Hyrule Fantasy by Sairasfairy
Summary: The Heroes of Hyrule join forces with their enemies to fight an evil god.
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Prologue: The Beginning of Ends by Sairasfairy
Long ago, The Sun and Moon Gods protected Hyrule under the order of the Golden Goddesses. The Dark Gods of the Sun and the Moon faced the Light gods and were utterly defeated or so was thought. The Dark God of the Sun, Demasukus, had swapped places with the light god of the sun, Lumiano. When Hyrule was finished in creation, the Golden Goddesses were weak and order the Six Sages to protect everyone when the sun and moon gods could not. The gods then spoke of a legend, "A warrior would be born with courage along side of a princess with wisdom and a demon lord with power. The three must join forces with the sages to stop the dark sun god. Take them to Moon Valley during the night of a full moon to awaken the true powers of the Triforce and the Sage marks upon your hands."
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