Qweer Hylian by LPfan3624
Summary: A Tale of link gone metro
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Story by LPfan3624
“Welcome again you fabulous Guys this is QUEER EYE.”
“Today we are visiting one of the most famous characters from
hyrule LINK” “What the hell” Link said as the queer eyes
barged in through his door. “Oh dear I see we will have to get
rid of these” looking at a bunch of blood covered masks (From
Majoras Mask the game) “Hell no those are priceless to me”.
“you need to listen to us or you dont get a free makeover”.
“Damn you guys” , so for one whole week the QUEER guys
made over him and and his house. So after the one week Link
came out looking strange . Pink Tunic, Yellow nails, a rainbow
cap and black red and blue shoes with pink socks.

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