Dragonkin part 2 by Zelda_dragon15
Summary: This is part 2 of a five-part story. They meet a girl named Mikayla (Me!) and she takes them to well...I'll write it and let the readers find out!♥
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Part 2 by Zelda_dragon15

Lady Zelda, Link, Saria and Impa look back mounted on horses lent to them by Malon. Lady Zelda spotted her father and mother among the crowd.She waved good-bye and rode away followed by Link, Saria, and Impa. They rode for days. Unknown to them a girl was watching them from high in the sky on dragonback."Follow them Saphyra." she whispered. The dragon kept a close watch on the 4 horseback riders. When the 4 stopped for the night the dragon and her rider landed in the forest. "Stay here," whispered the girl. "Come when I call." Yes my rider. whispered the dragon. The girl stepped out of the trees her features lit by the firelight. Her eyes surveyed the group watching her warily.Lady Zelda swayed and fell to the ground an arrow in her side. "SAPHYRA!" shouted the girl. Impa rolled dodging every arrow. What agility, Mikayla, for one so old. commented Saphyra as she barreled out of the forest and took down most of the archers. "Let's get out of here! I'm a friend!" cried the girl. Saphyra can you carry the wounded woman?!  cried the girl in her thoughts. Of course! cried Saphyra as she grabbed Lady Zelda then cried: Hurry and get the other archers!USE YOUR MAGIC! "Right!On it!" cried the girl. She took out the remaining archers and led the group to a secluded hiding place. "This is Dragongrove!" cried Impa. "Yes,"said the girl. "I am Mikayla daughter of the dragon Goddess."

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