Shadows by Supreme Ruler
Summary: I wrote this awhile ago... it's not *that* great, but i would appreciate some reviews!
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Shadows by Supreme Ruler
Darkness floats around you.

Darkness creeps behind you.

Darkness seeps under you bedroom door.

There is no escaping it.

All you want to do is runaway.

But you can't.

Darkness is everywhere, even when the sun is up.

I hide in the darkness of the shadows.

In the dark corners of your house.

Under your bed.

You are afraid of me.

I don't see why.

I'm not scary.

You run from the darkness.

Darkness follows you.

Its in your house.

In your car.

At school.

I am the shadows of your nightmares.

The darkness of your dreams.

The horror in reality.

There is no escaping me.

You run from me...

But you cannot hide.

If I search for you, I'll succeed.

I am the darkness.

You are the light...
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