Poems of a Zora by Dokumi
Summary: The writing of my works. just poems will be written here, as i quiet enjoy writing them.
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Story Notes:
All charecters are wned by the Zelda franchise. I'm just a Zora whote writes poems.
Poem 1: Sweet Symphany by Dokumi
Author's Notes:
A pem after listening to Nayru singing.
Listen. That feeling you're feeling right now. What does it say? It says to quiet your mind, let go of your thought, and drift into its melody. As you listen, feel the waves of its rythem move through you, floating you along them like the gentle waves of the sea. Keep listening, for now you see the songs sorce: Nayru. She sings constantly as you draw near, her voice sweeter than a meadow lark's song. Her hair moves like the calm river of emotion that touches the banks of your soul. And just when you want it to go on forever, she stops, and leaves. But...she never left you, for now her voice as become one with your heart, forever singing her symphany of sad joy.
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