Mistakes by Monkey hero, malonsfarm, godess of love, shadow dude
Summary: He had been known for making mistakes very often.But that was a big enough mistake to make him run.Run and never come back.
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Sorry for accedently deleting my other story.I was trying to delete a new chapter I messed up on.Anyway
DISCLAMER:Zelda doesn`t belong to me, though that would be AWSOME if they did *tear*oh well, I can dream cant I.My characters belong to me though kay peoples.Oh but I was reading this fanfic, and the author made the readers review before he made another chapter.Hmmmmm, I might do that.Maby.
Chapter 1 by Monkey hero
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I`ll try to get as much chapters up before I leave to go to my grandparents for the weekend.
He had been known for making mistakes very often.But that mistake was big enough to make him run.Run and never come back.I miss him.I have ever since that day, seven years ago, today.

Angela setted her diary down on her desk and brushed a tear away from her eye."Oh, Andrew, why.There are still people who care, or at least a person."She wisperd softly out the window."Angela, breakfeast is ready."She turned around to face her mother, Princess Zelda."Hello mother.I was just writing in my diary."
"Well, todays a big day.Today, Prince Raman is coming over to meet you sweatheart.Why dont you get dressed and meat us down stairs."Angela sighed in defeat and nodded.Her mother gave her a warm smile and left.She tiredly stumbled to her wardrobe full of formal dresses.She picked out a pale magenta speghetti strap dress that trailed at least a foot behind her on the floor."It matches Andrew`s eyes."She stutterd while brushing her long, golden hair out.She pulled her bangs back in a pampadour and placed her silver tiara on her delcate head.She slipped her flat heeled formal shoes and walked downstair into the dineing room.Her two other simblings gracfully ate their pancakes and her father, Link, gulped it down.Angela sat down beside her younger sister, Tianna.She was more like her father, brave and bold, wereas Angela was formal and delicate like their mother.Their older brother, William, was alot like their father, brave, skilled with a sword, bold, and heroic.William had sandy blonde hair that was neatly brushed and short, and his midnight blue eyes could be identical to his father.Tianna had sandy blonde hair going to her back but had crystal, pale, blue eyes, like Angela.Angela didnt really feel like eating anything at the moment."May I please be excused?"Zelda looked concerned
"What`s wrong, darling?Why are you not eating?"
"I`m fine, just not hungery, that`s all"Zelda watched her daughter curiously as she walked up the staires.
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