A godess`s decendant by godess of love
Summary: Kiley had a series of strange dreams and after the murder of her step mother,she finds herself in a mysterious land.She finds she has a destiney in this land along side a hero.
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Chapter 1:A dream by godess of love
I was standing on a balcony in a castle, pering apon the people.My long, brown hair piled over my head sorrounded by a braid.I was wearing a beutiful long violet dress trailing behind me.The sleves swoped down to the floor and my dimond necklice shimerd in the ball room`s light.My crimson blue eyes followed a man.He seemed to be seventeen, my age.He had a white tunic on with a long sleved under shirt and white leggings.He wore a floppy, white, matching hat.He had on a brown leather belt and boots.He brushed flocks of blonde hair from his face and I had a clear view of his bright, shinning, baby blue eyes.He walked to a door and exited the room.Curious, I walked down the staircase and hid behind the curtains to evesdropp on him.He was sitting on a bench in the garden outside and he sighed as he buried his face in his hands.He seemed upset so I decided to let him have some privocey.

"Kiley!Kiley!Wake up this instant young lady!"An older lady said slaming her ruler against the desk.She had grey hair and dark brown eyes.She wore a blue sweater over a pink shirt and also a long jean skirt with old, brown, shoes.My eye shot open and found my teacher standing there."Sorry Mrs. Eblhair."I could hear faint whispers from my class mates.Especically from Ashley Robberts.She was a selfish, stupid, biitch.I hated her guts."What a bitch."I accedently said out loud. That was a mystake though, because
Mrs. Eblhair heard loud and clear. "Kiley!We do not use that language in my class.I whant you down at the princible`s office now."I glanced at Ashley, who was smiling wickedly,as I stood up and headed out the door.I
made my way down the lifeless, white
halls of high school.At the princible`s office, I sat in a chair as my step mother talked to him."What did she do now?"
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