forget-me-not. by Koukris
Summary: One word resounds in the young hero's mind...forget me not...
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forget-me-not. by Koukris
my dreams –
in which memories of colors took place –
my sanctuary, my hope –
flashes of yellow; pulses of blue –
towers of pride leveling off to the horizons –
as my dreams shatter –
bringing broken wings among them –
all of my love disappeared –
along with all of my thoughts –
left among the empty-eyed corpses of yesterday –
fields of daffodils disappeared –
gray replacing yellow –
all color drained away along with dreams –
shades of gray in between the planes of reality –
pages have been shut –
forgotten, burned up in flames –
smoke-stained visions of those that remember –
hover over heads and disappear –
a hand stretched out carrying a single thought of gray –
lost among the yellow daffodils –
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