomach. She then kissed him before running off. "Oh my goddesses why am I in this situation?" he sighed. Link then came running towards Beat. He grabbed him and began shaking the Gerudo. "How'd it feel?" "What?" "How'd it feel being kissed by Zelda?" he said shaking him. "Alright. I mean she kind of kissed the king of Gerudos. So yeah, it was ok." "I hate you." sighed Link. "Come on. Everyone is eating at the cart. Richard made soup." "Food, best thing I've heard all night!" cheered Beat running to the carts. Malon walked up to Zelda, and curtsied. "Hello Princess." "Malon, great to see you!" greeted Zelda hugging her friend. "What's wrong?" "Beat. I can't figure him out." she sighed. "I doubt anyone can. He seems pretty confusing." "I mean, I can't figure out who he loves! I love him, but does he love me too?" she sobbed, tears filling her eyes. "Malon relax!" comforted Zelda stroking Malons red hair. "He will tell you how he feels." "He also said there was someone else." she cried. "Malon, well then you have to fight for him. Hurry up and win him before I try to take a shot at it." teased Zelda. "Alright, I will try to win him over, before he falls for that Ivy girl." "I must say, your soup is amazing Richard!" cheered Archer. Skull Kid nodded in agreement.  "I Love it!" sighed Ivy in joy. "Heh, soup makes us happy!" stated Link holding out his bowl for more. Beat laughed with his friends. He was relaxed. Things couldn't get any worse than they had been today. Oh wait, they could. After everyone fell asleep Ivy crawled next to Beat. "Mind if I lay with you? My blanket isn't that warm." "Sure, I'd love to make you happy." whispered Beat. "Why don't you let me make you happy?" she whispered with an evil grin. She pulled the blanket across the two of them and laid on top of him. She pulled him close to her, and kissed him passionately until they fell asleep. Beat found himself with Ganondorf and Nabooru. But they weren't in the same void they usually met in. "Like my new quarters?" asked Ganondorf.   "Real cozy." shrugged Beat. "What's up?" "You've got two people targeting you, both work for Skull King." explained Nabooru. "No idea who, but we know it. One had to have entered, but the other couldn't so they had a Bone Soldier go around killing contestants." suggested Ganondorf.  "Jackson has to be one!" exclaimed Beat. "Maybe, or maybe they wanted him as a target, Richard too." sighed Ganondorf. "But we know they will reveal themselves. Plus you have a radar to find out who one is. Your Antriforce." reassured Nabooru. "But this isn't my main message. You seemed to forget my advice." "Which bit? Because if it's running your wrong I run a lot." joked Beat. "No, choosing a girl and not breaking any hearts." reminded Nabooru. "You have to cut him a break. He's young, and you couldn't expect Ivy showing up." sighed Ganondorf. "Alright, quit talking about my love life! Sheesh, my life isn't a romance novel!" shouted Beat. "Just be prepared. Someone will end up hating you." warned Nabooru, as she turned into mist. "Oh don't mind her. Enjoy your stay here." Ganondorf laughed plopping onto a sofa. "It is a nice place." sighed Beat relaxing in a cozy chair. "Yeah, the sages moved me into a less isolated realm. Of course I'm still banished, but I was given more freedom. I even get a few books to read. I'm mainly focusing on finding more about the Antriforce." "Alright congrats. But if you'll excuse me, I've got to rest for tomorrow. First round starts. And they decided to make it so a new round every day. I'll see you next time I pass out." sighed Beat before he vanished. Beat found himself back in camp. He was hugging Ivy close to him. He smiled and pulled her closer to him. He kissed her on her head, and went back to sleep. "I guess I'm going to hurt someone, but I couldn't stand hurting you Ivy." he whispered. "I love you Grimsley." she muttered. "I love you too, Elson." he sighed holding her closer.
The First Round by Beat15
Author's Notes:
The day has begun not only the fighting competition, but also new friendships, new encounters, and new enemies.
"Pssst! Ivy wake up." whispered Link shaking her.
"What?" she yawned realizing she was still wrapped in Beat's arms.
"Penny told us whoever is entered in the tournament that is asleep at eight would be receiving a rude awakening." explained Peter.
"We know it involves a rock, so we thought we'd help you." added Link.
She looked to Beat and saw his eye was slightly opened. He smiled and moved his arm off of her.
"I guess I'll watch." she shrugged crawling away from her love.
The group all watched as Penny walked up with a heavy rock. She hefted it up and threw it at Beat's stomach. His eyes snapped open and he balanced himself on his hands and kicked the rock to get it to hit Peter in the head. It bounced too and hit Link also.
"Tadaa! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go get ready. I've got to get new bandages and repaint my symbols." yawned Beat. "Call me for breakfast."

Zelda yawned as she crawled out of her bed. She was excited to see how the first round will end. She looked over to her guest sleeping on a sofa. Malon looked peaceful sleeping. She turned her head to reveal her face. She had a warm smile that perked the princess up.
"When she gets Beat she'll be happier than a Zora in water." laughed Zelda.

Link and Richard went to the fighting grounds to see who else was ready. They were greeted by the two knights.
"Hey you two." waved Percy.
"Hey." replied Link. Richard only nodded.
"Richard you need a weapon right?" asked Leo.
"No, I borrowed one from prison here. Least they could do after arresting me." laughed Richard.
"Hey! You four are friends of Grimsley, right?" shouted a girl holding a staff.
"Yeah, we're acquainted." shouted Link back.
The girl walked over to the group and sighed. "You should warn him. I've heard that the TerraSliders that entered are focusing on beating him. My brother Allen is just upset he lost, but he isn't getting everyone he knows after him. Just tell him to watch out around the TerraSliders."
"Thanks, I think I'll go tell him now." nodded Link running off.
Link ran back to camp to find Ivy sharpening her blades. She looked at him and smiled, then turned back to her work. Link walked up to a cart and began to draw back the canvas.
"I wouldn't go in there. Gwen and Penelope are changing. Beat is probably in the other cart with Skull Kid and Peter. Archer went off to find you and Richard." explained Ivy without turning to him.
"Thanks." nodded Link and went to the other cart.
When he opened it he saw Penny and Gwen without their shirts. He blushed and turned quickly to avoid them seeing him. Penny had saw him and screamed. Link ran off towards Ivy.
"You said they were in this one!" shouted Link pointing to the cart with Epona and Grim's Charge hitched to it.
"Oh, dear. My mistake. Sorry." apologized Ivy turning red.
"What happened?" asked Beat poking his head around the flap.
"He peeped at us!" laughed Gwen walking out fully clothed. "Penny is crying now."
"Wonderful." muttered Peter as he walked up to his sister's cart.
"Haha, you little pervert." laughed Beat.
"Fine I won't warn you jackass." growled Link.
"What, that Ace has his little friends prepping to beat me at all costs? Old news. I overheard them when I was walking through town." shrugged Beat. "All set Ivy?"
"I'm ready to head off." she answered putting her blade onto her shoes. "I'll meet you there."
"Right, Link go ahead I'm getting Peter." nodded Beat.
"Seeya." said Link walking back to the fighting grounds.

Archer walked up to Leo and Richard. He found out Link went back to camp.
"Ah crap." muttered Archer.
"But here comes Ivy." pointed out Richard.
"Hey Archer." greeted Ivy coming to a stop.
"Why hello there." greeted Leo bowing.
"Leo back off, she is dangerous and taken." warned Richard.
"Yeah, she is. But she's also pretty nice." replied Archer.
"Thank you Archer. We should get ready, the competition's about to start." stated Ivy walking away.

When the tournament was kicked into gear, Beat mainly focused on the lineup. He saw Link versus Alice Shade, Richard versus her brother Allen, Ace was against Peter, Mido versus Vakanos, Archer versus one of Ace's cronies, Ivy versus some Zora, Finn versus Percival, and he was facing Leonardo.

"I'm versus Ace, I've got a chance. Beat broke his blades right?" muttered Peter.
"You stand no chance." laughed Penny.
"Shut up, Richard is fighting." shushed Gwen.
Richard was doing quite well against Allen. Richard didn't use the rapier against his foe. He dodged most swipes from his opponents staff. He was hit on his legs a few times, but not enough to make him drop. Richard stayed defensive for most of the fight. He waited for a perfect moment, and it came. Allen swung down and Richard caught it. 
"I'm gonna borrow this." Richard stated yanking it free of his foes grasp.
Richard spun the staff above his head and brought it down onto Allen's foot.
"Yeow!" he screamed jumping up.
Richard then jabbed his opponent's staff into his gut. Allen doubled over in pain and tried to breathe. Richard then smacked Allen on he behind with the staff, snapping the staff where it had been broken the night before.
"Alright alright! I give, just stop beating me with my staff."
"It was a pleasure fighting you." stated Richard offering his hand.
"It was fun." laughed Allen taking Richard's hand. He shook hands and they walked off to join the crowd.
"Now that was good sportsmanship. Next up we have the sister to Allen, Alice Shade versus Link." announced Ricky.

Richard joined Beat at the waiting area, and laughed.
"Wasn't that fun." he sighed.
"It was impressive. I'll give you that. But you used what I did to win."
"And I thank you for the help."

Link walked up and found he was fighting the girl who warned him about the group aiming to take out Beat.
"So, you're Alice. I look forward to a good fight." he smiled offering his hand.
"Save it skirt-boy." she growled.
"Well!" scoffed Link.

Link had to jump back immediately to avoid getting his head caved in. He had to block the staff with his shield to keep himself safe. Alice attacked too quickly to dodge, so Link had to try and stop her.
Alice swung her staff against the shield again, making it vibrate. Link then jumped back and drew his sword. Alice smirked, he wouldn't hit her.
Link started blocking with his shield again, but the moment he had an opportunity he took it. He swung his sword to deflect a blow from the staff and cut it down the middle.
"Shit!" shrieked Alice.
Link rolled behind her and held his sword against her neck. "Ready to speak civilly?" hissed Link.
"Good fight." mumbled the girl.

Beat watched more fights, and found many boring. He yawned and leaned back to relax. When he stretched his arms he nudged somebody.
"My mistake. Pardon me." he apologized looking up into the eyes of a TerraSlider.
"You're going to lose in this tournament." growled the man. "Ace will beat your friend, I'll beat the runt, and I doubt you will beat a knight."
"Aren't you supposed to be licking Ace's boots clean?" shouted Finn.
"Why you little,"
"Finish the sentence, and I'll finish you!" growled Link. "Mess with either of these two, and I will gut you."
"Ha, you need help to stand up?"
"No, none of the fights are that interesting. I mean Mido versus Vakanos? It's obvious, Mido may have speed and agility, but Vakanos has the upper-hand." yawned Beat. "Besides, your fight's next."

Archer stood ready. He had concealed a bow and a quiver of arrows, and a slingshot in his hands. He had his hookshot looped through his belt. His opponent was taller than him and wore his blades on his gloves.
"I'm gonna wipe the floor with you." growled the man.
"Funny, the last guy I fought said something like that and ended up running away from me." laughed Archer.
"Alright, ready? Fight!"
The TerraSlider lunged at Archer, but he rolled under his attacker. Archer pulled out an arrow and stabbed his foe with the head. He dashed out of the way as the man started trying to stomp on the young boy. Archer drew his hookshot and latched onto a wall. He kept the chain from retracting and looped the handle onto a sign mounted on a wall. He hit retract on it and got it taunt.
"You think I'll fall for a stunt like that?" laughed the man jumping over the chain.
"No, but I hoped you would." sighed Archer running away. He drew his concealed bow and fired arrows at his foe, none hit, but they did make him trip over the chain. As he rose Archer fired a handful of Deku Seeds at his foes head.

"Oof." groaned Beat as he watched the TerraSlider get a face full of nuts.
"Hmm, very clever." added Ivy as she walked past. " I'll be back shortly, just need to beat my opponent."
"I'll count the seconds till you return." teased Beat.

Ivy defeated her opponent quickly. Beat assumed about three minutes and twenty-three seconds. The judge stated it was the fastest fight so far. Until Jackson Fright fought. 
Jackson fought a Goron, and after landing one punch the Goron surrendered.
Beat sat up and studied this Fright guy. Something about him made Beat uneasy. He seemed too familiar.
"Your friend's fighting Ace next." reminded Ivy nudging his shoulder.
"Hmm? Oh right Peter." yawned Beat hiding his uneasiness.

Peter stood before Ace. His silver hair shining. 
"Kick his ass Big Brother!" cheered Penelope.
"Ha, your sister thinks you stand a chance." smirked Ace. He straightened his blades that he wore on his boots.
"I do too." replied Peter drawing his rapier.
"Fight." announced Ricky.

Peter had to duck under a flying kick. It cut a few strands of hair from his head. He scrambled to get away from another kick, successfully dodging the blow. He slashed at his foes leg and left a deep cut on the side of Ace's leg.
"You worm!" roared Ace. He grabbed the blade from his right boot and slashed at Peter's head.
"Peter!" shouted Beat.
Peter held his blade steady, preventing his opponents blade from reaching him. Peter laughed at his success. Big mistake.
Ace smiled and suddenly turned all his energy to a new point and overpowered Peter.
Ace stepped back and swung his leg around him and slashed Peter across his chest. Peter fell to the ground with blood splattering across the ground. Ace smiled and turned to walk away.

The crowd gasped in horror as Peter fell to the ground. Beat felt his blood boil. He jumped off the bench and tackled Ace.
"You bastard! How can you do that to him? He's just a kid!" roared Beat holding Ace down.
"It's your fault." laughed Ace. "You caused this by taking Ivy."
Beat drew his arm back and punched his enemy in the face. Ace's nose began to bleed, coating his face in blood. Beat drew his arm back again to be grabbed by Richard and Link.
He shook them off and ran to Peter. He clung to Peter with tears in his eyes. He was then comforted by a warm hand on his arm. He looked at Peter and saw his friend smile.
"Looks like I lost." whispered Peter.
"I'll get him back. I'll crush him!"
"No, just beat him. Don't stoop to his level." commanded Peter weakly shaking his head.
"We'll take care of him sir." stated the medics taking Peter away on a stretcher.
Beat was led away by some guards and thrown into a cell. He regretted nothing. He heard fights continuing on for the tournament. He received visits from his friends at the end of each fight explaining what happened. He was relieved to hear Peter was okay. He sat in his cell listening to the thirty-first fight grind to a halt.
"Looks like Leo will be moving on without having to fight." sighed Beat banging his head against the wall.
"Sorry to disappoint you, but I forfeit. You won." laughed Leo behind Beat.
Beat turned to see Ivy, Leo, Malon, and Princess Zelda.
"Aren't I a criminal?" yawned Beat.
"Well, given the information that you were protecting a friend you only need to sit here till your fight starts tomorrow." explained Zelda.
"And I thought it showed you care greatly to keep your friends from getting hurt. So I forfeit. Besides, I knew you'd win." laughed Leo.
"I'm planning on staying here with you." stated Ivy with a wink.
"I was going to do that!" exclaimed Malon.
"I'd love the company. Leo, is it possible for me to get my violin?"
"I can get it for you." nodded Leo heading outside.

As Zelda walked past Malon she whispered in her ear. "If you want to win him, you'll have to get him comfortable around you."
Malon nodded and sat in a chair in front of the cell.
Ivy sat with her back against the wall next to the cell's bars. Beat sat next to her through the bars in the same fashion.
"You left your blades?" asked Beat.
"I doubt I'd be allowed to stay if I brought them." laughed Ivy.
"You're lucky the King permitted you to have visitors Grimsley." stated the guard bitterly.
"I believe you requested this Beat." announced Leo as he entered the holding area. He handed Beat the violin through the bars.
"Hey you can't do that!" shouted the guard running up.
"The Princess permitted this. Any complaints will be brought to me." stated Leo staring down at the guard.
"Yes sir." growled the guard walking away.
"Leo, thanks. For this and the fight." thanked Beat.
"Don't worry about it. Richard didn't want to become a knight anyway." laughed Leo as he walked towards the exit. "You two let him sleep when he needs it."
"Right Sir Leo." nodded Malon.
"No promises." growled Ivy playfully.
"Din help me." muttered Beat playing a few notes from a song he was taught by Will.

Link sat at the cart with Gwen and Skull Kid. Richard was off helping the head carpenter get some work done. Archer was with Penny as she waited for Peter to be released from the medical tent.
"It's so boring without everyone here!" moaned Gwen hanging her head off the back of one of the carts.
"Hey, is this were Grimsley was camped?" hollered a boy's voice.
Link rose and drew his sword. He stepped forward and shouted "It is. What do you need?" 
"A warm fire, some people to befriend and a race to save." replied a girls voice.
"Alice don't say it like that." whined the boy voice again, now closer to the camp.
"Shut up Allen." ordered the girl again.
"It's those two Shade siblings." hollered Gwen, still dangling her head.
Sure enough Gwen was right. The two staff wielding siblings walked into the glow of the fire. The sister standing taller than her brother, walked up to Link.
"Hey there Skirt-Boy." she smirked.
"Alice, quit insulting him." requested Allen.
"I think it was pretty funny." laughed Gwen.
"I want to know why you're here." ordered Navi flying in Alice's face.
"We're here to help with those wishes of yours." replied Allen. He then walked up to Gwen and helped her sit up. "A lady should never strain their neck like that."
"Why thank you." she giggled.
"Skull Kid, do we have any soup left?" yawned Richard walking into camp.
"We've got some bread." replied Tael, floating out of the cart the food was stored in.
"You need some supplies? We've got enough food to keep up two people for a week. I'm not sure how much that will help." added Allen.
"Oh? It will help immensely." laughed Skull Kid.

Beat played the songs of his childhood: Romero's Requiem, Sonata of Spirits, The Treasure's Tune, and the song his mother sang, The Song of Cinders. He smiled at the memories of his friends teaching him these songs. Romero teaching his own song he made. Nabooru teaching him the song that could perk anyone listening up. It was the only happy memory of his time with the Gerudo. Then he recalled Will teaching him a song taught to him by his father. They played and sang it whenever they found a treasure. He then ended with a song Nabooru claimed was taught to her by his mother. He played it softly, as he longed for his mothers embrace. Not Emilia, his adopted mother, his real mother Samantha Grimsley. He then silently cried. A tear trailed down his cheek as he played the final notes.
Ivy and Malon enjoyed the songs played. They clapped when he finished his final song. He smiled at them as he wiped a tear from his eye.
"Thank you ladies." he sighed.
Malon didn't seem to notice the tears, because she smiled and said "That was amazing Beat!"
Ivy realized his distress and grabbed his hand. "Are you ok? What's wrong?"
"Hmm? Oh. Hehe, I guess I just miss my mother." laughed Beat wiping his eyes again.
"It's ok, let it out." comforted Ivy patting his back.
"Beat, why didn't you say so?" gasped Malon.
"It just happened. I played my mothers song and it made me think of her." sighed Beat. "I'm gonna sleep now. I'm sorry to ask this, but could you leave me alone?"
"Sure." nodded Malon, rising up.
"I'll head out along with her." added Ivy.
They both walked off, leaving him to dream. But he was visited by a new person. She was taller than Nabooru, and had pure red hair. She wore a gold hairband to create a large ponytail. She had two locks of hair that went to either side of her, and had Hylian ears. Her skin was the same tone as his. She had two gold bracelets, and she gave off a warm powerful essence.
"Hello Young Beat." she greeted.
"Hello, milady. I hope you won't mind me asking..." 
"Who I am? I'm a friend. You should know me pretty well." laughed the woman.
"I should? Wait: red hair, gold bracelets, powerful essence, and I sense a dark rage inside you. Are you, Din? Goddess of Power?"
"You forgot 'enchantress of fire". Yes I am Din. And I've got a few things to explain to the two of you."
"Two?" replied Beat confusedly.
"I'm here too." laughed Ganondorf.
Beat found himself sitting with Ganondorf and Din at a round table.
"Your body will remain asleep, but anything you do here will affect your body. If you eat here you won't need to eat there. Now, let's start with my powers you two have." stated Din placing her feet on the table.
"Wait, I'm confused." Ganondorf sighed shaking his head.
"I know the Triforce was created by you and the other goddesses. But the Antriforce was made to destroy it!" exclaimed Beat.
"Yes, to be destroyed by the faults of it's creators. I am the one responsible for the curse placed on you Grimsley." explained the goddess.
End Notes:
Beats cursed! Call the goddesses, wait they're responsible for it. Call the King!
Power Struggle by Beat15
Author's Notes:
The second round begins, and Beat is too busy to notice things. From talking with a goddess, to crawling through hell. Wait, no spoiler, read to find more!
Beat slept on the outside, but in his mind or spirit, he wasn't sure which, he was talking with Ganondorf and Din. He sat at a round table and listened carefully to what the goddess had to say.
"You see, my sisters and I created the land as you both know. We also created the Triforce with our most obvious characteristic. Nayru was always clever so her was wisdom. Farore was always ready to go off and explore, courageous. Me, I'm the tomboy. Always rough and tough, that's why I was power." laughed Din.
"Alright, we get it. But what about the Antriforce?" urged Beat waving his hand.
"Right, you see we aren't pure. We each have a fault. Nayru was always scared, so she used her wisdom to create laws to strike fear into those who wish to cause trouble. She was the creator of the Antriforce of Fear. I was always hot-headed, never wanting to give in. But when I was pushed to far, I'd snap, muck like you do Mr. Grimsley. And the one that is the most dangerous is Farore's piece. She was selfish, and wanted the most important jobs. She pushed us away from creating life, and hogged all the glory. She created the Greed piece of the Antriforce. The most powerful piece stands out among the rest. That's why Power tops the Triforce, and Greed is the base of the Antriforce." explained Din.
"Alright, I think I understand." nodded Ganondorf stroking his chin.
"I'm in agreement. But why us?" yawned Beat.
"You both are important. You see, me and Nayru, disobeyed Farore. We both made some races of our own. I was the creator of the Gerudo, and Vakans. That's why you are impervious to heat, my fiery attitude is what made you. I keep you safe." laughed Din placing her hands on her hips.
"Mmhmm. And why am I cursed?" stated Beat.
"Uh, that's will take a while to explain." chuckled Din nervously.
"Go ahead, we've got time. We're both incarcerated." sighed Gamondorf covering his face.

Link sat at the breakfast fire, planning. He knew that they were planning on mixing the fights. He may end up fighting someone like Richard. But he needed to stay strong. He was taken away from his thoughts by a hand being placed on his shoulder.
"You may want to use one of those masks you kept." chuckled a man behind Link.
"Oh great, it's you." muttered Link leaning his head back to look at the mask salesmen.
"It is good to see you also. My my, do you need some help? I know who you will be facing in your next fight." laughed the man.
"Listen I'm not going to cheat!" growled Link.
"It's not cheating if he fights dirty also." whispered the mask salesmen. "He uses a fake name. Jackson Fright, he lies about his identity. His name is Fright, but it is Jacob Fright."
"The Jacob from Kokiri Forest?" gasped Link.
"The very same. How do you think he beat that Goron?"
"Fear!" growled Beat.
"Be warned, he will use all his strength once he realizes you are his opponent. I would advise using a mask that can protect you." suggested the salesmen.
"I would advise returning my masks." muttered Link.
"The only one I still have is your Kafei Mask." apologized the salesmen. He opened his eyes to reveal their color to the boy, and then spoke again. "I will warn you now, the power of your Courage will need to overpower his control of Fear. Pray to Nayru that she will try to weaken the one bearing her curse. Oh, and Archer will be your opponent after this fight if you win." the salesmen then closed his eyes and walked off.
"Who is that guy really?" muttered Link holding the likeness of his friend his hand.

Malon sat outside of a stand and got two bottles. She handed one to Ivy, and opened hers.
"What is it?" asked Ivy, looking into the bottle.
"It's a special drink called Farore's Nectar. It uses the juices of all kinds of fruits and vegetables. It's really good." replied Malon with a grin.
Ivy smiled back and opened the bottle. She took a small sip and gasped at the flavor. "This is amazing!"
"I know right? Ahh, it's good to talk to girl for a change. Or at least a normal girl."
"What do you mean?" asked Ivy pulling the bottle close to her lips.
"Well, my only friend that isn't male is Zelda, and she is too busy with royalty stuff. Gwen drives me insane, and I doubt we'll be friends." scowled Malon.
"Why do you hate Gwen? She seems nice. I only worry about what she has planned for Archer." sighed Ivy.
"You mean she doesn't cling to Beat?" gasped Malon.
"No, why? Does she do that often?" asked Ivy anxiously.
"Well, when I first met her she did. Why are you worried?"
"Umm, well you see... Uh, mmm, well," mumbled Ivy blushing. "I kinda like him." 
"What?" gasped Malon. "You do too?" After saying that Malon mentally kicked herself. Didn't Richard already explain this?
"Oh, I didn't realize you were interested in him." sighed Ivy.
"Yeah, but, I think we can still be friends. We just let Beat decide, and we let it go that way." suggested Malon.
"Alright, we let Grimsley decide." nodded Ivy.
"A toast, may the best girl win." laughed Malon.
"Cheers." laughed Ivy.
They were friendly on the outside, but they had different opinions of the other now.
"I've got the upper-hand, I've know him longer." thought Malon.
Ivy laughed mentally, "Sorry girlie, but Beat has said he loves me. It may have been in his sleep, but it still counts."

Beat banged his head against the table. Just how much does this story go on for? She was explaining how Hyrule was created, and the same story she said earlier. But then she mentioned how he became cursed, and that piqued his interests.
"This was all caused by a man who's home was overthrown. He was a knight for that kingdoms previous ruler, but it was known for it's rebellions. He wandered the desert, and found a temple buried by time. He opened it and found an art forbidden from the world. He learned how to summon skeletal warriors. He used his new power to free his old home, but he didn't realize that when he opened that temple, he released the Antriforce to the world. He was known to be selfish already, but he found his true greed after he became king of that land. He was soon overthrown due to his high taxes. The rebels burned him at the stake. The Antriforce kept him alive, and it fueled him to claim his enemies as trophies. He summoned his soldiers and transformed them into his armor. He then found by placing a bone from his armor into a person's body made them more powerful. He also found it made them obey him, so he had his soldiers create these new breed of monsters, that you've encountered Beat." explained Din.
"You mean Skull King caused this? I knew he was the creator of Bone Soldiers, but he created them to reclaim his kingdom. How did he become so angry at us?" sighed Beat.
"As he was burned alive he became hungry for more than just one kingdom. He thirsted for more power. He then heard the Antriforce tell him those who would stop him from achieving his goal. The first two names he heard were yours." explained Din.
Ganondorf sipped at his goblet, and breathed heavily after placing it down. "So, we were his main concerns?"
"We are going to foil him?" gasped Beat. "He has the power to control this guy what will keep me from falling to him?"
"You are powerful. Enough to make him want you to serve him. He has several strong fighters. He has claimed each one of them as a sin. Each one is mainly focused on one of the seven deadly sins. He is greed, Jacob is pride, envy is in the tournament, and wrath is in my presence. He wants you to become his fifth. He has yet to find sloth or lust. But gluttony is in his presence. I just can't figure out who." sighed Din.
"So I'm sinful, now I'm supposed to serve him because of it? Jacob didn't have any bone armor, I didn't see anyone enter who did!" growled Beat.
"Relax, we can figure this out." assured Ganondorf.
"Right, oh and I suppose I should tell you this now Beat. You're not fully Gerudo, you're mainly Hylian."
Beat spat out the drink he had just drank, drenching Ganondorf. "What?!? Wait, that means I can't be king. I can live the way I want to once Ganondorf is released." cheered Beat.
"Wow." gasped Ganondorf. 
"But you know, you could still count for something. How about we call you the Gerudo Prince?" suggested Din.
"Hmm, I like the sound of that." laughed Beat.

Richard stretched into wakefulness. He had slept in the drivers bench of the cart he had gotten from Lon Lon Ranch. It wasn't the same without Beat there. No one was as stupidly funny as him. He decided to go visit his friend, after all he had been arrested here  also. As he walked off towards the jailhouse he bumped into Edmund, one of the entrants.
"Oh, hey there Edmund." greeted Richard.
"Yeah hello, excuse me I'm in a hurry." muttered Edmund as he rushed past Richard.
"Ass." thought Richard as he continued on.

Beat was now banging his head repeatedly against the table. Plans of how to get Ganondorf free. All wanted immediate results.
"I'm just saying, you could free me using your powers." sighed Ganondorf.
"I'm telling you, I can't. Farore would have my ass." denied Din.
"Shut up you two please! Shit, it's so hard to think." shouted Beat. "Rauru is dying, so I think we find the sage warriors until he dies. I know it's rude to wait for someone to die, but when he dies the seal will weaken, giving you a chance to escape." explained Beat.
"That may actually work gasped Din.
"Nice thinking." complimented Ganondorf patting Beat's shoulder.
"Anything to shut you two up." muttered Beat. "How long till my fight?"
"Five hours." replied Din. "You fight early on. But you'll have to wait here until you're time comes."
"Wonderful." sighed Beat.
"I could teach you some moves you can use." offered Ganondorf.
"Sorry Ganny, but Beat can't use that many varieties of magic. Only fire magic, right?" laughed Din.
"Yeah, so maybe you could help me." suggested Beat.
"I'll make it so you don't have to say the spell's name." offered Din.
"That, and a new spell." argued Beat.
"Deal." agreed Din. "Ganny, you can help."
"I do wish you'd stop calling me that." sighed Ganondorf.

Richard found quite a surprise at the jailhouse. Ivy and Malon had both stayed here the night. Malon laid on a desk, Ivy laid next to the bars of Beat's cell. Richard shook his head and sighed. "Grimsley, you are being followed by fan-girls."
Ivy awoke to that statement and clenched her teeth. She kicked Richard in his shin and made him fall. She then pounced on him and put him in an arm bar. "Ace can burn in hell, he's not hurting Beat!" she shouted.
"Ivy! Let go it's me, Richard!" cried Richard, tears filling his eyes.
"Oh, sorry Richard. I thought Ace sent one of his cronies here to hurt Beat." apologized Ivy.
"Thats why you stayed? Oh, did Malon do the same?" asked Richard.
"Did Malon do what?" yawned the farm girl rubbing sleep from her eyes.
"No, she didn't. Come on, the next round should start soon." urged Ivy. "I'm gonna head back to camp to change."
"Alright. See you later." waved Richard as she ran outside. "Huh, still asleep? Must be having another chat." 

Link paced the battle area, deep in thought. He could use his Zora mask, then he'd be able to use the magic shield. But if he was Fierce Deity, he could fight from a distance. Then again, Goron would be able to block most attacks by curling up in a ball. Or maybe Deku, then he could move faster, but then he'd be slower and more vulnerable to fire. Then he realized that it didn't matter, no matter what happens, he'll just need to win.
"Hey Skirt-Boy!" shouted Alice.
"I regret allowing her to join." he muttered. "What is it Alice?"
"I heard the fight pairings, Beat's versus one of Ace's goons. And your versus that Fright guy. Archer got paired against a Zora, Richard is up against a Goron, and Ivy is versus Ace. I even looked at that Finn guys, he got paired up with another TerraSlider." explained Alice.
"Thanks for the heads up. Who's fighting first?"
"Uhh, Archer is. Oh and I think I should mention that Gwen and I are going to shop for supplies. Any suggestions?"
"Yeah, I suggest you ask Richard for a list of what we need. I've got rupees you can use." replied Link.
"Alright, and Allen will be waiting with Beat." called Alice running off.

Beat concentrated, he focused his mind on lighting the candle. But he was blasted by an energy ball shot by Ganondorf. Beat couldn't concentrate.
"Ahh! I can't take it anymore! I can not light that damned candle!" shouted Beat pointing his finger at the candle. Suddenly it lit up, and melted.
"You can, you just don't have complete control. You just need a way to focus." sighed Din.
"Try focusing on that chair over there," suggested Ganondorf pointing to a lone chair, "and snap your fingers."
"I don't see how that's gonna work." muttered Beat snapping his finger. Suddenly flames began licking up the wooden chair. "Ok, I need a motion to do it. I will point, or snap,"
"Then you'll learn the new spell, Din's Spiral. It will let you teleport a short distance." suggested Din.
"Cool." whistled Beat.

"Alright, gather around!" called Ricky. "We are about to announce the fight pairings."
Many fighters had cheated, and looked at the list. It was apparent since several fighters were absent. Link went anyway. Richard had rushed back to the ring, Ivy was sitting against the stage where the master of ceremonies stood. Jackson stood next to Edmund, whispering something.
"Wait, somebody go get Grimsley. He should hear these." suggested the announcer.
"I'll go." offered Ivy rising to her feet. She slipped her blades onto her shoes and glided away.
"Alight, who doesn't already know who they're fighting?" shouted Ricky.
Nobody rose their hands.
"Come on people! What the hell?" screamed the speaker stomping his feet.

Beat easily mastered the new spell, and used it many times to switch seats at the table. He laughed at how free it made him.
"Alright Grimsley cut it out." sighed Ganondorf.
"Yeah sure." nodded Beat. "Do I need a change of clothes?"
"That may help you." yawned Din.
"Could you make it for me?" asked Beat.
"Depends on what you want." replied Din.
"Can I go back to my prison?" asked Ganondorf.
Din snapped her fingers and he vanished. "What do you have in mind?"
"Something like this, just reverse the colors." suggested Beat.
"Red with black Sheikah crest. Anything else?" noted Din.
"Could you get me a staff?"
"Sure, I'll get someone to deliver them to the prison for you." laughed Din.

Ivy entered the prison and found Beat sleeping where she had left him. She walked up to the sleeping guard and kicked his chair, toppling him over.
"The Royal Master of Ceremonies said to let him go." explained Ivy.
"Sorry, only confirmed statements. If you had his signature I could let you leave with him." apologized the guard.
"Oh alright. Sorry to bother you." sighed Ivy.
The conversation was interrupted by a girl with a lot of gold band on her arms. She had a large red ponytail and had skin like Beat's.
"I'm here to drop these off for my close friend Beat. I hope it'll help him in his fight." laughed the girl as she placed a metal staff and shirt on the desk.
"Alright, I'll let him know you dropped by. May I ask your name?" nodded the guard.
"No, I'd like to remain a secret to you." giggled the girl as she ran outside.
"Weird." stated Ivy.

Link sat watching the arena being setup for the next round. Archer was counting arrows in his quiver and the Deku Seeds in his pouch. He knew it wouldn't be a hard fight, but he wanted to be prepared. Richard sat next to him trying to figure out a way to fight a Goron. Link was staring at his masks, trying to decide which mask to use against Jacob, or Jackson as he was going by now. Finn was talking with a boy with light blue hair, and wore a blue tunic. Link tried to recognize the other boy, but couldn't.

Penny had brought Skull Kid and the fairies to see Peter at a medical ward. Peter was still sore, and would have to stay for a few days. Penny cried when she saw her brothers scar.
"Relax, I think it looks cool." laughed Peter weakly. "Doesn't it look like a straight line? Ace did a good job of keeping the blade straight."
"Oh trust me, he'll get what he deserves soon." growled Tael.
"Like you'll do anything." teased Tatl.
"Quit fighting, you'll excite Peter." hushed Navi.
"Too late, Peter fell asleep." whispered Skull Kid.
"Let's go." urged Penny quietly.

Gwen and Alice wandered through shops buying supplies for the next few days. They decided to fill the bottles they had with potions. Some green, a few blue, and a lot of red. They would help with any injuries sustained over the journey.
"Where'd you get all these rupees?" asked Alice.
"Oh, I borrowed Beat's wallet." laughed Gwen.
"You stole his wallet?" gasped Alice.
"Yeah I did." replied Gwen.
"You're so evil, and I love it!" laughed Alice.

Beat woke up to find Ivy standing over him with an angry look in her eyes.
"Oh Din, what happened? What'd I do?" gasped Beat.
"Who was the redhead that dropped off a change of clothes for you? She said you were a close friend." growled Ivy.
"Was it Malon?" asked Beat stupidly.
"I think I'd know if it was Malon. She was the same tone as you, and had pointed ears." replied Ivy angrily.
Beat gasped when he realized who it was who helped him. "An old friend. Don't worry, she's above my level, and I'm not sure about her sexuality." laughed Beat.
"Swear to the Goddesses!" ordered Ivy.
"I swear to Nayru and Farore. Din has caused this problem." growled Beat.
"Huh?" asked Ivy.
"Never mind. Just lead me to my stuff left by her." pleaded Beat.
Beat smiled when he saw the new clothes. He pulled off his shirt, about to replace it with the new one, but was stopped by Ivy.
"Have you always had these scars?" she asked.
"Yeah. I'm glad you didn't see these when we were doing the meditation." laughed Beat pulling on the red shirt.
As he pulled it on he found a note pinned to it's front.
"I added a special gift in the pocket of the pants, Dinah."
Nice fake name, Din Dinah, good thing nobody knows your appearance. He made Ivy leave as he changed into the black pants. In the pocket he found a pair of glasses, with black lenses.
"Cool, these are those sunglasses things." laughed Beat putting them on. The world looked darker when he wore them.
"I like them." smiled Ivy.
Beat then placed them on her nose and tightened his belt. He put the sword's scabbard on his belt, and tied his bag of bombchus to his side. He kept the hookshot in a bag with the bow and quiver Archer gave him. He had found his gloves and pulled them on, he laughed at Ivy's antics with the glasses.
"You're a good dancer." laughed Beat.
"Oh real funny." replied Ivy sarcastically.
"I'm serious." sighed Beat grabbing his new staff. He decided to layoff the paint and bandages.
"Then maybe we could spend the night's festival event together?"
"What was last nights?" 
"There wasn't one last night, the fights took too long. But this time only sixteen fights."
"Whats tonight's?"
"A bachelor auction. The winner of the auction gets to spend dinner with the man she bought."
"That sounds like prostitution." 
This made Ivy burst out laughing. "Huh, that was, ahaha, oh dear Nayru, that was funny. Come on let's go." urged Ivy leading Beat to the fighting area.

Link yawned at the current fight. Archer easily beat his opponent. And Richard beat the Goron without getting hit. Now he watched a fight between Vakanos and a Hylian. 
"Hmm, he seems to be in good form." yawned Beat plopping down next to Link.
"Hey. Welcome back prison man. Nice glasses."
"Thanks. Ivy likes to wear them too." laughed Beat.
"Vakanos wins." announced Ricky. "Next up is Link versus Jackson Fright."
"Time to face Fear." muttered Link. 
Beat gasped when he heard that. "How could I have been so stupid?" growled Beat rising to his feet. "Zelda will know what to do!"

Link stood in front of his opposite. Jackson stood taller than Link, and had empty hands. Link had his shield out and nothing else. He looked at his opponents left hand, and saw he wore a glove covering what may be his Antriforce.
"I hope you last longer than the Goron." laughed Fright.
"Don't give me any of that crap. I know who you really are, Jacob." whispered Link.
"Good, I'm tired of acting nice. Now lets see if Fear can conquer Courage." growled Jacob.

Beat ran to the stage where the royal family sat. He kept calling Zelda's name as he ran forward. He was stopped by a cloaked figure with a red mask.
"Fright is the holder of Fear." stated the masked specter.
"Who are you, and how do you know this?" gasped Beat stopping in his tracks.
"I am a friend of a friend. I am known by many names but I most commonly go by Red Spirit. As to how I know, I receive messages of wisdom through the rising sun." laughed the masked man. He walked to Beat and whispered in his ear "if your friend is to survive, you'll have to be cut, within an inch of your live."
"What?" asked Beat.
"For Link to win, you'll have to go to the brink of hell, and come back again." yawned Red Spirit.
"Can you just tell me?" growled Beat.
"Fine, this is the only time I'll explain my message fully. If you want Link to survive, you'll have to get injured and nearly die. Then the fight will be Link's." explained Red Spirit.
"What will I do?" asked Beat.
"You're climbing that mountain. But I know a shortcut into the temple where an army waits for its leaders command. All you need to do is play this song." instructed the spirit, drawing notes on the ground.
"Alright, I just need to get my,"
"Violin? Already got it for you." laughed Red Spirit. "And I'll be traveling with you."
"Fine let's go." replied Beat playing the notes.

Link ducked under a blast of energy from Jacob's hand. He then rolled under another blast and struck Jacob on his legs. Jacob wobbled and fell to the ground. He growled and hurled a clump of dirt into Link's face.
"Ahh!" shouted Link trying to clear his vision. He knew what would be coming next. He raised his shield to deflect the blast emitted from his foes hand.
"And Link blocks the magic used by Jackson Fright." announced Ricky.
Link drew his sword and slashed at his opponent and found it being blocked by a hooked blade. Jacob held his sword with a nasty hook at the point.
"You're not the only one with a sword." laughed Jacob, aka Jackson.

Zelda felt uneasy. This man was using a power familiar to her somehow. He seemed smart, even though he acted like an uncaring narcissist. He seemed almost like kin to her.

"How am I not burning?" gasped Beat in surprise.
"That outfit is specially made by Din. It's completely flame retardant. Don't try running through the walls of flame though."
"Fine. Where do we go?" asked Beat.
"The path you seek lies before you."
"Again with the riddles?"
"No, that bridge is the path to the inside." pointed Red Spirit.
Beat laughed and went inside. He climbed down a ladder and fond himself in a large chamber. There he found a large group of skeletal soldiers.
"Cake." smirked Beat. He snapped his fingers and the army burst into flames.
Beat had learned to only use magic to a minimum getting as much use from the spell as possible. He only ignited the heads of the skeletons. The skeletons fell apart as the heads melted.
Beat turned to walk out when a chain wrapped itself around his legs.
"Where are you going?" asked Red Spirit. "Those were the first, but many remain. Just explore the dungeon, and remove the monster alive once again."
"Care to elaborate?"
"No, let's go." stated Red Spirit walking off.

 Link had to use all his skill to prevent his foe from hitting him. He used Beat's training to dodge sword slashes and blasts of Fear.
"Stand still! I can't decapitate you if you keep moving!" roared Jackson/Jacob.
"Good, I'd like to keep my head attached to my body." growled Link. Link then flipped backwards, and put on his first weapon mask, the Zora mask.
"Let me handle this!" laughed Mikau the Zora spirit of the mask.
"Right." agreed Link.
Now where Link once stood, there was a Zora with a green dorsal fin. The crowd gasped in shock, and some shouted in disbelief.
"Don't care what race you are, you're dead!" laughed Fright. He began to gather energy in his hand and soon released it.
"Sorry buddy, that won't work." smirked Zora Link. He unleashed the magic shield and stopped the attack. Jacob/Jackson stood in shock, mouth agape. Link then shot the boomerang fins at his foe and was rewarded with him dropping his sword. Link quickly swapped masks.
"My turn!" shouted Darmani, the Goron spirit.
Goron Link rolled over the sword and shattered it. He then removed the mask and drew his Great Fairy Sword.
"Let's end this!" shouted Link.
"Fine, but don't come crying to me when you die." growled Fright.

Beat ran through the temple, clearing the place of all bone related creatures. He had explored all cage areas, and swiftly emptied the rooms filled with stalfos and other skeletal creatures. He then found himself back in the main chamber.
"All bones are shattered, now only three remain. The two in the tournament, and the one who'll bring you pain." chanted Red Spirit, appearing in front of Beat.
"Farore damn it! Stop doing that!" gasped the frightened adolescent.
"Go into the room to the left, there you will find the one that may cause your death."
"I hate you." muttered Beat walking to the room.

Link clashed with Fright, keeping his blade level. He was not allowing any openings in his defense.
"I'm growing tired of this charade, enough!" roared the holder of Fear. "I think I'll stop pretending."
Link jumped back and watched his foe reveal his true colors, or hair color for that matter.
"Jacob!" growled Archer. He began to draw his bow when a firm hand grabbed him.
"Don't interfere, this is Link's fight." stated Richard.
"I see not many people are aware of my capabilities. I guess a demonstration is in order." sighed Jacob, fixing his once again fiery red hair. "Very well. Let's begin!"
Jacob raised his arms and focused his energy. Suddenly, several yellow spirals appeared in the air, but nothing came out. Jacob was puzzled by this.
"What the hell? Why aren't they coming? Get your useless bones out here!" shouted Jacob.
Link yawned, then hurled himself at his opponent. He pushed Jacob to the ground and pointed his sword at his enemies neck. "It's over, give in." demanded Link.
"And after all the hard work I did to enter? I had to grant my powers to that useless Onua Wavecrasher, let him have the joy of killing those other two contestants. I really want to enter that library, and I'll kill you to get in!" laughed Jacob.
The crowd were now hushed. The boy in the fight was responsible for the two murders. He wanted to kill just to get into a library? What's so important in there to want to kill to get in? These thoughts echoed through the minds of everyone present.
"Guards, cease that man!" ordered Ricky.
"Ah, ah, ah. No can get in, unless they use my portals in." laughed Jacob. "Link is as good as dead!"

Beat entered the chamber. He was shocked they would build an entrance into this room, all there was in here was a platform full of pools of lava.
"There's nothing else here!" shouted Beat. He was suddenly corrected by a loud screech. The sound was familiar to Beat, and he knew what it meant. "Oh shit!" he gasped as the began to shake underneath him.

Jacob turned to see a red ring of smoke circle the peak of Death Mountain. He smiled, and then turned to Link.
"My pet is ready to play, are you?" he laughed.
"Bring it!" howled Link.
"Very well." replied Jacob. He made an x with his arms and slashed them at Link, opening a large rift. From the rift came a loud howl, and then fire came out of he opening. Suddenly, a form fell out of the rift.
"For the love of all that is good and holy, run!" shouted Beat as he jumped up, body covered in ash and cinders.
Then hell broke loose, as Volvagia clawed it's way out of the portal. Beat sprinted over to Link, and patted his friends shoulder. "Good to see you're still alive." sighed Beat. "What's wrong with your arm?" gasped Link looking to the blood flowing down Beat's right arm. "That thing grabbed me by the shoulder and squeezed down until my arm cracked. I think my entire arm is broken." explained Beat wincing. "You have bad luck with dragons." stated Link. "Uh, excuse me ladies, I'm still here." yawned Jacob. "So, you found this one Grimsley?" "I should've known you would have this one." muttered Beat. "You handle Jacob, I'll handle his pet."  "Beat no, you can't!" gasped Link. "Watch me." laughed Beat grimly. He spun on his heel, and jumped. Richard knew what needed to be done. He shouted to the other fighters to be ready to defend any of the spectators in case Jacob had any accomplices. Surprisingly everyone listened, including those who lost. They circled the fighting area while the civilians ran. Several local guards joined the ring of defenders as they stood ready to fight. Peter, who was still in the hospital, snapped awake. Penny sat next to him, holding his hand. When she saw he was awake she told him they needed to stay here. "No, you stay here. I have to go, I'm needed." replied Peter as if he were in a trance.  He rose from the bed, wearing the clothes he fought in, fully cleaned and restitched. He grabbed his rapier and limped to the fighting area, leaving his sister completely shocked. Beat landed on a roof, and then shot his hookshot at the dragons neck. He was about to retract the chain when Red Spirit stopped him. "There isn't a chance of killing it that way. You'll need the treasure of Goron Legends, that brought the lives of dragons to an end." "Don't care." replied Beat releasing the trigger, letting him fly to the dragon's back. "That boy will make my return pointless, he's too much like his father!" hissed Red Spirit. Link clashed swords with Jacob once again. He noticed that Jacob was sweating, even though his breath was even. "Scared Fright?" taunted Link. "Never! I'm Master of Fear, I'm never scared! I cause fear, I never experience it!" shouted Jacob. "Did I strike a nerve?" laughed Link. Beat clung to the dragon's back , as it flew high into the sky. "Why does it have to be so high?" whined Beat, holding on for dear life. He swallowed the lump in his throat, and started climbing slowly. "Just need, to cut it's head off." "That won't work." yawned Red Spirit, sitting behind Beat. "Where'd you come from?" gasped Beat. "I get around." shrugged Spirit. "You need to," "I refuse your help, I'm doing this on my own." "Stubborn, just like your mother." sighed Spirit. Beat turned and grabbed the masked man's neck. "What do you know about my mother?" he snarled. Jacob fought tooth and claw trying to keep Link out of his head, and Link knew it. Link continued to press the focal points of his foe. "You're scared of my capabilities, since I'm your opposite. You know you're going to lose." laughed Link. "Shut up damn you! I've had enough! Bone Soldiers, Attack!" screamed Jacob, ripping another void. Bone Soldiers filed out, surrounding Link. Jacob laughed and stood tall once again. "Kill him." ordered Jacob.  Then three things happened at once. The tournament entrants attacked the Bone Soldiers. The Bone Soldiers were shocked into stillness. And Edmund and Vakanos trailed away from the others. Beat growled at his follower. He refused to speak clearly about his mother. "I think we should kill this dragon." stated Spirit turning his focus away. "Fine, get out of my way." ordered Beat shoving past Red Spirit. "Let me bind your arm up. You shouldn't use a broken arm." advised Red Spirit. "Screw that. I am going now." hissed Beat crawling along the snakelike body. He reached the head, and then began clubbing it with his staff. It was metal so wouldn't snap easily. Or at least, not right away. After three strikes the staff broke. "Damn it!" shouted Beat. Then Volvagia began to buck and try to toss Beat off of his back. Beat decided to try his rapier, and stabbed it into the monsters eye. Which made it convulse in pain, tossing Beat loose. Beat only survived due to a whisker of the dragons snout. He tried to stab the other eye, but was grabbed by the dragon's formidable claws. "I'm not getting any more broken!" howled Beat stabbing the claw that held him. The rapier dug into the dragon's claw, striking the bone. The monster howled in pain, opening it's claw holding Beat. Beat began to fall, the rapier falling to the ground with him. He quickly grabbed his hookshot, and shot it at the claw he had just stabbed. He choked when he saw he missed. "I'm going to decorate the ground with my blood!" he cried. Ace saw the boy fall from the dragon, and grimaced. He ran over to a Goron, and pointed out Grimsley's demise. "Launch me from your back, I'm going after him!" shouted Ace. "Right." nodded the Goron curling up. When he felt Ace step onto him, he bolted upright, launching the TerraSlider into the air.  Ace passed Beat in midair, and shifted so he'd dive down towards the falling boy. When Ace flew past his target he grabbed his coats corners creating an air-brake. He caught Beat with his legs, and Beat was shocked by his savior. "Don't get any ideas. I don't want anyone getting killed today, or at least by a lizard." growled Ace. "I don't care, just thanks for saving my ass." sighed Beat. Any further conversation was interrupted by a red streak shooting towards the dragon. "What was that?" gasped Beat. "No clue." replied Ace landing lightly on a roof. Link was surrounded by his friends. Allen knocked a head off of one of the soldiers, and Richard stabbed into the eye socket of the skull. Archer shot his hookshot through the head of another Bone Soldier, and whipped it into another skeleton.  Ivy was busy keeping an axe-wielding Bone Soldier from the group. "Thanks for the help guys." panted Link. "No problem Skirt-Boy!" shouted Alice beating a Bone Soldier's head with her staff. "Everyone, get away from the bones!" shouted Ace from a roof. "Why should we listen to you?" shouted Archer. "Because I had my ass saved by him!" shouted Beat staggering next to Ace. "Now get away from the bones!" Beat's orders were heeded by the defenders. When all were clear of the skeletal attackers, Beat raised his left hand and directed it towards the army of skeletons. "Din's Fire!" muttered Beat, igniting the Bone Soldiers. The fire engulfed the monsters and burnt them to a crisp. The fighters cheered as the last of the skeletons turned to ashes. Link breathed a sigh of relief, and kneeled to the ground. Beat did something similar to that, he collapsed onto the ground. "Beat!" gasped Richard, as he rushed to his friend. He was followed by many of the defenders. Ace stood close to Beat, and helped him up. He then untied his belt and tied Beat's right arm to his body. "Thanks." nodded Beat wobbling on his feet. "We can settle scores later, for now, we stop that Fright guy." replied Ace. "We're missing two people. Who are they?" "I can't see the Vakan, or that Edmund guy either." panted Richard. "Or the dragon." Suddenly a howl pierced the air. Everyone turned to see the dragon soaring overhead, but on it was two men struggling against one another. One was Jacob, the other, who was unrecognized, was knocked off the dragon. He fell to the ground hurtling towards the judges stage. "Oh my goddesses, that's Peter!" gasped Ivy. "Shit! I'll get him!" shouted Beat running off. "Alright, we found the dragon, and it's owner. Now who's going after them?" asked Link. "I will." replied a man in a green mask, with a painted scowl on his face. "Green Spirit, ready to serve you." Beat jumped against a wall and jumped to a roof. He sprinted across the slated roof towards his falling friend. When he reached the end, he jumped. He positioned himself under Peter so he could break his fall. Peter did fall into Beat, but he fell into Beat's shoulder. Beat shouted out in pain, but clung to his friend. "You idiot! Why would you do that?" screamed Beat. "I was doing what was needed to protect my friends." muttered Peter with his eyes glazed over. Beat tried to keep his back to the ground so he could keep the unconscious boy up. Beat felt his back caught by firm arms, and when he chanced a peek at who had saved him this time he sighed in relief. "Thanks Vakanos." laughed Beat. "Sorry I'm late to the party. I was protecting a girl I ran into." apologized the Vakan. "The dragon." muttered Peter pointing upwards. "Stay here, I'll handle it." ordered Vakanos. "Wait!" shouted Beat. "Are you the only Vakan that wants peace with the TerraSliders?" "Nows not the time," started Vakanos. "Answer the question!" growled Beat. "Yes, I am." shouted the Vakan. "Then I'll help grant that wish of yours. You kill the dragon, I'll take Peter to safety," replied Beat. "Why should we trust a guy who won't show his face?" shouted Ace. "Good point. Then I won't help you." laughed Green Spirit, turning to walk away. "Wait!" demanded Link. "Why do you want to help us?" "Oh that's easy. I'm doing this to repay the goddesses for bringing me back." replied Green Spirit. "What do you mean?" asked Richard stepping forward. "I was killed due to that guy's boss. I was brought back by the goddesses to serve my charge. I'm here to help him. And I won't say which one is my charge." explained the masked man. "Besides, it seems that Vakanos has this one." Everyone present turned to see the Vakan climbing up the windmill.  "He's the Fire Sage Warrior!" cheered Beat. "Who is?" yawned Peter. He seemed back to normal. "Vakanos. Hey, wait you're normal?" "Yeah, some girl in green visited me, and then my minds a blank." "Hmm. We'll discuss this later. For now you go back to the others. Help open those spirit bottles. I'm helping Vakanos." ordered Beat. "Alright." nodded Peter running off. "Farore, you shouldn't have done that." growled Beat as he jumped up to a windmill blade. Link looked and saw Peter running to the array of fighters. He breathed a sigh of relief seeing his friend was ok. But that quickly turned into an audible gasp. "Beat's climbing up the windmill." he moaned. "He said he found who he was looking for." replied Peter. "Great." sighed Richard. "Hey should we free these spirits?" asked Archer looking at the Bone Soldier remains. "I'd advise against it. They're all red spirits." yawned Green Spirit, covering his painted mouth. "What do you have against red spirits?" growled a man in a red mask. "Oh hey Red. Didn't notice you there." laughed Green Spirit. "Green, you are making me mad." growled Red. "But their not normal Bone Soldiers. Their Bone Admirals." replied Green. "No bringing back, these masks would be evil." "Just open the jars and release the spirits." sighed Red Spirit. "Shouldn't you be helping someone? I seem to recall Din making it pretty clear you stick to your charge." yawned Green. "Cut it out you two!" shouted Ivy smacking the two masks together. "Thank you Ivy. Now who's going to bring Beat down?" sighed Link. "Looks like the dragon is." stated Ace, pointing to the windmill. Jacob stood on the roof of the windmill as Volvagia circled the building. Vakanos stood before Jacob, ready to fight. Beat had jumped onto the roof, but needed to catch his breath. He used too much energy again. "Alright, I'll handle the red monster, you handle Volvagia." wheezed Beat. "You're in no shape to fight him!" shouted Vakanos. "Please, I kicked the crap outta him when I was in a worse shape. I can handle him." laughed Beat grimly. "You're unarmed!" shouted the Vakan. "I had a sword when I fought him but never used it. I can beat him with my arm tied down. Just watch." growled Beat, eyes starting to burn with hatred. "Oh that won't be necessary." laughed a voice behind Beat. Beat turned to see Red Spirit along with Link and a man in a mask similar to Spirit's, riding on a green, serpent-like dragon. "Oh wonderful, Forvalgia here to finish me." moaned Beat. "Trust me, Forvalgia has a thorn in it's side, thanks to you Grimsley." laughed the man with the green mask. "A thorn?" muttered Beat. He then saw the meaning. He saw a shining point near the beast's rear leg. "My knife." "Hurry and pull it out. I can handle Fright, now go awaken his true powers!" ordered Link jumping off of the green dragon. "We'll handle Volvagia. Get going." shouted Red Spirit. "Right. Vakanos, let's go." nodded Beat. "Where to?" asked the Vakan. "Uh, well, hmmmm. Where do I take him?" "Beat! Get going!" shouted Link. "I don't know how Archer gained his power! I was out cold when it happened!" shouted Beat in response. "Ladies, I'm waiting." yawned Jacob, tapping his foot impatiently. Red and Green then vanished, reappearing on either side of Jacob. They both grabbed an arm, and pulled him back. "Unhand me!" roared Jacob. Beat smiled then jumped to the green dragon, and pulled his knife out of it. "Sorry." he apologized. The dragon moaned softly, as if accepting the apology. Beat then grabbed Vakanos and started leading him towards the mountain when Volvagia grabbed them both, sweeping them away to Death Mountain's fiery center. Jacob grinned wickedly, then focused his energy on his arms gathering his fear magic on them. "That won't work." laughed Green. "We're just spirits, you won't get us scared." growled Red. Link drew his Great Fairy Sword, and lunged at Jacob. "Die bastard!" Jacob showed the fear in his eyes. He vanished as Link drove his sword where Jacob's heart was. Jacob laid on his back, sweat covering his face. He looked up to see his lord standing over him. "Well, well, well. My loyal soldier, reduced to a sniveling coward." laughed the Skull King. "You have done your job, rest now." "Thank you my lord. I guess I left it in enough turmoil for our envious friend to handle. Shall I inform him?" "No, leave him be. He should notice you're absence." Beat and Vakanos were being shaken like rag dolls in a tornado. Beat kept silent due to the pain in his arm. Vakanos was trying to draw his halberd. "Finally got it!" he laughed. He then smashed the blade into the beast's swollen eye. "Woah, hey! That red dragon's falling!" shouted Finn pointing to the falling beast screaming in pain. "Oh, Nayru, Beat and Vakanos are in it's claws!" gasped Alice. "We've gotta help them!" shouted Richard running to where he thought the dragon would crash, which happened to be the graveyard. "Oh my goddesses!" screamed Beat as he fell from the monsters hand. "Beat!" gasped Vakanos reaching his staff to Beat. Then the creature released the Vakan. Vakanos grabbed Beat, and positioned himself so he broke the fall. But as they fell, Vakanos felt a sharp pain in his forehead. It burned and made him scream in pain. "My, my. You could use sone help." laughed a girl with skin like a Gerudo, seeming to fall while laying comfortably. She waved her arm and they ceased falling. She slowly lowered it and set them onto the ground. "Step three paces back, it'll save you." Beat had to be dragged, but Vakanos saved them from the falling mass of Volvagia. "Yay!" laughed the girl jumping up and down. "You're that girl I helped!" gasped the confused Vakan. "Yup. Now Beat come here." laughed the girl. "M'kay. Now what?" asked Beat as he walked forward. She punched his shoulder and growled as he fell to the ground. "Don't break my gifts! You're lucky that was just a metal staff and nothing else." Beat only sobbed as he clutched his shoulder. "You bitch! You made it..." started Beat before calming down. "It's actually staring to feel good. I'm deeply sorry for calling you a bitch." "Trust me, my sisters call me worse." smiled Din. "Can you do something about my forehead?" asked Vakanos, pointing to the mark burned in his skin. "I'll explain it later. For now we dispose of this thing." sighed Beat. "Ahbupbupbup! Don't move your arm, it's rebuilding itself." instructed Din. "I was going to burn it's body." replied Beat. "Yeah burn a fire-breathing dragon. That will work perfectly." laughed Link dropping down from Forvalgia. "Hey Link, how is our friend Jacob?" growled Beat. "He split. We just barely got out without injuries." sighed Allen, arriving with the bulk of the defenders. "No one was hurt? What a relief." laughed Beat. "Almost everyone was fine. You were the one who got injured the most." sighed Ivy. "Oh, well, that sucks. Hey let's get the people back so we can have our competition, I didn't get to fight. Just a couple bones." whined Beat. "Alright, Beat you just keep your arm up in this sling. No new staff for you either." ordered Din as she left his cart. "I apologized already, it's not my fault the dragon skull is thick." stated Beat. "You can fight, just don't use it. You are lucky you have me." laughed Din. "Please. I can do," he was interrupted by Din kissing him on his lips. He sat still, his face slowly turning red. He blinked, then asked "Why did you do that?" "I guess I wanted to feel what it's like to be kissed." shrugged Din. "Tata." she sighed walking out of the cart. "Beat your fight is the last one this round. But lets go watch the other fights." suggested Link. "Who's fights did I miss?" yawned Beat getting up. "Archer, and Richard. You saw mine, so now is Finn's." explained Link. "Alright let's go!" laughed Beat jumping from the cart. "Wait, I've got something I have to go get  first." Link laughed as he watched his friend run off towards the graveyard. "He can manage to survive a dragon's attack, and then end up running around happily nothing happened. He is something else. He would have loved Termina, getting to meet the same person again and again. He'd probably make some kind of game to play off of knowing people." "Beat wouldn't do that. But you using the fact that you had the same name as that Goron to go into his room was pretty messed up." replied Tatl. "Hey, that was Anju's fault not mine." growled Link. "So you say." laughed the fairy floating off. Beat waved to the people repairing the fighting area, and laughed at the head carpenter shouting at his workers. He jumped up to the Shadow Temple entrance, and lit the torches using a spell. "Looking for something?" asked a voice behind him. "Sheik?" "Yeah, it's me. How did you know where this was?" "I found it when I ran from Ivy and Malon. I met the Shadow Sage here." explained Beat. "You met my aunt?" gasped Sheik in surprise. "Your aunt? She's my aunt. She is the sister of my adopted mother." "Ha, I guess we could be cousins then." laughed Sheik. "Great, now I've got a bigger family." laughed Beat. "Would you help me find a sheath? I just recently reclaimed a knife I lost." "Sure." nodded Sheik. "You were pretty stupid to try fighting the dragon by yourself." "Jeez, I try to save Link's life and I get called stupid." "Link? What was threatening him?" gasped Sheik. "Jacob had filled the Fire Temple with skeletons. I was clearing it out. Those rifts he made were to bring out his goons." explained Beat. "Hehe, I gave my two weapons to stop that thing, but I didn't kill it. Vakanos did, I didn't stop Jacob either, and I fought him twice." sighed Beat. "Hey, don't doubt yourself!" shouted Sheik, walking up to his friend. "You are a brave man! And you helped so many people! The Kokiri, the people here in Kakariko. And you're doing this to help the Gerudo, you can't do it all on your own." Beat sighed, and looked to Sheik. "Thanks. I guess I just try too hard." "Here, I found the sheath." stated Sheik handing it to Beat. "Thanks. Maybe you can help, after all, you hold the Triforce of Wisdom." laughed Beat. "And no, Link didn't tell me. I found out on my own." "You did seem to notice that quickly." sighed Sheik, holding his hand in front of his heart. He was then engulfed in light, when it cleared, Zelda stood before him. "Nice entrance. Oh hey, I just thought of something." yawned Beat. "What is it?" asked Zelda. "Maybe Skull King is causing the rabble in the Gerudo Fortress. The Gerudo may be violent, but they wouldn't hurt each other like that." suggested Beat. "That may be true. Let's go see the fights."  "Sure, let's go." agreed Beat.
Round Two's Fun Parts by Beat15
Author's Notes:
The second round resumes, and the festival event results in quite a few misunderstandings.
Beat kept his arm held up in his sling as he walked up to join the other fighters. He was ready to fight, but his fight had been pushed back due to his injury. Now Finn was fighting a Hylian who clearly didn't know what he was doing.
"Wow, that sword can do that?" gasped Beat looking at the sword  with a tendril of light hanging from it.
"Oh hey Beat." greeted Link.
"Who's up next?" asked Beat sitting down.
"Uh Edmund, then about three fights after that Vakanos, then another two fights Ivy versus Ace." answered Richard, thinking carefully. "I think you fight two fights after that." 
"Dear Farore, I've got forever to wait!" sighed Beat.
"Well you've got some time to rest your arm." laughed Archer.
"Big whoop." muttered Beat.
"Finn wins!" announced Ricky.
"I can manage to miss four fights. I'm headed for a stroll." yawned Beat.

Malon saw Beat walk off, and decided to go join him. But as she got closer she saw a tall redhead with the same tone as him run up to him. She hugged him, and then tugged him another way.
"Din damn it!" she growled.

"Oh, your little friend Malon is upset." laughed Din.
"You can tell when people curse under your name?" asked Beat.
"Yeah, and when we are sworn under. I must say, that it was unfair to swear to my sisters but not me when you were talking to Ivy."
"You caused it." sighed Beat.
"Hmm, do you want to know when your arm will be healed?"
"Yeah." nodded Beat.
"It will be healed the next time you hear a bell. Don't go ringing any though. It has to occur without your intent." laughed Din running ahead of him.
"Damn it." sighed Beat running after her.

Ivy was preparing herself. She was aware of some form of truce between Beat and Ace now, but she wouldn't risk anything. Ace was known to go back on his word. She looked to see him doing the same she was. They shared the tradition of sharpening your writing sides blade first, moving on to the other afterwards. She was not going to back down, she was going to win.

Vakanos found himself sitting with Link and Richard. They now treated him like family and kept wishing him luck. He was glad to have people accepting him now, for he had always been shunned due to him wanting peace with the TerraSliders. Now he was with a group of people who were trying to attain peace.

Beat grew tired of listening to Din, so he wandered off. He found a stand selling masks, and found himself facing the mask salesman.
"Ah, young master Grimsley, how are you? Did the Mask of Truth bring you happiness?" laughed the man.
"Oh, right. I haven't worn it yet. I mainly got it to remind myself of my old family." sighed Beat.
"A good cause. I think you could use this mask for your next fight." nodded the mask salesmen handing Beat a mask with a cloth head attached to blank face.
"Creepy." muttered Beat.
"Wearing it will let you learn the dance of the spirit Kamaro. I saw your fight against Ace and I thought of how you like to toy with your opponents. Enjoy the happiness you create while you embarrass your enemy." laughed the salesmen.
"Cool. Thanks." thanked Beat.

"Now let's welcome Vakanos, our next fighter. He will be facing,"
"Hell no! He killed that damn dragon, I'm not fighting him!" shouted a human.
"Vakanos wins." sighed Ricky. "Let's start the next fight."

"Alright, I think anyone who's won, should go sit in the stands." growled one of the remaining fighters, noticing no open seats.
"Alright. We only have a few fights left to watch anyway." sighed Link getting up.
"We could try and find Beat's gear." suggested Richard as the rest of his traveling friends rose.
"I don't care! Just leave!" screamed the fighter.

Beat soon found himself sitting with the five that were left to fight watching Ivy and Ace get ready to fight.
"Last chance to give up. I don't want you getting hurt." laughed Ace.
"So sweet of you to surrender, but I'd rather kick your ass." growled Ivy.
"Ready, fight." yawned Ricky.
Ace had his blades on his legs, and slashed at her. Ivy carelessly blocked with her arm mounted blades. She jumped back and stabbed her blades into the soil. Ace didn't expect that, for he ran smack into them, cutting his arm on a blade. Ivy jumped forward, kicking her enemy in the stomach. He toppled over and fell on his back. He rose as she grabbed her blades and poised to throw them.
Ace flipped onto his hands and spun, creating a cyclone of metal. Ivy laughed and jumped  up as she threw her first blade. Ace stopped and let it bury itself beside him. He didn't anticipate her next move. She came running at him and slashed at him with her remaining blade like a sword. Ace had to push off his hands and flip over to stand on his feet. He withdrew her blade and blocked her slash.
He then did the same move he did against Peter, he slashed his foot at her, but things turned out differently.
Ivy released her blade and let it fall to make Ace swing his blade around and cut his own arm. He stopped his attack, and grabbed his arm. He growled and and attached his borrowed blade to his glove, and readied himself to slash at her.
Ivy remained calm, and raised her arms. "I concede."
Everyone stopped, and stared at her then.
"Really?" gasped Ricky.
"No." laughed Ivy, as she jumped forward and grabbed her free blade. She rolled under him and slashed the back of his legs.
Ace shouted out in pain, and spun around and slashed her across her cheek. She fell down, and he stood above her, his borrowed blade, pointed at her.
"I don't want to hurt that pretty face anymore. So concede." growled Ace.
"I really concede this time." cried Ivy, clutching her cheek.
"Ace Gold wins." announced Ricky.
"Hey Ace!" shouted Beat. "I hope we will be fighting next round, I am gonna end this little feud. Then we may be able to get along."
"After the tournament. For now, we're enemies." growled Ace.

Beat skipped watching the other fights to ensure Ivy was ok.
"The only hit he landed, and it was across my face." sighed Ivy.
"Don't worry, Gwen and Alice had bought some potions, go to the carts and get some red potion on that cut. I think I finally get to fight now." laughed Beat with a mean look in his eyes.
"Good luck." whispered Ivy, kissing him on his cheek.
"Maybe I should have done that for you." sighed Beat.
"Oh shut up." laughed Ivy punching his good shoulder.
"As you wish." bowed Beat turning to go fight.

Beat stood before his opponent, still wearing his sling. He decided to grab his new mask and toy with this TerraSlider. He put it on and laughed to himself when he realized he could see.
"So, you hiding your face?" taunted his foe.
"Yeah, I don't want to blind you with my beauty." replied Beat.
"Alright final fight of the second round. After this we will begin setting up for tonights festival event." announced Ricky. "Begin!"
The first move went to Ace's goon, who lunged at Beat, who leaped aside. Beat began dancing to avoid every attack.

"Hey Link, isn't that Kamaro's dance?" asked Tatl hitting Link on the head.
"That damn salesman sold another of my masks!" roared Link.

Beat had a plan, and it was already in motion. He couldn't fight to his full extent if he was incapable of using both arms. He was leading his foe towards a wall. His opponent lunged at him, and dove head first into a brick wall.
"Ooh, that had to ring his bell." gasped Ricky.
Beat felt his arm, and it felt like nothing had happened. He smiled and removed his mask. He jumped back as the TerraSlider got up. He roared and dashed at Beat.
"Ah, ah." chided Beat as he stepped aside.
"You're the one who needs correcting!" howled the TerraSlider as he spun on his heel and lunged at Beat's arm in the sling.
Everyone in the crowd braced themselves for a loud howl of pain. But they never heard it. They looked, and saw Beat grasping the arm the blade was secured to, in his supposedly broken arm.
"What the?" gasped the TerraSlider.
"I just won." laughed Beat. 
He pulled his foe close and dropkicked him back to the wall. Beat drew his knife, and vanished from sight only to be seen standing next to his opponent.
"So I think you should give up now." suggested Beat.
"I agree." gulped the unfortunate man.
"Finally! I'm going to take a break." sighed Ricky walking off. "Preparations for tonights event, can start now."
This was followed by a resounding cheer.

"Alright, which of you men want to be auctioned off?" asked Zelda. "Keep in mind, we aren't required to have you purchased."
"Your treating us like prostitutes!" shouted Beat, evoking laughter from several of the people present.
"Mr. Grimsley, please refrain yourself from outbursts such as that." sighed Zelda, trying to hide her laughter.
"I think I should go." suggested a blonde haired Hylian.
"I can do it." volunteered a Zora.
Many volunteered, including Richard and Finn. Beat had to be convinced, or threatened, to join in. He refused to key Archer or Mido join because he didn't want anyone like Gwen buying them.
"Alright, Ricky please take all their names." ordered Zelda.
"Yes Princess." nodded the master of ceremonies.
"Once I take your name you can leave." announced Ricky, organizing the men into an orderly line.

Beat staggered back to the cart with Richard and Link. He was tired of being pushed and shoved. They all collapsed in front of the carts and sighed.
"The things," started Richard.
"We do," continued Beat.
"To satisfy Zelda." ended Link.
"Ooh, sounds nasty!" laughed Gwen pacing by them.
"Why are you three so tired? It can't be because of the fights. And you said something about the princess, what'd you do?" asked Alice joining in on the interrogation.
"Hold up you two." growled Peter. "They were signing up for a charity event."
"Uggh, that's boring. Come on Gwen, let's go look through town." moaned Alice.
As the two girls ran off Allen crawled out from under a cart. "Thank Nayru they left." he sighed.
"Not signing up for the event?" asked Link.
"Hell no. I don't want to be treated like a prostitute." shouted Allen.
"What is with people saying that?" asked Richard.
"If you sell a person for a night alone with someone else its prostitution." growled Beat.
"Oh come on, you know you want an evening with me." laughed Ivy as she walked up.
"No, I don't want an evening with you, I need one." flirted Beat.
"Oh if only Maribelle were here, then Richard would actually enjoy himself." sighed Link, mockingly.
"You ass! Don't you talk about Maribelle." shouted Richard tackling Link.
"Where's Archer?" asked Ivy, looking for the child.
"Shooting Gallery. I swear he's not even trying." sighed Beat. "I guess I should wear something with sleeves, right?"
"I've got something." sighed Richard, "Come with me. You guys should go get seats nearby if you want to be seen by the auctioneer."
Beat was taken to the back of one of the carts. He watched Richard dig through a chest and came up with a collared shirt.
"I like the stripes." laughed Beat.

When the stage was all set, the men who were to be sold were called to the stage.
"I'm sorry, but you must wear these shirts." instructed one of the girls helping run the event.
"It can't be that bad." laughed Beat.
"Oh it's that bad." gasped Link looking at it.
"This is practically a straight jacket!" shouted Finn.
"Just wear it." ordered the girl.

Ivy found herself seated next to Peter, Penelope, Archer, and Allen. She could hear Gwen and Alice somewhere near the back. She heard some kind of arguing going on behind the curtains. Then Ricky walked out onto the stage.
"Ladies, prepare yourselves, for our first bachelor up for grabs is,"
"I am not putting that damn thing on!" roared Beat running onstage away from the girl trying to force the jacket on him.
Many of the girls present squealed at seeing Beat without a shirt. Ivy just rolled her eyes as Beat got surrounded by guards. They pinned him down while the jacket was pulled over him. After the jacket was fastened Beat couldn't use his arms.
"Alright, first up, we have the fully recovered Beat Grimsley, who seems to disapprove of the jackets. Opening bid is ten rupees."announced Ricky.
"Fifteen!" shouted one of the girls.
Ivy waited, and watched the price make it into the fifties region.
"Seventy-five!" exclaimed Malon.
Ivy cursed mentally. She forgot about the farm girl. She then made a larger offer. "One hundred fifty!"
"Two hundred!" shouted Gwen.

Beat was surprised by the offers made on him. Two-fifty, now three hundred. Now it's four hundred.
The bidding war was now stuck between Malon, Ivy, and Gwen.
"Wait, the one in the far back is using my wallet!" howled Beat. "Gwen, don't you dare dirty my money!"
His plea was ignored, and the bidding continued. He gave up and just laid on his back.
"Five hundred!" shouted Ivy.
"Five-fifty!" shouted Malon.
"Six hundred!" laughed Gwen
"Seven-fifty!" exclaimed Ivy standing in her chair.
Malon seemed to be out of it because she didn't bid anymore.
Gwen raised it again this time to eight-hundred.
"One thousand!" laughed a new voice.
Beat rose and saw a familiar face. He smiled and laughed in his thoughts.
"Eleven hundred!" shouted Gwen.
"Twelve hundred!" replied the newcomer.
"Fifteen hundred." announced Princess Zelda.
Everyone stopped when Zelda placed her bid. The princess wanted a night with this boy? What would happen if someone bid against her?
"Sixteen." announced Ivy.
"Seventeen!" shouted Zelda.

As the girls fought over him Beat thought of why Zelda wanted a night with him. He looked to see Link shooting daggers at him.
"It's not my fault!" mouthed Beat.
"Hey, how'd you get so popular?" whispered Ricky.
"I think it's because I ran out without a shirt on. Girls like fit guys, and my Gerudo blood makes me stand out from the crowd. But am I worth this much?"
"I don't know, but you alone could pay for structuring a new village. We're at twenty-five hundred, that's twice the amount we earned last year."
"Gwen stole my wallet, so can I get her to stop bidding?"
"Oh right, you said that earlier. I'll send guards now." laughed Ricky as he walked behind the curtains.
"For Nayru's sake, stop bidding on me!" shouted Beat.

Zelda was determined to get Beat. She knew that she could win. Beat was going to speak with her, plus dinner with him might be nice. But the late arrival may pose a problem.
The new arrival was Din, who decided to join in the fun. She could conjure up as many rubees as she needed, so she was bound to win. She saw two guards enter the crowd and exit carrying a girl cursing in tones a lady should never use. They dragged her off while her friend just stayed behind and laughed.
"Gwen surely needs to stop going to bars." muttered Din.

The bidding finally ended for Beat, for a whopping forty-three hundred, fifty-two rupees, he was sold to Zelda. Link ended up being bought by Ivy, and Richard went unsold. Malon went off with Finn, who she bought for six hundred. They all headed to the place the woman who owned them that night wanted to go. Beat was taken to the royal residence. Link went to the spring where Ivy and Beat spent their time together. Malon wandered the festival with Finn, stopping to get a few things every now and then.

"So why did you spend that much on me?" asked Beat looking at the retreating figure of Ivy.
"I had to thank you for all you've done. You saved this village, Link, and awakened the Fire Sage Warrior, all at once." laughed Zelda.
"Well you don't need to do that, I did it to get help to save my people." replied Beat.
"Well, you deserve a good meal, and I want to know you better." added Zelda.
"Really? Well, if the Princess wants it, then it shall be." laughed Beat picking her up.
"Put me down, or I'll give you over to Gwen." warned Zelda.
"As you command." sighed Beat placing her feet on the ground. 
The princess led him to a small room where a table had been set. She motioned for him to sit down.
"Alright where do I start?" asked Beat as he pulled her chair out for her.
"Well, how about you tell me about your life." suggested Zelda.
"Well alright, you asked for it." sighed Beat as he pushed her chair in.

Link sat with Ivy, gritting his teeth. Ivy was just as angry, but she remained calm. She offered him a glass of the drink Malon had introduced her to.
"Relax Link. I doubt it was Beat's idea. He isn't that kind of person." reassured Ivy. "Now if only I could trust that." she thought.
"It's just, what did Zelda want? Why did she spend that much on him?" sighed Link accepting the glass.
"Who knows?" sighed Ivy sadly.

"And that about sums up my life. So, yeah, thanks for bringing me back to Hyrule." yawned Beat taking a sip from his glass.
"I must apologize. I didn't know your life was so unpleasant, I shouldn't have made you tell me." apologized Zelda.
"It's not a problem, I don't mind sharing my story with you. I must thank you for dinner."
"Maybe you could do me a favor as thanks." giggled Zelda leaning close to him.
"Where are you going with this?" asked Beat leaning back.
"Just let me show you." whispered the princess.

"He did that?" laughed Link.
"Yeah, he walked up behind him and pulled my bag right out from under him." laughed Ivy.
"He did that even though Ace was ready to kill him. Beat's crazy." sighed Link. "You like him don't you?"
"Huh?" gasped Ivy bolting upright.
"Do you like him?" yawned Link as he stood up.
"What makes you say that?" stammered Ivy.
"Besides the fact that you always seem happier when he's around? You always walk off with him, you nearly broke Richard's arm because you thought he was one of Ace's goons, you bid so long for him, you kissed him before his fight, and you slept in his arms on the night before the first fight. That enough reasons?" laughed Link.
"I don't like him," started Ivy before sniffing, "I love him."
"Heh, you should make it clear so he isn't stolen from you. I watched too many people suffer heartbreak because they were too afraid to admit their feelings." sighed Link.
"Thanks Link. I needed that." smiled the girl before turning away. "Let's call it a night.

Beat stood still, not wanting to make the princess upset. She had him stripped down to his boxers, and was trying to keep from making Zelda yell a him. She already jabbed him with a needle three times.
"Alright. All done." laughed the princess wiping sweat from her brow.
"Finally. I was really unsure about this Zelda. I mean you are a princess, and I doubt that this is normal." sighed Beat pulling his pants back on.
"Oh please. I do it for my palace guards all the time." laughed the princess. "Ah, my neck hurts."
"I'll give you a massage." suggested Beat.
"Alright that's enough!" screamed Percival bursting through the door. "I respect you Grimsley, but you've gone too far making the princess do that!"
"What do you mean? She was getting my measurements. She was going to have a suit made for me so I could attend the ball after the tournament." explained Beat, as he pulled his shirt on.
"Percival, please tell me you weren't listening at my door again." moaned Zelda.
"It my duty to keep you safe. From any harm." sighed Percy.
"Jeez, what'd you think we were doing?" yawned Beat as he began rubbing the princess's neck.
"Oh, that feels so great. Percival please leave." cooed Zelda as she began to drift off into ecstasy.
"Woah, hey! Don't drift off, you haven't told me who I'm supposed to go with." whined Beat.
"It's a surprise." laughed Zelda.
Beat sighed and continued to massage the princess. "Why am I worried?"

Gwen sat in the cart staring angrily at the fire. She was robbed of her chance of getting a night with any of the fighters.
"You got carried away!" laughed Penny and Alice.
"Peter and I feel relieved we didn't enter that thing. We are sure we would've gotten some bids from you." yawned Allen as he returned with Peter from a walk.
Link and Ivy came into camp laughing, trying to keep each other from falling over.
"Oh my goddesses, that was rich!" laughed Link.
"I can't believe he was made to do that!" giggled Ivy.
"What?" asked Gwen snapping out of her melancholy.
"An old woman made Ace her bitch!" laughed Link.
"She had him running back and forth deliveries for her potion shop. And the best part was the apron he had to wear!" laughed Ivy.
"Let's go see!" laughed Gwen jumping up.
"Let's not." yawned Beat walking into the light of the fire.
"There you are." stated Richard looking up from polishing his rapier.
"Where's Archer and Vakanos?" asked Beat as he plopped down next to Richard.
"They left for some Sage Warrior crap thing." muttered Skull Kid.
"Ah, oh well. Third round tomorrow, hooray." sighed Beat sarcastically.
"We can check who you're fighting if you want to." offered Alice.
"I've got a good idea who I'm fighting." muttered Link remembering his talk with the mask salesman.
"We're back!" laughed Archer.
"I got my weapon from Darunia. Behold the Meteor Halberd!" announced Vakanos revealing his new weapon.
"So what was your oath?" yawned Beat.
"Hmm, how did it go?" sighed Archer scratching his head.
"I said this, mhmm." started the Vakan clearing his throat. "Alright, I take the responsibility of protecting you and your people. With my Meteor Halberd I will crush any threats to your temple."
"That sounded cool." laughed Tael.
"It was alright." shrugged Tatl.
"Darunia like mine better." taunted Archer. "He made me recite my vow."
"Oh shut up runt." laughed Vakanos shoving Archer.
"You know, the more people we get, the more food, carts, and horses we'll need." sighed Richard.
"I bet some fighters would join, they seem interested. Besides some had to come by cart." replied Beat.
"I don't care, as long as I can sleep close to a man that can protect me I'm fine." yawned Gwen.
"Oh be quiet Gwen." muttered Alice turning away.
Link watched the group and smiled. "I should've had friends travel with me, I would've had more fun." whispered Link.
"Am I not a friend?" asked Navi peeking out from under his hat.
"Oh right sorry Navi." laughed Link.

Everyone laughed until they fell asleep. Many people in the village slept. But only one seemed like something was bothering him. Edmund paced back in forth in the graveyard next to the ashen remains of Volvagia.
"Where is he? Great, set up by that damn Fright guy." he muttered.
"Well well. My new host. I envy how well you dress." laughed a raspy voice.
"Who are you?" gasped Edmund falling onto his back. He stared up and stared into a shadow as black as night, with blood red eyes.
"I am you now!" cackled the shadow diving into Edmund's body.
Blood splattered across the ground as the body tried to resist the evil spirit. The spirit of Edmund was pushed from his body, and he watched as his body began to move as it settled down.
"What's happening?" gasped the frightened teen.
"You failed as Skull King's servant. Now I will be Edmund Vanders!" laughed his body. "And your spirit is no longer necessary, so I'll devour it!"
The night air was filled with an unheard scream as the spirit of Edmund was absorbed by the new Edmund.

"Gruesome." muttered Green Spirit from the entrance of the Shadow Temple.
"Just be glad Blue wasn't here. She would have gotten sick." sighed Red Spirit.
"Should we have stopped it? He seems like a bigger threat than the Edmund we just watched being killed." murmured Green.
"I think we should have, but I doubt we can stop it on our own." replied Red.
"Let's report to Blue, she wanted us to return an hour ago." yawned Green. "Let's go."
"Yeah, I'd hate for our queen to be mad." laughed Red grimly.
End Notes:
Now to start the third round, oh joy.
Change of Rules by Beat15
Author's Notes:
A fourth round or at least I think it's the fourth. Anyway I rip off Bruno Mars in this one so heres my disclaimer:
I AM NOT THE OWNER OF THE SONG USED IN THIS CHAPTER!!! Third round, so yeah I'm stupid.
"Alright, we've got a new system. Now, I choose the fights off the top of my head. Screw the lists, this is the new fight pairings." shouted Ricky as he stood on stage. "Link versus Archer, Beat versus Liza, Richard versus Ace, Vakanos versus Reggi, Edmund versus Finn, Ai versus Teresa, Ulysses versus Kai, and Embry versus Strafe."
"Oh no!" gasped Ivy.
"What's up?" asked Richard looking to her.
"Beat is versus Liza, she is the toughest of all Ace's fighters." explained Ivy.
"I doubt Beat will fight back. He refuses to strike women." sighed Archer. "I've got to fight Link, so I guess I'll have to avoid Link while we wait for the fight."
"Please, we are friends, we don't have to worry about fighting too hard. Just give it your all and I'll give mine. In the end the better will win." laughed Link.
"Your ass is my mine Desert Scum!" laughed a female voice.
"Oh no, I refuse to fight a woman. I have standards!" shouted Beat.
"You're the first round, you have to fight." pleaded Leo.
"He's just being a pussy. I bet he runs from all his fights, damn coward." spat Liza.
"Oh dear." sighed Ivy. "Looks like Beat is..."
"Oh hell no! I take back all I said! I will not hit a woman, but I will beat the shit out of this bitch!" shouted Beat.
"Oh no." gasped Ivy looking at the fighting area.
"I may regret bringing her." muttered Ace walking past her.

Beat stood ready, knife drawn, facing his opponent. Liza had her blades on her gloves, and held a bow in her hands. She turned to reveal a full quiver to Beat who seemed mad.
"I will give you a chance to take back what you said." growled Beat.
"Bring it Desert Bitch!" roared the woman as she loosed a shaft at Beat's head.
Beat deftly stepped aside and cut the arrow in half with his knife. He ducked under another arrow as it whizzed past him.
"Tsk, tsk." chided Beat. He put his knife into it's sheath, and drew a long jagged blade from under his shirt.

"Is that?" gasped Ace.
"The blade used by the spirit of Onua Wavecrasher." completed Link.
"He really kept it." murmured Archer.

Beat tossed the blade into the air and jumped up after it. Liza thought he would come down and try cutting her across her shoulder, but instead he came crashing down, knocking the bow from her hands. He kept her pinned as the sword came down cutting the bow in half. He rolled over so she was on top of him and kicked her off. 
"You asshole!" shouted Liza as she got up.
Beat snickered, and flipped up. He sprinted to his sword and hurled it at her. She cringed as it went for her face, but it suddenly vanished. She then watched her blades get cut in half and fall to the ground. Beat spun his sword and pointed the edge at the sky.
"I've disarmed you, and made it very unlikely for you to use any of your weapons. I even took your quiver." laughed Beat revealing the quiver.
"How'd you get that?" gasped Liza.
"I'm from the desert, we're all trained thieves. It was simple." taunted Beat.
"Then take this Desert Dweller!" howled Liza hurling the blades she had picked up at him. 
Beat slashed the first one in half, making the pieces embed themselves into a brick wall. The second piece was smacked by the flat of the blade and stabbed Beat in his left foot.
"Hmph!" gasped Beat. He bit his lip trying to suppress his cry. The lip began to bleed as his eyes began to water. He swallowed and let out a small whimper. "I'm ok." 
"What a pussy." yawned Liza. She was about to turn and walk away when the blade came flying at her, pinning her against a wall.
"Yeeaaagh!" cried Beat clutching his foot. "I am ok, just finish this thing."
"Beat wins. Now someone help with his foot!" announced Ricky.

Beat was carried to the benches where Richard began to stitch up Beat's foot injury.
"How did you manage to do that?" sighed Richard as he watched the two Hylians, Kai and Ulysses, prepare for their fight.
"Stupid blade. I need to get that reforged. I just need a place with a forge." muttered Beat clenching his teeth.
"I'll go look for one." replied Allen.
"Thanks." moaned Beat as Richard rubbed alcohol onto Beat's cut.
"I'm making sure this cut doesn't get infected." hissed Richard as Beat kicked him.
"It burns!" growled Beat.
"Kai wins!" shouted Ricky, reminding them where they were. "Now we have the fight between Richard and Ace."
"Well, somebody take over I've gotta go fight Ace." sighed Richard.
"I'll take over." yawned Alice. "I've got some medical experience."
"Alright, see you guys later." replied Richard standing up.
"Good luck buddy!" moaned Beat. "Ah, watch it Alice!"

Allen wandered the village looking for a forge. He found several shops that sold weapons, and got an idea. He walked in and smiled at the girl behind the counter.
"Hello." smiled Allen.
"Hi, what can I do for you?" replied the girl kindly.
"I was wondering if I could trouble you by asking if you trade weapons." 
"What did you have in mind?" asked the girl.
"I'd like to exchange this sword for a scimitar like the Gerudo use." answered Allen placing the sword on the counter.
"Sure, let me look in the back." giggled the girl as she rose to go into the storage room.
"I hope he will like this gift." muttered Allen.

Richard was hard pressed. He managed to block most slashes with his rapier. He remained calm and gritted his teeth.
"Not bad, I am actually trying this time!" growled Ace.
"That's funny, I'm not." replied Richard with a small smile. He then threw a Deku Nut to the ground blinding Ace. When Ace regained his vision, Richard was nowhere to be seen.

"He pulled a Shiekah!" gasped Link. "How'd he learn how to do that?"
"I taught him." winced Beat as Alice applied pressure to the newly bandaged foot.
"Quit being a baby, it is going to hurt. But pressure needs to be applied." growled Alice.
Beat stuck his tongue out at her, and then returned to watching he fight.

Richard held onto the ladder built into the well, his legs may get wet, but it's so he can get the drop on Ace. He waited until he heard Ace close to the point he was hiding in to jump out.
"Hyaah!" roared Richard plunging the blade into Ace's foot.
"Ahhh!" screamed Ace in pain. He turned to look at Richard, and tried to slash him across the chest.
Richard blocked this by using a trick Beat had flight him. He held his rapier by the blade and blocked the blow with the hilt. When Ace struck his grip tightened, cutting his hands. 
"I guess I need those gloves like Beat's." muttered Richard. He spun the weapon so he now held it by the hilt and blocked another slash.

"He should become a knight, he is trained well enough." yawned the king.
"He wishes to work his way up to that, milord. He never was one to accept handouts, he always had to earn it." sighed Leo.
"He will earn it. He should be inducted into the Knights' Guild. He would make it as the Third Knight. He may even take your role as Second Knight!" laughed Percival.
"Haha, I wouldn't mind giving my place to my brother." laughed Leonardo.

Richard remained calm, blocking the frenzied attack of Ace. He wasn't able to avoid as many slashes as he was before, receiving cuts and scrapes all over him. Ace had put the blades onto his boots and was now kicking madly.
"I'll crush that toy of yours!" roared Ace as he slashed at the hilt.
"Umm, sorry but no." sighed Richard letting go of the blade before Ace made contact.
The blade flew across the battle field and fell into the well with a small ~plip~ and sunk to the bottom.
"Ah hell." muttered Richard as he ducked under a kick. "I can't fight now. I guess I'll have to surrender." Richard sighed as he walked away towards the stands. "You win."

"Ah man, Richard gave up!" moaned Archer.
"He did it so his sweet Maribelle wouldn't have to worry about caring for an injured man." yawned Beat, foot fully bandaged and clean.
"You know me too well." laughed Richard sitting with his friends.
"Tough break Richard." stated Allen running up with a cloth bundle.
"Haha, yeah. What do you have there?" sighed Richard calmly.
"Oh, just a gift for Beat. He lost all his other weapons, so I thought I'd get him a new weapon." explained Allen.
"You were supposed to find a forge, idiot!" growled Alice.
"I got something better than a remade blade. I got two perfectly crafted tools fitting the standards made for someone of Beat's stature." laughed Allen handing Beat the package.
"Wow!" gasped Beat in amazement. "Gerudo Scimitars! They're perfectly crafted, just the right balance of size and length." cooed Beat. "It's perfect! How'd you get these?"
"I traded the sword you used in the other fight." laughed Allen nervously.
"Now our next fight is Link versus Archer." announced the master of ceremonies.
"Looks like I'm up." sighed Archer. "Seeya."
"Good luck!" laughed Alice.

Link heard the announcement and sighed. "Alright, time to go."
"Good luck." laughed Green Spirit.
"I don't trust you. Even if what you said is true, I find it hard to believe I would have killed an innocent man." growled Link.
"You did kill me. But I did rough you up a bit, so maybe it looked like I was trying to kill you." yawned Green Spirit. He pulled his hood down to reveal a head of green hair. "I finally regained my color, thank Farore. Let's make a deal now. When it comes time to reveal who I am, you won't attack me."
"Fine deal, now I'm going to go." urged Link.
"Alright, now get lost." laughed Green. He watched his charge run off and smiled behind his mask.
"You weren't innocent." stated a female voice behind him.
"Ah, Blue. Such a pleasure to have you check on me." chuckled Green.
"Green, you should not try to reveal yourself to him. We all share a blood relation with our charge. You know how you and Link are related!" hissed the female spirit.
"At least you two got to see your charge on happier terms then I did! You both got some time with them!" snapped Green.
"Calm down!" growled Red. "Someone may hear you."
"We only spent a few days with them," started Blue.
"I only had enough time to fight and get killed!" sobbed Green removing his mask. He wiped his eyes, and felt a firm hand rest on his shoulder.
"Relax, when we are allowed to reveal who we are, you may go first. We will wait a few days." reassured Red spirit. He still wore a mask hiding his mouth and nose from them, but his golden eyes shone brightly.
"I'll only wait a day, maybe two." laughed Blue removing her blue painted mask with a sympathetic frown painted on it.
"I must say the hair still messes with me." laughed Green. "I mean pink? You've got blue earrings and jewelry, but pink hair. I can't understand it."
"I don't understand the style. It is so short, it's just barely long enough to reach your shoulders." sighed Red.
"You two are bigger girls than me!" hissed Blue clutching both their heads and smacking them together.
"I hate it when you do that." muttered Red.
"I hate it period. I feel like an idiot." yawned Green returning his mask to his face.

Link and his friend stood in front of each other. Waiting for the other to make Tge first move. Archer finally broke the calm by placing a mask to his face, which suddenly made him vanish.
"The Stone Mask?" gasped Link. Suddenly a Deku Seed struck him in the jaw.
"Yes, I borrowed it from Richard. It makes it quite…" laughed Archer, revealing his location.
"Aha!" laughed Link hurling his boomerang. He was rewarded by the sound of Archer shouting in pain. The boomerang also carried a mask towards Link, but it was unfamiliar to him.
"Oh no, you took the Paranoia Mask. Whatever shall I do?" yawned Archer removing the Stone Mask. "Oh I know, how about this?" laughed Archer putting on the Rito Mask.
Link gasped in amazement as he saw a birdlike man stand before him. He had black untidy hair, and a green postman's hat.

"A mail man? Seriously?" laughed Peter.
"Hey, he said he dropped bombs on pirate ships, why did he lie?" asked Penelope.
"He never really said what his occupation was. So he never really lied." yawned Beat. "But it should be interesting to watch a fight between someone who can switch out with any race against someone who can vanish."

"What do I do? Wait I'll use that thing Kaepora Gaebora showed me, the Lens of Truth!" laughed Link pulling the glass from his tunic.
"Oh, I'm so terrified. A magnifying glass, what are you gonna do? Burn my boots?" laughed Rito Archer.
"No, I just want to be prepared for your next attack." replied Link with a smirk.
"Oh really? Then prepare for this!" roared Archer hurling a bomb at Link.
"Hmph." hissed Link jumping aside as the earth around him blew up in chunks.
"Link, guess what. Now you see me," laughed Archer as he put on the Stone Mask.
"Now I do!" laughed Link tossing his shield at Archer who was unseen by everyone else there, except those trained with heightened senses.
Archer fell back, mask being tossed aside. He stumbled over the wall of the well and sunk towards the bottom, unconscious.
"Archer!" gasped Link running forward. 
He put his Zora mask and dove down to retrieve his friend. He found Archer laying atop of two rapiers, Link decided to retrieve the boy and the swords. He was received by Beat helping him pull Archer out if the water.
"Richard take care of Archer." ordered Link.
"Right." nodded Richard carrying Archer off.
"Now that right there, shows the value of a knight or hero!" exclaimed the master of ceremonies. "You fight him, but then save him when he's in danger. Link I hope to see you fight like this next round."
"Ha, I doubt I meet the requirements to be a knight or hero, but I will be happy to move onto the next round." laughed Link as he walked off.

"Hmm, that was impressive." laughed Mikau as Link removed the mask.
"I just wish I could find a way to bring you your own body." sighed Link as he tucked the mask back into it's pouch.
"Hey you got our rapiers back!" laughed Beat hobbling over to him.
"Yeah, I knew Richard's was in there, but I didn't know yours fell in." laughed Link awkwardly.
"Well, I may use this, but... Oh it got deformed!" moaned Beat noticing pieces of metal bent at odd angles.
"I could take it off your hands if you don't want it." offered a boy with short black hair. He wore dark glasses hiding his eyes.
"Sure, take it." sighed Beat handing the weapon over. "You're Kai, right?"
"Yeah, and as a thanks for this gift, I will give you a blade that I believe is perfect for someone who fights like you. An ōkatana, hopefully you can teach yourself how to use it. I can't risk teaching you my style yet, we may be fighting each other tomorrow." laughed Kai as he left, leaving a long blade next to Beat.
"I'm gonna go learn how to use this thing. I stayed for half of the fights right, so no one will be upset. Besides, Vakanos just won." stated Beat grabbing his new blade and walking off.
"Vakanos wins!" cheered Ricky.

"Wow, he paid attention during all his friends fights." laughed Green. "He is considerate."
"Beat is leaving now. Probably to train." yawned Blue. "I'm going to introduce myself to my charge."
"Good luck. I just hope yours doesn't threaten you like ours did." advised Red.

Zelda yawned and stood up. She had grown tired of watching the fights so she decided to take a stroll. She slipped past her guards and headed towards the carts where Beat and his friends' carts were stopped. As she headed to the carts she was stopped by a person with a blue mask in a black cloak.
"Hello there Princess Zelda." laughed a soft voice.
"Who are you?"gasped Zelda turning to face the masked person.
"I am Blue Spirit, I was resurrected by Nayru to keep you safe." explained the woman kneeling before her charge.
"So you're like Red and Green Spirit. I am grateful for your protection." laughed Zelda in relief.
"I was hoping to get to know you some." sighed Blue.
"Why of course, let us get to know each other better!" cheered Zelda.
"You shouldn't shout or wander around like that Princess." laughed Beat, using a sword as a crutch.
"Beat you shouldn't interrupt people." hissed Zelda.
"Oh forgive me Princess." gasped Beat in mock horror. He laughed as he walked off to the wall of the cliff.
"Hmph, he's rude." growled Blue Spirit.
"Beat? He just plays around a lot." replied Zelda, casually.
"He is a lot like his guardian spirit was like." sighed Blue. "Now let's go, we've got some catching up to do."

Beat trained long into the day, stopping every once and a while to rest his foot.
"How's it going?" asked Link walking up to Beat.
"I think I've gotten the hang of it." sighed Beat sitting down. "I need something to fix my foot."
"A fairy spring ?" suggested Link.
"I don't know where one is." replied Beat.
"Follow me. Oh, and bring something that explodes."
"You do know I explode, right?" laughed Beat following Link.
"Shut up. It's in the a grave, so we'll need to pull a headstone back." laughed Link.
"Ooh, grave-robbing!" laughed Beat.
"Shut up!" hissed Link.
"And that ends the final fight. Finn loses, to Edmund in quite a surprising turn around. Okay, everyone get ready, tonight we have a talent contest. We'll have three judge, the king, Princess Zelda, and myself. Everyone prepare for it, for you're all invited to join. The winner receives a grand prize. We wish you all good luck." announced Ricky. 
"Damn, Finn lost?" gasped Beat.
"I guess." shrugged Link as they continued towards the graveyard.

Richard sat at the carts, trying to organize a list of the people joining the rabble they called an army. He had Gwen, Peter, Penny, Archer, Link, Vakanos, Ivy, Beat, Allen, Alice, himself, and he decided to include Skull Kid and the fairies. But now more people were coming over asking to join, like Reggi, a Hylian that had black tattoos across his chest.
"So can I join up?" he asked following Richard.
"Well, I believe Beat won't mind having a new person join. He gathered us all up. But listen up, we are a family, no keeping secrets, from any of us. If you think you need to keep it hidden tell me or Beat. Understand?" explained Richard pacing around the carts.
"Yeah I understand." yawned Reggi. "I just want to save the fine women of the Gerudo." 
"Whatever." muttered Richard adding the name to the list.

Beat pushed the grave while Link pulled and they opened it rather quickly. They lowered themselves down and walked down the steps. There they found a platform that supported a crouching figure. Beat tried to step forward but was halted by Link.
"That's a redead, avoid being seen." ordered Link.
"M'kay. I'll just use a bombchu. The fountain is hidden behind the wall right?" replied Beat pulling out an explosive rodent.
"Sounds like a plan." nodded Link.
Beat wound up the rodent and let it crawl up the wall. As it reached the cracked wall it exploded and sent rocks flying all over the place. One pushed the the undead creature flying towards them. Beat stepped aside and stabbed the creature through the head. Link laughed nervously and climbed up the ledge. Beat followed him into the light filled room where hundreds of fairies flitted across the water.
"Amazing!" gasped Beat in awe.
"Let's get you in there." laughed Link dragging Beat along.
"Why does everyone drag me?" muttered Beat as he felt the cool water of the fountain.
Several fairies grew curious and flew over to see the visitors. When they saw Beat's injured foot they circled around it and used their healing magic to make it as good as new.
"Thank you kind fairies. What can I do to repay you?" thanked Beat.
"No payment is required. Thank you for offering though." laughed the fairies in unison.
"Come on Beat, the rest are waiting for us. You entering that contest?" asked Link as the pair left.
"Hell no! I've had enough of that crap. I may just play music for people who are singing." replied Beat.
"Eh, you could sing a song with anyone Beat, it'll be fun." laughed Link.
"You know what else is fun? Punching annoying blonde guys in green tunics. Should I start doing that?"
"Never mind." whimpered Link.

When they got back to camp quite a scene was going on. Several new people were being scrutinized by the crew assembled.
"So what's up?" shouted Beat as he joined his friends.
"Just checking out a few people wanting to join us." replied Richard. "Alright people introduce yourselves."
"I'm Travis Len. I prefer Travie and I use a hatchet as my main weapon." greeted a boy with a small goatee on his chin. He was around sixteen and had sand colored hair.
"Hello, I'm Strafe Fletch. I may be fighting you in the next round." laughed a tall boy with white hair. "My sister Ai is entered also, but she is off doing something else. I'm pretty sure she will show up."
"I'm Teresa Nen, I want to try and help as many people as I can. I'm not that good at fighting, but I can be a nurse or something like that." murmured a slender girl with red hair twiddling her fingers.
"And I'm Reggi Jumle. I lost to your Vakan friend. I am good with explosives." laughed the tattooed boy.
"Nice to meet you all. I'm glad to see people will help my race." sighed Beat. "Everyone, feel free to talk and all other things sociable. As for me I'm going to take a walk."
"I'd like to join you!" hollered Travie running up. "I'd like to ask you some questions."
"Sure, come on." shrugged Beat.

The talent contest was finally prepared and Princess Zelda was sitting at the judges table with Ricky.
"I wonder who will enter." yawned the master of ceremonies.
"I won't hesitate to assume Grimsley will be joining.
She then heard two voices walking by and soon found it to be Beat and a new person.
"I am telling you, I'm not entering the show. I've had too much excitement today." sighed Beat.
"Fine, don't then. It was just an idea. You won the other contest, and got a kiss from the princess, and then last night the princess paid so much for you. Who knows, this winner may marry her." laughed his friend.
Zelda blushed deeply, causing Ricky to laugh.
"Hoo, that was a good point. You have taken a liking to that Grimsley boy." sighed Ricky wiping a tear from his eye.
"Shut up! He's just had a hard life, so I'm trying to make his life a little more enjoyable." growled the princess.
"How very kind of you Princess." sighed Ricky. "Some people grow from those kind of things though. I mean, does he look like he needs help?"
They both looked to see Beat laughing at Travis's attempts to use his hatchet. Beat walked up to him and decided to show him a few tricks.
"No, he looks happy now." smiled Zelda.
"And I think quite a few girls have taken a fancy to him." laughed Ricky. "I've got to go announce the show is starting."

Beat sat in the crowd and yawned as he watched multiple performances. He wanted to leave, but he promised his friends he'd watch each of there performances.
"I'm so bored!" moaned Beat.
"Ditto." yawned the boy beside him.
"Ace, you are watching this?" asked Beat looking to his enemy.
"Yeah, I always watch these to see Ivy. She is an amazing singer." sighed Ace.
"Huh, I haven't heard her yet. So how did you become 'involved' with Ivy?"
"Arranged marriage. But at first, I didn't like her, it wasn't until I heard her sing that I felt the way I do now." explained Ace.
"Wow. When were you supposed to be married?" asked Beat.
"Well it was arranged while we were thirteen. But after a few months of me complaining they called it off. Then a year after that I was forced to go to a party with a ton of noble people back in our country. I ran into her and we talked like normal people. She said it was a relief to not be forced into a marriage. I laughed and agreed with her. We spent the entire party getting into trouble. Neither of us were held responsible due to our family connections." recalled the TerraSlider. 
"You and Ivy seem like good friends. But you seem to have…"
"Become an asshole? Yeah, I guess I have. I just, I couldn't stand losing her. I heard her sing a few months ago, and felt like I had been blind for years. She just felt like too much of an angel to pass up." laughed Ace.
"Haha, I agree there. Ivy is amazing. I never really felt the same way for anyone else. Its like she's…" sighed Beat.
"The most amazing girl in all of the land?" Ace finished.
"Yeah." agreed Beat.
"Here she comes now! Just listen to her now, and hear the melodic way she sings." cheered Ace quietly.

Ivy stepped onto the stage wearing a long silk blue dress. She wore a silver necklace, and had her hair down. She smiled at the crowd and looked to the judges.
"I'm Ivy Elson, and I'm going to sing a song about a boy, who just makes my heart jump."
Many of the people in crowd cheered and did the whole "awwww" thing.
"Alright, let's hear it." laughed the king.
Ivy whispered into the ear of the band's leader, and then walked to the center of the stage. She took a deep breath, and then in a voice that was more beautiful than that of an angel.

"Amazing!" sighed Beat. 
"Its why I won't let you take her so easily. I'm sorry for what I've done, to all your friends. Especially Peter." apologized Ace.
"Ace, two things. One, it's ok, I'll forgive you after I kick your ass. Two, shut up and listen to Ivy sing." laughed Beat.
Ace laughed, and turned to face the stage, listening to the voice of Ivy.

After everyone had performed, Ricky mounted the stage.
"Well everyone did an amazing job. I think our final entrant should be stepping up now." laughed the master of ceremonies.
"Beat Grimsley, please make your way to the stage." asked Zelda.
"No f…" started Beat before he was grabbed by all of his friends.
Beat was shoved onto the stage, and stood stock still. He refused to do anything.
"Now, let's allow Mr. Grimsley to perform." laughed the king.
"Damn it." muttered Beat. "Hey, give me your guitar!" he barked at the band leader.
"Uh, sure." mumbled the guitarist in confusion.
Beat strummed the strings a few times before he began to start.
"Oh, her eyes, her eyes make the stars look like their not shining. Her hair, her hair falls perfectly without her trying. She's so beautiful, and I tell her everyday. Yeah, I know, I know when I compliment her she won't believe me. And it's so, it's so sad that she don't see what I see. But every time she asks me 'do I look okay?' I say... When I see your face, theres not a thing that I would change. Because your amazing, just the way you are! And when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for awhile. Cause girl your amazing, just the way you are!" he sang passionately. He played a few notes after he finished before returning the guitar.
A hearty applause greeted him as he stepped off stage.
"Well, that was quite a love song. Who's the lucky lass?" laughed Ricky nudging Beat with his elbow.
"A very special girl. I just hope she returns the feeling." sighed Beat.
"Well I announce this contests winner as…" started the king.
"Father, we all have to agree." reminded Zelda shaking her head.
"Oh right, well then let's decide!" laughed the king.

Beat walked up to his little assortment of friends, trying to find the culprit. He noticed Gwen and Alice looking nervous. Reggi smiled, and Link had an amused look in his eyes.
"Penny, who'd you put up to it?" sighed Beat.
Everyone breathed an audible sigh of relief. Penelope was shoved to the front, and then pointed an accusing finger at Ivy.
"Ivy suggested it to me!"
"You little brat, you said you'd stay quiet!" hissed Ivy.
"Oh? So you were behind it?" laughed Beat walking up to Ivy. He backed her against a wall and smiled. "Why go to such lengths?"
"I thought you'd play your violin." muttered Ivy.
"Oh right, I haven't played for you yet, have I?" laughed Beat. Leaning in closer to her, he blew a stray hair away from her face.
"I thought it fell perfectly without me trying." whispered Ivy.
"Who said the song was for you?" teased Beat. "It was obviously meant for Liza."
This made the entire group laugh. Ivy looked to Richard for help, and he nodded.
"Alright, we all know it's either gonna be Ivy or Beat winning, so let's go get our dinner ready. New members get a great welcome dinner." stated Richard pulling the two main causes of trouble, Gwen and Penelope. The pair struggled as the rest followed.
"Now, how about we pick back up where we were started?" laughed Beat.
"Right, you were just saying how Liza made you feel like you were on top of the world." giggled Ivy.
"Oh right." grinned Beat wolfishly. "She can wait."
He leaned in and lightly kissed Ivy on the lips. They felt sparks flying as the light kiss turned into a passionate embrace of lips. The two stopped suddenly, gasping for breath. They smiled at each other, and Beat began to talk when Ivy lightly nibbled on his bottom lip.
"I can't talk wib my wip in your teef." he mumbled.
"Good." she cooed sweetly.
"Alright, the winner, or should I say, winners are Ivy and Beat!" announced the king.
The two broke off their kiss and looked at each other.
"We won?" asked Beat.
"We won." sighed Ivy.
Beat began to realize what had just happened. "We won!" he laughed.
"We won? We won!" cheered Ivy hugging Beat close.
Beat returned the hug and began to cheer with her as they jumped up and down.
"The two win an invitation to the ball being held in Hyrule Castle in a month from now. They will be permitted to bring the friends they have if they dress formally." explained Ricky.
Zelda walked up to Beat and whispered in his ear. "Your suit will be delivered to the Rusty Dagger. I trust Cyril, he's a very good man." 
Beat nodded and then turned back to Ivy. "Hey let's go get some of that fancy welcome food!" he laughed.
"Right." she nodded. She ran off towards the carts leaving Beat with the princess.
"Okay, my royal friend, would you like to join us?" offered Beat.
"No thank you, Prince Grimsley." laughed Zelda.
"So now you know I'm not really Gerudo?" sighed Beat.
"Yeah, Nabooru told me. She also said she wished you luck."
"Ha, thanks. I think I'll need it. See you tomorrow." laughed Beat as he walked off. He waved and then ran down the path to the carts.

The three spirits sat on the roof of the Skulltula house.
"Well, that was predictable." yawned Blue.
"Yeah, it was." agreed Green.
"I liked the song though." sighed Blue.
"Yeah it was pretty good." agreed Red.
"Tomorrow is the quarterfinals. Only four will move on." muttered Green.
"And that Spirit Eater is still entered." growled Blue.
"We need not worry. Both the Hero of Time and The Fire Sage Warrior are entered." reassured Green.
"What about Beat? He could handle the demon!" growled Red.
"Still standing up for your charge Red? Eh, you may be right." sighed Blue.
They looked to see Beat trip and fall down the stairs next to the house they sat on.
"Maybe not." muttered Green.
Quarterfinal Face Off by Beat15
Author's Notes:
The fourth round begins and a new fighting area may allow more fierce fights. Read for yourself to find out how the fights go.
Beat yawned back to life, trying to wake fully up. He realized that he was the first to wake among his friends. He looked at all the bowels piled up from Richard's soup. 
"Hmm, soup seems to be pretty impressive." stated Red Spirit walking next to Beat.
"Oh? Hey Red, what did you need?" yawned Beat.
"To warn you. One of three will be gravely injured. The three destined for greatness may end up fighting a beast that eats souls." warned Red Spirit.
"So me, Link, or Vakanos will end up fighting this monster?" moaned Beat.
"Yeah. Just about hit the nail on the head." chuckled Red. "Bye."
"Wait!" growled Beat before Red ran off. "Damn it."
"What's up?" yawned Reggi.
"Nothing, just a bad dream." laughed Beat nervously.
"Oh alight. Oh crap, I've gotta find Ai!" shouted Strafe, waking half the group.
"Shut up!" moaned Gwen.
"I'm trying to sleep!" growled Skull Kid.
"Sorry!" shouted Strafe as he ran off.
"Ha, it seems like this is going to be a good day." laughed Peter walking up to Beat.
"Yeah, but looks can be deceiving." muttered Beat.
Before Peter could ask any more questions Beat walked off towards the field of battle.

Kai sat on a rock sharpening several blades. He looked up to see Beat walking up with the ōkatana held in his hand.
"Any luck mastering the use of that weapon?" laughed Kai.
"Yeah, took awhile but I got it." smiled Beat.
"Good, that's a tricky weapon to master. The length is a difficult part to get used to."
"Oh the length wasn't the difficult part, it was the lightness. I'm used to heavy blades." laughed Beat.
"Haha, I guess I'm just so accustomed to the blades that the weight doesn't even bother me. Ready for the new fighting area?"
"New area?" gasped Beat.
"Yeah, the fights are gonna take place out on the cliffs now. That way everyone can fight to the full extent now." explained Kai.
"Oh great!" laughed Beat. "No more having to worry about breaking anything!"
Kai laughed and led Beat to the cliff where they would be fighting now.
"Hey there fellas." greeted Ricky. "Just in time for some help."
"What's in need of our assistance?" asked Beat.
"Oh I just need to decide a few pairings. All of you are great fighters and I want to make the fights exciting. Who should I pair up?" sighed Ricky.
"Well I was thinking Strafe versus Ace would be a good match." suggested Kai.
"I'd wanna see Ai versus Link." laughed Beat.
"Oh and Vakanos versus Edmund!" exclaimed Ricky. "Calm collected strength, versus wild and aggressive cunning."
"Good fight. How about the two of us fight?" suggested Kai.
"That'd be fun." laughed Beat. "Oh and then we're done since theres only four fights then we finish sooner!"
"Not exactly, since you all made it this far you're all probably gonna have longer fights. I mean Ace and you are both great fighters a fight between you two would not end quickly." laughed Ricky. "Alright, go gather the crowd, I'll get the other fighters."

Link was talking with Travie when Strafe came walking up with a black haired girl who was a head shorter.
"Gentlemen meet Ai, my sweet little sister." laughed Strafe.
"Strafe, shut up!" whined Ai.
"It's a pleasure my dear." greeted Travis bowing low.
"Hi there." smiled Link.
"Umm, hello." greeted Ai shyly. "I wanted to join you all last night, but I needed to practice for my fight."
"Its not a problem. We'll hold a bigger dinner than last night for you." laughed Strafe.
"Well I'll let you talk to Richard about that." chuckled Link before walking off.
"Hey guys, help get all the spectators to the cliffs, that's where we're holding the fights now." shouted Kai as he ran past.
"Ok!" replied Strafe grabbing his sister. "To the cliffs!"

Beat sprinted to the carts and informed his friends of the new fighting grounds and then headed to the windmill. When he got there he felt like he sprung a trap.
The TerraSliders that already lost surrounded Beat. Liza walked up to him and growled in his face.
"What do you want?" she demanded.
"As happy as I am to see you Liza, I'm here to speak with Ace, and maybe Edmund." he growled.
"You can't go in there. Ace is doing a traditional battle preparation." spat the fighter Archer had beaten in the first round.
"And besides, he wouldn't want to talk with you." laughed the one Beat had fought in the second round.
"Oh really?" roared Ace opening the door. "I said keep people from disturbing me, but all of you are the ones ruining my focus!"
"But Grimsley…" started Liza.
"I'll hear him out." sighed Ace.
"We're fighting on the cliffs, less damage to the town and more room for the fights." explained Beat.
"Thanks. Now I suggest leaving before Liza tries anything." nodded Ace.
"Alright." nodded Beat running off.
"What? You're friends with the guy now?" growled Liza.
"No dear sister, I'm just showing respect, something all of you need to learn." spat Ace turning back and going inside.
"He's getting attached." groaned one of the smaller TerraSliders.
"Shut it! Ace is just proving he's a great fighter. He shows respect to one who has disrespected him." snapped Liza. "I respect his judgment, but I disagree with it also." she sighed.

After word had spread of the relocation the cliffs were soon filled with spectators. Ricky was standing on the top of a flat rock and was announcing the fight pairings.
"I had some good suggestions, and now the next rounds fights will be Link versus Edmund, Ace versus Strafe, Beat versus Ai, and Vakanos versus Kai." announced Ricky.
"He only used one idea." grumbled Beat. He now had to fight Strafe's younger sister Ai.
"Excuse me." mumbled a girl tugging Beat's shirt.
"Yes?" asked Beat turning to see a girl about Peter's height.
"I'm your opponent Ai Fletch. I do hope we will have a good fight." smiled the girl shyly.
"Oh? You're Strafe's sister? It's a pleasure to meet you. I agree, I do hope we have a good fight." laughed Beat.
"Oh, and I'll try not to hurt you." laughed the girl as she ran off towards her brother.
"What the hel…"
"Hey Beat, good luck!" laughed Ivy gliding up to him.
"Woah, did you get faster?" he gasped.
"Oh? No, we can glide faster on rough rock. Terra is rock, so we 'slide' much easier on our blades." explained Ivy pecking his cheek.
"Then what were you called before you had the blades?" he taunted.
"We are also great runners, and don't really worry about terrain. We could run through a mile of broken glass and still never slow down." laughed Ivy.
"But you'd have some bloody feet." he laughed before embracing her in a bear hug.
"Oh you're hilarious." she sarcastically replied.

Link looked at Edmund, who now seemed different from the first two rounds. He fought more aggressively. He seemed like he was an evil too powerful to comprehend.
"Well, you had better fight well today." sighed Green Spirit appearing next to him.
"Why?" asked Link.
"No reason." stated Green.
"C'mon tell me!" whined Link.
"Nope." yawned Green before vanishing.
"So even the spirits are noticing his change." sighed Richard walking up behind Link.
"You noticed his change?" gasped Link.
"Yeah, I've always had a knack for noticing personality changes." smiled Richard. "Be careful out there."
"I will." nodded Link.

After everyone settled down the first fight between Vakanos and Kai began.
"Good luck." smiled Kai.
"Same to you." nodded Vakanos.
The two bowed, and then jumped back. Kai drew a katana and jumped at Vakanos. But he was blocked by a heavy blow from his halberd. The Vakan then slammed the butt of the halberd into the ground sending cinders flying.
"Hmph, impressive." grunted Kai as he sheathed his blade. He then drew a long thin knife from his belt. He lunged at Vakanos trying to surprise him with a sudden jump.
"Sorry, not gonna work." laughed Vakanos. He grabbed Kai by his arm and held him in the air.
"This is embarrassing." laughed Kai dropping his knife. "I can fix this though."
Kai then grabbed a short sword from his belt and slashed his opponents arm.
Vakanos merely winced, and then grabbed the sword from his foe's hand. He tossed it aside and then held both of Kai's arms above his head.
"Ok, now I'm done." sighed Kai.
"Vakanos will be our first semifinalist. Next we'll have Ace versus Strafe." announced Ricky.

"Good luck brother!" shouted Ai as Strafe jumped up.
"Ai, I'm right here. No need to strain your voice." laughed her brother. "Now, time to face a TerraSlider."
"Hey, I'm right here!" growled Ivy.
"I meant like in a fight." explained Strafe as he ran towards the open area.
"I knew that, I just wanted to give him a hard time." laughed Ivy turning to Ai.
Ai smiled shyly and then ran off to watch her big brother.

Ace and Strafe exchanged greetings and bowed. Then they began.
Ace had his blades on his boots so he glided effortlessly around Strafe. Strafe seemed to have some kind of trick up his sleeve because he was laughing the entire time.
"And right about…" started Strafe, "NOW!!!" he laughed.
Ace fell to the ground as Strafe pulled a chain erupting from the ground.
"What the hell?" gasped Ace as the chain snaked it's way around him.
"A little trick I've been hiding. Earth Vipers, a very special kind of magic that makes the point of my focus behave like a whip or snake." explained Strafe.
"Clever, but you shouldn't have wrapped around my legs." taunted Ace. He then pulled his blades off his boots and smacked the flat if the blades against the snakelike chain.
"What?" gasped Strafe as Ace broke free.
Ace attached the blades to his gloves and rushed at Strafe. Strafe jumped back to avoid a quick jab. He then swiped his hand across Ace's chest leaving three cuts on his chest. Ace gasped when he saw his opponents empty hands.
"How'd you do that?" growled Ace.
"Simple, I used these!" laughed Strafe hurling glass daggers.
When they struck Ace they shattered, leaving shards of glass in his arm.
"Clever." growled Ace, trying to dig the glass out of his arm. Suddenly the sharp bits of glass seemed to vanish. "What?"
"It's magic. I use my magic to make glass that breaks on impact, but then rebuild themselves back in my hands." explained Strafe.
"Alright I get it, you're using magic." snapped Ace.
"Rude." muttered Strafe as he held his knives ready to fight.
Ace jumped up and brought the blades down to pierce Strafe's shoulder.
"Aggh!" shouted Strafe as he fell. "Errg, ooh." he groaned. "Too much magic used. I quit."
"Strafe is unable to continue. Ace is moving on to the Semifinals. Now we'll see if the younger of the two Fletchs will move on. Ai versus Beat next up!" laughed Ricky.

"Good luck." nodded Beat to Ai.
"Likewise." nodded Ai.
Beat was instantly hit in the gut by her foot. He hunched over to make her think she hurt him, and then regretted it as she slammed an elbow into his back.
"Hey!" shouted Beat.
"Shadow Soldier!" chanted Ai focusing her energy into raising her arms. She spread her fingers and the hands rose, several shadows grew to form bodies.
"Oh Nayru!" gasped Beat after counting eight soldiers. The shadows encircled him and each drew a curved sword.
"I'm sorry, but I have something to take care of soon. I'm going to have to end it now." sighed Ai.
"Sorry, but you'll be a little late." laughed Beat running through one of the shadows. As he landed he spun on his heel and drew his ōkatana.
Beat slashed and blocked with the blade. He was able to keep them from hitting him, but he couldn't hit the shadows.
"Sorry, but my shadows aren't harmed by physical means." apologized Ai with a sympathetic smile.
"Oh really? Then how about I…" started Beat before having to block an onslaught of attacks. Beat's shouts were muffled by the eight shadows piling up on him. But suddenly the shadows jumped off of him. Two withered and burned as Beat jumped up, sending a shot of fire into the air.
"As I was saying before those shadows rudely interrupted, I guess I'll use my flames." growled Beat. He snapped his fingers and two more burned to a crisp.
Beat then had to dodge several slashes from the other shadows. He noticed that Ai now held her hands with her right pinky and middle fingers bent, while her left pointer and middle were bent.
"One shadow for each finger, but are her thumbs included?" he muttered. He then rolled under a swipe from another shadow and shot a fireball into the shadow.
Ai growled and bent her left pinkie.
"Din's Spiral!" shouted Beat. Then five rings of fire arranged themselves around the fighting area. Beat dove into one and vanished, reappearing behind Ai. He then rolled towards her, and shot a fireball into her shadow.
"No!!!" she shouted as her shadow rose and shriveled.
Beat then felt a sharp pain in his back. As he fell he saw his shadow standing over him with blood falling from an ōkatana made from shadows. The fires burned down, and then died.
"It looks like Beat is…" started Ricky.
"Wait!" shouted Beat. He slowly rose and stood up. He sheathed his gift from Kai and reached into his torn shirt and pulled put a scimitar. "I want to continue!"
Beat spun his sword and when he pulled it over his head in Gerudo style he revealed a second scimitar and pointed both at his independent shadow.
"Bring it!" growled the emotionless shadow.
Beat swung his blades at the new opponent and released a wave of fire at his foe. The shadow deftly dodged and watched one of it's fellow shadows wither and die.
Ai let her entire left hand fall now. She seemed exhausted even though she hadn't moved that much. "Three more left." she wheezed in exhaustion.
Beat was in no better shape. He panted and gasped for breath as he fought, channeling the fire through his weapons. He managed to slash through the other two so now Ai only held a her right thumb up as she channeled her energy to keeping the shadow going.
"Tired?" snickered the shadow.
"A little." gasped Beat as he fell to the ground. He then erupted in flames, and left a burn mark in the hardened earth.
"That was…" started the shadow before it felt a burning hot sensation in it's back.
"This is painful!" shouted Beat plunging the burning scimitars into both of the shadow's shoulder blades.
Ai stumbled back, and fell onto her bottom. Beat dropped his weapons and walked over to his opponent.
"Here, let me help you up." smiled Beat, offering his hand.
"Thank you." replied Ai shyly.
"Beat moves on to the next round. So now who will join the Semifinalists next? Link or Edmund?" announced Ricky.

The three spirits sat on the windmill's roof staring out at the cliffs.
"Well, looks like I'm going to need to intervene." yawned Green.
"Link may be capable of winning." replied Blue trying to lighten the mood.
"I could always make Link get sick and miss his chance to fight." offered Green.
"Green, we were ordered to only respond to when they want our help, our when they need our help. We can't decide, only our introductions break that code." explained Red.
"Yeah yeah, page eight, subsection D, paragraph four, line seven." growled Green.
Blue laughed and then turned to Green.
"He needs to fight. He has fought something similar to this evil." reassured Blue. "Remember who he fought in the Water Temple?"
"Dark Link isn't the same as a Soul Eater!" shouted Green.
"Too late, fights starting." yawned Red.

Link looked at Edmund and nodded. Edmund just snickered. They bowed and then jumped back. Edmund drew his sword from his belt and lunged at Link, who easily ducked underneath. He then smacked the underside of Edmund's knees making him fall to the ground.
Edmund growled and jumped up. He remained silent and just growled and snarled.

Beat watched the fight. "Something isn't right. Nabooru said there'd be two of Skull King's Sins. Jacob was Pride, but Envy should be here. I doubt he lost. So he'd have to be…" Beat gasped as he realized who the beast was. "Edmund, I thought it was just a monster attacking at night. I've got to get to Ricky!"
Beat rushed to the announcer and explained everything he knew. He said that Edmund was linked to Jacob, and the fight needed to end now.
"Everyone stop! That man is linked to the boy who attacked the village! Seize him!" shouted Ricky.
"Pathetic. I envy your ignorance." laughed Edmund. "The previous owner of this body would be intimidated, but not me! I am a Soul Eater, and you'll be my next meal!"
"I don't think so!" shouted Link running up to stop Edmund.
"Oh how cute." laughed Edmund. He drew his sword and raised it to slash down.
"I'm not letting you hurt him!" growled Vakanos as he swung his halberd down snapping the sword in half.
"Alright, now I'm mad." growled Edmund. He snapped his fingers and black wings as thin as a feather grew. He soared into the air and then dive-bombed at Vakanos.
"Oh no you don't!" laughed Vakanos as the Goron crest formed on his head. His halberd glowed red and he was engulfed in light. When it cleared he was standing tall with a red chest plate covering his white shirt.
"Sage Warrior, you've made a big mistake!" laughed Edmund.
"I beg to differ, I've just evened the odds!" laughed Vakanos. Thick red wings grew from the back of the armor and allowed him to fly.
"Vakanos, I lend you my powers!" shouted Archer tossing his hookshot to his friend.
"I accept your powers for as long as they are required." nodded the Vakan grabbing the hookshot. 
The Kokiri emblem flourished around Vakanos's eye and the hookshot changed into a green metal gauntlet on his right arm. The armors met and seemed to click together to form more protection.
"Ok, I'll admit that's impressive, but I'll still kill you." yawned Edmund. He then hurled a green orb if energy at Vakanos that shut his body down.
"I can't move!" gasped Vakanos as he fell.
"I've gotcha!" shouted Beat rushing to catch his friend.
"Beat, I lend you my powers!" he shouted the Vakan.
Beat then saw the armor vanish off of Vakanos and reappear onto him. He caught his friend and then flew up into the air darting towards his enemy.
"Hmm, that's intriguing. But I think I've stayed long enough." yawned Edmund. He snapped his fingers and the wings enveloped him. He then vanished from everyones sights.
Beat landed and felt the armor fade off of him, returning back to their normal forms.
"Is he ok?" asked Beat running up to Vakanos.
"Yeah, I guess it only lasted until he ran away." sighed Archer in relief.
"Here's your hookshot." wheezed Beat as he was embraced by Ivy.
"Don't you ever try that again!" she ordered holding him tightly.
"I've got the idea, let go! I can't breathe." whined Beat.
"Oomph, I'm alright." moaned the dazed Vakan.
"Alright. I know this will not matter, but seeing as Edmund is gone, Link moves on to the Semifinals." sighed Ricky.
"Wait, so we all made it!" laughed Link. "We di…"
"Woah Link are you alright? You just passed out and…" started Beat before falling unconscious on top of him.

Link and Beat woke up in the Chamber of Sages. With them was the three spirits and Zelda. The five sages stood around the spot reserved fit the Light Sage.
"Hello everyone." greeted Impa. "We've been brought here by the goddesses to inform you of dire news. Rauru is not going to live much longer."
"We must reveal the Light Temple to awaken the next Sage of Light." added Saria.
"I advise releasing Ganondorf, he'll be able to help us. I know I'll sound cruel, but I think we should let Rauru die." sighed Beat.
"I agree." nodded Nabooru. "He was a victim of Skull King's power. The same way my race is fighting one another."
"No, the ones heading the fight are female Bone Soldiers disguised as Gerudo." corrected Impa. "But for now you all did well. Enjoy the rest of the tournament, we'll contact you when you're needed."
"Right. Tomorrow the fights get interesting." laughed Beat looking at Link.
"We may end up fighting each other, but until then, good luck." nodded Link clasping Beat's hand.
"It'll be so hard to choose who to root for." laughed Zelda.
"Agreed." laughed the spirits.

Blue and the other spirits stood in a new room now. They looked to their employers and kneeled and removed their masks.
"You all passed." nodded Nayru.
"We wanted to test your ability to see how well you obey orders. You passed." laughed Din.
"Now you'll just need to keep them all alive." reminded Farore. "We here by order you to enjoy the rest of your time in Kakariko."
"Yes milady!" nodded the spirits.

Beat sat next to Link and Vakanos next to the carts. Now a third cart had joined up with Kai, and a vast collection of bladed weapons.
"Ha, I'll need to change my wish if I win." laughed Beat.
"Me too." sighed Link.
"I'll be sticking with my wish for peace." yawned Vakanos.
"We may steal your idea." laughed Link.
"Go ahead, I need a better chance for peace between Vakans and TerraSliders." chuckled Vakanos.
"Yeah, I know. You know what? From now on I will call you Vak! No more long names. Vak, how do you feel?" announced Beat.
"It's alright. But I've had too much excitement today. I'm sleeping now." yawned Vakanos.
"I second that!" agreed Link.
"Then it is decided. We all sleep now." sighed Beat before they all dropped their heads.
The Final Four by Beat15
Author's Notes:
The Semifinals, Link versus Vakanos, and the long awaited fight between Ace and Beat.
Beat saw dark things in his dreams. He saw all his friends laying scattered across a blood-soaked desert. There were several people he didn't recognize. The bodies of his comrades were burned and had many slash wounds all over them. The ones that were most scarred were those Link, Zelda, Ganondorf, and the sages. He stood in the center of the scorched battle ground and gasped in horror. He was covered in fresh blood, but he was unscathed. He felt a sharp pain in his left arm, and looked to see his Antriforce had strange tattoos covering his arm. He looked to either side and found himself standing with the two he had vowed to kill, Jacob and Skull King.
"You've proven yourself quite well Rage." cackled Jacob.
"You will be the most powerful of my soldiers. If you were to become a Bone Soldier your power would increase by two hundred percent." congratulated the man of bones.
"You are the only one besides my king that I will serve. You are the deadliest of our lords Sins." laughed Jacob.
"I don't care for either of your titles. I only have one thing to guide me, and that is my wrath. The only ones that can stop me are long dead." laughed Beat insanely. He looked into the scythe he held in his hands and saw the new face he had. His once kind golden eyes were shallow and cruel, he had black tattoos covering his face making it look very sinister. "I seek the destruction of everything!"

"No!" shouted Beat awakening with a start.
"What's wrong?" gasped Archer looking to his friend.
"I..I..I can't believe what I saw!" muttered Beat. "What the hell was that?" he screamed.
"Calm down, you're just a little feverish. You worked a little too hard yesterday. Link and Vak are still resting." assured Richard walking by with a crate in his arms.
"I need to take a walk," muttered Beat.
"You need to rest." ordered Strafe. "Just sleep and we'll wake you up when the fights are starting."
"Fine." groaned Beat sitting down.

"You are both failures!" roared a hoarse voice.
"My king, please calm yourself!" gasped Jacob in panic.
"Huh, you should've just let me eat all their souls at the beginning." yawned Edmund.
"Oh, so a lowly Soul Eater thinks he knows what's best?" shouted the voice. "Return the soul to your host's body. Edmund is more loyal than your pathetic self!"
The body of Edmund contorted, and bent. The body fell limp as a black shadow emerged from it. The bod began to stir as it regained control.
"Urrggh, milord, thank you." moaned Edmund retiring to his former self.
"Go to the hell you crawled from demon." hissed Jacob.
The shadow dove into the floor, leaving Edmund and Jacob standing before the Skull King.
"Now we'll need to use a new way to stop those thorns in my side. Jacob I leave this work to you."
"Yes milord. Should I bring out our third knight?" nodded Jacob.
"No, Gluttony is still in training. The two of you will manage." sighed the skeletal king.

Link had a dream very different from Beat's. He stood in the forest he grew up in, surrounded by his Kokiri friends. He was happy to have returned, but now he was on another quest to save Hyrule. But now he had friends helping him. Friends who can help him solve the puzzles that plagued his adventure. He was happy to be surrounded by friends in his travels. A fairy companion was good for a while, by now he has an assortment of people with many different talents. This had to be the best journey he'd been on since he first met Navi.

"Yo, wake up!" shouted Alice thumping each of the three fighters in the head with her staff. "You've got two hours to prepare for your fights. Link versus Vak, Beat versus Ace." 
"Thanks Alice." moaned Beat rubbing his head.
"Thanks." muttered Vak.
"Demon girl." groaned Link.
"Bite me." hissed Alice as she walked off.
"No thanks, I don't need to get sick before my fight." shouted Link.
Beat smacked Link upside the back of his head. "Don't speak to a girl that way, have you never learned manners?" growled Beat.
"Alice is no girl." muttered Link.
"I'd agree with you there." sighed Allen walking up to the trio.
"Bah, I'm leaving to get ready. Wh..." gasped Beat when he noticed there was a third cart. "When did we get a third cart?"
"Oh, Kai brought that along. He joined up last night. We've decided a new way to travel too. We put the weapons in the smaller cart that the twins had, food into the cart Talon lent us, and the bulk of the group rides in Kai's." explained Allen. 
"Ok, now where do I get my swords?" yawned Beat.
"Twins' cart." answered Allen pointing to the one closest.
"Thanks." nodded Beat walking over to the cart.
"Wait for us, we need our stuff too!" hollered Vak.
The two joined Beat and as they pulled back the canvas they were instantly shocked at what they found. Richard was in a dress too small for him and makeup painted on him.
"Wait, it's not what it looks like!" gasped Richard. "Penny and Gwen! They tied me up last night and did this!"
Beat fell down laughing tears filling his eyes. Link burst out laughing and had to hold his sides. Vak on the other hand, just looked shocked.
"Untie me guys!" shouted Richard. He tried wiggling over to them but only fell out of the cart.
Vak managed to untie Richard, but just as Ivy was walking past.
"Is that my dress?!?" she shouted.
"Wait Ivy it's not my fault!" sobbed Richard as she ran towards him.
"I'm going to kill you!" she hissed chasing him.
"I feel bad for him." sighed Link as he finally stopped laughing.
"I'll go handle that mess. You two catch the troublemakers." laughed Beat. "Hey Ivy wait up!"
"I may regret joining these guys sighed Kai waking up behind Link and Vakanos.

After the harsh tongue lashing from Beat, everyone apologized to Richard. He was hugged by a sobbing Ivy who kept crying about how sorry she was.
"It's ok Ivy, just calm down." reassured Richard.
"Im.. Just..s.s..sor...sorry!" sobbed Ivy.
"Such a drama queen." muttered Gwen.
"Quiet you!" hissed Link.
"Hey, the fights are pushed back till noon. So we've got another two hours to wait now." hollered Travie returning to the campsite.
"Thanks Travis." Beat thanked.
"What's with…"
"Just don't ask." muttered Vak cutting off Travie's question.

Jacob sat on the windmill with Edmund. They both looked out to where the next fights we're being held.
"Why do we wait till tomorrow?" whined Edmund.
"We've got to wait for Grimsley to fight my opposite. Which will happen tomorrow." explained Jacob bitterly. "And now we have to wait longer for the fights."

"Why delay the fights Granville?" asked the king.
"Sir, I postponed the fights because those boys needed a rest. Now they'll have time to rest and prepare for the fights today. Besides, I doubt Ace and Beat will end quickly." explained Ricky pouring the king a glass of wine. "And for Din's sake, quit calling me Granville!"

Beat walked to the spring where he had now named the Spirit's Spring. He was surprised to see a bird resting in the center of the spring.
"Hello there. You seem to have just arrived." greeted Beat.
The giant owl turned to face him with it's golden eyes. "You have a dark power embedded in you. I also sense a slight kinship between us."
"I'm Beat Grimsley, holder of the Antriforce of Rage, and Gerudo Prince."
"I am Eldin, the Light Spirit. I have sent here to prevent darkness from engulfing Hyrule. I have two brothers here in Hyrule, and we each have a gift to bestow upon our goddesses representative. Din made it clear to bestow my gift to you." explained Eldin.
Beat then found himself being swallowed by light. When he opened his eyes he found he was not in Kakariko anymore.
"Where'd you take me?" gasped Beat.
"I've taken you to Din's Haven, the place where our goddess rests. You can enter here whenever she is here, and can converse with her telepathically. But the gift I was told to bestow upon you is…"
"The ability to know when your friends are in danger." finished Red Spirit. "Eldin he has already mastered this."
"I believe that…" started Eldin.
"Everyone quiet!" roared Beat. "I'd rather not accept the gift now. I think I'll return when I'm ready. I was just walking around to relieve stress."
"Very well Mr. Grimsley, good luck today." laughed Din appearing behind Eldin. "I hope you beat Ace."
"Thanks." nodded Beat before being engulfed in light again.

When Beat woke up he was lying down in front of the spring.
"Ugh, I'm never going into this spring until I need to." groaned Beat getting up. He rushed off towards his camp and flipped off the cliff.
He landed right next to Ivy who was sorting through bags of food.
"Aiiiiieeee!" screeched Ivy.
"Ivy! Ivy stop!" shouted Beat. He couldn't silence her so he decided to quiet her down by giving her a deep kiss.
Ivy stopped screaming and closed her eyes. She kissed Beat back until she couldn't breathe anymore.
"Better?" laughed Beat cocking his brow.
"Ass." growled Ivy smacking him.
"I already apologized." he hollered after her.
"Wow, that was really…" started Alice.
"Weird." finished Allen.
"Oh you two are too young to understand." muttered Beat walking off after Ivy.
"I'm only a year younger than you!" shouted Alice.

When it was finally time for the semifinals the crowd was already excited. The first fight was going to be between Link and Vakanos.
"This is gonna be amazing! Link, who fought both that Fright guy, but also Edmund, who turned out to be some kind of demon, is fighting Vakanos, the guy who killed that dragon!" laughed some of the crowd.
"Who will win?"
"That Vakanos guy."
"I could care less."
"I just want to see the fight between Beat and Ace!"
Beat, Link, and Vakanos had to go through the massive crowd and heard all of it.
"Hey guys! Over here!" shouted Ace from the seats meant for the fighters.
"Thanks Ace!" replied Link, grabbing Beat.
"I've got this." stated Vak, picking them both up with one hand. He then tossed them over the crowd. Beat laughed and cheered while Link screamed and cried. They both landed on soft cushions, Link fell on his face, and Beat landed on his back.
"Look out, fighter coming through!" barked Vakanos. The crowd then cleared a path for him.
"Why didn't he just do that in the first place?" gasped Link.
"I enjoyed it." laughed Beat, readjusting himself so he was sitting upright.
"Figured you would." laughed Vak.
"Great, I've got to worry about you doing that now." sighed Link.
"Hey, I won't do it if you don't want to." reassured.
"No, it won't be fair if you hold back. Give it your all, and I'll give it mine." replied Link.
Ace just shook his head and sat down. He made it this far, now he'll finally be able to fight Beat full force.
"Link and Vakanos, you are up." announced Ricky.
Beat waved as his friends walked back to the center of the new arena. "Good luck you two."

Link stood before Vak, who had his halberd drawn already. He only reached his friends shoulder, so he would have to fight like when he had to face an Iron Knuckle.
"Three, two, one, fight!" laughed Ricky.
Link dove under Vakanos and pulled his sword from it's sheath. Link had to avoid being pinned by the Vakan's heavy feet or halberd.
"Get out from under me!" shouted Vak, slamming the butt of his staff into the ground releasing embers.
"Aiiieeee!" yiped Link scrambling out from under his giant friend.
Many people laughed at the desperate attempts to avoid being stepped on. Beat just stared, trying to figure out Link's plan.
"Get out from under!" shouted Vak jumping up.
"Perfect!" laughed Link tossing a mask into the air. He jumped up and pressed the mask onto the Vakan's face.
"What the?" gasped Vak as the mask clamped onto his face ad began to transform him. When he landed on the ground, he was a Deku Scrub.
"My turn." grinned Link. He grabbed his shield and hit the startled Scrub on the head with it.
Vakanos scrambled to avoid being hit by tue heavy shield again. He ran to his halberd and tried to lift it, but it was far too large for him to use. Link drew his sword and pointed it at the red faced Deku Scrub.
"I surrender." growled the Scrub. The voice was many pitches higher than Vak's voice.
Link smiled and walked up to his friend. He pulled the mask from his face and revealed Vakanos's true form.
"Link wins, who would've imagined?" laughed Ricky.

Jacob laughed from his viewpoint on the roof of the windmill. Edmund just stared out towards the fighting grounds.
"Half of the stage is set. Now we need Grimsley to win against Ace." thought Edmund, ignoring Jacob's rant about how the plan is perfect.

Beat was impressed. He looked at his returning friends and smiled. "Nice fight you two. Go take break, that looked rough."
"I'm not going anywhere, I wanna see you win against Ace." growled Link.
"I'm staying too." laughed Vak.
"Let's end this Beat." invited Ace walking towards the fighting area.
"Be careful, you may get burned." taunted Beat running after him.

"Now we finally get the fight people have been dying to see. Quite a few disputes have been seen between you two, now you'll be able to settle it all. Will a friendship grow, or will nothing change? Let's find out, Beat versus Ace, fight!"
Beat and Ace both bowed, and then stepped back. Beat drew his ōkatana while Ace dropped his blades onto the ground. He stepped onto them and fastened them to his boots.
"This isn't as exciting as I anticipated." yawned Beat, looking into his reflection from the sword.
"I'll liven it up for you then!" shouted Ace dashing over towards Beat.
Beat simply stepped to the side to avoid the charging TerraSlider. He smacked Ace with the flat of his blade, leaving his foe with a stinging feeling in his leg.
"Damn it!" growled Ace. He jumped at Beat who caught him by the foot.
"These are quite different than the blades I broke in that last fight." noticed Beat. "They're thicker metals, so it won't break as easily."
"I had a few blades as spares, so I decided to melt them to make thicker blades." laughed Ace.
"Ah, then I guess you'd be mad if I did this then." sighed Beat kicking the blades off of Ace's boots.
Ace fell onto his side and watched the blades go sliding across the ground.
"You, never stop pissing me off!" roared Ace jumping past Beat towards his blades.
"I have the weird tendency to anger people. I guess it's my curse. Along with a silver tongue, that seemed to steal Ivy away." taunted Beat with a wicked grin.
Ace grew red, and charged at Beat, blades in hand. Beat easily stopped the frenzied assault with his eyes closed. He held his ōkatana with his right hand and blocked every strike.
"You beat Peter, Ivy, and Richard, but you won't make me lose." growled Beat.
"Really? Because I think I'm just about there!" shouted Ace kicking Beat in the stomach.
Beat slid back, and gritted his teeth. He sheathed his blade and ran towards Ace. He spun on his heel and vanished in a flurry of sparks.
"What the?" gasped Ace.
"Din's Fire!" laughed Beat, releasing a thin streak of fire to climb up Ace's blades.
"Arrggh!" shouted Ace releasing his weapons. He dropped them and the flames vanished instantly.
"What?" gasped Beat in shock, "Those blades should have melted!"
"So you don't have total control of your magic yet, good." laughed Ace picking his weapons up. They were cool now, so he didn't have to worry about burning himself.
Beat smiled slightly, and then laughed. "Got ya." he snapped his fingers and then Ace's blades glowed red.
"Hot! Hot hot hot!" howled Ace dropping the weapons.
Beat laughed uproariously. He fell onto his back laughing at Ace's antics.
"Grimsley!" roared Ace running towards Beat unarmed.
"Finally, open hand combat!" laughed Beat. He flipped over Ace and poked his arm.
"What are you doing?" growled Ace.
"I believe the term is 'toying with you'." taunted Beat.
Ace gritted his teeth and charged Beat again. Beat began dodging each punch and poking Ace in different points in his chest.
"What are you doing, I can't breath?" wheezed Ace.
"Acupuncture points. Certain points of your body can inhibit your movement. I've been jabbing you in points that make it harder to breathe." explained Beat with a friendly smile.
"You little!" roared Ace jumping at Beat once more.
"And now time to help." smiled Beat jabbing the sternum of Ace.
Ace teetered on his feet, but could breath better. He shook his head and threw another punch at Beat, who countered with a light punch to the stomach.
"Don't worry, I didn't hit you hard enough to hurt you. I just did that to check your reaction time. Now I've prepared a little trick for you." laughed Beat.
Ace growled and lunged at his foe once again, but instead of dodging the punch, Beat caught the fist. Beat smiled and then bent Ace's wrist back.
"Yeearrgh!" howled Ace.
"Oh quit your bitching." sighed Beat releasing his grip. He then delivered a strong shove and sent Ace flying towards the well.
Ace caught himself on the edge of the well and spun himself around to face Beat, who was standing right next to him.
"You're gonna get wet." smiled Beat, pushing Ace into the water.
"Grimsley!" shouted Ace after he resurfaced. "I concede. Good fight." he sighed.
"What?" gasped Beat. "You're quitting now? Oh I had so many other things that I was gonna use to make you mad!" whined Beat.
"What an amazing surprise. Beat will be moving on to the next round! Tomorrow we will see Beat versus Link, but for tonight, we will get to enjoy a musical performance by a special band all the way from Termina, The Indigo-Go's!" announced Ricky.
"Huh, Lulu is here?" yawned Link. He lookedat his Zora mask and smiled. "Mikau, how about we join the band?"

Beat and Ace shook hands after Ace had climbed out of the well. Many of the TerraSliders were surprised by Ace's calmness.
"Hey, maybe you should join the Sage's Army, we could use a fighter like you." offered Beat.
"I'd like to help your people, but I come from a noble family. They won't understand if I tried to help you." sighed Ace. "Plus none of my friends here really like you."
"Well, we'll try to visit after we finish our journey." suggested Beat.
"Hey, I may end up helping you some other way. I can send some people who I know will help." reassured Ace.
"Alright, deal." smiled Beat.
"Visit the Gold family when you end up in Val Terra. I will be able to offer you all a safe place to sleep. The only threat there is Liza." laughed Ace.
"Ooh, Liza may be a deal breaker." joked Beat.
Ace and Beat laughed and then shook hands again and then they both went in separate directions. 
As they walked they both shared the same thought, "We started as enemies, but now we're friends, who would've guessed that?"

Beat walked over to the carts and smiled. Just one more round, and it was against Link. Finally a fight with nothing to worry about. He spent the rest of the night enjoying himself with his friends. He had to stop a few arguments between Kai and Travie, but nothing to serious. He did however notice that Alice remained calm the entire night.
"She's in love." whispered Allen into Beat's ear.
"With who?" asked Beat.
"I don't know, but during the arguments she always seemed worried about one of them. So it's either Kai or Travis." muttered Allen.
"Oh boy, another couple here. Soon everyone will end up happy together. I advise going for Penny so you won't have to worry about Gwen." laughed Beat quietly.
"Shut up." laughed Allen.

Jacob and Edmund were now ready. They set off the moment Beat won. They held a lone person captive as they waited for the group of friends to start falling asleep.
"Are you sure he'll do something to save this one?" asked Edmund, motioning to their bound captive.
"Definitely. He is too caring, so he'll do whatever it takes to save this little girl!" laughed Jacob.
Sitting bound and gagged, their prisoner whimpered in fear. She had been grabbed when she was heading for her inn. All she could do was pray that her friends would save her. Sitting bound to a chair, alone and scared, was Malon Lon, who was too scared to even try to move.
Courage Vs. Rage by Beat15
Author's Notes:
The Final Round! Link Versus Beat! How will the fight turn out? Read on to find out!
Beat slept peacefully that night. He had no dream or mental visitors this time. Beat awoke to find two people walking into the camp. Using Sheikah stealth, he slipped into the shadows. He circled around to find the two were Alice and Kai. He couldn't resist eavesdropping on them.
"So you don't have any siblings to annoy you?" asked Alice.
"No, but I wish I did. I see you and Allen getting into fights all the time, and I wish it was me arguing with someone older than me. But I'm like the second oldest here, and Richard won't fight or argue." sighed Kai.
Alice looked at him sympathetically, and then smiled. "You are part of a family. We are traveling together, having fun together, enjoying Richard's cooking together, we are doing a ton of things together that families do!" countered Alice.
"Yeah, I guess we are. I have a ton of younger siblings to look out for." laughed Kai.
"Now we gotta stay quiet, everyones asleep." warned Alice.
"Oh hey, you two were out walking too?" yawned Beat walking into camp behind them.
"Oh, Beat?!?" gasped Alice jumping into Kai.
"Hey, Alice watch it." laughed Kai. "You seemed to startle her."
"I guess I'm the troublesome sibling who always makes mischief." grinned Beat.
Kai laughed at this and gave Beat a pat on the back. He hugged Alice because she offered him, and then went to his cart to sleep.
"Could I get a hug?" asked Beat holding his arms out.
"Of course not!" growled Alice.
"That's a shame. People will get the idea that you like Kai more than everyone else here." sighed Beat.
"Uh, ummm, errr, alright one hug won't hurt." muttered Alice. She ran up to him and gave him a tight hug.
"Rest assured your secret is safe with me. I'm afraid Allen may be catching on too. During those arguments today he noticed you trying to look neutral but looking for someone to win. He may think it's Travis." whispered Beat into her ear.
"Well that's a shock." laughed Allen walking into the camp. "And here I thought it might be Kai or Travie. Stealing Beat from Ivy? I thought you had class."
"Allen!!!" growled Alice releasing Beat. "It was just a hug! He was comforting me about a problem I was having!" she roared as she jumped up and kicked Allen in the face.
"That was an excellent kick." muttered Beat. He then turned and went over to Kai's cart to talk with him.
"Hmm? You want what?" yawned Kai.
"I want you to meld these scimitars together. I think one big one will be better than two small ones." repeated Beat.
"I may be able to make it, but it won't be ready until after tomorrow." sighed Kai.
"Well with my fire magic we could work over night. Just tell me what to do." laughed Beat.
"Fine let's get started." groaned Kai as he got up.

"Damn it! He won't let anyone rest!" growled Edmund.
"It's only one left up besides him, and Kai's half asleep." replied Jacob. "Besides, they're almost done."
Edmund scowled and went to sleep.
"Baby." muttered Jacob.

Beat laughed when the blade was finished.
"Just carry it to the well or something and cool it there, until then keep the heat even or else it will lose it's shape." instructed Kai.
"Right." nodded Beat running towards the path to the cliffs. He jumped up to the spring and placed the blade into the water. As it cooled steam covered the entire area.
"Just about, done." laughed Beat.
"Impressive sword." laughed Jacob's voice.
Beat turned to face his foe, but the steam kept him hidden.
"I can't believe we had to wait for you to leave the damn camp to talk with you." growled Edmund.
"Well, either way we have a message. Beat Link to a bloody pulp tomorrow and your friend Malon will be ok. Otherwise," Jacob snickered and dragged his finger across his throat.
"Can't see you, too much steam." sighed Beat.
"I drew a line across my neck!" shouted Jacob.
"You wouldn't, that makes you look stupid." laughed Beat.
"He meant that we will kill the girl if Link isn't beaten to a pulp!" barked Edmund. "Now can we go back and get some sleep?"
"Someone needs a nap." growled Beat.
"Too true. Let's go Edmund." sighed Jacob, snapping his fingers.
Beat stood alone in the fading steam, he knew they were gone. He tried to stay strong, but he couldn't hold it in. He roared out in hatred and let a large fire erupt behind him. The flames were recorded to be seen all the way from Hyrule Castle.
"Damn it all to hell!!!!!" he roared.
Many people came to see the cause of all the fire, and found an unconscious Beat.
"What the hell happened?" muttered Link.
"Is he alright?" asked Richard shoving through the crowd.
"He's just passed out." reassured Leo. "He must have been training or something and lost control."
"If thats true then Beat must have a lot of strength inside him." sighed Kai.
"Yeah, I doubt Link will stand much of a chance." laughed Reggi.
"Hey cut it out, Link's our friend! He's got as much of a chance as Beat does!" growled Ai.
"That's right, and they both have amazing skills when it comes to fighting. Link and his masks, versus Beat's enhanced strength and speed, they both have great chances of winning." agreed Strafe.
"Everybody, be quiet. I'm trying to sleep." murmured Beat turning over.
"Heh, he just needs rest." laughed Peter.
"I don't know." muttered Richard.

When Beat woke up he felt everyone staring at him. He slowly rose and observed his surroundings. He was at camp.
"What's with the stares?" he yawned. "Is something wrong?"
"You don't remember?" gasped Allen.
"Shut up, don't remind him!" growled Alice smacking him.
"Good to see you'll be fighting." laughed Link.
Suddenly Beat remembered Jacob's threat. He pushed Link away from him and gasped.
"I need some space." he demanded getting up and running off.
"What's wrong with him?" asked Kai walking up behind them.
"Nayru only knows." sighed Richard.

Beat ran to the spring and looked for signs of the spirit he had talked to before.
"Eldin!" he called.
"He won't come." sighed Red Spirit. "He is busy trying to grant some power to Rauru." 
"How did I not sense Malon being in trouble?" snapped Beat.
"You turned down the offer." shrugged Red.
"I either beat Link down till he's barely breathing, or let Malon die! Which do I do?" gasped Beat.
"I suggest beating Link up. That way no one dies, but you may lose a little bit of his trust." suggested Red.
"That's actually a good idea." stated Beat. "Sorry Link, but you may hate me after this."

When it came time for the final round Beat had thought of the perfect plan. He'll use whatever can mess with the form Link takes. For Deku his fire, Goron will require his strength, Zora will need speed, and normal will get his blade.
"Ready?" laughed Link.
"Yeah." growled Beat.
"Fight!" shouted Ricky.
Beat immediately started with a strong kick to Link's stomach. Link slid back until he buried his blade into the ground. When he looked up he saw Beat flying at him with the blade Kai gave him drawn. Link pulled out his Goron mask and curled up to deflect the blade.
"Just like I wanted." muttered Beat as he jumped over the curled up Goron. He then sheathed the blade and planted his feet firmly on the ground. He grunted as he lifted the Goron over his head and hurled him across the flat ground.
Link had to fight hard to keep from going off the cliff. He felt his spikes grow out and dug them into the ground. When he stopped he removed the mask and tried to replace it with his Zora mask.
"I don't think so!" laughed Beat running up. Just as he was about to punch Link he vanished.
"What the?" gasped Link. He then recognized the attack and turned around to see Beat raising his fist. Link rolled to the side as Beat punched thin air.
"Damn, guess I used that trick too much." growled Beat.
"Why are you fighting like this?" Link barked.
"You said 'fight without holding back' and that's what I'm doing." laughed Beat.
"Fine." sighed Link placing the mask to his face. Link changed to his Zora form and received a quick jab in his stomach from Beat.
"You aren't that fast on land as a Zora." stated Beat. "I doubt you'll keep using that mask for long."
"I'll do what I need to!" shouted the Zora. He threw the boomerang fins at Beat who dropped to the ground and pushed off with his hands. The boomerangs whizzed past him, one just under him and the other right above him.
Beat stood up and snickered. "Almost. Just a little off."
Link tore the mask off and ran at Beat with his sword drawn and shield ready. Beat rolled his eyes and drew his blade. Link swung at Beat who blocked it effortlessly.
"Come on Link, this is too easy." laughed Beat pushing him back.
Link gritted his teeth, it was too hard. He had barely beaten Ganondorf, and he had the Master Sword then. Now he's facing someone who's physically stronger than Ganon, and faster too. But it still wasn't Beat's full strength.
"Snap out of it!" roared Beat planting a firm punch on Link's face.
Link stumbled back and had to steady himself. He looked to where Beat was and saw a strange look in Beat's eyes. It was like Beat was fighting mentally right now.
"Beat? Are you alright?" asked Link.
Beat snapped out of his thoughts. "I'm fine. But unfortunately, I can't say you'll be." growled Beat, placing his hand over his face.
"Are you ready?" shouted Link.
In response an arrow whizzed past Link, taking his hat with it.
"Hell yeah." laughed a voice not belonging to Beat. Standing where Beat once stood was a blonde boy who was slightly shorter than before.
"Who the hell are you?" growled Link.
"Why that hurts my feelings." sighed the boy. "I mean I've been fighting you the entire time."
"You aren't Beat!" shouted Link.
"Remember what I said when we met? You aren't the only one with masks." laughed Beat removing his mask.
Link gasped and then recalled the mask he had found Beat holding when they met.
"Ready?" growled Beat.
"Let's go!" shouted Link.
Link charged at Beat who deftly dodged and put his mask back on.
"'Sup?" laughed Will punching Link.
As Link stumbled back Beat removed the mask and planted a firm kick into Link's back. Link was thrown across the field several times before he was able to get the Goron mask on. When he finally did Beat had punched it as Will.
"Yeow!!!" shouted Will. "Ah my damn hand!" He removed the mask and Beat laughed lightly.
"Dear Nayru, not bad. But it's time for this to get serious." sighed Beat. He flashed a wicked grin and vanished from sight.
"What the?" gasped Link.
Beat suddenly appeared on top of the Goron Link, standing on his hands. He lowered himself and kicked the mask off of Link's face.
"Hmph, not even a challenge. You're not fighting full strength." growled Beat.
"Neither are you!" shouted Link, who panted wearily.
"Because I have to hold back if I don't want to kill you." shrugged Beat. "But you don't have anything to threaten me with."
"That's it damn it! I didn't want to use this but if I have to I will!" roared Link pulling out the Fierce Deity Mask.
Beat smiled as Link grew to an adult size. He watched the markings and armor appear.
"So you finally use it." muttered Beat.
"Last chance to give up." growled the deity.
"I'll fight thanks." challenged Beat.
He vanished and reappeared to try and kick Link's face. Link blocked the kick with his sword.
"Not good enough." stated Link.
"Just like I wanted." laughed Beat. He pulled himself up and kicked off the blade and launched himself into the air. He then drew his sword and swung down to try and hit Link.
He blocked and punched Beat aside. Beat spun on his hands and stood on his left hand as he sheathed the sword. He pushed himself up, and then smiled as flames engulfed where he was.
"Using fire to keep me away won't work." growled Link.
"Who said it was to keep you away?" whispered Beat into his ear.
Link looked and found Beat holding onto him and felt his mask being pulled off. Link grabbed Beat and threw him, but as Beat was about to hit the ground he vanished in a flurry of sparks.

"This is growing boring." moaned Edmund.
"Hmm, I must agree. They just keep blocking." sighed Jacob.
"Wait, look at that!" gasped Edmund pointing to the spiral they watched the fight through.
Link slashes the sword across Beat's chest leaving a large gash.
"Should we release the girl if Beat is he bloody pulp?" asked Edmund.
"Yes, we'd be better off if Grimsley is the injured one." laughed Jacob.

Beat fell to his knees as the pain hit him like a lead weight. He coughed up blood as he stood up. He snapped his fingers and winced as the flames surrounded him and burned the cut closed.
"Ugh, I lost too much blood." groaned Beat. "But I have to keep going."
He staggered upright and snapped his fingers making fire shoot up from several spots.
"What's that going to do?" yawned Link.
"Nothing much, just this." panted Beat punching the air.
Suddenly the fires flew at Link and engulfed him. As the flames grew the sky echoed with thunder. Soon the fire was extinguished by a downpour. Most of the crowd searched for shelter, but several stayed to watch this fight continue.
As Link finally recuperated from being set on fire, Beat came flying at him and planted a heavy punch to Link's chest plate. Link flew back and saw Beat fall. Beat tried to stand up again but slipped in the mud.
"Give up Beat." sighed Link removing the mask.
Beat then started laughing. He clenched his fists and laughed as he stood up. He showed his tearstained face to Link as he laughed.
"No, I'm not giving up." he then fell to his knees and sobbed. "I'm not giving up, not now! Not with what's at stake!" he shouted. "I won't quit!" he roared before a wall of flames erupted around him.
"What the?" gasped Link. 
After the flames died down Beat stood with his shirt tattered with singe marks all over it. He had all his scars and cuts showing to the crowd as he drew his sword. He smiled cruelly and ran at Link.
Link had to quickly put the mask back on to block the fierce assault with his most powerful form.
"I won't lose!" howled Beat hacking at Link's sword.
Link blocked most strikes only receiving a few scratches. When Beat left himself open Link had to stop his friend, so he stabbed his sword into Beat's unprotected shoulder. Beat howled in pain and fell to the ground dropping his sword.
"Damn it, damn it, damn it!" he cried as the rain gently fell on his blood-soaked body.
"Beat, what's gotten into you?" shouted Link grabbing him by his good shoulder.
"Leave me alone! I had to win!" sobbed Beat.
"We had the same wish!" growled Link.
"I had to save her, I had to save Ma…" started Beat before slipping unconscious.
"Ma?" stated Link confusedly.
"Well done Link." laughed a sinister voice behind him. Suddenly Jacob appeared behind him. "I doubt he'll be getting up soon."
"Well, here's the girl." sighed Edmund appearing with Malon in his arms.
Suddenly everything made sense to Link. Beat had been told to fight all out to save Malon!
"Take her." yawned Edmund dropping her onto Link's lap.
"Congratulations." laughed Jacob snapping his fingers, causing both him and Edmund to vanish.
All of the audience were silent as Link untied Malon. She was alright, but the cause of the silence was due to the injured Gerudo lying in a puddle of both mud and his own blood.
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