Life changing portal by malonsfarm
Summary: When Amanda and her friends get sucked in a mysteryous portal ,they struggle to find out who their destined to be.
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I will have another one of these stories so you can see what happends to them.

1. Chapter 1: portal of lost memories by malonsfarm

2. Chapter 2:other two by malonsfarm

3. Chapter 3:the wolfos attack by malonsfarm

4. Chapter 4:the visit to the castle by malonsfarm

5. Chapter 5:the truth by malonsfarm

6. Chapter 6:the meeting by malonsfarm

7. Chapter 7:affection by malonsfarm

8. Chapter 8:the chamber of sages by malonsfarm

9. Chapter 9:love and last pearls by malonsfarm

10. Chapter 10:good luck hero and heroine of time. by malonsfarm

11. Chapter 11:the finale battele by malonsfarm

12. Chapter 12:the purposal by malonsfarm

13. Chapter 13:the best day of my life by malonsfarm

14. afterwards by malonsfarm

Chapter 1: portal of lost memories by malonsfarm
It was a sunny Friday afternoon and I was walking home from school.~oh! oof..sorry. I wasn,t watching were I was going.~r43;no problem.r43;I was being my clumbsy self and ran into the cutest guy in class.He was Tyler, who had dirty blonde hair with brown, sparkly eyes. He was whereing a brown t-shirt with shorts that whent to his knees.r43;hey, your Amanda right?I reconized you from your brown hair and blue eyes.r43;We were in the same class and had been for five years.~hee hee...thats mer43;I started to blush.~well see yar43;I waved at him nearvously and mumbled to myselfr43;stupid, stupid, stupid.r43;I walked on home untill I cahght up to one of my friends.r43;hey Jackson wait upr43;r43;wow is that a new outfit Amy?r43;r43;yeah I got it yesterday.r43;I was wearing a black tang top with jeans and my brown hair was in a long braid to my butt.I was whereing my black hugs (if you don`t know what hugs are they are snow boots)and black, white, and pink fluffy socks on.Jackson and I had been friends since third grade when I helped him with some bullys.r43;so, wachya want to do.r43;r43;go home and sleep.I`m tired of school. I mean, all they teach us now is stuff we already know.r43;Then, Tyler cam r43;oh greatr43;whined Jacksonr43;hey I was woundering if you and I could go see a movie sometime?r43;I quickly replyedr43;oh I would lo... whats that!r43; he hurridly turned around to a purple and black portal.I grabbed Jackson in front of me and it sucked him inr43;JACKSON!!!!!!!!!!r43;I dived in after him and Tyler jumped in after me.

When I woke up I was in a house but didnt remember what happend a matter of fact I didnt remember anything even who I was.r43;are you ok sweetheart?Can you hear me?r43;r43;W-who are you?Who am I?r43;I asked unsuredly.r43;why I`m Anna and this is my husband Mark but I dont know who you are. I found you in the Hirule market place.You had a bag though.r43;We looked through my bookbag and found a book with my name on itr43;apperintly my name is Amanda.r43;
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Chapter 2:other two by malonsfarm
AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THUD! Jackson stood up and dusted of his pants."what the- were am I?`Who am I";He looked at his his shirt, his pants, and finally he noticed he was whereing a watch.It had a discripture in it and it read:to Jackson my best friend forever AKA, Jacks.He looked around and saw a barrier of rock or trees around in a circle and thought it might be somewere to stay for te night because that and a feild was all that was around him.He walked around it untill he found an opening.He limped inside because he sort of hurt his leg durig the fall. He also had a few bruises and scraches but nothing serious.As he walked in Jacks saw a house, a barn, and a huge feild.He was about to knock on the door when he heard wounderful singing.Jacks whent towrd the feild were hourses raced around and in a corner over by the house were cucoos jumping and crowing around a crate.He went to the centerof feild and what caught his eye was a beutiful red headed girl.Jacks just stared at her.Then he came to his senses and walked up to her.She wore a cream colerd short sleved shirt with a pink skirt.She also wore a yellow scarf around her neck with a golden neclice with a pink flower. She opened her blue eyes to see him.She asked for his name "ahhh...Jackson, but you can call me you have anywere for me to stay a while?"r43;sure go to the house and tell my dad, Talon".Jacks did that and they let him stay there if he helped them on the ranch.Jacks happidly accepted, wich the ranch is called Lon Lon ranch.Talon is the owner with his daughter,Malon, and attendent ,Ingo.

"HELLOWWWWWW!!!anyone here?"Tyler asked out loud.He was in a grave yard he walked out and saw all these people walking around.There was a well, a wind mill and a volcanio in the back ground .He walked up to a lady with a coop of cucoos"were am I?"he asked her"your in Kakiriko villige.";she said.She let him stay with her after he asked.
Chapter 3:the wolfos attack by malonsfarm
In a few days after I woke up I had a job and still lived with Anna.One day while I was working at the bakery a pack of wolfos was attacking the town.I rushed outside to see what was hapening.Then I heard a horse.I looked over and saw a blonde boy with blue eyes.He wore a green tunic and maching floppy hat.The boy had a sword in one hand and a sheild in the other.I heard a screem so I turned around and saw a little boy being attacked.I grabbed a bunch of rocks and threw them at the wolfos.They turned around and growled at me. I took a few steps back and they jumped on me.I screemed and kicked at them but they just scrached harder.Soon the boy on the horse ran over and slashed at the the beasts.When they died he picked me up and I was all bruised up and scrached.I opened my eyes a little and saw all the dead wolfos.I heard Anna say"ohh noo, Amanda honey are you alright."She disided to adopt me since I didnt know were my parents were."yeah...I`m..a-alright. ahh..thanks for helping me."I told the boy."no problem, its just my job."he replyed."are you gaurd?"I asked"no Im the hero of time .not a gaurd."he answerd.Then a crowd came around us while he was still carring me."you saved us again Link!" a lady called.The little boy I heped pushed his way to the front and came up to me."thank you lady for saving me.Im john."I smiled at him and said"it was my pleasure..ahh"then I fell unconcious. The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes was Links smiling face."good morning sleeping beuty.You were asleep for two days."Link said."what happend.Is the boy ok?"I asked."yeah you saved him remember?""oh yeah.""well I have to go to the castle."Link said"can I go with you, Link"I asked"I dont know""pleassssseeee"I gave him a puppy dog face"ohhhh alright"So we headed to the castle.When we arived at the gate the guard said to Link"good afternoon Link,coming to see the princess?""yeah, she whanted to talk to me about somting."Link replyed"ahhh, who is this."the gaurd asked"oh Im Amanda."
Chapter 4:the visit to the castle by malonsfarm
"hey, Jacks you whant to help deliver this milk to the castle?"Malon asked Jacks one sunny afternoon."sure"so they louded up the wagon and left.They arrived and unlouded the milk in the kichen.Jacks and Malon asked were Zelda was but the gaurds said she was in a meeting.They left for home but when they were on Hirule field the wheel broke."oh no, how are we going to get home now?"Malon whined"well it is nice day, maby we could not worry about that and just injoy it."Jacks suggested"you know that would be cool."so they sat down on a wall."hey, Malon"Jacks asked"yeah""do you...umm..."he started to blush"what is it Jacks?"""he took a deep breath and closed his eyes"Malon, do you like me?"Malon smiled and Jacks opened his eyes."off corse why do you think I like to hang out with you all the time.To try and see if you like me."Malon answerded"really?oh I got this for you when I deliverd milk to the bakery."he dugg a small box out of his pocket"oh Jackson, its so looks like it cost alot"it was a beutiful golden braclet with her name on it"eh, just fifty,thousand rubees""Jackson!how did you get that much?""well, it took alot of work and tips."Malon hugged Jacks tight then she kissed his cheek.Jacks started to blush and Malon giggled.

Tyler was on duty as a castle gaurd when Zelda came out to the courtyard,Ty this is your chance to talk to her,he thought.He walked over to her.he picked some flowers."hey Zelda, I saw you here and thought you might want some flowers."he handed her the flowers."wow these are my fevorite Tyler. I love flowers you know."she grabbed the flowers and sniffed them."your welcome."Zelda looked around her and handed him paper."dont read untill you leave,ok"she smiled and he left to his spot and read the note:
meet me in the field at midnight
ps: dont tell the gaurds or my father.
Chapter 5:the truth by malonsfarm
Once Link and I got to were Zelda was ,I had stay out side.While I was waiting, a gaurd came up to me and his eyes were glowing red.He looked at me and punched me.I started to fight back.I punched him in the stomach and he doubled over.I spoted a jewel on his helmet.I punched it and it broke in million peices.He fell to the floor unconsious.I knocked on the door and walked in."sorry to interupt, but a GAURD JUST TRIED TO KILL ME!!!"I said"what? he tried to kill you?"Zelda said"yes.he had red eyes and a jewel on his helmet.he just started to attack me out of nowere."I explained"then you might whant to join us."Zelda said."as I was saying, Ganondorf has excapt the sacred realm..""wait, hold up,"I began"who is Ganondorf?""you dont know who Ganondorf is.well hes big moron I can tell you that"Link said"Ganondorf Dragmire is the king of the Geredos and he is full of evil.He is also the holder of the triforce of power.Link has the triforce of curage and I the triforce of wisdom.""ohhhhh.""now the sages have told me that he has a course on some people so we should watch our back."Zelda looked at me "but what Im curious about is that why would he be after Amanda?hmmm...wait I thaught of something."Zelda walked over to a bookshelf. She grabbed a peice of papper and walked back"it says: when evil has once again treid to conquer the kingdom a heroine and two others from a different deminsion will fall out of the sky and help save our kingdom. "Zelda put the papper on a table"you think Im the heroine?"I looked at Link then Zelda."well you did come out of nowere.and the gaurd came after you.That just leaves us to beleive that you are."Zelda told me"oh great, just great.I have to help kill an insane, idiotic, stupid, moron."I complained"well at least youll be popular after hes gone."Link said"I am" "not if Im dead.""you wont die, because youll be with me.""yeah Ill be real safe." I said sacasticly.
Chapter 6:the meeting by malonsfarm
It was Jacksons nineteenth birthday tomorrow and he couldnt wait.He always wanted to be nineteen.And he was expecually glad that Malon was going to be there.They had been dating a week and they were in love.Jacks was the first to wake up on his b-day.He headed outside to do his work so he could use the rest of the day to spend with Malon.He collected the eggs and milk.After he whent to feed the horses, then Malon came out and helped him.He already did some of Malons work.She headed in side to fix breakfeast.She cracked an egg and put it in the pan and cooked the bacon.She also made oatmeal, toast, and grits.Jacks came in and sat down at the table.he sniffed the air"mmmmm..that smells good""well I hope it is"Malon said"Malon since when is your cooking bad""good point".After, they sat in the field and watched the horses.Then Link and I came riding to the field on Epona, Links horse.Jacks and Malon turned around."hey Malon, I came to give Epona some excercise.""ok, oh hold on. this is my boyfriend Jackson.""hey Jackson,oh this is Amanda."Hi,its nice to meet you Malon and Jackson.""come on Epona...oh wait a gaurd is here with the money for the milk.Hey!over here. Dont wake up dad."The gaurd walked over."hey jackson do I know you.""ahh, I dont know you look familyur though""hey let me see your watch.I made this.""what!"Link and Jacks said"I made this for my best friend"Jacks eyes got wider as he rememberd Tyler and Amanda."Amy is that you""yes we remember, but thats all I remember.""me to that and Tyler."they looked at each other."TYLER!!!"The gaurd looked over to us"your a gaurd""Amanda, guy who I dont know your name but remember.""Its Jackson."Jacks said"you all know each other"Link asked"yeah these were the guys that came here with me Link."I said.We all talked a little while."well I got to go.I have to meet Zelda tonight""oh, I forgot to tell you guys Link and I are going to see the sages tomorrow.""cool"they all said.then Link and I left they whent and had cake.
Chapter 7:affection by malonsfarm
Tyler was out side in the field when Zelda ran out."sorry im late I couldnt get rid of Impa."They sat down and looked up at the stars.Zelda gasped"look, its a shooting star hurry make a wis"they closed their eyes and wished.I wish Zelda was in love with me like I am to her,Tyler wished,I wished Tyler loved me."so do you think theyll come true?"Zelda asked"maby, or maby they were alraedy true."Zelda looked in hiis eyes"what did you wish for.""for you to love me"Zeldas eyes grew"really thats what I wished except with you."He slowly leaned in and kissed her on the lips.It lasted what sermed like hours.When they finally parted Zelda said"I should go know.Bye"she kissed him on the cheek.

Jacks woke up and did his chores with Malon and asked"hey Malon, you whant to go to Lake Hilia today?""sure that soundes awsome"Later on They took a picnic basket to the lake and had a picnic after they ate they dicided to go fo for a swim.Malon wore a yellow strapless bikkini and Jacks wore his blue bathing suit.Jacks ran right in and malon thaught it was a little cold but stepped in were it whent to her ankels.Jack got out and picked Malon up.He started to laugh and Malon did to he ran and jumped in still holding on to her.When she came Jacks hesitated but still came up.They just swam around the rest of the time.When the got out they had to share the one towel.They started to walk back but Jacks stopped and asked"hey Malon can I ask you something?""sure"she replyed.Jacks got down on one knee and said"Malon, your the smartest, prettiest, sweetest girl I`v ever known and I whant to spend the rest of my life with you"Malon gaspedand Jacks pulled out a beutiful dimond ring" Malon, will you marry me?"tears swelled up in Malons eyes."of course I will Jackson.I love you."she huged him and kissed him."Malon I love you to"

Link and I enterd a blue room with the trforce under neath us.Zelda sent us hear to the chamber of sages.
Chapter 8:the chamber of sages by malonsfarm
When Link and I were in the chamber of sages six people apeared around us.A man in a yellow robe said "I am Rauru,sage of light,and as you know Ganondorf has excapt the sacred realm."then a lady with white hair started talking"I am Impa,sage of shadow,and as you know as well, you are the Hero of time and the Heroine of time."Then a girl with red hair said"I am Nabooru,sage of spirit,you must go and recieve each pearl."then a zora started to talk"I am Ruto, sage of water,there will be one near each temple."then a goron started to talk"I am Darunia,sage of fire,brother,and sister,you willhave to do a task before you uptain the pearl."then a little girl with green hair started to talk"I am Saria,sage of forest,once you recieve the pearls Amanda youll aqiure your new powers."my new powers."I said qietly."yes,Amanda,you have powers.More than you think."Saria said."do we need to get the master sword?""yes,Link,but youll be surprized when you gat there someing will be different."Rauru explained.Link nodded.Then everything turned white.Then we were in the temple of time again with Zelda."so do you need this?"she held out two orcarinas.They were both blue and had a trforce on it.Link took the one on the left."theres two?"Link asked"yes for the heroine"Link nodded and turned around to an altar with three stones on it."wait you have to play it together to get what you whant."Zelda played a song on hers then I played after.I was good at it.I faced the altar and then looked at Link who was looking at me then we started to play.Suddenly a stone wall opened we whent through it and saw a room like the chamber but made out of stone and on the triforce was to identical swords.Link walked up to one and I fallowed.He grabbed it and so did I with the other one.We looked at each other and pulled the two swords out of the pedistals at the same time.Link put his in the shealth and I did the same.We walked out and left to start our adventure.
Chapter 9:love and last pearls by malonsfarm
Tyler had a day of and decided to see Zelda.She had just come back from the temple of time and was sitting in her room.He was in the lobby of the the castle and saw Impa walking through the hall."Impa do you know were Zelda is?""ahh..oh,her room."he headed to her room and knocked on the door"who is it"Zelda was infront of her mirror putting her golden hair in a braid."its me, Tyler""oh please come".He opened the door and there stood Zelda.She walked up to him and kissed him."hey Zel""Hey Ty"they smiled and talked a while.

Jacks and Malon were in the field thinking of wedding ideas."I whant the wedding to be outside.hmm...oh at lake hilia"Malon suggested"thats a wonderful idea""who do you whant to come Malon?" "hmm.. Link, Amanda, Zelda, Tyler, Saria, Impa, dads deffenetlys coming,Ingo I guess."Later they whent to lake hilia and decorated.When the day came.Zelda,and I were helping Malon put her dress.It was a strapless white dress that whent to her a few inches below her had white flowers on it and her dark red hair was up high and curly.She wore white heels.Once they were done Zelda and I sat at our seats.I sat next to link and Zelda.Zelda sat next to Tyler.Saria sat next to Link.Soon the music started and Talon led Malon down the aisle.Shes beutiful,Jacks thought.The preist started"Jackson, do you take Malon to be your lawfully wedded wife?"Jacks smiled and answerd"of course I do"The preist contenuded"do you ,Malon,take Jackson to be your lawfully wedded husband?"Malon looked in Jacks eyes and said"I do""you are now husband and wife you may kiss the bride."Jacks kissed Malon for about a minuete and the everyone started clapping and cheering as the newlywedds ran down the asilel.

Link and I were in the desert getting the last pearl.We had to fight poes fist,then flare dancers,third was dark Link and dark Amanda, forth was a mini bongo bongo.After finishing the two iron knuckles and getting the fith pearl we noticed one was missing.
Chapter 10:good luck hero and heroine of time. by malonsfarm
Link and I whent the chamber of sages to see were the last pearl was.Rauru raised his arms and the pearl landed in my arms."you have proven yourselves worthy of the final pearl"I started to glow pink and on my left hand the triforce appeared and the middle triangle was glowing."there is a legend of a third godess,Chloe,godess of controle.Amanda this legend is true, you are the holder of the trforce of controle.You have the power to contole everyone, and everything.This will help on Ganondorf.But you can only use your magic on him when you have full power.Good luck hero and heroine of time."We flashed to the temple of time."Wait."we turned around and saw Zelda."take these youll need them."She raised her arms and the light arrows flew down to us."your the one with the bow.Do you think you can handel it"Link asked me."of course."Zelda worped us to were Ganondorf was and there were doors that led to how we got a pearl.

Jacks just walked into the house and sat down on the couch.Him and Malon had been married a week and Malon needed to talk to him.Malon came down stares from the bathroom.Malon had been feeling naucious the past few days.She sat next to him and said"I whent to the docter today like you asked and found out why I feel sick."she started"really!Are you ok"Jacks asked"yes Im fine.Im not sick.Im ...pregnanght"Malon smiled at him and he said"you this is...this is ....amazing, I mean you... your.Thats our child in your stomach."Malon gigled.

Tyler and Zelda were in the courtyard when Tyler asked"Zelda I was wondering something.""what is it?"he pulled out bid ring with a saphire on it"Zelda will you be my wife?""oh thank the godesses you finaly asked me."She huged him and kissed him and grabbed his hand.She started to run to her fathers srudy."FATHER FATHER.were engaged!!!!!"

Link and I had just finished fighting the last one and a new door opened and we walked in. "ha ha ha,I see you have a friend Link"
Chapter 11:the finale battele by malonsfarm
Link took out his sword."I sense an evil presence,Link.Im guessing its Ganondorf."a dark figure flew down to the ground we stood on."is she your girlfriend hero"he asked.his evil voice echoed across the the room.I held my hands out to my side and my eyes turned pink."ahh..the heroine of time I asume."I let bolders fly at him but he shoots them right back at us.I put a foresfield around us.The rocks hit the dimond and break.He then shoots a ball of dark magic at us.I fly up and Link rolls out of the way.I then hear a voice in my head,Amanda can you hear me,its Zeda.Ill try and give you a ball of energy to give you so you have full power,she said.Sudenly I saw a floating ball of light.I flew into it and felt veary energized."Link Im going to try and controle him now"Link nodded and started destracting him.I held my hands to my side again and my eyes tuned pink.Sudenly Ganon kept trying to break free but I made him freze(not like ice frozen but like time).I grabbed my light arrows and shot him.He looked like he got electrfied and Ganon fell to the ground.Link ran up to him and started slashing him with his sword.We repeted this step several times and finally it was the end.I had shot him with the light arrows.Link ran up to him and stabed the sword in his head."dont you ...think this end...ahhh"he fell down dead.but as soon as he died the ceiling started to collapse.My eyes turned pink and I held my hands up like I was pushing the roof."Link!hurry run.go with Zelda outside.go!I cant hold it for ever.""no!Im not leaving you.Amanda,I love you"Link argued"Link,I love you to.go!Ill be fine."Link looked in myeyes and ranoutside.I waited a few minuetes then let go.Outside Link just made it to Zelda.They watched it fall and Link screamed"NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!"he dug his face in his hands."no no no no.I loved her.I loved shes gone."Zelda looked down then over at the topled building.She then she saw somthing move.I had managed to put a fourcefield around me.Ith
Chapter 12:the purposal by malonsfarm
Malon,Jacks, and Tyler was with Zelda while we fought Ganon.Link had tears rolling down his face.He kept saying it was his fault.As he sobbed I got all the debre off me and coughed.Zelda and Malon heard me and ran to help.Tyler and Jacks followed.they helped me up and dust me off.We walked back over to Link who was still balling."Link are you alright."I asked him."no,no Im not.because your gone and its my fault.I loved you.""well I love you to, Link"He looked up and hugged me so tight.I looked up in his bright blue eyes and he leanded forword and kissed me on the lips.

a week after Ganon died we were all at a wedding and a party to celibrate Ganons death."we are here to celibrate my daughters marrieg and the death of our enemy."the King explained.A slow danc was on and me and Link danced together.I laid my head on his chest.Link kissed me when the song was done then Link walked up to the king on the blcony."sire,may I say something?"he asked.Link walked up to the edge and said"Amanda, we`ve been through alot and I whant to ask you something important"I looked up at him"will you marry me"I smiled and every one stared at me"well?"I heard someone ask"well of course"Link jumped down and twerlled me around."thank the godesses you said yes.""well I love you Link "he then kissed me.

A few minuetes later Malon was sitting then all of a sudden her water broke.She told Zelda and Jacks heped her to the infirmery.Everyone was waiting outside except Jacks who was inside."come on Malon just a few more pushes hang on"Jacks was holding her hand and when they got a little girl Malon said "it doesn`t feel done yet""oh theres twins.come on Malon just breathe and push."They then got a little boy out.They cleaned them off and handed the girl to and the boy to Jacks."what should we name them hony"Jacks asked"how about, Romani and Raman.""I think thats wonderful."Jacks brought Malon in a wheel chair.She was holding Romani and Raman.Everyone cooed overthem"Tyler I whant a cute baby."
Chapter 13:the best day of my life by malonsfarm
It was our wedding day and Malon and Zelda helped with my dress.It was like Malons dress but longer.It was longer than to the floor.My hair was in a braid and I had a headband with flowers on it that held my vail.Link wore a white tunic and whte floppy hat.Mark walked me down the asile and I saw Anna,The sages, Zelda, her dad, Tyler, Jacks,Malon, Romani and Raman, and people who live in Hirule.Rauru was the preist."Link, Hero of time,do you take Amanda to be your lawfully wedded wife"Rauru asked"I do""Amanda,Heroine of time, do you take Link to be your lawfully wedded husband.""I do""you may kiss your bride."Link raised my vail and kissed me.After we rode on Epona from the temple of time to lake hilia for the recepion.once we got there we opened some gifts.One was special because it was a citificate for a really nice house in Hirule field.It was a two story house that had a big kichen and living room.It had it had five bedrooms and a king sized bedroom.Each room has its own bathroom.I hugged Zelda,and Malon for the gift.Me and Link had decided to go to Termina for our honeymoon.

When we got to the inn in Termina Anju greeted Link and he introduced me to her.He had saved this place from a falling moon and he also helped her and her husband, Kaifei, get back together.She gave us a key to the knifes chamber and we whent to our room and put our things away.We whent to the great bay caost for the day and swam with zoras.We also saw an indigo-gos concert.That perfect day was ended by me and Link sleeping togther.The next week was like that.When we found out some news.

"Im pregnanght,Tyler!YAY!Now we can have a cute little baby."Zelda sqeiled.Once Link and I returned Zelda was in labor.She had a little girl."Ill name her Claire."Zelda said."shes so aborable Zelda.She has her dads brown eyes and your hair."I exclamed.We whent our new home and I said"you think we can start a family now.""maby we can start tonight"we whent up stairs.Link and I started kissing passonaty.
afterwards by malonsfarm
Zelda and Tyler ended up having three kids Claire,Joseph,and Andrew
Malon and Jacks have just the two Romani and Raman.
Me and Link have five triplets and two others Jueliet, Jeremy, Joney, Pamela,and Kestra.
Kaifei and Anju moved to Hirule and built a house next to ours.They have two kids Cerima, John.
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