Miracles by Sairasfairy
Summary: We all need miracles, we just don't know what kind.
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What is a miracle? by Sairasfairy
Miracles are what Link does for Hyrule
They are also what dreams are made of
Hope may make dreams but without miracles
Dreams are nothing.

Miracles are waiting for a savior to come
They are something good that happens
For when darkness overflows the world
To which a hero comes that shows us
What real miracles are made of.

The other part to create a dream
Is hope. Without it we are nothing
To the world. I hope for a miracle
To save us all from this wretched
World and put us in another place
To save us from all sorts of doom.

Miracles and hope,
Hope and miracles.
Together they rule
The world as one
And create dreams.
They create dreams.
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