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Summary: He had been known for making mistakes very often.But that was a big enough mistake to make him run.Run and never come back.
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Sorry for accedently deleting my other story.I was trying to delete a new chapter I messed up on.Anyway
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1. Chapter 1 by Monkey hero

2. Chapter 2 by Monkey hero

3. Chapter 3 by Monkey hero

4. Chapter 4 by Monkey hero

5. Chapter 5 by Monkey hero

Chapter 1 by Monkey hero
Author's Notes:
I`ll try to get as much chapters up before I leave to go to my grandparents for the weekend.
He had been known for making mistakes very often.But that mistake was big enough to make him run.Run and never come back.I miss him.I have ever since that day, seven years ago, today.

Angela setted her diary down on her desk and brushed a tear away from her eye."Oh, Andrew, why.There are still people who care, or at least a person."She wisperd softly out the window."Angela, breakfeast is ready."She turned around to face her mother, Princess Zelda."Hello mother.I was just writing in my diary."
"Well, todays a big day.Today, Prince Raman is coming over to meet you sweatheart.Why dont you get dressed and meat us down stairs."Angela sighed in defeat and nodded.Her mother gave her a warm smile and left.She tiredly stumbled to her wardrobe full of formal dresses.She picked out a pale magenta speghetti strap dress that trailed at least a foot behind her on the floor."It matches Andrew`s eyes."She stutterd while brushing her long, golden hair out.She pulled her bangs back in a pampadour and placed her silver tiara on her delcate head.She slipped her flat heeled formal shoes and walked downstair into the dineing room.Her two other simblings gracfully ate their pancakes and her father, Link, gulped it down.Angela sat down beside her younger sister, Tianna.She was more like her father, brave and bold, wereas Angela was formal and delicate like their mother.Their older brother, William, was alot like their father, brave, skilled with a sword, bold, and heroic.William had sandy blonde hair that was neatly brushed and short, and his midnight blue eyes could be identical to his father.Tianna had sandy blonde hair going to her back but had crystal, pale, blue eyes, like Angela.Angela didnt really feel like eating anything at the moment."May I please be excused?"Zelda looked concerned
"What`s wrong, darling?Why are you not eating?"
"I`m fine, just not hungery, that`s all"Zelda watched her daughter curiously as she walked up the staires.
Chapter 2 by Monkey hero
Author's Notes:
Crap, it`s 10:27 pm.But I gots to keep my fans happy.I`m leaving tomorrow after school.My younger brother, Jacob, just told me to tell you that he was a funny, smart, funloving dude.But correction: a stupid, idiotic, dude.I can prove it, he asked me what idiotic meant, just now.He`s eleven!Any ways, back to the story.
Angela stared out the window and at the children playing in the bustling streets of castle town.She silently wished she was but a child once more.But that was merely impossible.She was eighteen, the royal marrigable age.Her parents had been searching for suitor to court her, but she didn`t seem interested in any."Angela, Prince Ramin has arrived."Zelda called from the door way"Yes, mother, I`ll be right there."Zelda smiled again and turned to leave.Angela stood up and glanced out the window before walking out of her bedroom.She hiestantly walked down the stairs and into the lobby, were Tianna admired and drooled over the handsom prince.Though, Angela wasn`t interested, like every other suitors.The blue haired prince grabbed Angela`s gloved hand and kissed it gently, bowing"It is my absolute pleasure to meet you, fair maiden."
"Yeah, you wish"Angela mumbled under her breath, fortunatly, no one heard her."You look absolutly gorgeous this afternoon, but I`m sure you always look gorgeous."He kissed her hand again and Tianna growled.William stepped in"Oh, you must be Prince Ramin.I`m Prince William."He held out his hand and Ramin gracfully shook it."You are Princess Angela`s brother?"
"Yes, I am."They exchanged smiles.
Later, at dinner, Angela sat next to Ramin, unfortunatly for her.She just poked at her salad and rested her head on her hand."Angela, what`s wrong?"Link asked, once again concerned"You haven`t been eating lately.Are you feeling okay?"
"Fine, you want to know what`s wrong?What`s wrong is that I have to pretend like I acually like this guy."She yelled.She stood up and violently stomped out the door.She ran to the garden, were she loved to go at night.She looked up at the stars and wonderd 'Is Andrew looking at the same stars?Problibly not'She sighed and a thought popped in her mind 'What if I look for him?'
Chapter 3 by Monkey hero
Angela`s eyes shot open and she threw off the silk blakets.She rushed to her desk and grabbed a leather bag.She wrote down something on a piece of paper and started to put her diary, her favorite pen, and her dagger.She bottoned her bag up and opened her window.She had been planing to leave for the past three hours, so she told her parents she was going to bed so they wouldn`t bother her and she thought about were`d she go.In that brief time, she changed into more comfortible clothes.Her light jeans, white tangtop, her black boots, and her hair was braided with a white ribbon.She stuck one foot out the window, then the other until she was standing on her balcony.She would have gone through the door, but that was in the hallway.She looked at the gards and figured she`d use her inhiereted magic to make herself invisible.She closed her eyes and wisperd a spell.Her body turned transparent and she skitted to the edge and practically jumped off.Angela was holding on the ledge.She turned her head and saw some sterdy vines.She moved her hands and grabbed the vines.She slowly, and carfully, climbed down.Once on her feet, she made a run for the gate but a stone stopped her.She tumbled to the ground with a thud, and the stone rolled into a gard`s foot."What the-"
"Oh crap."She mumbled and gently got up and tipped toed towrd the gate.She made it to the small cliff and slid down.She smiled successfully and cotnued to castle town.She walked down the streets and watched the barking dogs gracfully.A small dog ran towrd her and into her.Then she relised she was still invisable.The dog looked up confused.Angela smacked her forehead and wisperd"Duh"Her body gained it`s own color again and she petted the dogs head.The dog saw her and wagged his tail.She ruffled his hair one last time and started out of town.
Chapter 4 by Monkey hero
Angela crouched down by a wall by the draw bridge and crawled through a hole.Her and Andrew had made it as kids so at night they could see their friend, Daniella.She lived at the ranch.Angela brushed the dust off her clothes and looked at the Lon Lon ranch.She dashed for it, trying not to waste time.Angela was panting once she made it to her small, two story house.She silently knocked and waited.The door creked open and a tired red head with bright, green eyes stood in the door way."Angi, what do you want at this late hour?"Daniella whined
"I need my horse."
"Need your horse?Angi, whats wrong?Why do you want a horse this late?"
"Because, this might sound crazy, but I`m looking for Andrew."
"Andrew?Are you nuts?He could be dead for all we know."Angela had never thought of that."Well, I can still try, cant I?"
"Don`t you think that your parents well send a search party out to find you?"
"Dont worry, I`ll be fine."Daniella sighed and led the princess to the stable were bunches of horses slept, except for one that just kept nieghing as they walked in"Hi, Katie, it`s been awhile.You ready to stretch your legs out girl?"Daniella placed her saddle one the tan steed.Angela climbed on and grabbed the riens,"Yhaa!"She cried as she waved to her friend."Bye, Daniel."
"Bye, Angi, good luck!"Angela trotted in the field and out into Hyrule field.

After hours of galloping around, Angela stopped at lake hillia.She kneeled by the water and cupped her hands in the salty lake.She brought her hands up to her face and washed it."It would be great live out here."She sighed dreamily, untill she saw a ripple in the water"Huh?" Suddenly, something jumped out of the water and pulled her in.Angela was dragged down deep.She tried to kick herself up, but failed.She felt like her lungs were going to burst.Finally, she couldn`t hang on any longer, and she couldn`t see anything.
End Notes:
I think thats all I can write about right now.Once I get home on Dunday, I`ll make sure to update.PEACE, I`M OUT PEOPLES.;)
Chapter 5 by Monkey hero
Angela felt pressure on her stomach and vomitted water and algea."What the...."She looked up at a boy.He was about nine and had light brown hair and deep blue eyes.This was all so familliar to her."Angi, Angi are you okay?"He asked.I looked around and saw Daniella when she was seven.Then it hit her.She had fallen in the river below a tiny bridge leading to gerudo`s valley.They wanted to see Naburoo and she fell in the river.She ended up in lake hilia."Andrew?Daniella?"Daniella had tears in her eyes as she hugged her tightly."Andrew don`t go."Angela pleaded
"What?"He asked, confused"I`m not leaving"
"Promise to never leave.Please."

Angela shot up and found her self on a hay bed.She was in a cave."H-hello?Anyone there?"She called out
"I am."Angela turned to someone sitting in the corner.It was to dark to see him."Wh-who..."
"Someone.That`s who I am."He stood up.He had shaggy sholder length light brown hair and one eye was a deep blue, the other, a pinkish-reddish.He had a large scar going diagnal down his face and his lips were covered in dry blood.His clothes were ragged and torn and he seemed to be in pain."A-Andrew?" He turned away."No, not any more."
"Andrew, what...what happend to you?"Angela asked.
"Alot of things, Angela."He looked at her"You knew.You knew that day you fell in the river."Angela thought for a second.She changed the future a little, but...how?"You broke the promise."
"Because, I couldn`t stay."
"Yes, yes you could`ve.Andrew, I haven`t stopped hoping, wishing you`d come back.I missed you."
"You wouldn`t want me back now.After what I`ve done.Hell, I`ll be lucky if anyone wants me, even a deku shrub."
"W-What`d you do?"
"I helped start the war"Angela couldn`t believe it.There was a war that ended two years ago.Many people died."Andrew, Andrew why?"
"Because I was desperet."
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