Tears by Sage of Light
Summary: Zelda lingering in the ruins of Hyrule castle after sending Link back in time. She's thinking about him and wondering if they'll ever meet again. ^_~
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Tears by Sage of Light
diamond tears stream slowly
down your face
your tears of pain and joy combined
your tears of time and space

no tears shall fall from my eyes
for nothing I now feel
I've nothing to live for now
This nightmare is not real

Shall we ever meet again?
Will you even try?
Or shall you forget me
as I linger here and die

Only one diamond tear
shall fall from my tearstained face
it shall be a drop of fear
from the memories of this place

But now I raise the Ocarina
to return to the age of ten
but still the thought of you shall linger
shall we meet again?

diamond tears stream
down your face
tears of pain and love combined
Link, your tears keep falling,
your tears fall just like mine.
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