I beg to die by dark_zelda
Summary: Links feelings about killing Gannon
Categories: Poetry Characters: Link
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Series: Hyrules downfall
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 97 Read: 3963 Published: Oct 01, 2017 Updated: Oct 01, 2017
Chapter 1 by dark_zelda
I have slain gannon dark link and more.
On my shelf lays my sword which goured more than you a bow and arrow that can shoot 1000 miles but I cannot enjoy a normal life. My blood stained hands bring me torment. I'm just an innocent child and my love saria calls for me I can't come I call for her and she doesn't love me anymore.finnaly it rings.the death bell is ringing and calling me. I pray to die and beg to die and finally I can.but doing so will repeat it again.but im not crying.
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