Bond of Hearts: a legend of Zelda tale. by Sailor Darkness
Summary: I can't really explain this but.... Zelda and Link are best friends and Zelda finds out she's pregnant with her boyfriend Ganondorf's child. Lost and confused she turns to the only person who can help her an old woman the town's story teller whose advice sends her on a journey to discover who she really is. Along the way she makes new friends. I don't own legend of Zelda.
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Chapter 1: The Journey's Beginning by Sailor Darkness
Author's Notes:
The chapters are told in Zelda's P.O.V
I look at Link my best friend as my boyfriend Ganondorf came towards us. He offered me his elbow I place my hand on his elbow. I was clad in a spaghetti-strap floor length lilac dress. My golden hair was styled beautifully. As we danced for it was the Winter Carnival dance I stumble. "Zelda!" cried Ganondorf as I ran out into the hall and then had Link drive me home. I stumble into the house. "Zelda! What's wrong?" asked Dad. "Dad. I-I think I'm pregnant. I'm not sure." I said. "We'd better get her to the doctor." said Mom. At the doctor's office... "She is pregnant." said the Doctor. "She's refusing to end the pregnancy." said the nurse. The next day after school... I go to the town's story teller to whom I poured out my story. "You must go on a long journey if you are to remember who you are. Along the way in your journey you will make new friends. Do not be afraid." said the town story teller. The next day I left on my journey.
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