Life changing portal by malonsfarm
Summary: When Amanda and her friends get sucked in a mysteryous portal ,they struggle to find out who their destined to be.
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Story Notes:
I will have another one of these stories so you can see what happends to them.
Chapter 1: portal of lost memories by malonsfarm
It was a sunny Friday afternoon and I was walking home from school.~oh! oof..sorry. I wasn,t watching were I was going.~r43;no problem.r43;I was being my clumbsy self and ran into the cutest guy in class.He was Tyler, who had dirty blonde hair with brown, sparkly eyes. He was whereing a brown t-shirt with shorts that whent to his knees.r43;hey, your Amanda right?I reconized you from your brown hair and blue eyes.r43;We were in the same class and had been for five years.~hee hee...thats mer43;I started to blush.~well see yar43;I waved at him nearvously and mumbled to myselfr43;stupid, stupid, stupid.r43;I walked on home untill I cahght up to one of my friends.r43;hey Jackson wait upr43;r43;wow is that a new outfit Amy?r43;r43;yeah I got it yesterday.r43;I was wearing a black tang top with jeans and my brown hair was in a long braid to my butt.I was whereing my black hugs (if you don`t know what hugs are they are snow boots)and black, white, and pink fluffy socks on.Jackson and I had been friends since third grade when I helped him with some bullys.r43;so, wachya want to do.r43;r43;go home and sleep.I`m tired of school. I mean, all they teach us now is stuff we already know.r43;Then, Tyler cam r43;oh greatr43;whined Jacksonr43;hey I was woundering if you and I could go see a movie sometime?r43;I quickly replyedr43;oh I would lo... whats that!r43; he hurridly turned around to a purple and black portal.I grabbed Jackson in front of me and it sucked him inr43;JACKSON!!!!!!!!!!r43;I dived in after him and Tyler jumped in after me.

When I woke up I was in a house but didnt remember what happend a matter of fact I didnt remember anything even who I was.r43;are you ok sweetheart?Can you hear me?r43;r43;W-who are you?Who am I?r43;I asked unsuredly.r43;why I`m Anna and this is my husband Mark but I dont know who you are. I found you in the Hirule market place.You had a bag though.r43;We looked through my bookbag and found a book with my name on itr43;apperintly my name is Amanda.r43;
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