In the hidden forests….. by Nayrus Child
Summary: Link explores the beauty of the Lost Woods.. and finds someone else there too! some sexual content.. but not graphic...
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sweet reunion by Nayrus Child
In the hidden forests…..

The wood was silent, filled with an ancient mystery in the trees. Fairies flew about, dimly glowing. The wind was perfectly crisp and pleasant. A youthful hero named Link walked through the holy place, therefore no evil intended to intrude. He observed the trees and small creatures. “How breathtaking…” he thought. “Has anyone else been here? It’s so… sacred.” He continued walking until he found an odd but magnificent crystal clear lake. It seemed to have an aura of the divine dwelling in it. He gazed at his reflection for a few moments and then decided to cool himself off in the water. A wave of peace stirred through him when he stepped in.

“Oh Farore, what beauty you have constructed with your hands!” He praised looking up in the heavens. He cupped the colorless liquid in his hands as the millions of stars in it reflected the skies; including the Moon… it was as if he designed the cosmos. The aqua refreshed him as he brought it to his face. Just then he heard a sound, and he opened his eyes and noticed he wasn’t the only one there.

He saw a young woman... In the center of the lake. She had long golden hair and the eyes of Nayru. Her slender bare body drenched in the eyes of the young man. She sang a lullaby as her eyes sparkled. The droplets floated about her. Her grace and heavenly voice absorbed him strongly. He never saw her without garments on until now.

“Zelda…” He whispered. She heard him; her azul eyes swam and soon released a stream of tears. She was in shock to move because they haven’t seen each other for so long. She barely said “Link” above a whisper as he swam to embrace her. He kissed her softly while running his fingers through her ochroid hair.

Now her back was against him. He whispered in her ear a secret that they could not tell another. She shyly nodded. She felt her heart race when her breast was touched with his finger tips.

Link desired to have Zelda for that night. Their young chaste bodies aroused for each other especially because this was their true moment of secrecy. He brought her out of the water and laid her on the grass. They were lost in each others eyes as he was above her. Her hero kissed her passionately, then soon moving his lips further to her breasts sweetly sucking each of them, making her shiver. Zelda opened her doors of divinity to her husband… as it burned sweet incense within. He graciously offered his most beautiful sacrament into her shrine. Her voice of royalty cried out to him, holding the side of his head to hers. He softly chanted her name in his continuation of praising her.
Her eyes dilated when he made the flow of time slow down. They entwined together in a dream of gentle light. A presence of tranquility surrounded them into a gentle sleep in elation…

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