Dragonkin part 1 by Zelda_dragon15
Summary: This is a 5 part story where Zelda, Link, Saria and Impa find out they're "Dragon Kin."
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Series: Dragonkin
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part 1 by Zelda_dragon15

Impa and Zelda walked through the garden they had cultivated together. "What beauty. Not the garden but you Zelda." came Link's voice. Zelda laughed her bright beautiful laugh echoing around the man who walked out of the trees. "Link!" she cried. "ZELDA! ZELDA!" cried Saria a green-eyed kokiri girl. "What is it Saria?"
 asked Zelda her tone serious. "Rauru...has called...a meeting of all the sages and Link." replied Saria slightly out of breath. "We're coming." said Zelda.At the Temple of Time... Rauru the sage spoke: "We have four among us who are... Dragonkin." "But Dragonkin have not been in Hyrule for ages! Who are they?" asked Nabooru the Spirit Sage. "Four we know very well. Link, Saria, Impa and.... Lady Zelda," said Rauru sadly. "They must go on a journey to find their dragon brethren."

So part one of the journey to find out who they are and why they are Dragonkin.

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